Wes Annac and the Pervasive Ego, Waiting to be Transmuted and Healed

By Wes Annac, May 15, 2012, Copyright 2012

It’s interesting to see a part of oneself expressed in the past, come up for review and transmutation. Our ascended brethren have been speaking of the many layers of ego that have been and will continue to be coming up for review, and I personally have just had a very real and intense review process that I am still going through, in relation to words spoken by me about a fellow soul who is helping to educate so very many in preparation for ascension and in preparation for us all to become the Masters that we have always been.

It is interesting how ego thrives upon building up a perceived enemy and ‘knocking this enemy down’ so to speak with accusations and insults that could not possibly come from a higher dimensional place, but rather from a place of feeling the need to respond and defend, when such things are not always necessary or required.

Parts of my ego would always Love for me to view myself as some type of ‘Light Warrior’ who by the sheer power of thought and keyboard can right any perceived wrongs or ‘protect’ fellow awakening souls from one who I would feel possesses a lower dimensional mindset, attitude or agenda. It is funny how we build ourselves up as these types of ‘saviors’ so to speak of others, as it truly is nothing more than a glorification of the ego.

Don’t get me wrong here; the majority of us who are here are indeed here to serve Lighted purposes and we know this, but I guess what should be expressed is that no soul on this world or anywhere else is more ‘Lighted’ than another; no soul is more deserving of the Lighted energies and the ascension being given to us, and certainly to put oneself in a position wherein you can feel ‘better’ or ‘more enlightened’ than another and to put oneself in a position where you feel you are more along your path than another or that another’s perceived flaws should be pointed out and they should be chastised for it; to do so is to toy with our ever-fading ego and to toy with illusion.

I enjoy looking back upon my own journey since making my presence public on the internet, and realizing the distortions that I was publicly feeding and bringing through myself, so that I can be exposed to yet another facet of ego which is coming up for review to be transmuted and integrated into my overall experience.

For the longest time in the magical year that was 2011, I built up much of my hopes and dreams so to speak in relation to ascension, on certain predictions given in relation to the 11.11.11 stargate and the wonders that were to follow the opening of such gates, not realizing that this process is and has always been a gradual one, rather than one where one simple date heralds all of the changes that we wish to see brought forth onto this world.

Naturally, there was a bit of disappointment garnered in myself and others who had as well been looking forward to this magical date as some type of ‘savior date’. I speak of this occurrence to display one facet of my ego which has since been faded and transmuted; that is, the belief that we can look toward one date or occurrence for this ascension rather than realizing the importance of doing this work which can be gradual, ourselves as we are truly meant to.

To get to the ‘meat’ and purpose of this article, I would like to display one important [to be pointed out] facet of my ego in which I displayed publicly last October with my article Georgi Stankov and the Pervasive Ego Among Lightworkers. (1) 

It is funny to me how an article which was meant to display, point out and chastise the ego of another ended up being a fantastic display of my own ego and my own need to ‘make war’ about issues that I did not have anything to do with in the first place.

Before displaying sections of the article of mine mentioned, I would like to repost what to me seemed to be a pretty fair and measured reply from none other than the person the article was targeted at, Georgi Stankov [in reply to a question posed to Mr. Stankov by somebody else]:

“….Your powerful energies accentuate [their] disharmonies in their emotional and mental bodies, which they themselves cannot see or do not want to see. It is absolutely irrelevant what you say and how you say it, it is your field that disturbs them as you are like a clear mirror that presents to them their ugly image.”

“…Instead of seeking the cause for this in themselves, they prefer to make you a scapegoat and to project their aggressions on you by telling you that you have hurt them or you have personal failures, etc., etc.”

