A Dialogue With My HS on the Date of PAT Ascension: “You Are “One Click” Away from Ascension”

by April Bender, July 29, 2012,



Hi Georgi, thank you so much for sharing the urgent energy update yesterday. In synchronicity, I received similar messages from my HS and was relieved to see them confirmed in that update. This dialogue with my HS has continued into today and I’m still receiving an awful lot of information, though it’s hard for me to tell how accurate it is yet. I would be curious, as always, to read what others are receiving. 

As an aside, I’ve been physically ill with different symptoms all week, ending in a fantastic left portal headache from hell on Thursday. Yesterday (Friday) I felt better head wise, but was extremely fatigued, like I’d been through one heck of a cleansing. To me it feels that this wave is still ongoing and the most intense so far, even in comparison to the May 25 eclipse thru to the transit of Venus.

I will share the dialogue with my HS below but suffice it to say this week, this wave, seems to be the most intense and most important for humanity and the PAT so far. Obviously some of what you read below is inspired by the collective PAT, as I too feel we are now a fully functional “collective mind.” OK here I go, I sure hope some of these words resonate with you.

A Dialogue with My HS

The dialogue began the morning of 7/27/12 for me, in the US.

HS: You feel the changes in the air today, no? This last wave/opening has brought a tremendous amount of pure cosmic energy in. This is the energy that will facilitate your and the PAT team’s ascension. Are you ready?

Me: Yes, but when?

HS: When all is locked into place, as the final gear/frequency needed moves into position. You will hear an audible sound, internally, when this final frequency unlocking happens. And within that moment, you will be set free from your physical vessel.

Me: When?

HS: Very soon, perhaps even yet today. (wink)

Me: See, now it just feels like you’re playing games with me again.

HS: No, I won’t ever do that again. That way of prodding or guiding is only useful until the evolving entity catches on. Once that happens, this technique no longer serves either party. Think of the parent/child dynamic. With you and the PATs latest decree, you have graduated, or I should say proved yourselves worthy as functioning sovereign creator gods. You activated your “collective mind” and issued forth your first conscious collective command from that seat. This is how all higher councils of authority rule, as a collective mind. Therefore, we must now treat you accordingly, as equals, as peers, as your true selves, as fully actualized on both an individual and the collective level. It is now time for us to be completely transparent with you. No more games, even though you have to admit they did serve a purpose and oftentimes they kept you going through the darkest of days.

Me: So you are confirming my ascension as being sometime in the next few days?

HS: Yes, that soon. But please also realize that it might not entirely happen the way your 3D mind might think. There will be very little warning as the moment approaches.

Me: Are our ascensions somehow tied to the Olympic Games?

HS: That is one probable, and as of now, popular scenario within the Higher Realms, but it will depend on how human energies manifest. A certain light quotient/threshold needs to be reached by the populace for the frequency lock to release.

Me: But as of now, this morning, it’s looking good?

HS: Yes, as of right now it is optimal but we have yet to wait and see.

Me: What if the Olympics don’t create the necessary light quotient?

HS: As always, there are alternate scenarios that are workable. Aside from the Olympics there are other events/energy alignments coming into play. (The full moon, Ramadan?, etc…) There are other significant openings/probabilities to add to the light quotient. There will be several of these over the next several days. Try to think of it this way, you and the PAT have arrived at the nexus point (zero point). Within this point, like the center spoke of a wheel, several alternate scenarios fan out. As time and energy reach certain points of conversion, frequency gears/locks move into and out of position. This insures that the most favorable outcome moves to the fore, and that scenario becomes manifest.

Me: So no matter what, you’re seeing ascension for us in the next few of our “earth days.”

HS: Very much so.

Me: Any chance this could change?

HS: Always, but we are far enough into the process, in observing the probabilities and in unlocking the frequency gear. We can honestly say that you are literally one gear “click” away, and the hand or latch to that gear is already inching/bending over.

7-27-12 In the evening

Me: Well the opening games are currently underway.

HS: Yes indeed they are. It is too early to make an assessment yet, but everything appears to be moving according to Plan. There was much energy released and this continues.

