State-of-Ascension-Report-100: The Ascension Scenario After 11.11.11

On-Line Reports from Members of PAT And First Ascension Wave Candidates;

Report-100, May 20, 2012

Pablo Picasso, Distorted 3d-Reality, 1968



By Rumi Shinzi, May 20, 2012

New Madrid Fault Quake?

I asked my highest self (HS) about the state of cosmic affairs and what to expect in May and June.

I saw a crystalline Earth globe enveloped by cosmic energy currents and strong solar winds. A deep crevice ran across the United States, north to south, right along the Mississippi. Another crack extended from the area of Exmouth, Northwest Australia into the eastern hinterland for hundreds of miles. Allegedly, a HAARP-facility is based around Exmouth.

“What else do I have to do in order to ascend?”

The HS, sarcastic: “What else?? How much readier do you wanna be??”
“I’m being serious. Why am I still on the ground?”
“It’s not in your hands alone. You did the grunt job. Now it’s up to optimal energetic circumstances. Have patience, young padawan!”
“Do I have to wait another month, or longer?”
Emphatic: “Not longer!”

Ascension Test Runs

I have gone through a number of “Ascension test runs.”

On 12 May in the afternoon, I had a full-blown soul awakening. I sensually and vividly experienced the great truth that the soul generates and maintains every aspect of the physical body. The soul and the multi-dimensional operation system made their undeniable authority known to my questioning conscious self.

On 13 May in the afternoon, the Arcturians started to work on my soul and heart, both of which had been shattered in this life and had to be put together. I felt the Source of All-That-Is calling and “death” pulling soul from body. The delicate work was gentle, the emotional release intense. I felt the time had *finally* come to leave this world, no more catchy phrases or delayed promises, but real action.

Another intense period took place on “Himmelfahrt” (Ascension Day). Sitting in a lonely café, again I was gripped by the overwhelming pull of “death”. I let the tears wash away all the emerging painful memories of this and other lifetimes.

The Arcturians were there. (They make themselves visible to me as polar bears, although they have no need for physical bodies.) Many of them. Young and small ones. Old and big ones. Black soothing eyes. Warm, comforting presences. “Family.” I couldn’t stop crying. “Please take me home! Take me home now! I don’t wanna live like this anymore!” The deeper my sadness, the more love the bears sent me.

Skyler — the message from your HS (“What Lies Ahead In May?”) sums up *word for word* what I have been feeling these days! Thank you very much!

Paradise Apple Convertibles vs. Black Limousines

My cognitive faculties are being reconfigured, lots of information downloads/energy upgrades, making it hard to describe this process, these sensations, these ongoing revelations in coherent and satisfying linguistic terms. Telepathy is a much more efficient communication means.

With the third eye, I have been seeing the many energy layers around my physical body expand throughout the dimensions. Time and again I have gone to the Source. I am of this Source. I am this Energy. I am this Light. I am this Love. I have never been alone. The only barriers separating me from All-That-Is were inside mind and psyche.

The mind wars are over. The boys and girls are returning home to heal the trauma of separation.

Staying centered in the heart, detached from the orchestrated global drama, focused on the higher realms, aligned to the Source, radiating out Christed Light and undisturbed calmness. Animals and small children notice it clearly; they come to me or keep watching me almost entranced, parents have to drag them away.

My energy fields no longer match those of “standard-tuned” people. I got benches in the park and seats on the metro to myself. Very few people “dare” sit next to me. Meditated by a lake for hours cruising cosmic consciousness, observing the synchronized cosmic waltz of galaxies around a central nave, personified by Shiva. He was playing the flute, and all creation danced to the pied piper’s tune.

Then I entered a bakery to test the difference. The many people in the line, the old folks at the tables, the life streams, the personal history channels so open and obvious to me, the dense energy clouds — you could cut through them with a knife. My presence is sufficient to cleanse/transmute disharmonious entities/locations. Psychical/verbal attacks have stopped. I have been consciously/physically phasing out from 3D/4D to higher dimensions, dropping out of duality and tuning in to unity consciousness.

Amy — I can relate to how you and others must have been feeling these days! Bring down the cosmic guillotine and cut the silver cord binding us to those werewolves! Our personal “Himmelfahrtskommando” will be a paradise apple convertible light-speed burn, instead of a black limousine joyride!!

Stellar Contemplations

I asked the HS what my “regular job” is when I am not incarnated on Earth. I work as emissary for the “Galactic Council of Light.” As such, I travel many worlds to collect/analyze/distribute information, to mediate between parties of interest, to study stellar lifeforms, etc.

I do not see myself co-create the New Earth (“Ternua”, as I call it). Instead, have seen myself design galaxies and solar systems, and engineer planetary lifeforms and environmental habitats, occasionally indulge in my creations by experiencing them in different physical vessels.

The HS declared the “apprenticeship” is accomplished. In place of an old-fashioned diploma, I received a chic light saber and may call myself “master” now. I keep chuckling about the Star Wars analogies! Greetings. This Awareness calls itself Rumi, Ambassador of the Jedi Council, Intergalactic Intelligence Officer, Ascended Master, Gonzo Journalist, Fool by Divine Nature.


