State-of-Ascension-Report-95: The Ascension Scenario After 11.11.11

On-Line Reports from Members of PAT And First Ascension Wave Candidates;

Report-95, May 9, 2012

Michelangelo Buonarroti, Paradise before Incarnation and After Ascension

How I Envisage my Mission on Earth After my Ascension

by Henry A. Clymer and other members of the PAT, May 8-9, 2012, 

I will assist others in handling large, gem crystals; those are emeralds, rubies, and sapphires.  Each one of those gems must be held loose (as a crystal), or if set in jewelry, in polished stones and set in platinum or palladium. Those are the laws of the Galactic Federation for use as power ornaments, wearing of Jade is optional.  Wearing of gold or silver jewelry by Masters is discouraged.  No carbon-based diamonds, natural gems such as pearls, or coral, opal, moonstone and turquoise will be dealt by with by others.

We know that cats can perform on the piano, even sing certain melodies, and snoop around when no one is looking. Well, some cats can even understand language.  My late cat Woody, used to sit on the radiator and study a small slate with Chinese characters written on it.  When I asked him what it meant he would look at me and meow; letting me know that he understood it.  Chinese is perfectly suited to cats, especially the simplest characters.  So my job will be to teach certain cats how to understand Chinese, being naturally suited to telepathic communications with humans.  Some dogs can do it, too; but my job will be with cats.

And then the most diligent task begins. After reading Emilia Bacharova’s essay “Einstein’s Traum erfűllt!” in German twice, I intend to translate it into English so others can enjoy it.  I will have to get a more modern German dictionary (Barnes and Noble €73!) before I can begin.  She writes in elegant German similar to Dr. Stankov.

Than I plan to take a vacation



Dear Henry,

thank you very much for your lucid vision after ascension. I have seldom laughed so much. Especially when you caught me that Emilia Bacharova is my nickname, under which I published this article in a Bulgarian journal edited  in German language. The woman existed and she was a journalist too, but she had no knowledge of the German language. The other readers did not notice this little fraud on my part, but I had to work with all possible means to overcome the Orion censorship in the mass media at that time.In vain. It was still too early for this task in the late 90s.

I also have a cat, half Persian, that can talk. He has an anatomic stricture in his throat and can pronounce much more tones than just “meow”. Especially when he is indignant with me if I do not immediately respond to his wishes, he can really scold very loudly with me in an unmistakable manner. I am also making long conversation with him and he seems to understand everything. I am curious whether we can teach cats in the 5th and higher dimensions to speak different human languages or whether they will communicate with us through telepathy, or whether there will be no cats at all there, except in our imagination, but this aspect bothers me the least now.

I will publish your vision in the next report.

With love and light



May 9, 2012

Hey Georgi!

I like your latest.  Anyway, as far as my vision goes, I see the new Earth as being one of the best schools in the galaxy. Here, all entities will be working on their evolution. It will be a very diverse place with all entities learning and helping one another in our most common goal of returning to source and most probably beyond.  Perhaps our Source, is not the only Source to be explored.  Much as a river is composed from many springs.

I have a vision of going past source somehow before this is all said and done. I think that is probably what got Lucifer in trouble, he wanted to pass source before he was ready, was denied and threw a temper tantrum.  I would imagine a thing like this would have to be done the old way, by good will and the perseverance of honest and pure intention.

But before we worry about where to go from Source, let’s get there. I agree with Joe on a lot of the clean up stuff, but wonder how much of it will be necessary. For example, why worry about vehicles of any sort if our Merkaba will be the only chariot we ever need. I am sure we will need transitional technology as we will undoubtedly serve less evolved beings whom are trying to make their way – kinda like us now.

I see this new Earth as One being, whereby the greatest is only as great to the extent that he can help the less evolved. There is an old saying “one cannot be promoted if one cannot be replaced” and so it will be on new Earth as our teachers and some of us will no doubt move onto explore other parts of the universe.

In short I see new Earth as a great school and a desperately needed stepping stone to entities seeking to promote evolution and return to source.

Imagine where we would be now if Apollonius and crew had gotten the Ascension off the ground back in the day…  Maybe my kids can learn about gravity on the History channel instead of getting thrown out of a plane into 3d, lol.

