The Cosmic Dimension of the PAT

by Andrew Jean-Louis, Nova Scotia, Canada,  April 17, 2012, Copyright 2012

First, let me start by giving a personal update. Shortly after the 11.11.11 gateway I experienced intense energy waves, increased chakra sensitivity, waking into a trance state and experiencing glyphs of light all around my room. Since then, it has all become even more intense. On one hand my body is reshaping and readjusting to the new energies, on the other, it feels as though my form is being ripped apart from the intensity of it. Curiously, I’ve noticed a “Dollar Coin” sized red dot on the exact point of my 2nd (Sacral) and 3rd (Solar Plexus) chakras. I have the feeling it has to do with transmuting the lower energies of the planet. I would also like to add that I also have been experiencing bad LBP symptoms over the last week or so like intense headaches, very bad joint pain, and a lack of overall energy. 

On another note, yesterday I discovered a huge energy node on the planetary grid, a massive energy vortex, only an hour or two from where I live, in Nova Scotia, Canada. I knew immediately that I am wired into this vortex as to cleanse and transmute it and it has been a huge source of energetic pain for me. I did some digging and with some intuitive help I discovered the main energy ley-line that runs through this node, goes through the UK, cities like Edinburgh and very connected to France and Germany, through Nova Scotia, through NY City, through Washington, DC, through Mexico City, etc. Many major cities fall on or in the influence of this line.

I did some more digging and it turns out here in sleepy little Nova Scotia, we have monuments and ruins, some dating back 10,000, some recent within the last 10 years, placed all around the province in large geometric shapes locked into the planetary grid, five pointed stars, six pointed stars (Flower of Life), pyramids, etc., much like many other parts of the planet. Many are Masonic, but it almost seems they were following in other’s footsteps. But I digress, and it is of no consequence because we are transmuting the energies and these monuments will become dusty relics of a time long past soon enough.

More recently I’ve been experiencing some of the most intense synchronicities in my life. One day in particular, a few days ago, was easily one of the most surreal days of my life. All day long I found myself literally creating my “reality” almost by accident. I am often lost in intense thought in my own being and all day long as I expressed my thoughts, as words came to my mind, and ideas came to the forefront, more times than I can count, my reality expressed those thoughts. For example, I would follow a line of thought in my head and halfway through the thought someone next to me would say the very word in my mind or start talking about the very thing I was thinking. More than once I would end a line of thought only to look up from what I was doing to see or hear something that expressed my thought, even the very word in my mind on a street sign, piece of paper, in a song, on TV, etc. Over and over again my day was shaped by my semi-conscious thoughts. Unfortunately, by the time I realized the pattern and noticed it was more than mere synchronicity, the day was over and the next day was less intense. This was but a taste of what is to come, and shows how very thin the wall between worlds is becoming. Showing signs of our pending ascension.

Further, the door between my physical being and my higher self, and over-soul, has been kicked wide open. I now receive information on a much more intense and conscious level than I did before. Where before if I wanted to gain insight into a topic, my higher self would slowly, piece by piece, present the information to me in many forms. Books, conversations with others, intuitions, and some other less than conventional ways. Most of the time I was very unaware of these actions by my higher being, sometimes I figured it out much later. Now, I need only ask. Not with words, but with a power I yet to have a name for. The language of creation.

While some information will still present itself in a conventional manner, I need only to absorb the smallest amount, enough to awaken the memories of these times and it all comes immediately rushing back to me. So, for the sake of experimentation with this new power, and since some of the discussion going around the site has been of our ancient past, since I absolutely love history, I have focused this energy into that area. This brings me to my take on our, the PAT’s, extremely ancient cosmic past. That of the dawning of time.

Over the last few weeks, coupled with the research and experiences I had prior to this, I have been puzzling together our very complicated past. This is where I’ve gotten thus far. Maybe this is news to some, maybe old news to others, but at the very least it’ll give us a topic to think about and discuss to keep our minds occupied in these last days before ascension.

We, the members of the PAT, as well as other highly evolved beings of the “time” (if that word can even be used in such a high level of consciousness, before we created time) were the “Creator Gods”, the “Elohim” or “Els”, “Ang-Els”, and “Elders”. We, using the power of the “Universal Law”, “…Created the heavens and the Earth”. We created galaxies, stars, planets, and other celestial objects, using the “Flower of Life” or “Sacred Geometry” to shape the spheres of influence, both physical and non-physical. And then we created beings to live upon and within them. I would imagine many of us had a hand in building the first “Human” prototypes.