What does it mean to be prepared?  

by Laurie Stearns, 20th May, 2012

What does it mean to be prepared? How can I visualise this and see it? What is the meaning of this?Prepared in the sense of how I feel and what I’m doing to help this process – This doesn’t mean doing, doing, doing, it means something else. It means living from the centre of your being and functioning from that place. Which translates into doing nothing at all, but allowing your inner perceptions to become more aware and honed.I find it very uncomfortable to interact with people when they only function from the 3D perspective that relies solely on what you can see and all of that social conditioning. I can’t pretend to agree with them, but yet I have difficulty too, in bringing up the unknown (and for them unbelievable) reality of ascension and the transmutation of the human race into a different reality than what is now known.

I’m starting to see the cracks in peoples veneer in terms of something they may sense but have no words for, due to it still being at a sub-conscious level – And also, stubbornly sticking to the old paradigm of thinking. I know that people don’t have any context for what they sense to some extent, but they stick to this way of living out of fear of the unknown, and also a cowardly unwillingness to not take the chance to explore. This does have to do with staying in the box and being OK with everyone else, because they don’t want to appear to be different. This is the most pathetic aspect of it, and it is fear – But, this fear is a superficial stupidity that relies on superficial aspects –Mostly material and social aspects and loss of. There are enough resources for people to explore this, my god, it’s all over the Internet… You would think it might tweak something in their awareness to possibly explore this…even if they think it’s too out there. Anyone who has ingested a hallucinogen has been to some extent exposed to the possibility that things aren’t exactly as they seem.

I suppose what I’m getting at is mostly with me and how I deal with this for myself, being surrounded by people who do not have a waking clue. I have no intention of telling them. That doesn’t make sense to me, because it puts up more resistance, and would only fuel their extracurricular activities on a bar stool for being a great conversation piece while they are getting drunk. Maybe that’s a start. Influencing people at a level where they can see and make decisions for themselves seems to me, to be a more productive way of aiding people, and, it takes very little effort. Forwarding the link of Monica’s wonderful piece of music and video are one such, and also the link to Gwen Olson’s interview and her website. The interview and the website are too damning for them to ignore completely, and I know it would make many people very uncomfortable, but in a good way to start looking at this piece of the puzzle, and possibly start questioning. Other than that, I make no effort and spend as little as time as possible interacting with people. I’m not a martyr. The people in my own family are some of the hardest nuts to crack, pun intended. While they are my family, I do not feel attached to the outcome of what they may or may not do, only in giving them that uncomfortable kick.

This whole process is miraculous in the way it is reorganising my inner perceptions, which are becoming more honed to a much higher order. I am realising that this is a piece of a holographic timeline that is akin to something like the dream state, where your perception has the ability to metamorphose into an entirely different reality. Would it be correct in saying that the body in having been transformed into a crystalline structure then has the ability to morph with the consciousness? I realise that this is one integrated process and cannot be dissected into bits and pieces, and in doing so, may miss the bigger picture.

I’m starting to experience time as becoming a still point where everything is blurring into one another and it’s like watching a landscape from a fast moving train. The days move so fast it’s becoming hard to have a context for it. The only thing to do is go with the flow. If I start to analyse from a 3D perspective, it leaves me confused or feeling more spaced out. It’s only when I’m centred from my heart chakra that I feel grounded (?). Does that make sense? I think so.


May 20, 2012


Strange phenomenon. We live approximately 20 miles from Lake Erie. There are fields across from us that had been farm land, but now mostly are vacant. For the past month, hundreds of sea gulls have been seen just sitting on these fields as if waiting for water to appear? I’ve never seen that many sea gulls in these fields….geese yes, but gulls no.

For many years, I have “seen” water here with my mind’s eye. I have no urge to leave this area, and if something were to occur here, then I will be Ascending as my body perishes.

No fear. None. Just peace except for this hot pain that just wants to explode in my head and neck. I’ve had migraines before, but this is the Mother.

I don’t know if any PAT members fear death, but if so, there is NOTHING to fear. I have had a NDE and to be honest, I fought when I was told to come back… I did NOT want to. That’s all I can do for now. I don’t know how you keep going. I am just about at the collapse stage.

With love,


May 20, 2012

Hallo George,

I think we may underestimate the importance of the solar eclipse of the 20th May, (ie. 21st 3:30am local SA time). As I read on various websites that the moment the moon shadow hits Mt Shasta, we are in alignment with the Pleiadian sun and the Galactic central sun. Therefore we will be beamed with massive energies that will reboot our new grid. This will/could have numerous effects, among also the removal of all negative entities and possible earth quakes etc.

