Open Letter to Hollywood, Music and Television Celebrities, Politicians, Doctors, Professors, Church Leaders, Bankers…

By Bernice Romain – – Essex UK


Gail – Wales, UK

May 7, 2012

Hello Everyone,

I hope you take the time to read our message, and all the way to the end. Please note firstly that I am a BEING of the UNIVERSE, as we all are and am not at all seeking to make a name for myself by this contact with you.

I only want to write to you today, so that you become aware that THERE IS a caring new force that has taken back Mother Earth and all of her children from the rottenness that was threatening their very survival. This was made possible by the incarnation of many enlightened beings to Earth, in human bodies. When I say many, in the sense of counting heads of humans, they are in a minority in these End Times.

Introducing the team

This group of beings is known as the Planetary Ascension Team (PAT) and have spent their last Earth life as transmitters of this force, from the source of All That Is, slowly, determinedly and selflessly seeking to assist Our Beautiful Mother Earth’s rightful and originally intended existence in what is known as the 5th dimension. This has been the sole purpose of our lives; most of us have spent it in solitude, or as an outcast of what we can term as ‘society’.

Let’s just say that we are alive and far flung across the world’s continents. We do not know each other in a physical body, would not recognise one another in the street but I can assure you we are Universal Brothers and Sisters. We came here to complete this task, and in fact volunteered for it, as THE MOST LOVING ENTITIES in the UNIVERSE, as summoned from The Source of All That Is to assist GAIA.

At this point please do not imagine that we believe we are special. In fact it is the opposite; the group took on this mission because we believe that Mother Earth is special and so is all life (including you) living from her. That is WHY we are here. I do so hope that whoever will read this message, will receive it with our love. 

An unequalled opportunity for us all

Our greatest desire now is that ALL HUMANITY will join together to receive this unequalled opportunity which the source of the universe is granting us….


The separation of energies

It is clear that the energies on this Earth are rapidly accelerating in both directions – domination/control and sharing/caring – and it is obvious and logical that there is imminent a separation, rather like a rope being pulled strongly in two directions. If neither end will submit to the other’s strength, there has to be a snapping and separation, hence the creation of two timelines on two separate energetic planet Earths.

If this is very bizarre for you, I would be very happy to talk with you, either by e-mail, Skype or in person, or you can find out more at

but please be aware that this is very real and is pertinent to every single human being.

Promises you may have received

I understand that many of you (but not all of you) have been promised that you will become Gods, with various sorts of superpowers. This option is definitely available to you on the 5th dimension timeline too – the difference is this:- if you become the Gods (as opposed to the slaves) on the Earth of the illuminati timeline, you will derive your power from, and exercise it, through the energies of domination, control and separation.

If you choose to become Gods on the 5th dimension timeline, where there are no slaves by the way, you will derive your power from, and exercise it, through the energies of co-operation, empowerment, allowing and unity. It is just your personal choice. The point is that if you do not make a conscious choice, you will likely end up in the illuminati timeline, by default, because you are involved in that energetic scenario at the moment. The reason for this letter is to highlight the importance of consciously being aware of your options. So it really is just a simple matter of which timeline you wish to consciously choose.

How to make a conscious choice?

All humans, including you and me, have been seriously brainwashed from birth, so there is no point in using our distorted brains in this crucial decision. Crucial, I mean, for each individual’s personal future. It is not your human, but your soul that decides. You only have to ask her and listen to her, and then consciously choose accordingly.

The simplest hint is that if you have tended to feel a bit, or very, uncomfortable about certain behaviours, activities, etc. that you have been placed or drawn into, or have seen others placed or drawn into, that discomfort is your soul nudging you. A pertinent question is simply, ‘Would I be willing to give up my wealth, privilege and lifestyle, if that meant that every being and the planet would thrive?’ This is a theoretical question that is only posed to give you a good clue in which direction you wish to go. There is no need to elaborate the details -you will know.

What do you have to do?

You don’t have to do anything, just be aware and make a conscious choice. Whichever choice you make, you will be fully embraced by the energies of that timeline of your choice. We would only point out that the energies of domination can embrace you as a dominator or a dominated, and remind you that even if one starts, intends or has been promised to be a dominator, there is no loyalty in domination, and tables can turn in a flash if you don’t meet or live up to the conditions required (think of MJ, JL, JFK, etc.) There are no demands or conditions in the 5th dimension timeline – you can’t get it wrong, fail or be rejected.

The nature of the two timelines

We understand that the 5th dimension timeline will be somewhat paradise-like and will grow more so, over time, and that the illuminati timeline will be rather hell-like and will also grow more so, over time. We write only to make you aware of your options and not to persuade you in either direction. Your direction is your prerogative, we just write in order that you can make an informed and conscious choice.

Informing your friends

Please pass this on to anyone you care about, in case we have not reached them.

Whatever your decision, we truly wish you the very best, and sign off in love and light, 


Dear Georgi, PAT and Crystals,

I have been away for a few days and had the urge to write this open letter, so although I had no access to a computer, I wrote it, by hand, but ran out of steam after composing the body of the letter and could not focus on a good introduction. Imagine my delight, upon returning home and to my computer, when I found Bernice’s wonderful open letter to Desmond Tutu, with the perfect introduction. As you have said, Georgi, we must get used to these serendipities, as this is the way things are now.

So Bernice and I have combined our letters to offer an Open Letter to all famous and influential people, which we can modify for the masses once the famous who realise start spreading the word.

I think this is a mammoth task, to access this many people, but thought the best way is probably to publish it here and direct people to the page. That also gets them on the website, so hopefully they will then read more here.

I intend to put it up on YouTube with several different tags and titles, so that if it gets taken down they might miss some of them. I think twitter might be the most effective way to directly offer the letter to people to find and read, and also will send a revised version to several newspapers, music magazines, etc. etc.

If anyone feels able to help me with this practical side of it, perhaps taking on your own country, please contact me and we’ll devise and implement a strategy. Basically I’ve had enough, and as Tim said in report 94, it feels like time to go. So I want to crack on with the distribution of this letter and then free myself from this self-imposed (soul-imposed!!) imprisonment.

Much love to you all, Gail




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