Best, JWR (Jon Roberts)


May 9, 2012

Dear George,

in reading Joe’s summary of what he sees us doing after Ascension, my HS spoke and quite clearly. I know the source of my rage, I have been experiencing lately, and why. I have worked with animals, birds, plants, all of Gaia’s expressions for many many years, and the rage that I have stifled for years regarding how abused, raped, and disrespected anything Nature is, has arisen to my surface. The actual pain I have felt for years directly related to the hurt, the suffering, the dying, the neglected, the forgotten…. all those creatures and beings related to Mother far and wide, I have felt within my own being. I worked tirelessly for many years, healing Mother as much as I humanly could in the area I live, plus sending my energy to those beings who called out to me. I focused all my energy to healing Mother and her creations, which left me with very little energy left over. I still felt the pain, yet I did not have the strength to do even more. What I have accomplished, both with my health and the health of those I have helped, just about put me in the grave. Yet, here I am still alive, for I am determined to make it to Ascension where my real full mission in its entirety, will begin.

After my Ascension, I will be doing the same only on a different level, a better one, a more powerful one, for I will have my abilities in FULL which will equip me with all I need to reach Mother in every way possible, bringing lasting health to Her and all Her creations. I see myself boldly speaking, as I have just begun to lately only more so, to those whose positions affect creatures small and large. I am speaking of Veterinarians mainly. Just writing this is making my face flush, for I have been anything but calm lately regarding how one of my abused, neglected special needs cats was treated when she required dental surgery only last week. The “trigger” was this event, for now I have NO doubt that this was planned by me in order for me to finally once and for all, get beyond the fear that I or one of my animals would be deliberately hurt due to what I am now saying, and have much more to say. Just knowing, for example, that Vets here in the good ole USA are still de-clawing cats makes my blood boil! Barbaric? Amputation is considered OK just because it is a “cat”, one of the most incredibly spiritual Nature Spirits there is? But, I am getting off subject here…….

Between now and Ascension I somehow have to get re-centered for this white hot rage is relentless right now, for all the years I have kept quiet and gone about the “peace maker’s way” and just quietly sharing the Truth to deaf ears. I will attain my composer for I know myself and I will not fail myself!

The other arena I know I will be working is in the medical nightmare. I myself have volunteered to be “in” this system just to experience firsthand the brutality and the deceit and the actual mistreatment; the buy-offs, the over medication, the over “testing” that in of itself will kill you. I have been a burr in the saddle for a LONG time with doctors, but nothing in comparison to what is coming. When I walk in these offices perfectly well and show my True Self, nothing will no longer hold me back from expressing Truth to people whose main purpose is making as much money as they can, rather then helping those they vowed to help. Again, I find myself shaken just in speaking of these things, as again I state, I have been anything but calm.

I have walked the healer’s path for many years, and I shall continue to do so after the Ascension, for that is where my heart is. Secondary to that, I create beauty through art, so I will be very busy also creating beauty on our New Earth. Since we no longer will require sleep, and will be able to go back and forth between Planet A and Planet A/B, I won’t be bored for one moment. I have many plans which just now are beginning to emerge and it is with great excitement and joy I await my Ascension, the only purpose I was even born here on this Planet Earth.

Thank you for listening, and I look forward in hearing others’ express their dreams and their missions as to what they shall be doing once they Ascend!! I also look so forward in meeting all of you!!!! As you, this life so far has been extremely lonely and very difficult!!!

With such great gratitude to these Great Times,


May 9, 2012

Dear Georgi,

Thank you for the invitation to begin honing our tools for after ascension.  At first I was irritated as I have not ascended before (that I recall) and I am not sure of all of the capabilities I will have in my new light body in the 5th dimension.  But you are wise and so I have begun my list.

After Ascension I would attend all lectures and trainings and study in depth The Universal Law. I would revisit physics and mathematics. Then I would study some more and Make I understood completely.

I would concentrate on making sure I could easily convey these mathematical equations to those who do not have a mathematical background.  I will so fully understand the law that those I am trying to teach it will know the truth of it because their hearts will tell them so. In my earlier years I managed one of the first computer retail stores in Massachusetts and repaired computers down to the chip level. That was back in the naive time, when I thought technology could save trees. From that job I went into marketing computer peripherals to corporations and computer retailers. I was the top salesperson nationally for one product line because I could understand the engineering and sell it.

