On the Didactic Approach in the New Theory of the Universal Law

by Daniel and Georgi Stankov, July 10, 2012

Dear George,

I want to contribute to the discussion about the readers and their knowledge of the Universal Law. And especially to discuss the cause why many of them are not grasping this theory. 

Many of your books about the Universal Law are written in the perspective of “modern” science in mind. While I think, I can safely say, I have more scientific knowledge than most members of the PAT, when reading for example volume II, one of the challenges I faced was understanding the illogical systems and ideas of present-day, dumbed down science. Because you put great focus on explaining what present-day scientists do wrong, one must first comprehend their wrong concepts to fully understand the explanation and correction of the mistakes made. This was sometimes hard for me on the more confusing and advanced subjects.

Of course, it is of great importance to discuss the mistakes made by scientists in detail and to correct them, and this is done very well. But for many readers this didactic approach poses a great challenge of first having to understand the wrong concepts, before they can then see how these concepts went wrong.

I believe this sets a great barrier for those who have no scientific education. So, if the Universal Law would be presented and published as an article, in such a way that present-day Orion science is put more in the background, more people might effectively start to understand the Universal Law and with it a true logical way of thinking. This is also how the future education might look like: One learns about the Universal Law, without first having to remove illogical thought patterns of the past.

Love & Light

Dear Daniel,

you have grasped very well the central didactic and gnostic dilemma with which I was confronted at that time in the early 90s, while writing the physical theory of the Universal  Law. At some point in time I realized indeed that it will be much easier if I only write the new theory as if there existed no conventional physics at all, so that I would be creating this natural science for the first time, which is actually the case in many ways.

But as I have discussed in a new article that will appear tomorrow, we must diligently investigate all the false thought patterns that build the tissue of current collective human consciousness – in science, as well as in the profane daily life – and only then substitute them with a new, better and more congruent ideas. The reason for this is that the energy stored in these old, wrong ideas cannot disappear by itself, but needs to be resolved first in an active and logical manner. This is the Universal Logos in full operation.

I see that you are looking forward in the future on the ascended earth A, where all humans will enjoy much more evolved crystalline brains, so that the new theory of the Universal Law could be indeed stripped off of its present detailed elaboration of the numerous past blunders of the old physics and will be presented as a simple, coherent system of knowledge.

However, I assume that many ascended beings would like and need to know how the seduction of human scientific thinking has happened in the 3d-reality of the old earth, which was entirely dominated by the fraudulent Orion empire. They may feel the necessity to investigate, how these blunders were surreptitiously introduced in the system of science as to confuse all human thinkers, as many scientists nowadays are doing  historical research in various areas of human knowledge.

This is a key issue indeed, and at that time I believed that my theory will gain popular appraisal under the existing human conditions. In the early 90s, I still had no idea of the coming mass ascension, as this decision was only taken in 1997, exactly when I finished and published the first German volume of physics. Before that it was still quite probable that earth will undergo a total combustion and that humanity will only ascend after death experience.

The actual timeline of ascension was finally established in the summer of 1997 and  it might be that the development of the new theory of the Universal Law by myself has contributed to this positive decision. Who knows?

Anyway, with the establishment of this ascension timeline actually the promotion of the theory was put on the back seat, as there were other more urgent energetic problems to solve. Nonetheless, the initial plan was still to introduce this theory before mass ascension in December 2012.

But the subsequent realisation that humanity is so dumbed down by the dark forces that there is no chance to awaken on its own and revolt against its masters sealed the destiny of my theory on this planet and transcended its impact after the ID split on the balanced earth A/B, and especially on the ascending earth A.

Given this modification, your objection that this theory should be also rewritten without the ballast of the old, conventional, failed physics has gained again actuality and I can envision that some ascended masters will make precisely this effort on the new earth A, and even on the balanced earth A/B.

Therefore, I congratulate you for your deep insight, which indeed touches upon the core of my didactic and epistemological approach and has highlighted a central dilemma of my scientific research activities in the 90s, when the foundation of the new theory of the Universal Law was laid down.

With love and light

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