Well, I am getting up on Monday morning to meditate and visualize the incoming energies and guide them to mother earth’s core.

in Love and Light,



Dear Joe,

I (we) do not underestimate the impact of the full annular sun eclipse, as I have discussed this issue extensively in the last several reports and also in the update today about the rest of May. I have explicitly said that in all ascension candidates for mass planetary ascension in Dec 2012 the MOS will be activated, which automatically means that they will be fully connected to the new crystalline grid. The latter is, to my estimation, now fully operative, much earlier than initially planned at the portal 12.12.12.

This is the main trump of the forces of light to catch the dark off-world forces from the Orion empire in a full surprise by simply eliminating them energetically from this planet, which I have predicted to occur by the end of this month and the beginning of June. I have also written that the next 40 days – from May 20 till June 30 – will be the most important days in the history of mankind and Gaia.

What I am still not quite sure of is whether the big events will materialize immediately on May 20 or whether it will take a couple of days before they enter this reality. This is the only uncertainty which I now have. But as it is only a question of few days, this does not matter any more, given the long waiting time we have gone through all these lean years.

With love and light



May 19, 2012


Last night I dreamt that I tried on my crystalline body. It was an iridescent silver and fit me like a glove. My body became a tall athletic body and my skin was cool and as soft as a babes skin. I felt weightless yet I had substance.

BTW: Also feeling energies incoming – makes me dizzy. Letting HS self manage from here on out.

Love & Light,



May 19, 2012

Dear George,

I thought I should share with you two of my recent “ascension” dreams. As always, feel no obligation to read or reply. While the majority of my recent dreams have been emotional, sometimes violent, but more often absurd and/or disappointingly mundane, what stood out is that I have “ascended” in two of them. I interpret these dreams as a way for my soul to prepare my mind and body for the actual event, while also clearing past baggage and giving closure to certain subjects.

1. (From late-April or beginning of May)  I was in a long-lasting, deeply pure embrace with my fiancé.  We were simply standing and hugging/holding each other. This distinctively felt more energetically real and mutually heart-felt than I ever recall experiencing with him in 3D reality.  But suddenly, I began to rise or float upwards, and I was becoming transparent. His arms were rising with me as I was rising up, but as I “left”, he couldn’t hold on anymore and there was nothing I could do either, other than experience what was happening:  My perception of my surroundings, my typical 3D senses, rapidly started to change so dramatically and indescribably that I couldn’t say or do much of anything else. It was only a very short moment before this transition completed itself and that reality was no more.  And that is where the dream ended.

2. (From the night of May 15th/16th) I was at a family reunion where everyone was seated outside at several tables doing various activities. The entire length of this dream, I was having an extremely difficult time maintaining sociable composure and control of my body, and I also couldn’t focus enough to speak to anyone except for one-word outbursts, and even this took great effort to achieve.  I was occupied with some sort of internal mental-emotional-psychic-energetic process, with similar intensity to a chaotic battle, a test forcing me to go beyond all of my known limits, creating a very challenging and stressful situation for me to comprehend, control, or follow. To someone else, I might have looked tense, strained and aloof, but not much else. The main manifestations were internal.

My mom appeared and was completely closed off to me and the nature of what was happening to me.  (Yet in reality, she is aware of ascension and some of its challenges in the physical world.)  Eventually with effort I managed to sit down at a table to write her a note in attempt to describe to her what was happening.  But after several misspellings and difficulty formulating concrete sentences, I gave up and my mom wasn’t paying attention anyway.  Later she began criticizing me about absurd baseless things and drawing the attention of my aunts, who were also casting a critical eye at me, with looks that said, “she must be insane”, “we should have her taken away”.  This negative attention was making my internal process more difficult to control.  Interestingly, my teenage cousins remained unaffected by the drama and remained focused on their own work at the tables.

Then one of the aunts gave another brainless critical remark in the form of a question that completely set me off, and so I slowly gathered the strength and focus to formulate my words to assertively and loudly reply, “Because – I am ascending – for the sake of all – of humanity!!!—”  My voice trailed off as everything turned bright white.  I felt my body float up and move in tumbling backflips through the whiteness of infinite space, until I became still and “upright” again, gained control of myself, and shot myself or my consciousness upwards. At this point I woke up softly and slowly (no sudden jumps or anything), yet felt stressed or drained from the dream for the rest of the night.

With Love and Light,



Dear Michelle,

your dreams reflect the cleansing patterns that are recently occurring in many members of the PAT and were even discussed by some external channeling sources. We now cut off all connections with our earthly families and resolve the last remnants of past problems. This happens in the dream state, but also in real life. Many readers wrote to me that around May 14 they have had family gatherings and felt how distant and foreign they feel to their relatives. I had also a similar experience with distant family members this month.

This is indeed the last releases we have to accomplish before we have cut off all bonds as to ascend soon. In this respect your dreams are absolutely clear and confirm our imminent ascension date. The new energies that are now entering earth and most human beings are introducing unprecedented mental and emotional transparency on this planet and cause the waning of all past illusions. Such old patterns can no longer be held in the individual mental and emotional field – they simply surge high and are dissolved for ever. This is indeed a very tiresome, inner work and our dreams and encounters may be very tedious during this time.

With life and light



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