I believe in a different incarnation I was able to move large object by tuning into a certain frequency, vibration, wave.  After ascension in the 5th dimension we will be able to clear and move a lot of the pollution and debris the PTB have inflicted on Gaia.

I love to be outdoors.  I will work with others in creating organic living spaces for those who will be ascending at the end of 2012.  Lately in my dreams living spaces like bedrooms and living rooms are outdoors. These conversational areas are separated by panes to create a sense of intimacy.

Of course in my new crystalline body I will be joyously, playfully exploring all of my new capabilities. I will master them so that I can teach others in December about them.

I have always empowered others to take responsibility for their health.  Any interaction with those at 3D will be to support their sovereignty.

I have always enjoyed making my surroundings harmonious, peaceful, and beautiful. I will continue to do this function as is of optimum use for those who will be ascending in December.

I am no stranger to hard physical work and have an infatigability I have rarely seen. I know I have the dedication and drive to help create with others what is necessary for the December deadline.

I have been envisioning the last several months that ascension may happen at any time. The frequency I am holding allows fewer and fewer low frequency intersections.  It is like I drive to work and the traffic is remarkably light.  It is a sense of ease…

Marian Gallagher


May 9, 2012


I find this a very intriguing topic that I really haven’t thought a lot about because of dealing with the heavy ascension symptoms that continually pound me.  But two things I have had to do throughout this ordeal. One is with my wife’s illness after her cancer diagnosis. I meet so many health care workers and cancer patients. I want to help heal them, all the patients and the health care workers. That must surely be part of my next role.

Also I still work as a parttime CPA and as much as I detest it finances and taxes are my forte. I am good at it and help many people understand accounting and the horrible tax system we have. I think if I can help them understand it they can somewhat deal with it.  What a joy it would be to actually help establish a fair and equable financial system. I have so many business contacts. Surely this is part of my future role as well. I get a little giddy when I think of having the power to help myself and others. Surely it isn’t far off. I want to start now. No more delays.

Last night I had a dream that I was returning to my old college dorm room from attending a class and when I entered the room it had all baby items and I said this can’t be my room it is for a baby. I realized when I woke up that my room has been prepared for my return home and yes it is a room for a baby because that is what I will be in this new dimension. Just a baby. But when I return here I will be a god a very benevolent god indeed. Thanks for allowing me to ramble and to dream of the possibilities. It is hard to think past the dizziness, fatigue and stomach cramps I currently experience but this has to be leading us home it just has to.


Dear Jerry,

thank you very much for your contribution to the ongoing discussion on our mission after ascension.

I can fully identify with your desire to heal ill patients and other people as this has also been the source of my greatest disappointment and frustration throughout my whole life. While still clinging to conventional medicine, my conviction grew steadily that I cannot help anybody with the therapies this pseudo-science advocates. When I discovered that nystatin has miraculous healing properties, I was prevented by my soul and possibly by all malevolent dark forces on this planet to introduce this drug for a  broad use, although I did in the 90s everything possible to achieve this goal….

I do not think that you will need in the future your knowledge on the current corrupt Orion fiscal and tax system, but your personal experience with the consequences and ramifications of this heinous system in human life and thinking will be of immense value, as many other human beings that will ascend will need to be healed in this respect. Thus you will combine after ascension your desire to heal people and helping them at the same time to overcome their past trauma from the current Orion monetary system. Any future healing will be spiritual in the first place.

With love and light


May 9, 2012

Good day, dearest Georgi:

We are in sync. I am grateful. During the last nights I also have been mostly sleepless and thinking about my and life in general. I also was visualizing what and how to do after my personal Ascension. Which was a combination of all, from dear soul brother Joe Hein mentioned, a fabulous list which I feel is almost complete and all encompassing. Where he suggests: “We would however need to have some quiet time to meet up and discuss our strategies and achievements and also connect with Lady Gaia to find out what other areas need to be cleansed.”, I might recommend the construction of a Forum where he and/or others will accept PAT members to be activate and discuss our ideas how-to, and share experience with what we have encountered while realizing our Mission.

