A Massage to the PAT

by April Bender, June 20 ,2012, copyright 2012


Dear Georgi and the PAT,

First, I want to say a deep word of “thanks” to you for holding the sacred space needed to convene the PAT (via the website), and for being such a firm anchor of light, wisdom, and support that is very much needed and appreciated (at least by the PAT) during the current End Times.

I also want to thank the PAT and say that it has been the highest honor to collaborate and work with you all on this most important of missions. We’ve been together for a very long time, working on the inner planes/higher dimensions, and I recognize most of your personal energies as you each write in. I remember well (if only from an energetic standpoint/imprint) and from that I totally recognize most of you from all those intensive council meetings we’ve engaged in during our travels at night, also the big “conclave” that happened in the higher realms this spring, and in general visionary/altered states.

I have not written in before for the very same reason others have shared, but have been following your website since September of last year. It was indeed a miracle, and I also believe destiny, that brought us all together. You know, as a child of about 12 years old I remember knowing that you were all out there, somewhere, but that it would be a long time before the day came when we were supposed to “link up.” That spark of insight brought me great comfort, because even at that age, I was starting to really notice how different I was from others. And here we are today, linked up with each other in the physical, thank you so much Georgi!

To give a little background on myself, I grew up in a very small farming town in Michigan (US). From very early on I had many, many mystical experiences. Of course back then I thought everyone had them (as many of you did) only to find out that was definitely not the case. I had involuntary out-of-body experiences from as far back as I can remember (though since hitting my 20’s have had very few of these experiences). I have a very vivid (lucid) dream life and memories of alien encounters, of living on different worlds, of trying to “win over” or “plant seeds of love” in different low-frequency promulgators in various forms on other worlds.

Interestingly, they were defeated through love and kindness over a great deal of time versus some form of shamanic battle. I wish I could say I was the spiritual warrior and would do quick battle by kicking ass and being done with it, but my encounters/memories show it was not that way and in fact often times, was somewhat similar to the process, we are dealing with in the here and now. At least for me.

When I was 8 years old, walking on my way to school, I remember stopping and looking up at the sky and a voice in my head telling me that I was here to be part of something truly spectacular and of immense importance. That I had a major role to play in it (along with others, who were cloaked/unknown at the time) but the details of my role were not provided. I only knew that it would happen within my lifetime and that I would not be too terribly old when “it” occurred (I am currently 37). Of course the entire rest of my life has been a journey of getting those very details (and then some), and building the body that was needed to execute such a role.

In reading Piotr’s post on entering the Void, I can’t tell you how strongly I resonated with the feelings described. I am tired Georgi. Like so many of the PAT members, my life has been far from “charmed.” I’ve lived through family abuse, molestation, isolation, victimhood, marginalization, ridicule, hostility, and constantly being misunderstood, unappreciated, and undervalued. People always consider me the lovely, dreamy, hippie, cheesy type. They fail to understand that I also have a very astute awareness of the realities of life, a very strong understanding of spiritual psychology, a love of artistic expression, and a mind that is constantly weaving a web of connections.

I wish “they” had reminded me of what a thank-less job this is back when I was 8 and first received the intro, LOL. In the end, I don’t care if there is ever thanks or appreciation as long as this dang world gets to where it needs to go (soon) and our jobs here are completed. I just want to go home.

Lately I am so raw in my awareness that it hurts (more than normal). I tried shopping last weekend to use a gift card that had been given to me for Mother’s Day, but when I entered the store, within minutes I became sick to my stomach in disgust. Just noticing all the baubles locked away behind the glass, how many times have I walked by them and thought nothing, and yet on that day I was so angry seeing them. They suddenly represented everything that is sick and twisted and dark. Put them on display to make the peasants feel guilty that they can’t buy them or wear them, you know that kind of message.

I’ve known about these things for quite some time (the dark cabal, etc…on and on) but now I’m actually confronting this “matrix” every day. No matter where I go in little Kalamazoo, MI I see evidence of the most messed up, bass-awkward systems, ways of doing things, and societal beliefs in general. I listened to my in-laws raving about their new smart phones and all I could think was, “Really? This is what people get excited about? This is what’s important?” It’s all I can do to not go into a public rant, but instead sit silently and observe the waterfall of emotions that overtake me.

I find that as the days go by I’m slipping though. I no longer feel compelled to hold back my opinions/observations or soften them for effect. I feel like I’m in some sort of hard-core activist, truth-telling phase. I had to laugh Georgi when I read your post about your family and your little rant at them (though I was sorry to hear about your daughter, coincidentally two days later my son, 10, stapled his fingers together at school). My husband is shocked and complaining that I’ve been too negative lately, but I don’t see it that way. It’s time dang it, whether the masses want to wake up, kicking and screaming or not. I’m not going to spend time trying to change anyone’s mind or argue about stuff, but neither will I remain silent or rose tint my comments for their benefit or go around pretending that everything is A-OK.

All this to say that I absolutely resonate with the tentative timeline that you and the PAT have established. Knowing that we are transmuters as well as transmitters, I had to remind myself that this last bit of “painful, raw awakening” energy I just described having experienced has been downloaded to us, for the masses. I’m already seeing evidence of it working in them both at work and in my personal life. They are being stirred and they are sick of things as they are. Many are now finally openly admitting this.

This only reinforces, I believe, the timeline of events to come. Once they are on this track, we are no longer needed in the same capacity we’ve been used in. Their opening/awakening process will continue on now for them organically, and without our aid. Their higher selves will now easily guide them the rest of the way, as well as the upcoming catalytic events to unfold on the world stage. You nailed this with the solstice energies.

And that only leaves the next phase, which I see as the physical manifestation of the crumbling of all our dark and limiting structures. I feel strongly that our roles are to shift with the ending of one phase and the beginning of the next, which we are on the cusp of right this very minute!

When I’m at home or outside in nature, the lightness, the expansiveness, the love that is coming in is just incredible! Unfortunately right now I’m still spending most of my waking time at work or running errands and that is in very drastic contrast to the peace I feel when alone but I am very encouraged (and fatigued) by the extremely potent cosmic energies streaming in. They are working their magic in a very noticeable way, finally. I truly feel, at my deepest core, that it’s time to move to Phase II. I can’t wait to read the SOAR 111 Report.

To the members of the PAT: It’s ON!! And thanks again Georgi for your wonderful gifts to us, the PAT.

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