My Ascension Dream

by Mara Burger, South Africa, July 24, 2012



Dear George, I have started this e-mail a couple of days ago already. The plan was to share my dream with you, but low energy levels got the better of me. Now my HS is saying, send this e-mail already! I so resonate with Michelle because I too sometimes write you e-mails just to give up half way, because I can’t seem to find words to formulate my feelings and thoughts.

Before I get to my dream, please allow me a minute to thank everyone for their valued inputs. I am in total resonance. The energy waves are much more frequent and intense for me.  During a wave on the 21st I got a nasty skin rash all over my body. I do agree that enough is enough … no more!

I look back at 11:11 and I see how far we have come. We have completely taken ownership of who we are and what our mission is on Earth. We have taken full responsibility for our destiny and our ascension. We no longer doubt our magnificence as Ascended Masters and Creator Gods.

Indeed, we are the hard core (Ishvar), the remaining Indigo warriors (Boyd) now flanked by the Crystalline Children have taken full control and we are ready for action. That is the difference between a handful of us and the many light workers out there. Maybe that is why the others fell of the wayside on this website.

Instead of taking ownership of their power as Creator Gods, they are still waiting and hoping that someone will come and save them and do the dirty work. They cannot comprehend the content of this website because they cannot resonate with the high vibration. Because of that they feel very uncomfortable. We channel pure soul and I quite frankly think that scares the hell out of them. We are truly the new Earth Keepers and I am proudly PAT!


My Dream

Words totally fail me to do justice to this truly amazing dream experience I had on Saturday night.

I entered a lift and pressed the button. The doors closed and I remember standing there, wondering if the lift was working because I could not feel it moving but then I could hear the sound of the lift as it started to pick up speed. The speed started increasing more and more, but I could still not feel movement and was unable to determine if the lift was going up or down or standing still. It continued to pick up more and more speed. It flashed through my mind that there are not so many floors in this building and it did not make sense. I went into a moment of panic as my mind was telling me that at this speed it is inevitable that I was going to crash. I was thinking that maybe I should brace myself against the impact, but my mind was telling me that at that speed it was not going to help me anyway.

At the moment of the crash a huge ball of energy burst from my solar plexus. My body started turning into liquid. I looked down at my legs and I saw how they were turning into liquid swirling around my once physical body. I knew exactly what was happening. The thought was clear as crystal. “You are ascending!” I had no fear. I closed my eyes and totally gave myself over to the process. When my body was transformed into a crystalline body it started spiraling upwards.

Suddenly, there was an explosion of light and color and a tremendous force of energy as I was pulled/sucked through a portal. I don’t have appropriate language to explain the impact of that powerful force. It was over within seconds. I think maybe euphoria (Dorie) because of lack of an English word to describe this amazing experience/feeling. It was most probably the best feeling that one will ever have. It is the highest high that could ever be experienced. Like a kid I thought “I want to go back and do it again!”

As I went through the portal I woke up and lay there paralyzed for quite a while. I am still very much affected by the intensity of this dream. I keep on reliving it in my mind trying to capture that feeling again. I can no longer be here. There is nothing that compares.

I was given a glimpse of the enormous force of energy that is generated when one ascends. It is a pyrotechnics show like never seen before. I can just imagine what it would be like if more than one, a couple thousand, a million people ascend at the same time. This planet will be lit up like a Christmas tree. Comparing this event to a supernova (Dorie) makes a whole lot of sense now. I enjoy indulging in this visualization of us ascending on the opening of the Olympics. It will be such a pity if this amazing spectacular show cannot be witnessed by humanity.

I further do agree with you George, that we will have to ascend as a group because the impact of the energy that will be generated will be the trigger for the inter-dimensional shift. No energy will be wasted.

Love and Light
Mara, South Africa

Dear Mara,

Thank you for your excellent comments and your incredible dream.

I must tell you that I had a similar experience twice – when I actually ascended on October 13, 2012 (which I have described in previous publications) and in 2000, shortly after I entered the most intensive phase of the LBP.

The first time I was simply catapulted out of my body like a rocket during sleep and propelled in a conscious state high in the cosmos, while becoming bigger and bigger. At the same time the earth became smaller and smaller when I looked at it from above, until I could embrace it in my arms. At that very moment I felt such an ecstatic love for this planet that no human feeling can compare with. It was like a cosmic orgasm, as if my expanded body virtually exploded as a supernova, to quote Dorie’s message.

At that time I was on holiday on the island of Majorca, Spain (Mediterranean Sea). When I returned in my body, it was burning so terribly and I was so exhausted from this extra-terrestrial journey, that I could hardly come out of my hotel in the night and then I immediately jumped with my clothes in the pool nearby. After that I needed a lot of beer at the night bar to extinguish the fire in my body.

Interestingly enough, this whole day I was explaining to my friend on the beach how ascension will actually function. It was the end of July 2000. Since then I am eagerly waiting for this event to come – 12 years of LBP tortures and interminable physical exhaustion.

Just to mention one painful experience. At the time of this out-of-body-experience I was fully blind on my right eye and could hardly see with my left eye. The blindness was caused by a sudden rupture of the cornea due to keratoconus on June 1, 2000, which was father’s day in Germany. After I returned from my holiday, I had a complex cornea transplantation, but the transplant was rejected and I became blind again for more than a year, until I cured my eye with my mental force and also improved the sight of the other one significantly. This is just a small sample of what a human being has to go through during the LBP until he reaches this final day. This explains why I am so sceptical and critical about what our souls are doing to us.

With love and light



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