Dear friend, as you know I am reading and learning ASAP and have acknowledged and remembered while studying that I am an old soul. Since many years now I have presented myself to certain people (those already conscious about it or at least willing to learn) as an Indigo Adult, helping others and especially parents of Indigo and Crystal kids to live with them in more ease, and helping them to find their way and mission in this Mexican society. On the other hand I was wondering why and how I accepted so much psychic interference, why I got sometimes so much out of my way, while being angry and feeling the loneliness and rejection of family and casual acquaintance, my true and few friends do know who I am (like e.g. Alejandra who dreamed of my actual state of process).

As a girl I had repeated dreams of guiding a group of people while robot-like and flying things persecuted us, sometimes we had to flee to safer grounds in woods and caves. I knew how to speak other languages too. I knew when these attackers would come and would be in touch with other Light Beings who guided me to be a guide… I drew angels and fairies and wondrous beings, while being a child, and still have these paintings kept until today. I saw then, felt guided and always lonesome amongst humans, and somewhere lost this communication.

I guess that’s the reason behind the obvious reasons, that I have built out of nothing the horse ranch here in Mexico, when I chose a child soul (my partner Benjamin, and father of Bellamy, my last son of almost 15 years). I am among Mother Nature, among horses (mystical beings), dogs, cats, birds and all the other wondrous beings… who help me being and staying in touch with my Soul and Higher Self. Looking back I can say I got constant “support” to do what I have achieved. Now I wonder if I am able to use what I have created with the help of so many beings, for the Mission…? There is a “school room” for like 30 people. Also a place to gather and e.g. eat or play table tennis… All was and is thought for other people, bring more consciousness to them. What still bothers me like a constant nudge is the fact that I have no real equal partner at my side, Benjamin is so far from comprehending what is happening beyond his professional activities. I really wish a loving equal relationship to arrive in my life. Would that be an obstacle? Should I focus more on my personal Mission? Please, Georgi, advise.

It is a pleasure and honor to be here in these times! “Mi mero mole” as the Mexicans say, meaning: it’s exactly what I wanted and needed!

With Love & Light: Dorina.


Dear Dorina,

while reading your email I felt a pronounced ambiguity in your future perspectives. On the one hand, you plan to ascend and on the other you seem to try to arrange your life on this planet in a new more amiable way. I am afraid, it will not work this way.

All your wishes and impulses are absolutely legitimate and make perfect sense, but then you mix two scenarios at the same time that are not compatible.

If you strictly decide to ascend soon, then you should start dreaming out of the context of your current earthly life. In this new vision you can and will realize all your dreams and probably much more. You will have all the beings around you, whom you must have always loved to communicate with and you will find one or more intimate soul mates, with which you can experience a spiritual and emotional fulfilment, you have never reached on this planet. But this does not square with your materialistic plans around your farm, if you understand what I mean.

I think that you should analyse your ideas one more time in a more structured way, not to eliminate any – you should keep all of them – but to put them in a better inner logical order. First and foremost you should ask yourself whether you would like to ascend now or at the end of this year and then plan accordingly.

You see, I do not want to intervene in your dreams and anything you wish for yourself should be considered as your best choice and you should see that it is realized in this way. But when some dreams do not fit as they belong to different timeliness, then they may not come true but in a rather distorted vision that may not be what you have initially wanted to achieve.

Keep it simple. If you want an new personal relationship that will satisfy your spiritual aspirations you may start  seeking this person now or you my decide that you do no need him on this planet, as he will be a poor substitute for what is awaiting you in the higher dimensions. In this way you will streamline your visions and also prepare more consciously for your ascension.

With love and light



Dearest friend!

This was the immediate, strongly felt answer I received while reading your reply: “… that you do no need him on this planet, as he will be a poor substitute for what is awaiting you in the higher dimensions. In this way you will streamline your visions and also prepare more consciously for your ascension.”

I will do that. And now I have to equilibrate and transcend all other thoughts of Ego that might creep in… Thank you so much!

Love & Light: Dorina.


May 8, 2012

Hi Georgi,

Thank you very much for the latest call for the changes of building the new world. Like I communicated with you since the beginning of my writings with you, I wholeheartedly support the many local communities that will be self sufficient on many levels.

If I scan around my neighborhoods and my country I see a lot of groups already working on the new earth, be it from biological agriculture, biological gardening to actually constructing free energy devices. We are ready to take over and provide the smaller communities. Though it will take a huge effort to mass produce temporary clean solutions for everyone.