Me: Has the Earth Star Chakra been activated?

HS: It is a process, and yes, it has begun.

Me: I feel like something important is about to happen to me, and yet there is a part of me that says, “oh no, here we go again.” (eyeroll)

HS: April your ascension is most definitely assured. Do not worry. Relax, enjoy your evening the best you can and hopefully you’ll receive a delightful prize later on.

Me: Please don’t get my hopes up. Every day that I wake and still find myself here is grinding, almost unbearable.

HS: No, I do not seek to confuse or mislead. Tonight should go as planned. If not, as I stated it will be followed in a day or two, there is no other alternative as all other thresholds have been met. There is nowhere else left to go.

Me: Alright, I’ll check back in later.

7-27-12 later that evening

HS: Yes, things have progressed nicely! The last gear click is on the verge. The Earth Star Chakra is now open and taking its first full breaths. Much dross is being cleared as well. Keep sending your light to the Games. There is a battle taking place there, but we have the advantage. More to come later! If you get tired, rest. It might be a little rough for the PAT prior to the final release. What you are feeling now, what we’re in now, is still the energy wave building, it has yet to peak and release. Stay tuned.

7-28-12 (today) mid morning

Me: I of course woke up this morning a little disappointed, but I have to admit it wasn’t as strong a sense as in the previous days. At first it was hard for me to get a read on the day but the longer I’ve been up, the easier it is to get a pulse on the energies of today. It feels to me like we are still “mid-wave.” It feels somewhat constricting and agitating, and these are still increasing, to my senses. There is a lot of strange interference as well that I can’t seem to pinpoint. Kind of a chaos energy. Is there still a tug of war going on between the light and dark around the Games? When will this final long, intensive wave peak?

HS: Dearest April, all is as it should be. Your read on the situation is accurate. This wave, has not yet peaked. It has crested at certain points, but has not peaked yet. There is a lot happening “behind the scenes” today. Last night the forces of light were successful in generating a mass activation for/of the masses. The forces of dark were somewhat taken a back at the intensity levels that we were able to achieve, but they still fight/struggle against it, the battle is not yet over, and the second half so to speak will commence soon. You see even as successful as the light forces were last night, the dark perceived a modest victory as well. They were satisfied with the levels that they were able to raise/generate. Enough so anyway to keep the majority of them thinking that they still stand a chance. However, they are nervous and on edge as they know their current status/position is very much threatened. They are yet in for more shock and surprise. You see, we haven’t played all of our cards yet! For the forces of light, last night was just an introduction, haha! And as today progresses, they will become more and more aware of this fact. You see the forces of dark prefer to attack or take action under the cover of night. This is when they perform their rituals. During the day they mostly lay low, and plot.

Tonight, they are in for another surprise! And the night after, and the night after until victory! You see it is only a matter of time before they are eliminated or neutralized. The energy coming in now and that you are anchoring within this wave, will see to that, as well as to your ascension – as both of these energetic flows (incoming/outgoing) are connected/related. Therefore, your rise is related directly to their fall or dissipation. And we are now at the mid-way point of this process, which feels like a tug of war battle. In essence, it is. Timing though, due to the energies, is uncertain as it depends also on the dark and of humanity’s level of resistance. But never the less, the outcome is assured… light will expose and dissipate the darkness. Of that we are certain, and this is “the purging” or the “neutralizing/harmonizing” process happening prior to your ascent, and their final descent (timeline B cutoff/ID split). The dark chose the Olympic Games as their battle arena, but little did they know we chose it first!

All that is left is to let this wave/energy play itself out. We are so close to that threshold! Hopefully one more night will reconcile all as the new energy continues to pervade the old. This is the last wave, just hang in there. Anchor, transmute, and it will all be over soon. You’ll know when that final “click” happens, as you’ll hear the sound. That final click will release you from your clay vessels and cause the ID split and a reconciling of many energies on Earth to allow for a more conducive environment/experience for humanity from now until December.

