On Age, Intelligence, Human Cowardice and Courage

by Georgi Stankov, June 20, 2012


We have entered the epoch of total transparency and honesty. This will be very soon our normal way of life in the higher dimensions. Even the clandestine cyber attacks of the dark cabal yesterday on our server and website could no longer be hidden, as the server services do not comply anymore.

Yesterday I had a lengthy discussion with the hit-man who wanted to switch off the electricity in my home on behalf of the electric company after I rejected to pay the exorbitant bill, which doubled in three years under the pretext of higher oil prices. At this place I would like to express one more time my gratitude to all PAT- members who helped me with their donations and generously provided the money for the bill. This gave me the financial strength to hit back at the electric company.

My soul has been urging me for some time to unleash one last battle against the energy companies before they are dismantled in the course of this summer. I was told that this last skirmish is of great symbolic importance as it seals the collapse of the old Orion technologies of energy production and total pollution of Gaia in the higher dimensions. I have always functioned like this – all battles I have fought throughout my life – and there were many, I can assure you – were never meant to be for me personally. but always for a common goal – to destroy a dark collective fear-based pattern in the society and to promote the light an inch or two. Not a very rewarding job, but still better than slumbering the whole life.

Hence I wrote a very harsh letter to the electric company EON yesterday and accused it of all kinds of crimes against humanity, such as killing many inventors of devices using free photon energy, beginning with the spectacular murder of Tesla by Rockefeller up to the present day. I told them that the Internet is full of such information and that they should not believe that the people are blind and accept all their criminal deeds aimed at promoting a centralized energy supply, while misusing their monopolistic position and imposing on the people outdated technologies based on fissile combustion at exorbitant prices. Thus they aim at impoverishing humanity by demanding unrealistically high prices for their existential daily energy supply and then hit them hard by expelling them from the system when they can no longer pay their criminal bills.

It is the same strategy used by the US-banks to impose foreclosures after they committed their prime mortgage fraud and thus made millions of American citizens homeless. This is how the PTB wanted to introduce the NWO in the End Times.

I knew than my soul wanted me to engage in one last battle with the dark Orion hydra. For this purpose I  engaged yesterday the electric company in a legal battle as not to make its life and criminal business too easy. During my discussion with this person it came out, as I suspected it already, that actually it is against the law to execute self-justice in this way and simply turn off the light. Instead, the court must be addressed first, which means the verdict, if any, will come most probably after our ascension. This is what  I wrote already to the electric company referring to the German constitution and the right of the citizens of decent life in this country as well as to the responsibility of the energy companies to provide cheap energy supply for all people as they receive subventions from the tax payers in billions euro to establish the electric grid. Basic stuff, I agree, but these facts are all too easily forgotten by the dark protagonists, whose only aim is the enslaving of  humanity through all possible heinous economic means.

The most surprising development yesterday was that this hit-man became very weak all of a sudden during our discussion and started telling me about his recent divorce and other personal affairs. At the end I even convinced him to begin reading our website. I  do not know how good his English is, but I consider this a remarkable success, given the fact that the powerful surge of dark energies yesterday was incredible and the atmosphere on the this planet was as thick as English porridge that could be only cut with a sharp knife. I was knocked down the whole day by a powerful wave and had a terrible headache, but it was still an auspicious day.

At the end the cabal were exposed for their coward attacks from the dark, the hit-man was converted, our website is again on line and I was even in the position to overcome my headache and dizziness and cook the crowning meal of the German kitchen “beef rouladen” and have a harmonious “last supper” with my family. If this day symbolizes the dramatic turn in the balance of power on the earth, then we, the PAT and the forces of light, have won a major victory. This happy ending yesterday is indicative of our imminent blissful salvation through ascension.

Finally I must admit that I am guilty  of cheating with my editorial work. I am deliberately postponing the edition of the final ascension report-111. But it will come at the proper time, do not worry about this. After that something new must commence.