Eventually we decided to start moving into those forms we created, incarnating as many different beings to play in our garden, and as time passed, we created the first planetary civilizations, then galactic civilizations. I believe very strongly that we were the “Ancients” of this galaxy, the ones who created the physical “Stargate” portals built on almost all inhabited planets, or at least inhabited at one time. For instance, earth has several of these, as well as Mars, and they show case them in the movie/TV show “Stargate”. I love when they put it right in front of us, makes my job much easier. As I write this, I’m just now realizing that no matter where we go in the creation, it seems we are experts in portal making, which immediately brings us full circle to the 11.11.11 gateway opening and our personal portal building in both our bodies and on the planet. What a powerful thought!

Now, as time passed and we got the full experience in the lower realms, creating incredible things almost beyond imagination, we ascended back up the ladder past space and time, beyond the physical realms, back to the higher realms whence we came. More time passed and other civilizations came to power. The Arcturians, the Lyrans/Vegans, the Orion group, the Draconians, to name a few. It was a time of great expansion for the galaxy for many millions of years. And then the Orion Wars started, which I’m sure many members of the PAT are in some way aware of, and I’m sure you’ve mentioned it a few times here or there. This started on the planet “Tyrantor” in the Orion system as well as other Orion planets and eventually spread to earth. But this brings me to one of my newest realizations.

We were the very first “Wonderers” or “Wayshowers” in this Galaxy! Possibly in this Universe! As ascended higher dimensional beings, we watched the events unfold in the war, which, if I remember correctly according to CA, lasted somewhere around 500,000 years earth time. As the different races went to war with each other, and many souls started passing into the afterlife in less than favorable conditions, the galaxy was beginning to be ripped asunder. So the call went out for evolved being to once again march into the lower realms and set things straight, acting as the voice and hand of the Universal Creator. That’s where we came in again. The members of the PAT, as well as other very evolved beings, once again took upon themselves the burdens of the lower realms, incarnating into the various civilizations to teach them the ways of the Universal Laws and the way back to the higher realms. I personally chose the Arcturians as my main soul group for this experience as they represent Intellect and Wisdom.

Another thought arises as I write this. My deepest intuition as well as my research points to the idea that the events happening in this galaxy are the culmination of everything else that has happened in this universe and will ripple through time, space, and the All-That-is for the rest of existence. Following that thought, this galaxy is the microcosm of the universal macrocosm in a very intimate way, all the experiences of the universe compacted into one galaxy, and this planet is then the microcosm of that. Hence, the condition of this planet and solar system today.

So many problems from eons of time all compacted onto one planet, one theatre of battle for the final showdown. And here we are, the original creators of this galaxy and solar system, representatives of the higher realms and civilizations from all over the universe, incarnated into human form once again to act as Wayshowers in the LBP process and to build portals to the higher realms all over the planet among other things. Of course as was talked about on the site recently, this is not the first time we’ve done this as many of us were the spiritual teachers and leaders of the ancient times past as Apollonius of Tyana and his followers. Many of us lived here in the time of Atlantis and Lemuria as well and even further back.

This ascension will be one of the biggest events in the history of the universe! We will once again take our rightful place as creators to the point where I believe each one of us will become a Universal Creator, each with our own Universal body in which to create, beyond the realms of this Universe. Not to mention becoming true masters of this Universe. What a reward! Certainly worth the wait.

My final thoughts are that I couldn’t be happier about the decision of the planet A/B scenario as it is clear that many are not ready for the intense levels of the highest realms, not yet anyhow. And in this scenario, those that are willing to look beyond the material realms will have all sorts of ascended, galactic, and celestial beings to help them along the way. This scenario really solves all of the problems we had with the end time scenario and all of us deserve congratulations in this as we were in no doubt pivotal in making this decision.

I hope my thoughts fit into the grand scheme of things and synchronize with the thoughts of George and the members of the PAT. And the idea of all of us meeting in one place together before the shift is really the most amazing and fantastic thing I could imagine to happen on this planet other than ascension, as my soul constantly reaches out to all other members of the PAT as we understand each other and are connected on a very deep soul level unlike many people in our lives. Until next time.


This is indeed an excellent cosmogony (cosmic history) of the PAT. It is presented without too much details as the reality is always much more complex than we can perceive it with our limited minds. But the overall picture of Andrew is absolutely correct and also explains what our future activities will be after ascension. This is also a validation of our current efforts and why they have a much higher meaning than just solving our personal past karma.

The earth is indeed a panopticon of the whole galaxy and its history, and now we are not only ascending this small planet, but also creating a new galaxy, called by some sources “Dorada” (the Golden galaxy). In this sense we are already acting as creators of new galaxies and will do this on a much grander scale after ascension. It is important to recollect this cosmic dimension, while still dwelling in these humble clay vessels and experience painfully their limitations, but also learning consciously to create beyond these physical limits.


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