A Response to Jorge

by Demitra M. N., June 12, 2012, Copyright 2012


Jorge:“Today I’m without job and I hope I will get some – but it doesn’t imply I consider this a toxic planet. I still from the depth of my heart consider this a wonderful planet. All absolutely all humans beings are wonderful sparks of God – even the evil ones, cabal ones or those who harmed me or any person. I just feel an immense love for everybody.”

Indeed, Jorge, everything is imbued with the Spark of God, even the clouds, and the trees, and the stones. Yet it is the rarest of persons who walks with reverence wherever they go, if only to respect the resting places of daisies, and ants, and rocks, for these too have grown as fond of their living environment as any Wo/Man can and does. In this respect, we are far from unique. So despite all the plethora of God Sparks who make this environment their home too, this is (at this time, anyway) not a place that exhibits “wonderful” as a rule. Instead, it is a place where wonder struggles from moment to moment not to be suffocated under the weight of this world’s guaranteed virulent conditions. The 3D version of life we here all endure everyday, is merely a place of great potential for, but ultimately not wonder-filled, after all.

As I said, it is the rarest of persons that genuinely respects the right to a dignified life for allexpressions of consciousness, never mind that 99% of the human population never gets to experience their fair share of equality no matter how long they live, and no matter what corner of the world they find themselves in. Therefore, to sincerely believe that this is a place that is full of wonder is to not be paying attention to what is actually happening in your surrounding environment. To claim that the “potential” of life is the “reality” is to get caught up in the fantasy of what you would like the world to be as compared to what it actually IS. Unfortunately, pretense has never succeeded in altering anyone’s dimensional status. However, becoming wholly invested in the ascension process can and does. I highly recommend it.

Jorge: “If something is wrong or I get harmed, I only accuse myself for allowing it – not others. You see our differences?

How does blaming oneself for someone else’s harmful behaviour serve to correct that wrong?? I can accept taking responsibility for your personal reaction to any hurt feelings that arise but accepting blame for something someone else has done is a form of enabling. If you think about it this kind of thinking actually restricts you from addressing the real issue. Essentially, blame (whether we point the finger at someone else or ourselves) serves one purpose and one purpose only, and that is to avoid dealing with the real issue altogether.

When we blame others for the harmful things we put out there, we successfully avoid being accountable, and when we blame ourselves for the hurtful things others do, we cunningly avoid the unpleasantness of having to confront the offender. To convince ourselves that the wrong lies within us, we may imagine that this makes us somehow “holier than thou” but we are in fact keeping what is real and what is true about reality far away from our conscious awareness. Something to think about if ascension is your goal as well.

Jorge: “I fully agree with all your predictions, but I have a strong sense/feeling it will happen in the following 3-5 years. Not in June, and December 21 will be another day with a remarkable flow of “energy” that not all will feel. We are awakening today slowly but secure – and this process will unfold for many many years ahead – this is my strong conviction and feeling from my heart.”

Whenever we set out to achieve an important goal for ourselves in life we aim for it not only with a clear focus and a proper sense of organization for that which we wish to achieve, but we also put forth a specific deadline for the accomplishment of that goal. We don’t always succeed in meeting our deadline, but that should never deter us from setting it and then attempting to meet it. The deadline ultimately serves as a guideline and helps us organize more effectively so we can get to where we’re going, eventually. Eventually being the operative word.

If we set the deadline very far off into the future, clearly we are suggesting, albeit unconsciously, that what we are aiming for is beyond our present ability to achieve. Further, it is also reflecting a lack of immediate sincerity and commitment to bringing forth that which we say we are aiming for. As I see it, when we are fearful of setting a deadline too soon, and are inclined to set it far off into the distant future, it is likely that the goal will soon be forgotten and the application towards it’s achievement not acted upon until one eventually gets close to the initial deadline that was set. Hence, the deadline we the PAT are up against at this time is not in error nor will it bear upon anyone’s credibility in the end should it turn out to be “off” in some way. All that is important is that we continue to apply all levels of ourselves to the mission, in unison and with due diligence.