“…Let me give you a concrete example with an  article, which a teenager star seed Wes Asnac wrote about me after I published  my critical article on Steve Beckow last year:


Then you can read his latest article on himself six months later:


This young man is quite open to himself and he shows a marked progress in his thinking. But this did not hinder him at that time to comment on an unknown person like myself, who can be his grandfather and has a personal experience of his grand father and to judge me superficially from his lack of any personal experience on this planet with a lot of esoteric self-esteem.” (1)

While I will admit that parts of what Mr. Stankov says does not resonate with me [my ego may have had a hay day with that admission in the past] there is so much said here that does resonate with me and that does serve to show that indeed, even parts of myself that I felt infallible and in a position to criticize were actually based in judgment of somebody that indeed, I do not know and was only judging based on his criticisms of Steve Beckow.

Steve has been a good friend of mine for quite a while, and while he is a fully functional ascending human being who is perfectly capable of defending himself and ‘fighting his own battles’ so to speak and he in fact did so quite wonderfully and eloquently when faced with the criticisms posed by Mr. Stankov, that part of my own ego mentioned above still felt the need to be a ‘savior’ of sorts and use my own argumentative ‘abilities’ to argue for Steve by arguing against Mr. Stankov, by pointing out what I perceived to be flaws in Mr. Stankov’s messages to Steve as well as in his own opinion, and in his own selection of emotions to bring forth and what I perceived to be his lack of ‘being nice’.

I personally believe that Love and Light, the energies of Intelligent Infinity, do lay the foundation for our ascension and I personally support the ‘New Agey’, ‘glittery’ and ‘cute’ aspects of our ascension that are brought forth by many and that others perceive are childish and naïve, as I believe that happiness and Joy are the foundation of the experience of the higher realms.

To the best of my knowledge and correct me if I’m wrong, Mr. Stankov does not feel exactly the same way. I believe in many ways that like Steve Beckow, Mr. Stankov is focused more on the scientific, graspable aspects of our transition into higher states of consciousness, and to my ego, these traits had already constituted a ‘boogeyman’ of sorts that should be avoided and chastised.

When publishing my writings on Georgi Stankov last October, I had not realized the sheer wealth of information this soul has given us, and how much of himself he has given to the informing of humanity of different and new concepts in ways that are scientific and can be explained to one who would otherwise perhaps not believe all of the truths of our ascension.

Obviously, I would not want anybody to think that this article is biased to a certain ‘pro’ or ‘con’ extent, as if you are thinking so than you are missing the point, and trying to pin an article or opinion of another to a certain ‘side’ is something that I have noticed my own ego would do so very often, in an effort to perceive separation against another by perceiving them as being a part of a certain side or clique.

My mind was made up about Georgi Stankov before I even wrote the article targeting him, and when viewing snippets from the article that will be posted below, one may find that my own ego thrived on the attempted tearing down of a soul whom my ego felt deserved it. I will again repost sections from the article given by Mr. Stankov to be viewed in the context of myself tearing this soul down to make my own ego feel better:

“….Your powerful energies accentuate [their] disharmonies in their emotional and mental bodies, which they themselves cannot see or do not want to see. It is absolutely irrelevant what you say and how you say it, it is your field that disturbs them as you are like a clear mirror that presents to them their ugly image.” (1)

Indeed, what was said by Mr. Stankov to Steve was perceived by me to be mean and egotistical, and upon reviewing the entire event in which I wrote the article, I realize that the words of Mr. Stankov served to publicly expose and later show to myself, the aspects of my own ego which were brought forth with my writing of the article targeting Stankov.

I have heard from many others that this is the entire point of Stankov’s perceived ‘tactic’; showing us the prevalent structures of ego in ourselves by displaying such intensities himself. Please do correct me if I am wrong about this but if I am not, than I must thank this soul for helping me to expose those parts of my own ego that would otherwise still continue to be expressed and fed.

Once I had my opinion of who this soul was in my mind based on his critical assessments of Steve Beckow, it indeed would not matter what he would have said, as I more than likely would have continued to garner and feed the ‘bully’ image of him that I had built up by that point, and anything that he would have said in defense of himself would have only been heard by me through the ‘he is a bully’ filters that I had already established in myself.

