The Tortures and Inhuman Brutal Acts by the Orion Psychiatry. A Short analysis

by Thomas, a crystalline teenager from China, April 26, 2012, Copyright 2012

Dear Goerge, thank you for your letter, since it is weekend in my time zone, I just have something to wrap up for you. I am going to give you some information on the current Orion psychiatry. If you like, you may publish it on your SOAR.

Modern clinical psychiatry was founded when the psychologists in US started to use chemical methods to treat psychosis and the development of classical conditioning of behavior. These psychiatrists introduced the behavioral modification to treat mental disorders. They founded the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, which is used to define whether one behavior is normal or not. Later on, the behavioral modification is changed to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which is applied until now.

Since the development of psychiatry, there is also the development of anti-psychiatry. The psychiatry is formed by the Orion and the Elites to hinder the spiritual development of people and to torture them, thus making them obedient to the Orion Empire. The psychiatry is a hoax and it is pseudo-science without any experimental basis and support by the method of science.

The current psychiatry practices the system of incapacitation of patients, by employing laws that  give power to the doctors and judges to ‘sentence’ a man with mental illness and lock them up as long as they want. This is called “involuntary hospitalization”. This kind of law is anti-democratic and is enacted by the dark beings to threaten the public. This kind of involuntary hospitalization is used by many totalitarian states, such as the former Soviet Union to incapacitate political prisoners.

The current psychiatry also practices the brain-wash as a method of behavioral treatment. The doctors were given too much power over the patients on what treatment they could receive. In fact, there is no such thing called “mental illness”.  All kinds of mental illness were created by the psychology in association with the USA-mentality, which is so un-scientific.

Many indigo children and crystalline children are now facing these kinds of torture, they are controlled by the doctors and their parents are being lied that their kids are abnormal and need treatment. How can an innocent child be locked in the ward for months and even without contact to parents as a kind of punishment of their misbehavior as was the case with me for many months? These brutal acts by the Orions must be revealed to the public and the psychiatry must downfall before ascension.

Here is an extract from Wikipedia about anti-psychiatry:

Key anti-psychiatry concerns:

Two central contentions of the anti-psychiatry movement are that:

•       The specific definitions of, or criteria for, hundreds of current psychiatric diagnoses or disorders are vague and arbitrary, leaving too much room for opinions and interpretations to meet basic scientific standards.[3]

•       Prevailing psychiatric treatments are ultimately far more damaging than helpful to patients.[4]
Other key criticisms of mainstream psychiatry include:

•       Inappropriate and overuse of medical concepts and tools to understand the mind and society, including the mis-categorization of normal reactions to extreme situations as psychiatric disorders;

•       Scientifically and/or clinically ill-founded system of categorical diagnoses (e.g., Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders or DSM), which stigmatizes patients;

•       Unwillingness to develop and use objective tests (such as intelligence/cognitive tests) to determine patients’ state (such as strong psychosis)

•       Inappropriate (i.e. invalidated) exclusion of other approaches to mental distress/disorder;

•       Unexamined abuse or misuse of power over patients who are too often treated against their will;

•       Relation of power between patients and psychiatrists, as well as the institutional environment, is too often experienced by patients as demeaning and controlling;

•       Compromise to medical and ethical integrity because of financial and professional links with pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies in countries where these companies are a force.

•       Forced use of government (both civilian and military) psychiatric treatment prevents the patient from choosing private psychiatric or alternative treatment thereby denying the patient of his or her basic rights.


There are many cases when the Orion Empire uses drugs to poison the indigo children with Ritalin or other kinds of anti-depressants and mood stabilizers. You can found in YouTube by searching Ritalin and anti-psychiatry. Actually, the misbehavior of children is a kind of psyche-attack by the dark beings. These attacks make the children to be unable to control themselves and thus rationalize the use of inhuman psychiatric treatment on them.

We are enlightened beings that should have empathy for these innocent children. We have to make the change and save these children. They have a beautiful soul and should not be polluted by the dark beings. We must raise our awareness and foster the collapse of the old social system. We should establish the new educational system like Waldorf Education to help the children to develop their potentials.

Links for further references:

Key words to search:

Ritalin, Lexapro, SSRI (Selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors)
Anti -psychiatry, pharmaceutical industry


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