Now, consider this: if numerous metaphysical books and quantum physics alike are constantly telling us that “we create our own reality”, shouldn’t we be taking this message of reality creation more seriously by actually putting “our money where our mouth is”? Well, here is the PAT uniting their collective forces in a huge undertaking, one of manifesting a new reality irregardless of whether the deadline set will be 100% spot-on or not.

What is important is that those who consider themselves part of the PAT are 100% determined to achieve ascension within this year, precisely because they have been preparing for this a very long time and are personally devoted to achieving this goal for themselves. They are committed to creatively imagining a new worldview and co-creating it into existence along with all and any who have gathered around Georgi at this time with a similar vision. Hence, those who have made very little strides in regards to this effort will find much of our talk here far-fetched and irrational. They will imagine that the PAT’s undertaking is unrealistically huge and as a result, ill-conceived, and will try to rationalize why it could not possibly happen. But to the PAT collective this is all very natural and organic, doable mainly because these are very logical final steps in a long journey that began many years ago for many of them as a solo venture, while the conclusions of the naysayers are based on their own very diminutive contributions to the overall endeavor (since many of them have only recently considered the topic of ascension at all).

Essentially, the conclusions that Georgi and the PAT arrive at are not meant to be predictions for what will be the future for everyone on this planet but rather what the future is likely to be for those who trust in and participate in the day-by-day ascension call-to-action. By trusting in their own LBP and living a life of high integrity, despite the hardship of doing so, the PAT are as a matter of fact, actively shaping a new future into existence for themselves. And considering how few people are actively engaged thusly, it is no wonder that this small collection of people would be so excited to find others like themselves who are similarly inclined.

The truth is that the path toward ascension – the final stretch of road between dimensions – is unavoidably a lonely journey for each traveller. Liken it to the examination finals we must take in school. Ultimately, the final results of these tests determine whether we will pass and move ahead in our on-going education or stay behind to repeat. On the one hand, any important test that assesses what we have learned, must always be taken exclusively by us and us alone.

To begin with, we must be ready to be unequivocally ourselves. We cannot copy or emulate someone else, nor can we rely on others to provide us with the answers to the questions that surface for us along our respective paths. We must learn to trust where life leads us and to be completely self-sufficient and confident in ourselves if we are to pass the tests that lead to the portal of ascension.

And so, if our personal bank of knowledge on a given subject is sufficient in a regular 3D exam, we will likely pass the test we are given. Likewise, on the path to ascension, it is not our bank of knowledge alone that we are to rely on to make the grade but rather on our ability to access the Source of all Knowledge by virtue of a well developed inner connection to our Higher Self. If we have done our inner work we will not only be open to the in-welling of intuition as it flows through us via our HS but we will also be thoroughly trusting in it as well.

Jorge: “Have you think Georgi that you put your self in a bad situation when predicting this month ascension – what if it will not happen as I think? you will lose credibility – already happen to you with 11:11:11. Sometimes I wanted to challenge you for who will be right you or me.”

While some may view Georgi’s open claim for imminent ascension a risky declaration to make, especially considering how fixed and unchanging reality appears to be to the average person, there are others like myself who are able to intuit the metaphysical logic behind such a laborious project, especially at this time when the galactic and astrological conditions are so ideal for something of this magnitude. More than that, we are able to genuinely appreciate just how fortunate we all are that this man, Georgi Stankov (with the courage of a hundred men combined, if you ask me) has elected to step up to the plate and lead this quantum parade of visionaries despite the immense challenges he would have to meet along the way on our behalf.

Clearly, no ordinary person could undertake such a demanding leadership nor could they carry it off with as much aplomb as Mr Stankov has shown over the past months. Georgi’s unswerving confidence has been and continues to be the most critical aspect of this, our mutual endeavor. It is fair to say that at the very least he serves as a bright beacon of light upon which we all focus our shared intent.

But we all know better. Georgi represents so much more. I, for one, am grateful for all he has done so far. Whether or not we meet the precise deadline as has been set forth is truly irrelevant to those of us who have done our inner work and have proven our worth by undergoing each and every test that life has thrown at us. All that is required now is that the power of our focus remain true until our joint vision is complete, whenever that will be.


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