“…Instead of seeking the cause for this in themselves, they prefer to make you a scapegoat and to project their aggressions on you by telling you that you have hurt them or you have personal failures, etc., etc.” (1)

Again, right on Mr. Stankov.

It made my ego feel so very wonderful to set this soul up as a ‘scapegoat’ of sorts to direct my negative energies and criticisms of what I felt were ‘wrong’ mindsets at, and at the same time help myself to feel better as I was perceiving myself as ‘better’ and farther along my path than Mr. Stankov simply because I disagree with certain mindsets of his and with certain criticisms that he has given.

It is quite amazing, the many subtle and not so subtle ways that the ego attempts to make you glorify it and glorify yourself, and I am happy to begin realizing such structures of ego that I have employed and that I am now working to transmute.

In conclusion, a soul whom I once perceived to be too negative and egotistical to be a genuine source for the Light, actually served to show me which parts of myself were still imperfect and still lacking the realizations and integrations of ego that not only see me better prepared for ascension, but that see me better able to be a voice for others to benefit from.

With respect and Joyful Love, I thank Mr. Stankov for his part in this ego lesson that has been brought forth to me for review, transmutation and forgiveness, and should he ever happen to be led to this article I say that I look forward to actually getting to know him and the work he has been doing for the Light and for the ascension of Earth before making any presumptions or judgments. I had the chance once before to chat in depth with this man, but did not utilize the opportunity due to my own ego filters and biased perceptions of just who this soul is.

Before I go, here are some sections of the article of mine in which I chastised Mr. Stankov and his criticisms of Steve Beckow. You can plainly see my own ego which is displayed from an attitude and mindset that I was already right and Mr. Stankov was already wrong based on his perceptions of Steve. Georgi Stankov’s words are in italic and my replys are in quotations:

“I do not have or use skype, just as I do not give interviews on purpose. I do not want to participate in the current esoteric Vanity Fair (what a way to refer to how so many souls are ascending. You’d think a Lightworker would be more happy about that.)and I prefer to be solely judged by my publications and books which are free on Internet. (Not by how he acts or treats others, but by things he has written) But I am ready to answer any questions you consider necessary and vital to clear the situation, for which I am not responsible or consider worth discussing. (Assumed ‘worth’ is a tool of ego)”

“…After I ascended (I don’t think a true ascended soul would display so many egositial qualities, it seems more and more like he is trying to put himself up on a pedestal) on October 13, 2010to the higher realms, I was asked by the Cosmic Providence for this planet to return back to earth once again, although my soul contract had finished. The reason for this was that humanity was in delay with its awakening, LBP and Ascension. I was asked to help Gaia and mankind beyond my contractual duty as a soul in the End Times.” (2)

The article is much longer and contains many more harsh criticisms.

Reading over my critiques in this article and seeing how the judgments I gave brought forth a validation of sorts in myself and for myself, makes me realize that I was doing no ‘better’ than the soul whom I was criticizing. I felt it egotistical and wrong of Georgi Stankov to criticize and fellow and well known Lightworker, and in response to those feelings I myself took to criticizing a fellow and well known Lightworker. Makes a lot of sense doesn’t it?

I feel a great Light from bringing this article forth, as even the writing of this has served to show me how prevalent ego can be and how important it is to realize when the waning influence of ego is being brought forth. I look so dearly forward to the continual exposures to and transmutations of ego in ourselves and in myself personally, and I thank Mr. Stankov for helping me to realize a piece of my own puzzle that had not yet been illuminated.

This is a learning process!

Wes Annac – Incarnate Rep., GF and PHC; WesAnnac.com




(1) http://www.stankovuniversallaw.org/2012/05/state-of-ascension-report-99-the-ascension-scenario-after-11-11-11/

(2) http://aquariuschannelings.com/2011/10/17/georgi-stankov-and-the-pervasive-ego-of-lightworkers/

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