A Chat with Marco on the Current Situation

by Marco DeiM and Georgi Stankov, July 11, 2012
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Hi Georgi!

I feel a bit negligent in not writing and contributing more over the past month, but I had to send you a quick email in thanks for all you have done and all you continue to do for all of us.

Although I’m relatively OK, my overall feelings are ones of being in the Void, floating around without so much as a ledge to attach my finger tips to. It’s not at all depressing, but it certainly is not very comfortable for me. My mind is just playing a constant loop of ‘can’t we just get on with it already’.

As difficult as all this has been for me, and I’m sure everyone else on the PAT, you have made it at least manageable with your extraordinary energy and attention you have put into the website and indeed into every human everywhere that has interacted with you and the website in any fashion.

I hope you don’t mind that I use your example in this regard to model my own thoughts and creations in the future, your approach is flawless and truly a thing of beauty.

So much I want to say, yet nothing more really needs to be said. This whole situation will be great for a few laughs in the ‘future’, when we all congregate in whatever form and say “do you remember the times immediately before our Ascension, wasn’t that crazy?”

The last post in your response to Brian:


was utterly fantastic, you just keep getting better! With the greatest appreciation, my best always to you and your family,


Dear Marco,

I am so happy to hear from you again. I was pregnant the whole last week with the idea of writing you and asking how you are as I was somewhat worried not hearing from you for a long time. But then my soul told me that you are OK, within the known circumstances, and you will write as soon as you feel that the right moment has come.

Thank you very much for your appreciation, which I highly value, but my last articles are rather born from a feeling of an utter desperation, or as you say, of total weightlessness, being suspended in a cosmic vacuum, while the inner pressure is incessantly rising. At the same time, the outer reality seems to carry on with its frenzy as it has been the case for millennia of years. It is indeed rather surrealistic

And yet, everything points to an imminent climax, and I see how the old elite is even in a greater void and handicap than we are, but, contrary to us, fully cut from all vital energies. and steadily losing its ka-(or chi-) power. This may lead to the sudden demise or even disappearance (sudden death) of many prominent dark personalities and I have the impression that this cleansing process has already started.

The gridlocks can be seen now everywhere as part of the crumbling of the old matrix. The tediously achieved compromise for the EU bailout at the expense of the German taxpayers has been “put on ice”, to quote a German saying, and has been delegated to the German Constitutional Court. As long as they have not made any decision, there will be no bailout, and no money will flow to the PIGS countries, while the EU is already in its last dying agony. The decision of the court is scheduled for September/ October, which means “infinity” these days, and Merkel and her entourage of political clones are now desperate, as they know that they have no more time left to save the facade of their power. They have become  for the first time unusually nasty against the juridical power, which is a “divine cow” in Germany.

The cracks are to be seen everywhere – the Deutsche Bank and other big banks are now also under scrutiny, as is the case in GB and the USA. But Germany was the western citadel of stability and now it also crumbles with an astounding speed.

I always have in front of my eyes the global picture of the East European countries after the Fall of the Berlin wall and the Iron curtain, when they all imploded within several days. This same dynamics, but much bigger and devastating, should be expected for the Western type of Orion economy. The Diadochus struggles have commenced and, as there is no wealth anymore to distribute among the elite, their survival fears and instincts are looming high and engender individual tragedies. The cannibalism among the dark elite is just a matter of days.

The only question is whether all these processes will unfold before the ID split or thereafter. This should not bother us as we have chosen the ascending timeline, where there will be no such catastrophes. It is just a matter of days when our precarious position as spiritual outcasts will turn into a huge advantage, while the masses will fall into the abyss. Not that I am rejoicing at this outcome, but it is nice to have a real social change at the end.

I am waiting for it for more than 20 years rather impatiently and would have never envisioned, even in my worst nightmares, that it would take such a long time to live up to these big changes. I have even given up now to imagine how they will unfold, which is the exact point in time when they must arrive.

I am expecting that the heat which now engulfs the USA will bring the human spirits to the boiling point, so that there must be a huge national, irrational outburst very soon, unimaginable to conventional human minds. My guess is that the USA will explode first and only then Europe will follow.

The rift between the East and the West is as evident as during the Cold War. I listened yesterday the speech of Putin in Russian in front of the parliament and he was very blunt in his denial of the Western policy the world over. He has given up meeting any western politicians in anticipation of their imminent demise.

These are the signs that one should currently observe behind the veil as to know how precarious the situation really is. As Russia cooperates with the GF, they are only waiting for the just moment to make certain revelations in anticipation of the West.

However it may be that the Iranians will make the first move. The national Keshe foundation, which only appears to be a private one, has just announced the official demonstration of new technologies in September that will make all current western technologies and transport means obsolete. Although my impression is that the Iranians are still “cooking with water”, to quote another German saying, this is a very clever move against the USA and the West and one should keep a close eye on them.

One should not forget that 60% of its population is under 30 years of age and most of them are crystalline children with great spiritual power that can explode anytime soon and sweep the old Orion matrix of the West.

This is my short overview on the current, rather muddy situation, but I hope it will clear very soon.

Hold on the next days as our time is rapidly approaching.

With love and light

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