Below I am publishing my latest highly disappointing discussion with Suzanne Lie on this same auspicious date. This was also my last attempt to intervene in a constructive, critical way in the New Age cacophony that is peaking in the last days and introduce some kind of a rational judgment. I read the latest publication of Sue on human habits, which was extremely poor in content and ideas and decided after months of silence to address this issue one last time and wrote an email to her. Unfortunately I cannot give you the link to this article as Sue has taken it off from her website in her typical cowardly manner, which she has always displayed in our relationship, after she received my critical email.


June 19, 2012

Dear Sue,

apart from the obvious serendipity – I would not go that far to speak of plagiarism – your latest writing on habits was anticipated by an 18-year-old teenager from Kuala Lumpur, who in my opinion displays much more intellectual ripeness and cuteness in the treating of this topic compared to the continuously diminishing quality and annoying repetitiveness of your messages as a feminine New Age guru of advanced age.


I am closely watching your recent regressive development as a specific mental phenomenon, representative of most light workers in the End Times. This is my duty as a free thinker and an analyst on the ground. Also as an Internet journalist. In this respect I would recommend you my article:

“The  Silence of Language”


“Spiritual Enlightenment” was never meant to be a deliberate rejection of genuine Intellectuality.

With love and light



I cannot believe that you would send me such an insulting and condescending email. I hope you don’t turn on that sweet 18 year old that way you have turned on me (?). Please LOOSE my email,



Dear Sue,

It has nothing to do with age but with intelligence. Age is a fact beyond any discussion – I never hide that I am an old man and we had only recently a very frank and open discussion about our sexual problems associated with our LBP on our website. We are so sovereign as to be able to lead discussions on  taboo topics defined as such by the current Orion-tainted political correctness. And what is so bad to compare your intellectual achievements with that of some crystalline children? My elderly readers have come unanimously to the conclusion that they are highly intelligent personalities and deserve our unlimited admiration.

My critical comments only concern the obvious decline in your intellectual potential, precisely because you live for too long in a rather sterile, egomaniac, self-proclaimed spiritual world and are not able to establish an intimate true spiritual contact with other spiritual people fully embedded in real life. You are not able to communicate with them in an open manner as I witness this  on your website, and see that you have given up any humble effort to do so long time ago. This is earnest, and I am  earnest.

By the way ,this is not only my opinion, but that of many other people I communicate with. And those people are not at the level of your beloved friend Steve Beckow with his joyride with black limousines to the motherships of the GF, but truly ascended masters. As highly evolved souls, they see through every person and New Age facade with roentgen eyes and nothing remains hidden to them. If I would behave like you, they will devour me within a second.

I am really surprised at your emotional reaction, which shows that you are far away from the necessary sovereignty of a trully enlightened person. There is nothing disparaging in my email to you from an objective point of view, but only a succinct presentation of the facts.

Your indignation and lack of any discernment due to a full mental and emotional encapsulation within your closed personality, plus your inability to confront any kind of constructive critics show that you have to go indeed a long way before you are really free of your 3d-dross, about which you talk so much in your messages. After all, every guru should be measured by his words in the absence of any important deeds on his part.

If my email triggers a kind of real catharsis in you, so much for the better. It has fulfilled its function and I can easily live with the idea that you are furious with me. At the latest, during your ascension you will have to leave this negative feeling back on this planet as you cannot take it with you in the higher realms and we will be again the old soul friends.

With love and light



Bottom Line: 

Not a single courageous New Age Guru can be found on this planet that is a willing, competent and sovereign personality as to engage in a critical and open dialogue on basic spiritual issues and values. All self-proclaimed gurus have indulged nowadays in one big dull monologue. If these cowards are not able to this simple act of social communication, but expel all critical participants from their weird blogs, how will they combat the dark Cabal in a direct confrontation as our PAT-member Jon Roberts does with his own reptilian family all his life?