Well Georgi, I hope this is helpful. To be honest this is the most details I’ve ever gotten from my HS in one sitting. I suppose only time will tell but I do hope it’s an indicator that we are almost there!


My Personal Assessment of the State-Of-Ascension

by Georgi Stankov, July 29, 2012

Dear April, thank you very much for this excellent dialogue with your HS, which resonates very strongly with my own assessment of the current state-of-ascension of the PAT. I like the interpretation of your HS of our revolt against Heaven and our decree to only participate in the final ascension and to decline any further test runs that debilitate us physically and jeopardize our health. As I wrote in my article “The Sarcasm of our Souls” even this revolt was a planned action of our higher selves, so that we could demonstrate sovereignty and show that we have achieved maturity as independent, responsible collective of creator gods and new Keepers of the Earth.

Your comment that your HS might still play games with you, as we see this regularly with many channelers, the most prominent victim of her HS being Goodchild, who never stops publishing how her soul makes this pitiful woman an object of ridicule, was answered in a manner I have expected for some time:

“Me: See, now it just feels like you’re playing games with me again.

HS: No, I won’t ever do that again. That way of prodding or guiding is only useful until the evolving entity catches on. Once that happens, this technique no longer serves either party. Think of the parent/child dynamic. With you and the PAT’s latest decree, you have graduated, or I should say proved yourselves worthy as functioning sovereign creator gods. You activated your “collective mind” and issued forth your first conscious collective command from that seat. This is how all higher councils of authority rule, as a collective mind. Therefore, we must now treat you accordingly, as equals, as peers, as your true selves, as fully actualized on both an individual and the collective level. It is now time for us to be completely transparent with you. No more games, even though you have to admit they did serve a purpose and oftentimes they kept you going through the darkest of days. ” 

That being said, your following dialogue with your HS is a very open and honest discussion of the current state-of-ascension that fully coalesces with my personal assessment. Only yesterday, before receiving your message,  I wrote to Tiffany the following:

Dear Tiffany,

My guess is that we are already in the ID split that takes place in steps before the final shift can occur. It began on July 25-26, then came yesterday and it will go like this until the lion’s gate – the portal 8.8 comes, when something big may happen. However my soul tells me that it may also happen this month, or around August 2, (full moon), as has been announced by myself a week ago.

When I meditate and close my eyes, I start to see huge downloads of written texts in front of my inner eye, most of the  time in English, The downloads are so rapid that I could hardy read anything, but only single words. In this case I concentrate on a certain raw and spot and illuminate it with my inner eye. In the last day I have told my soul to tell me in this way when we will ascend. I only receive the word “July” and when I asked: “What about August?” I never see this word. I only see “July”. 

Now this may not mean anything, but what else is left. I know that we are in the last strides and that the process of separation of the two timelines has definitely started and nothing can stop it. But it involves so many levels that it cannot be predicted by anybody. However my vision is that it must happened at the lion’s gate at the latest.”

I fully agree with you that the wave on July 27 was one of the most powerful we have ever received. For me it was similar to the one on June 21/22 when it knocked me down with a severe broncho-pneumonitis for more than a month, till this last energy surge, which began on July 22/23. The effect of this wave on the opening of the Olympic games must have been tremendous as I discussed this with Carla yesterday:

Hello Georgi,

I experienced huge energies today before the Opening Ceremonies, as you did, including a severe headache, extreme dizziness and exhaustion requiring frequent rest periods. I would like to report to you what I felt from an energetic sense.

During the early part of the ceremonies, the apt and decidedly creepy part, where the young frightened souls (the children in their beds seeing monsters everywhere) were being watched over by hypnotized automaton adult souls (the Mothers in their hausfrau outfits) I felt a strong push from the dark side, and I know that we were all throwing light at it from every corner of planet Earth. This light-fight carried on for over half an hour when there was a renewed and notable push once again from the dark forces  (3:50 pm PST) which invited a decidedly forceful blast of Divine loving light from us so decisive as to extinguish any and all ill-conceived and mis-directed negative intention.  We have prevailed.

