The Know and Know-Not in the Current New Age Movement

by Georgi Stankov, June 28, 2012, copyright 2012

There is a clear-cut boundary nowadays in the light worker community between the few, who know what is happening at the energetic level in the higher realms, and those who only rely upon external, second-hand information and are in a total disarray as to what they should expect next. Those who know, do so because they are so advanced in their LBP that they are already an extension of the parental energies of the higher realms and can no longer harbour any low-frequency ideas pertaining to the old Orion reality. The latter are in their nature compartmentalized and represent the usual old-fashioned projections – this time esoterically tainted as to appear somewhat better and more enlightened.

Most esoteric ideas and concepts evolve around a restricted number of petty human expectations that shape the light workers’ reality, just as the manipulated projections of the masses shape the current rotten human society and 3d-reality on this planet.

The world view of the vast majority of light workers is mainly determined by the fact that they do not know from personal energetic experience what is actually ongoing in the End Times and must therefore rely upon external written sources and interpretations. The latter carry a large portion of the still persisting all-encompassing Orion mentality and are imbued by numerous ideas and concepts, still pertaining to the old matrix that will very soon cease to exist.

This is the actual goal of the inter-dimensional split that may come any time. These ideas appear now in a disguised form and evoke the impression as if they represent a real intellectual alternative to the failed ideas of the old order. However, with the rapid augmentation of the frequencies on the earth and in the human bodies, these ideas are revealed for what they really are, and a growing number of people begin to see that the “the king is naked”. The most common failed ideas that now circulate in the esoteric scene can be succinctly summarized as  follows:

1) There is a clandestine battle in the human society between the allies of the GF and the dark cabal on power. This is the continuation of the perennial duality of humanity that must be overcome in the first place with the ascension process, leading to a new spiritual  mind-set.

An astounding number of light workers believe that the allies of the GF will soon arrest the worst representatives of the cabal and liberate humanity. In fact they were supposed to be arrested as early as April and then the deadlines were constantly postponed.

Of course one may argue that I have also predicted that the period around summer solstice will be the most probable time for the occurrence of the ID split and our ascension. However I have made this forecast dependent on the law of energy optimization and have clearly stated that our humble human minds cannot assess all the variables and unknowns in the current energetic model of ascension of humanity as to be able to predict the exact date. Even Cosmic Awareness was wrong it its last forecast for June when it predicted at least two major catastrophes for the USA. If a source allegedly coming from the 12th dimension is so bluntly wrong, why should we human beings score better?

While this clandestine battle between some fictive allies of the GF and the dark cabal is never seriously questioned by most light workers, who have no personal experience how the dark corridors of power work on this planet, it is an astounding phenomenon that not a single name of a GF-ally has been forwarded in these weird news and interviews made with alleged whistle blowers. We have no idea what these benevolent allies are actually doing on behalf of humanity or how they have managed to become so enlightened as to know exactly what they are doing as to help the GF carry its plans for the End Time scenario.

Just think for a moment – we, the PAT, are the most advanced human beings in the LBP and on earth, and hence have the closest contact with our higher selves, but we still do not know anything exactly about the date of our ascension, which is our primary and only goal. How could it be possible that some anonymous obscure entities on this earth should know much more than we do and act in such a deliberate and calculated fashion, as this is perpetuated in numerous channelings and other messages? I will not mention any names and sources in this article as you know them as good as myself, but will instead only restrict to general observations.

These fairy tales are mainly propagated by various Orion sources who want to engender one last, great confusion in the End Times, so that they could harvest as many souls as possible for their catastrophic earth B, where they will need them badly as slaves in order to survive and have a decent live amidst devastating climatic and geological conditions, which they know will inevitably be part of this degrading planet. Those who still rely upon such sources and multiply them on the Internet actually play in the hands of the dark cabal, they want to get rid off. This is so obvious that it is a conundrum why so few people see the absurdity, indeed, the insanity of the current esoteric scene.

This extremely naive idea of courageous, even desperate  human “sleepers” from the GF, who suddenly wake up and begin to destroy in clinical manner the infrastructure of the cabal behind the veil, is actually borrowed from the numerous spy novels that flooded the book market during the Cold war, such as those written by John Le Carre. You do not need to be a great expert to discern where these fairy tales come from.

2)  Parallel to this naive idea about the existence of hidden allies of the GF – the only real allies, I know of, are we, the members of the PAT, make no mistake about this – the next huge fairly tale that is put forward by these dark Orion sources is about the existence of incredible, huge clandestine funds, collected since the time of the notorious astral terrorist with the name of St. Germaine.

The notion is that when the anonymous allies arrest all dark cabal that enslave humanity, they will come with a spree of new printed money, gold and other precious metals and will bring to humanity an everlasting abundance with the weird abbreviation of NESARA. How stupid must a human being be to believe such a primitive fairy tale. The answer is – as stupid as most Anglo-Saxon light workers who dominate the current esoteric scene worldwide and have always believed in all Hollywood fairy tales – from Cinderella to Dracula.

