Martina’s “Nature-Heart” for the PAT

by Martina Oberhauser, Austria, July 13, 2012

Hallo Georg,

It is quite a while since I have last written to you. However, although I personally do not communicate, there is not a single day, on which I do not think about you and the PAT.  

Because of the energies, which are anything else, but easy to bear, I felt yesterday the inner necessity to go out in Nature (in the Alps, Tirol, Austria). It was my intention since long time to create a “Nature-Heart” for all PAT members. Yesterday, the time has finally arrived.

I started with it and also wrote the word “PAT” above the Nature-Heart (have a look at the pictures below) and made several photos, so that I can send them to you. However, as soon as I made the pictures, I felt the strong inner impulse to modify my creation. This has never been the case before.

I took, as presented in the photos, the stones from the PAT-letters and built with them a second heart, which evolved from the upward-spiral that symbolizes our ascension.

Yes, it could be that I am a crazy lady, but this time there was this power inside, which forced me to do these necessary modifications. In addition, I was urged to put fern leaves at the lower end of the heart, so that when one stands in front of the Nature-Heart, it transpires a great power, as if these ferns were wings, which are helping the whole creation to fly.

Inside the Nature-Heart there was so much energy and power, that my camera failed, and the battery did not work for a while. However, after I said to my HS that I want to send Georgi and the PAT some pictures, I was able to make several photos, unfortunately of lower, dark quality – after that, and in between, the battery was absolutely empty!!!

I am sending you now the pics and I am eager to see what you will do with them.

Several wanderers came along and were staggered by the Nature-Heart, high in the mountains. All of them thanked me for my creation – somehow it was rather surreal.

Love Martina

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