Message from my HS on PAT’s Ascension

By Dorie Bowlin, June 30, 2012, copyright 2012


I’m feeling the sting of disappointment today as I find myself enduring another sarcastic comment from my husband about ascension. “So why are you still here? I thought you’d be gone by NOW. Guess you were wrong AGAIN!”

While I can recover more quickly now from his hurtful words, I find myself wanting to leave my home and his energy, yet know that causing any drama at this point would only take away from my focus on ascension. I sat down, calmed my mind, and connected with my Higher Self and happily made connection quite quickly with her this time. I sensed that she knew I was about to “abandon ship”, so to speak, and felt her assurance that the moment of ascension is truly almost at hand. Here is our conversation:

The Message

While it is certainly tempting to go back to imagining and creating experiences from 3D mind one must not revert back to the old way of thinking. You no longer reside in 3D reality, however your physical vehicle still resides, for it is the transmitter of energy that you use to anchor and transmute Light into the 3rd Dimension.

What is most frustrating is that your consciousness has been programmed for eons of time to discern only this reality, thus making it seem ‘real’, more real than the realms at which you and the members of the PAT now reside. The void, which you feel you find yourselves in, is merely a holding pattern, as if you all are pilots of an airplane circling the ground above waiting for clearance to land, however, in this respect, you are truly waiting for clearance to fully ascend to higher dimensions. What feels most discouraging, is that as you wait in the holding pattern, you can clearly see what has to change on the ground below you, yet feel helpless to make changes while waiting for the skies to open up above you and reveal the new realms of reality.

What is asked of you at this time is to remain in the pilot’s seat purely as an observer of the changing landscape below you, without getting caught up in predicting the timing of ascension, or become impatient, distracted, and thus try to create something new in 3D reality. Your creations are waiting for you in the new dimensions, far greater creations than you ever could have accomplished in the reality which you currently observe.

It is known that even when in the void the waiting can be unbearable. It is known that your physical minds and bodies are tired. It is known that the earthly environments and experiences that you find yourselves in are becoming intolerable to the point of you wanting to revert back to old ways of creating, BUT you must not succumb to that type of thinking. Stay the course, for you have already arrived at your destination, you merely have to allow the clouds to open in order to ascend. You are indeed at the portal of transformation, and the portal is open, the only thing that is required now is for the energy to reach it’s maximum point in order to push you through.


By the way, thank you Georgie for always speaking your truth, even if others may perceive it as mean. I perceive your actions to be just like Jesus in the temple with the money changers- my one and only favorite bible story!


Dear Dorie,

thank you very much for the excellent message from your HS that succinctly describes the current situation in which we, all the PAT members, find ourselves now. In fact I can confirm that I had the absolute identical experience yesterday as you have had.

Yesterday was the feast of our younger daughter at school to celebrate her graduation from the secondary grammar school. My elderly daughter was also there with her friend Chris, who, as you may know, is also my webmaster. Of course I am known in the friends’ circles of my daughters for being the “End-Time Prophet”. During the meal and thereafter the young people started talking about their future and what they should study or work etc. as this is quite normal in such a situation when the young people enter real life for the first time. However, I could not keep silent and advised them not to worry as this system will collapse this summer and something more wonderful will come for them. Hence they should simply enjoy their last holidays on earth.

The response came promptly: “Where did your order collapse – on the virtual Internet?” I felt just as miserable and disappointed as you and afterwards I had a serious discussion with my HS. I was pretty angry with my soul which sent me another heavy wave on June 21, with a severe, painful broncho-pneumonitis for 11 days in a row and yesterday, as if not enough, another huge commotio cerebri wave with an unbelievable headache.  We are the few conduits as voluntary idiots of the Cosmos who  have given our consent to transmit these huge energies on the ground as to reach the maximum energetic point for ID split and ascension, as your HS has told you. Hence “they”  load us with inhuman energies beyond any human imagination.

Happily I had also a lengthy discussion with Chris who is progressing with giant steps towards full awakening about the new technologies that are bound to be introduced very soon. He is about to finish with his engineering study this summer and also with his doctor thesis which he prepares at the car maker company BMW, where he now works as an assistant. But he already sees clearly the Orion/Reptilian conditions that reign in such a big corporation. As these companies also work closely with independent specialists who are not embedded in the hierarchy, he has only recently met such an open-minded specialist. This man has first explained to Chris what an idiot his BMW boss is and then has asked him to work for him as an independent engineer and a developer for BMW and Chris has given his consent already. However he knows deeply that this will not happen.

Why am I telling you these trivial family stories? Because they illustrate that while the people still cling to their 3d-reality, it is obvious that the matrix is crumbling everywhere. The boy friend of my younger daughter Felix made this experience this week already, but as it is a very nasty 3d-story I do no want to delve into detail. Shortly, he was thrown out from his home and he also lost his job in one day due to a very nasty intrigue. I knew that his profession as a hoof farrier has no future and had told this explicitly to my family in advance, but even after this 3d-reality show they still do not believe my predictions.

However after I had another serious discussion with my soul and told her that I am fed up with these dark attacks on my family coming from this waning 3d-reality, Felix got another job in the same profession only 24 hours later in a really miraculous way. As it appears, this new working place is much better than the previous one. From that point of view, we have already started to create almost immediately and have thus detached from this reality. However we still have no influence on the date of our ascension, but only that we have already ascended.

I hope that this chat from my firmly life highlights somewhat your situation and that of the PAT during our interminable waiting for ascension in the current void.

I fully concur with you that the purging of the money changers from the temple by Jesus is the only story from the New Testament that I like and consider worth to be followed.

With love and light

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