And how could have such a primitive idea ever gained such a popularity? Also this question can be very easily answered: Because most light workers have absolutely no idea what money is – what its nature really is, how it has been used by the Orion Empire to enslave humanity, and why the very notion of money should be discarded in any spiritually evolved, transgalactic society as humankind is striving to become soon. Of course, I could recommend  all these ill-guided entities to start reading my articles on the Orion monetary system on this website, but this endeavour is above their intelligence horizon and will only demonstrate how far away they are from any true, enlightened spirituality.

You can easily mire the people as long as they permanently decline to think in an independent and intelligent manner. And the only intelligent thinking is logical thinking. This is the reason why for many years a developed left brain was considered a disgrace among all New Agers under the heinous influence of the Orion Empire, exerted through their dark channels from the 4th dimension, until they voluntarily dumbed themselves down  to such an extent that they are now not even able to open their left brain portal and start with the last and most crucial  phase of the LBP.

By the way, this is the chief reason why we, the PAT, are still on the ground and have not ascended as we must compensate for their defaults. All human failures go hand in hand – you make one and ripe immediately the negative consequences of the next default in a row.

The bogus idea of huge clandestine fonds is a perpetuation of the idea of the world inflation, which the Orion empire deliberately instigated in the End Times as to impoverish the masses and establish the New World Order. The notion that with these funds the current financial crisis will be solved all of a sudden, is the classical projection of the human survival instincts, telling the people that one only needs some good reforms and the old matrix and system can be mended and saved for the sake of stability. What for? For another10 000 years of Orion enslavement?

None of the authors, who promote this insidious idea, ever bother to analyse it with respect to its illogical nature or to scrutinize closely the actual energetic prerequisites for human ascension. The reason for this is that none of these advocates will ascend this year or in the next 2000 years. They will either stay on earth B or on the balanced earth A/B, which we have created as a timeline for such still under-developed entities, so that they will have enough time to purify their thoughts and streamline their carbon-based minds before the get their next chance from heaven to ascend.

3) The next fraudulent idea that engulfs the stupid LW community is that there are some  politicians with a good heart and an enlightened mind who would love to announce Disclosure and First Contact, but are currently still hindered by the dark ones behind the veil, who pull the strings. Hence they must do all the dirty and nasty things other dark entities tell them to do since eons of time.

Obama can practically abolish the whole US-constitution and eliminate all natural human rights of the citizens with illegal governmental acts and orders that do not even need to be ratified by the legislative (the senate). But he is still our good guy and a highly evolved soul, and we  love him so much that we must regularly write letters to him and offer our unconditional love to him in the hope the he may reveal some day, after our final enslavement by his NWO, something about the dark alien connection that has put him on power (who else, not me or the PAT?), and about which we already know from the Internet to exist on this planet for at least 500 000 years.

As long as Obama, our president, does not make an official announcement on this issue, we cannot  believe the alien connection, as we always need an authority to tell us first what to believe. This is the pervasive mind-set of the current, predominantly Anglo-Saxon light worker – the embodiment of universal human stupidity and the deplorable result of an incredible mind-control.

4) The combination of all these flawed ideas leads in the first place to the total eradication of any common sense among these derailed human entities and ushers the greatest lie of all lies in the current old New Age: These people earnestly believe that they are the only enlightened minority of humanity and therefore should enjoy the divine right to be taken as first representatives of humankind in black limousines to the motherships of the GF and represent this society throughout the whole galaxy only because they have invented a meaningless term such as “exopolitics”. And guess what? They are absolutely right – their stupidity is paradigmatic for the rest of this debased species. Hence they are the true representatives of homo sapiens.

The Beckows, the Wilcocks, the Fulfords and their New Age company et al. are willing to believe any crap, any weird conspiracy theory, any privileged way to enter heaven that is presented to them by any of the numerous dark sources, as long as they are not obliged to do anything themselves for the rest of humanity, that is to say, to  actively contribute to the ascension process, which is the only way to change this rotten human society for the better. If it were not so, Heaven would not have decided to ascend this planet to the 5th dimension during this final year.

5) All protagonists of these weird ideas, who constitute more than 90% of all self-proclaimed light workers, have never considered the LBP to be the major energetic process of personal human transformation and that of society. They are not able to perceive the underlying dynamics between the energetic transformation of the human species as an extremely limited sentient being and the establishment of a new spiritual transgalactic society by the end of this year. If you do not believe me, read their articles and messages from this perspective and make your own conclusions – it is all there on the Internet, These dumbed down entities are simply unable to establish even this elementary correlation.

Let me be clear on one issue at this place. The LBP is in the centre of all human evolution. Ascension is not a distinct process, but the culmination of the LBP. Nobody will ascend if he has not gone through the necessary stages of the LBP and has changed his energetic structure profoundly  – be they chakras, DNA, mental or emotional body. These aspects of the LBP have been discussed on this website in such depth and vastness as no other Internet source has ever been able to present so far. One must only read the whole information very carefully and then apply it to his own personal experience with LBP and ascension.