The difficulty with free energy devices, like for example the overunity device in the city of Maastricht, works relatively well relating to the mind set of individuals. This means the 20x energy increase due to sacred energy coils can not be achieved by everyone because of the intertwining energies between humans and devices. We as humans need to evolve at least a little further to increase the power of such devices. You know this all along of course but this is my personal experience. Nevertheless we are very far advanced to bring temporary solutions to transportation.

Regarding clean food sources, I prefer to keep the local community architectures because that will “force” the local inhabitants to deal with the vegetation directly, i.e. learn to communicate with the plants/herbs etc. Of course where mass production is needed it will be done more efficiently on a centralized bases.

How I will fit into this? Well I dreamed about having my own real estate for the sake of space to be a living example of an individual growing his own local food with the help of free energy devices and pyramids. The current financial situation is a huge blocker in this respect. Since so much is changing in an accelerated way, I must keep in mind that this dream might not be achievable in the very form I envisioned it. This is OK because I want to use the optimum energy efficiency as you described in one of your mailings.

Further I am seeing myself help clean the very polluted area’s like Nigeria due to Shell’s business. I like travelling a lot and this could be an opportunity to help everywhere.

How I can combine this with supporting my girlfriend in the last communistic dictatorial of Belarus, I have little idea. I want to get her over here in Holland, where I can put here to work too.

With love and light,



Dear Dennis,

thank you for sharing your visions and areas of interest for future activities with me. I fully agree with you that as soon as the inter-dimensional shift has happened, the energetic conditions on this planet will also change abruptly and the implementation and broad use of free energy sources will be very easy and unlimited. The cleansing of Gaia will be most probably the duty of the GF and we, the ascended masters may help in case we have spare time and energy.

The current shifts towards self-sustainability in the population is a clear sign for the new trends that will explode in the second half of this year.

It is important to dream, even if the dreams may not be realized one to one. But you determine the direction and the pace of your life and reality and this is what you will ultimately experience along the usual surprises, hopefully for the better.

With love and light



May 8, 2012

Dear Georgi and PAT;

Something said to me this morning that the time of struggling is over, and that I should NOT be extending energy in this manner in any way, shape or form. The easiest way is THE WAY, right now.

The only thing that I find I can do with regards to the resistance within the ranks of my own family and that of my (few) friends, is to send them links on the Internet that explain (and hopefully), help to wake them up in some way shape or form (the link to the video with Gwen Olsen and her website was one such). Anything that gets them to think outside the confines of that incredibly high walled box they live in, put a few cracks in those walls, which would allow some amount of light to get in so that they could possibly start to discern the high level of deception they have been conditioned by, would, by all accounts, be a welcome crack in the veneer.

I feel that my role could be to speak to some individuals one on one about the high level of deception and conditioning, maybe write some literature on it and pass it out, wear a sandwich board on myself while distributing flyers?? (I’m jesting, of course).  I would suggest that we are all going to have things that we will all (individually and collectively) do to help with this transition. Anything that can aid people in understanding would/will be welcome.  There may be various tasks that many of us can do at various times to help. I do believe that things will become apparent (are becoming apparent) and we will be guided and aided in this whole process, as we ourselves have been guided through our own processes. I don’t know exactly what I can offer, but I have a strong sense/feeling that I WILL KNOW, when the time comes, as I think we all will.  I think some of us may already have that knowing.

Let’s face it, disconnecting ourselves from the Orion grid of deception has been a process, and we are to some extent, (though it’s on its last dying legs and clawing itself down the proverbial wall) still dealing with it, albeit, only because we have to.  DIE, DIE, DIE!! I realise our role will be in helping to kill off the beast (so to speak) in people’s psyches, so that they function from a more holistic view. I get a sense as well, that many, many people will welcome this, as they will be able to throw off this oppressive/disgusting way of living. So, for some people, (and I hope this is a domino effect), I think we will get a relieved sense of ‘Oh, thank goodness, all that is over with!!’  And other people will find it more difficult that they have been so bloody deluded in all of their acquired intelligence/learning ….They will need more time, but when they see how amazing all this is, I think the resistance will fall away…Shocked, though they may be, for a bit.

The energy is getting stronger, and people will either start to go with it, or they (predictably for some) will fight it.  It’s an avalanche and tsunami wave that is hitting the earth and her peoples right now…There is no more waiting, this it folks.

With love and light,
Laurie (in Vietnam)

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