Technical Information on the Nystatin-Project

by Bill Cavdek, April 28, 2012

Dear George,

As you have stated to me, regarding their own business venture, “the people must make their own decisions and have the freedom to choose.”, I agree wholeheartedly.  Thus, what I have outlined below are merely suggestions from the research I have done, but this is how I plan to proceed when the Nystatin powder becomes available:

Capsule-filling Machine

Given that 500 grams (the minimum order) would fill 2,000 capsules, the CapsulCN-400 (size 2) for $179.95 seems to be the logical choice from this particular company.  Just five procedures with this 400 model would produce 2,000 filled capsules.


This same company sells 10,000ea size 2 capsules for $34.  At $0.0034 per cap, the cost/vial is 41 cents.  10,000 capsules will fill 83 vials.


This appears to be a good source for 20-dram vials:

A quantity of 300ea is a lot, but other bulk sources requiring minimum orders of 10,000ea or more are unrealistic.  This price works out to 12 cents each.

Vial Labels

A standard Rx label for a 20-dram vial is 2″ x 3.3″, though a 1″ x 2″ label will easily serve our purpose.  Self-adhesive labels on 8.5″ x 11″ sheets for computer printers are available, which can be printed with the information suggested by George.

Kitchen Scale

This scale measures in grams to two decimal places, which I believe will serve our purpose, and is available on Amazon for $25:

Pill-counting Tray

Though not a necessity, a pill-counting tray will be helpful and ranges from $12-$20, depending upon the source:

Alternative Suggestion:

You could also use the kitchen scale for counting the pills. You must only weigh once 120 filled capsules with nystatin to know their sum-weight and then you only need to  put a handful of capsules on the scale until you reach the same sum-weight of 120 capsules. It is a very simple and quick procedure. Just a suggestion.


The above items total approximately $300 (not including tax or shipping), all of which would be recovered after selling 500 grams (16 vials) of Nystatin.

Aside from the Nystatin powder, I believe this is all that’s needed to get started.  I did not see any need to cover readily-available mailing pouches.

If anyone, through their own research, discovers a better product, a better price or a better supplier, I hope they will let you know, George.

Comments and Recommendations of PAT-members on the above Specifications

Dear Doctor G. Stankov

This is a comment on Bill Cavdek’s article.

According to my calculation, the right capsule size is 3=THREE and not 2.

The supplier documentation says that a powder of density 1g/cc will yield 270mg for a size 3 capsule bottom and 370mg for a size 2.

Then the nystatin supplier tells us that their bulk powder has a density of 0.937.
This means that if you fill a size 3 capsule bottom you get a 270*0.937 = 253 mg which is very close to the 250 mg per capsule recommended by Dr Stankov.

If you fill a size 2 capsule bottom, you get 370*0.937 = 347 mg which is way above what Dr Stankov recommends.

Or did I screw up somewhere?

With love and light.



Dear Alex,

You can only make the final decision with respect to the correct size of the capsules after testing it experimentally. I know it from my pharmacist who filled the capsules for me in the past. He told me that he also needed some experiments before he found the optimal size of the capsules.

But your recommendation to use capsules  size 3 (THREE) seems correct to me. This size may vary, depending on the  supplier, so that one must check it one more time with the supplier before buying the capsules.



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