6) As all Beckows, Wilcocks, Fulfords and the like are not in the LBP, they cannot be open channels to their higher selves and realms. Hence they do not receive any impulses that might give them valid information as to how the Ascension process unfolds on the ground. They are not perceptive for these cosmic energies. They simply do not exist for them and you will not find a single statement in their article on these energies.

The PAT members are, quite on the contrary, the most sensitive instruments for the coming huge energies that flood earth and humanity and change them beyond recognition, as they are the very conduits of these energies on the earth. This is your mission during this incarnation. You do not need to be told by any channeling source what energies are enveloping the earth at any moment in time, as they flow through your bodies and fields and you can gauge them in a much more fine-tuned way than any oral message could ever do.

Besides, all the mediums and other esoteric experts still do not go through the huge energy waves of the LBP as you do in this intensity for many years, and they cannot evaluate them or develop a competent opinion. This is a huge difference – this is the ONLY and BIGGEST DIFFERENCE between you as true creator gods and the would- be-New-Age gurus – between the few who know and the masses who do not know anything exactly, but only feel the deep anxiety that something big is in the making. This makes them rash into all kinds of speculative theories and conspiracy stories as if the destiny of mankind could be solved in this primitive way. This is nothing else, but another manifestation of an exuberant human ego that still stubbornly clings to the old Orion matrix.

Just imagine for a second that you are dependent to receive information and advices on the many huge LBP waves that regularly knock you down not from somebody like myself who is involved in each of these energy waves, but from somebody like Steve Beckow, Wilcock or Fulford. You will recognize the false prophet immediately, in case you do not know him in advance, as is eventually the case with these black sheep within the small flock of New Age sheeple.

This is also the reason why you cannot argue with these people on any ascension topic of importance, as they will simple not get it what you are telling them. They do not have the experience you have because you have raised so much your frequency spectrum that you are already dwelling in much higher dimensions and have multi-dimensional experiences, they will most probably make in several thousand earthly years at the earliest.

This energetic abyss between you and the rest of the light workers community is identical to the one we will experience after the ID split between the earth B and the balanced earth A/B. Roughly, one third of humanity that will stay on earth B will not even realize that there has been an ID split of the earth and that ascension has taken place to a higher dimension. This split has already taken place at the human level – the final decision has been made in the higher realms who will ascend and who will stay on the catastrophic earth B and this division of mankind should be obvious and palpable to any sentient being.

This portion of humanity that will go to earth B has such a narrow point of view due to their lower frequency spectrum of mind and rudimentary emotions that they can only resonate with the survival moods triggered by external catastrophes. The hilarious aspects of ascension are as inaccessible to them as the notion of God, or even the experience of a simple sexual orgasm, to the current pope Ratzinger.

In other words, there is absolutely no possibility and no sense to communicate with such people even if they pretend to be light workers, just as I would never come to the idea to discuss the nature of Al-That-Is with this impotent German professor of theology in the Vatican. Even after my ascension and appearance there. This pope will simply not get it.

In fact there is no danger that anyone of us will be embroiled in such futile discussions. The actual nuisance comes from such bordeline entities who fathom subsconsciously the blissful prospects of ascension, but still fully dwell in the fear based atmosphere of the old 3d-matrix. Like Jorge, they no longer belong to the slumbering masses, but still have not heaved themselves to  the few ones who really know, even though they have been attracted by this website. These are the ones who make the most problems with their lack of faith and infinite doubts.

Many of them have a religious, e.g. Christian, background. They have been disappointed by the organized religions, which are unable to answer a single, basic spiritual question, and are now coquetting with the New Age circus like an aging virgin in a lascivious society in the hope to find a new bridegroom. Loren is a typical representative of this group of confused human entities. There are some more, with whom I have communicated in the past, but the bottom line is that it is impossible to lead a decent, cultivated discussion with such people.

The present-day New Ager is mainly embodied by the elderly feminine type of an esoteric guru, in whom the hysteric elements of the menopausal age are perfectly intertwined with the rosy, fluffy esoteric trash which they incessantly produce – as personal wisdom or channelled advices for old spinsters. I have estimated that about 80 % of all channelers fall into this category. The younger ones follow uncritically the example of their elderly predecessors, as they believe that this is the only way how an enlightened person should behave.

The few channeling men display such a bleak personality and a complete lack of any genuine intellectual endeavour that they assimilate their feminine colleagues much more than their actual gender. Just as the German Chancellor Angela Merkel never wears dresses and skirts, but only trousers, as to compete with her male rivals in politics, one has the impression that these channeling men have never encountered the problem on which side of the trousers they should place their balls, the way they behave as if they are unaware of the existence of these male anatomic appendices.

I know It’s mean, but I always get mean when I am confronted with elementary human stupidity. as this is the primary source of all evil on this toxic planet.

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