He has, for instance, just published a new video on Apollonius of Tyana


and must go on June 25 to prison for a small misdemeanor, which he has committed with his car – hitting a road sign at night. This imprisonment was fabricated by his dark, influential reptilian relatives by asking the corrupt police to make false allegations against Jon as he attacked them on numerous occasions in past, the last weeks and months also with my moral support:


June 19, 2012

Dear George,


here is my latest video. I give you and the PAT a shout out in the beginning and then read one of the first chapters in Antiquity Unveiled. It was a lot of the same quote you put up when you wrote the Christian Fraud on Easter…

It is weird because I have not been dreaming much as of late, but I had a very specific dream to do a video and use Apollonius’s words verbatum. So I did just that…  Since I have not been dreaming much, and this dream was so clear and instructive, I thought I better not question it. Maybe you can give me some pointers on what direction I should take the Apollonius videos from here.

Someone has to do it, all the stuff about Apollonius on youtube is garbage.



Dear Jon,

I just finished watching your video. It was a very good idea to make it. You should only add somehow a link to the book on this video, so that the people can also read the book of your grand-grand father.

I will add a link to this video on my article on Apollonius of Tyana as soon as my server is functional again (this has been done already). Good work!

On another venue  – have you heard or noticed in your family that the dark cabal is preparing to surrender after summer solstice as some anonymous sources and whistle blowers announce?



I have not, but I would be the last one in my family to know of any such plans. I feel the ego is still a rather prevalent force and even if they were to surrender, they would probably not tell me. In fact, they have contacted all my family, cousins, uncles etc. and told them not to speak to me and that I was crazy. I doubt they would call me up and give me that satisfaction, ha.

I guess I did try to extort my one insidious uncle Jay Smith, who is a Satanist, maybe a shifter, who writes children books. Remember, I told him I wanted 10 million or I would have him arrested by the AC, lol.  But like you said, it had no teeth.  Besides, the more I research this stuff, the more it looks like the Ashtar Command are just another arm of the Orion empire. I am sure my uncle had a good laugh about that.

Anyway, I am going to make a farewell video to my family today or tomorrow for my youtube channel.  Even if the first wave does not happen this week, I will still be going to jail on June 25th so it needs to be done.

I pretty much know what I’m going to say, and will forward the video for your review prior to me sending it off (I am trying to cut down on any technical errors such as the one with the Ashtar command, lol)  If you have any thoughts spring to mind as to information that should be included, I would appreciate it.

I don’t want to sound threatening, but I do plan to hold firm to the fundamentals and try to have people take as much as possible from the message.

I have a feeling, that after the first wave, many people will feel forsaken by God and go into a negative tail-spin. I want to make sure anyone getting the message after the first wave will be left with a little empowerment to make a decision rather than just sit around waiting for a judgement/rapture/savior etc.



Dear Jon,

it may be a good thing that your relatives have cut all connections to you. This is the most sure sign that they are afraid of you and what you represent. If they are sovereign, they will not behave like this. The Ashtar command is indeed an Orion invention, this has always been my opinion, but many light workers got mad when I told them this.

So you have to go to prison on June 25. In this case I have to talk to my soul one more time to accelerate the ascension wave, so that you may not need to do it. I have already talked to her about this issue and somehow I do not see you in prison.

The reactions of the people after the ID shift or first ascension  wave, which I expect to come simultaneously, is indeed unpredictable and many will go crazy, no doubt about it. But most probably they will be shocked to such an extent that they will simply lie flat and will not be able to do anything, which is part of the End Time scenario.



Therefore, it is not at all surprising that this new Age Pygmies such as Wilcock and Fulford hide behind mass arrests allegedly accomplished by clandestine allies.. of what? – of the Orion system, of course, and expect that their freedom, they do not deserve, will fall from the tree like a ripe fruit on their head and the will proclaim blissfully: “Eureka, Hosanna, we are finally in heaven.”

Let me tell bluntly you how I see and feel it: I have seen many nasty and abominable events and human deeds throughout my long and eventful life, but none of them makes me feel with such a contempt as the current cowardice of all light workers. If these cretins could really see themselves in these final days with the critical eye of a PAT-member, they will “sink under the earth in total shame” to quote a Bulgarian saying. I am done with this rotten humanity. And you? Let us then say farewell to it and finally ascend. Our job is done. Humanity may or may not experience salvation, but most of the people have definitely not deserved it.

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