If Not Ready Then Get Ready! A Pledge for Immediate Ascension

by Fred, July 29, 2012, copyright 2012

Enough with these people who are saying they don’t think they’re ready for ascension yet and are fine with sticking around forever and a day to get ready. What the hell are they waiting for?  If they are not ready, they need to get ready, the sooner the better and not just for themselves. Your own transformation puts energy out into the world. If you can’t do it for yourself, do you give a $#!+ enough about your fellow human to do it for them?  It’s high time those who are not ready – STEP UP AND GET READY! Those of us, who have been ready, are tired and would like to go.  

I’ve heard it elsewhere too, “I’m just being present, just flowing along.” But flowing along with what? If you are flowing with the changes, yippee!  If you’ve truly been flowing with THOSE energies, then you really should have been ready long before now. But if what you call being present and flowing is really just you not overcoming the inertia of being stuck in a system that is on it’s way out, well… push, pull or get the hell out of the way already.

I think some of you have learned since 11/11/11 that you really weren’t as ready as you thought you were then.  Believe you me, you’ll know the difference between being ready and just wanting out of a challenging situation.  There is a very noticeable difference. Get to know yourself better than that, in an HONEST way and you’ll know. I’ll bet many of those sleepy masses would like to get out of a challenging situation too, but have they done their inner work?  And until you have done ALL of YOUR inner work, you are letting down more than just yourself.

Ask for ascension, commit to it, flow with the process when it gets delivered instead of fighting it, and, for God’s sake, don’t act like you have all of eternity to get to this. How many freaking lifetimes do you want to spend at this?

First of all, those who are not ready need to quit taking advantage of the hard work of those who have been ready for a while. You make it sound like we’re out of line by WANTING ascension. If more of the rest of you wanted it ALSO, then the whole world would be further along and the leaders of this pack would probably have already left, leaving the next wave to carry the torch. Then none of us would be burnt out from having to carry far more than our fair share.

Our desire for ascension has pulled this whole train along, and that includes those who know of ascension, but are taking their sweet time with it. The general masses don’t even know about ascension. What’s YOUR excuse?  Tap into a little PASSION already. Desire and will this ascension and yes, that means you’ll have to do your part. You got something better to do? Especially in these times, there is nothing better to do.

And believe you me, only in your wildest, messed up, dreams is wanting ascension a selfish thing, even IF the higher realms would have allowed us to just ascend on out of here without you. Perhaps they should have. Perhaps that would have lit a fire under your sorry *$.  Someone here is being selfish and inconsiderate, but it’s NOT those of us who have readied ourselves for ascension. The rest of you need to step up. The more ready you are, the more light you are generating FOR THIS PLANET AND EVERYONE ON IT.  Quit being selfish and get this done already.

Second, what if there is only so much longer we (leaders of this effort) can keep at this and yet it’s not long enough to help the masses, which includes you?  If those, who are not ready, don’t get ready, they may not get the chance if they keep procrastinating, even if the ID split happens, all the A/B people are going to need to undo a whole lot brainwashing. Are you SURE it’s really going to be ANY better on A/B than it is now?

The way I see it, the ID split will keep it from getting vastly worse on A/B (and all that worse sort of experience can happen on B). But just because the PTB are gone doesn’t mean the A/B people are in the clear, especially if they take this attitude of they don’t care how long it takes them and they’re just going to flow along with how things have been and are. This is the kind of attitude they have, “To hell with cosmic timing, after all I’m the center of the known universe and that universe will wait for MY timing.”  You sure about that?

Sure is a good thing those of us who led this effort didn’t take that lackadaisical stance or none of us would still be here.

Note: Dear Fred, please check your email address – it denies delivery, so that I cannot contact you. – George

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