With Love and Light, Carla  


Dear Carla,

I fully agree with you. In fact the outcome was predetermined by the wave many PAT members experienced and transmitted to the Olympic games in advance. Below is my opinion on the ceremony, which I already sent to another reader:

The ceremony and the topics of the show were the most dull, triste and depressing display of Orion mentality and dark topics – the enslavement of humanity during the inhuman Manchester capitalism with outdated oppressive technologies, of which no decent human being in England should be proud of, the greedy Masters in their suits and cylinders supervising the enslavement, the big inhuman hospital, producing baby clones, who are regularly scared by dark archons, only to be saved by obscure Marry Poppins, who looked like and behaved like black witches;.the pop-culture that transformed humanity to bio-robots in the last decades, the extensive use of gadgets to dumb down the people in an electric smog, etc. 

If this is what modern England has to offer to mankind as a future image of itself, then I can say: “Good Buy, Britannia. it is better that you sink in the floods of the coming shift”. 

But as usually, there are many more sides to this story. The one we saw yesterday was representative of the doom and gloom scenario, which the dark cabal, who have organized this games, feels and in which they will be trapped for eons of time. This show was very instructive to me – it was the farewell of the British cabal that has ruled the waves for the last 200 years and has been responsible for slavery, colonialism, numerous wars, including the two world wars, the fraudulent Orion monetary system, etc. 

Then came the march of the nations and the mood changed radically to the positive pole of the human emotional spectrum. What a difference! I think that the light that was beamed onto the Games from all over the world and from the cosmos has clearly demonstrated the split of the two timelines – the show presenting the catastrophic earth B and the march of humanity, represented by the international athletes, who were the harbingers of  the new awakening  mankind ready to go to new dimensions (even if they still do not know it).

We will wait and see what will happen next.

With love and light, George”

This evaluation is now fully confirmed by your HS, so that we do witness a remarkable synchronisation in the experience of the latest energy waves and in the perception of the associated events by the PAT members.

However, as I have written previously, the Olympic games are one possible event that is timely related to our ascension, but the two events are not causally linked.

This I knew since I received a message from my HS that the possible date of our ascension will be in the coming week of full moon on August 2. This notion also relates with my ongoing analysis of the energetic development, which I could also define as a “tug of war” between the forces of light and the dark forces. This was exactly my dream on July 28, when I inspected the energetic stalemate on the earth and adjusted numerous energetic positions in a very abstract manner the whole night. I woke up very exhausted yesterday.

Today, I had two further dreams that confirm the finality of the events. In my first lucid dream I met with pope Ratzinger in the Vatican and simply told this old man that it is time for him to resign and return back to his home town Regensburg, near to where I now live. He was very scared and trembled all the time when I spoke to him. Then I woke up in order to remember this dream.

After that I had a second dream. This time I met with Putin, probably the tenth encounter in a raw since 1999 as I couch this politician for a long time from the higher realms. The dream was also very clear and succinct. I told Putin that he will receive a message from a higher cosmic authority that he has to announce to humanity. For this purpose I removed first his veil of forgetfulness. He then started channeling a message to humanity which was recorded and emitted by all news media worldwide. I watched and supervised the transmission and when he finished I woke up again.

This morning I also have a feeling that our ascension is a done deal and that we cannot do anything anymore, but simply relax and enjoy the coming show, while being vigilant and observing carefully all the signs that herald this event, It is a unique experience for which we have worked so hard and we must be now happy to see it finally coming.

I watch very carefully other auspicious dates that might also be used for our ascension. At present there is a huge discussion in Islamic websites that the Rupture will come next week on Friday 3, which is one day after the full moon. From this we must conclude that the higher realms work with many alternatives at the same time, as it should be, and have many trumps – auspicious dates – in the sleeve, which they may use as the date of Ascension of the PAT and the completion of the ID split that began stepwise on July 22/23, as your soul has told you. Such symbolic dates will, of course, increase the psychological impact. Religious prophecies that forge the expectations of the believers and the masses have always been exploited by the higher realms to achieve their spiritual goals of change and human evolution.


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