Ascension is the Answer to the Limitations of Human Thinking and Behaviour

Aegil Santos, A Crystalline Child from Kuala Lumpur, June 16, 2012, Copyright 2012

The PAT knows that written words are ineffective, but we don’t have a choice due to our carbon-based body. On the other hand, written words help us stimulate our telepathic abilities. Written words can sometimes be a trap due to semantics, when some words are interpreted differently than we read them. The less precise the connotation of a word, the more susceptible it is to mis-interpretation. Example: a prejudice can make us misinterpret a not-so precise word as “unconditional love”. According to Georgi, German has a more precise vocabulary than English.

The mind of Homo Sapiens is linear and sequential. This means, it can only process one thought at a time (linear) and some thoughts require another thought (sequential). The problem of this linear, sequential thinking is that we need reminders to stay focused. Reminders helps us go more easily to the desired thought. The wrong reminder can make us unfocused and astray.

Without reminders it would take longer to reach the desired thoughts. Orion manipulation works by using the mass media and the establishment (schools, business and money system) as a form of reminder. Jotting notes is not the only form of reminder, but the social environment around us. If it is possible for the PAT to create an environment that suits our level of evolution, we can stay focused on our level of evolution.

Often, the busy-ness induced by the Orion system stops us from accessing the language of silence. This also means that no thought at all (often promoted by the meditation charlatans) is just as bad as busy-ness. So one of the ways to shield oneself from the poisonous ideas of our surroundings is to contemplate and write a journal, so that one can keep track of his progress.

This is one of the reasons why keeping a journal is a good way to stay focused. Please note that thoughts can be in the form of memory or a new idea. That new idea could be inspired by the HS via the language of Silence. The HS can also upload (send) a thought to us, which we can accept or deny.

Staying focused means taking the shortest way to the desired thought, hence the impulse of many to visit the PAT website. I don’t have much knowledge of how the brain works, but, as far as I know, the neurons in the brain are connected just like the roads in a city.

So to get to the thought we like, we need to pass through other thoughts first. Most times a thought leads to several related thoughts that stay for various probability alternatives. One of these thoughts may make us more focused on our primary goal and the others can lead us astray.

Habits and Ascension

When we do something new again and again, it eventually becomes easier for us and we are more comfortable with this activity, as we do not need to think much about it because it becomes a habit.

Example: the more we practice how to type, the easier it becomes. While practicing, we recreate the ideas that we intend to type. In this process of typing we begin to introduce more reliable ideas, while replacing the ideas that no longer work. New ideas require often older ideas as a point of departure due to the sequential functioning of the human mind, which needs to be anchored in a known territory before it starts to explore new, uncharted areas.

The dynamics of establishing a new habit is to keep practicing it as long as possible, while an older habit is automatically inhibited. Scientific neuronal research reveals that it takes 30 days in the average to create new, sustainable neuronal pathways that support and cultivate a new habit.

The bio-robotic or subconscious part of the human mind is the foundation of all habits. Habits can make us more or less evolved. There are two types of habits – constructive and destructive. How constructive or destructive the habit is, depends on how it will contribute to the evolution of the person. The Orion system abuses the subconscious human mind by introducing numerous destructive ideas.

The mass media, schools, religions tell us how to behave. Since we are always focused on evolving ourselves, we are open to any type of information. The Orion establishment sneaks in by telling us their own version of what is right and what is wrong, so that they can achieve their agenda. So the Orion rules of behaviour are mere lies because they do not obey the cosmic laws of evolution. The PTB use such lies as reminders to keep us focused on fulfilling their hidden agenda. This is the actual role of the Orion monetary system and the social dogma of “political correctness”, which determine the rise and fall of all political men in power.

Another Orion mantra is: “Just trust us, and you will be fine because we are very knowledgeable and experienced and we always make the right decisions for you.” This sounds logical and comfortable enough to the masses because it offers an easy way of life to all those lazy entities, who do not want to make any effort to “re-invent the wheel”. This also encourages the people not to contemplate whether their complacency is constructive or destructive to their own spiritual evolution. Most of them do not even consider spiritual evolution as a human goal and endeavour.

This ultimately means that they, the self-proclaimed Elite, do the thinking for us – instead of us. That is why they consider themselves to be the human Elite and demand the right to enjoy numerous privileges normal human beings cannot afford. This delegation of individual power to the Elite is the most insidious trap, as this minority has a hidden agenda, being service-to-self, that inevitably hinders human evolution.

The power of the dark Elite is based on the creation of human slaves, deprived of their inherent creative power as immortal souls. Therefore, the Elite must impose the impression that their social and political rules are infallible, just like the natural cosmic laws of evolution, and should be accepted by all people as irrefutable truth (dogma). This is what we observe in science, politics, economics and organized religions, which are the major tools of the Elite to enslave humanity.

Example: Obama always reassures the Americans that the economy is improving, although all facts and signs are obviously telling us that the economy is falling apart. This is called the “normality bias”, which is induced by the current political dogma. Politicians repeat a lie as often as possible, until it penetrates first the subconscious and then the conscious level of the people’s minds and becomes a reality. “Political correctness” expects from the people to blindly accept any dogmatic statement of the government, even when the opposite is true.

There are numerous such examples even in the light workers’ scene. Many light workers accept uncritically the old Orion political dogma that when some perpetrators are arrested, the old unjust social and economic order will be automatically improved and the new Golden age can commence, although all historical facts tells us the opposite.

But this time the light workers are solely responsible for believing such dogmas as the Orion system is irreversibly collapsing and has lost its grip on humanity. These people are just not aware how submissive their minds still are to old thought patterns.

Some lies are so powerful that it needs an effort of cosmic proportion for the people to recognize and reject them, after they have followed them so slavishly for eons of time. Lies of this type range from a state of total denial of all obvious facts, such as the existence of the off-world PTB from the Orion/Reptilian empire on the earth, to a total delusion about the immense creative power of each individual based on free thinking,

Human habits are the most effective shackles of humanity as they are very seldom recognized in this function. Most of the time habits are considered a desirable goal leading to existential stability.

Sometimes the HS can intervene by enhancing the “dark night of the soul” (catharsis) that offsets all past, wrong ideas of the human ego. The result is a transitory mental and emotional depression. Of course one may accept or deny this intervention and succumb to the most insidious form of human enslavement, by seeking the help of a psychiatrist and by allowing to be pumped with all kinds of poisonous, psychotic drugs. After the catharsis, one usually ends up with a clearer mind. This is the power of the HS to reprogram the bio-robot part of the humans as to change their habits and world view.

The vulnerability of human subconscious, the bio-robot part of the human mind, to malicious programming is the chief reason why many people must ascend and transform their present-day limited mental and emotional structure that prohibits any real evolution. That is why as long as we are still using our carbon-based brains, we need to be very careful as not be manipulated by the ongoing clandestine mind-programming of the Orion system. Keeping a journal is one way of being careful as it reminds us of our divine nature.

Just as they Orion system keeps reminding us via mass media, we need to remind ourselves on a daily basis of our living strategies opposite to this system. That is why the Universal Law website keeps our morale high, as it reminds us of our divine nature, it is one big journal – the collective journal of the PAT, a living archive of the unlimited creation potential of the indomitable human spirit.


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