How To Achieve Personal Abundance and Establish the PAT-Foundation. A Special Proposal to All PAT-Members

PART 3: The Nystatin Project in Detail

By Dr. Georgi Stankov, April 25, 2012, Copyright 2012

I am terribly sorry, but I have given you the wrong information. I departed from the situation in Germany and Europe, where nystatin is an OTC-drug, both as oral and topical application. I have just learnt that in the USA only topical nystatin is an OTC-product, while the oral application is a prescription drug. This changes of course the whole situation profoundly.

I have now to brood over this hindrance and see if there is any feasible solution, but the chances are slim for the moment being. Obviously the Orion pharmaceutical Mafia in the USA has the North American market firmly in its grip. Nevertheless, I am very confident that there will be a solution very soon, even if we have to ascend first.

The preparation for this project has not been in vain, as the nystatin model is already a multidimensional reality. In this case it will be introduced with a small delay. We are used to all sorts of delays. But we may as well find an interim solution. The positive aspect of this legal situation is that when nystatin will be given free, the prescription rates will immediately jump in the sky.

I have received in the last two days many emails in support of the nystatin project and I am really very happy about this overwhelming response. While answering the many questions you have raised with respect to the details on this project, several recurrent themes emerged that I would like to discuss one more time in a separate publication for the sake of clarity.

First of all, let me assure you that Nystatin is over the counter drug (OTC-drug) worldwide and does not need any medical prescription. Otherwise our project would not have been feasible.

The current manufacturer prices of nystatin in the Western world are all too high, so that we must search for a cheap manufacturer outside North America and Europe. At present, we intend to guarantee the supply of nystatin in the USA and Canada. There cannot be a similar global solution for Europa, as it is still composed of numerous national states with local laws.

However, the EU-law allows the parallel import of drugs from other countries. This law was introduced in the 90s as to curtail the differences in drug prices within the EU. According to this law, one can import drugs for personal medication from abroad, including the USA. In this case our USA supplier can also ship/deliver bulk nystatin to Europe, but each member of the PAT who is willing to participate in the project must solve for himself the local formalities and custom duties, if any. Later on we may seek a feasible solution for EU.

We will not have any producer in the USA, as some ask, but there is a source in the USA who will import the drug cheaply from abroad. Of course any member of the PAT can see if he can find a cheaper drug supplier and he can then inform us, so that we can also contact this source for the benefit of all members. However, at present we can guarantee you the cheapest  possible nystatin supplier of pure powder drug, because we can order it through an official pharmaceutical lab in larger quantities, so that the manufacturer is willing to make a good offer to us with the perspective to expand in this new market.

Any members of the PAT in the USA can contact this source and receive the drug without any problems. At the beginning, the orders will go through me as to streamline the process.

As soon as we have received the first test shipments of nystatin in the USA, I will ask all the members of the PAT who want to participate in the project, to register with me and write down the quantity of nystatin they would like to purchase for the first time. We will limit the amount of drug to 500 g minimum. The usual orders will be most probably 500 g or 1 kg. We must keep the orders as simple as possible, as we do not have any infrastructure. Under these circumstances we must be still able to prepare the appropriate containers/bottles with the bulk drug for shipment to the PAT-members with minimum expenditures as to keep the nystatin price as low as possible for you. When I have the list with the orders and addresses, I will send it to the supply source, as I want to protect this source, at least at the beginning. We must know in advance how much drug we must order oversee and be sure that it will be fully distributed among the PAT-members, because we do not want that our source (a member of the PAT) should undergo any huge financial risks.

This nystatin project is of multidimensional nature:

1)  It will lead to the abolition of the current pharmaceutical sector and health care system;

2) It will help the people with an effective drug to cure their numerous diseases in the interim time;

3) It will help the members of the PAT to fully disentangle from the current Orion economic system and generate their income without any great effort, and have a lot of free time;

4) At the same time you will begin to accept and enjoy abundance as your normal way of life.

5) The PAT-members should learn to be sovereign entrepreneurs and creator beings and participate in this nystatin incentive  in the full consciousness that the current Orion laws are no longer valid. They will surely crumble when we will fully enter this business in a month or two from now on. This is also the charm of this incentive – it is in flow with the cosmic events on this planet in the End Times. This is what I define as far-sightedness.

The whole concept is organized in such a way, that it cannot be traced at present and even if the controllers intercept it, one can always say that he orders the drug cheaply for himself and capsules it for himself, as this formulation is not available on the market and that he does this also on behalf of his relatives, who use this drug as it is very effective and that he only gets the basic price reimbursed and does not make any profit of it, so that there is no business and no revenues at all. Given the low price of nystatin (one quarter of the current price at the pharmacies), nobody can prove the opposite. This kind of self-medication is allowed in all countries. even under the current Orion laws. Therefore, you are on the safe side even within the present crumbling old matrix.

Most of the objections raised by some PAT members dealt with these legal issues. They are old mental stuff and must be overcome by you in the next days, also for the sake of your spiritual evolution. This is part of your full disentanglement from the old system prior to your ascension. It is a kind of learning on the job. One must simply forget or neglect all current laws, otherwise you will not be successful, as you will “still have the scissors in your head”. I discussed this mental attitude in my last article and said that it must be surmounted in the first place, if one wants to create freely and effectively and have success and abundance.

As I  wrote today to Joelle, who is also interested in this incentive, one has to imagine the whole process step by step to find out how lean and effective the nystatin project really is, and why there is absolutely no risk at all for anyone of you.

Let me explain this with one simple example. If you buy for instance 500 mg nystatin for 300 $ from our source and sell it for 750-900 $ as bottled drug, you cannot make anything wrong. In this case you only need to find five patients ready to take the drug for three months and have a profit of about 430-580$ when the cost for capsules and bottles is also included. With this revenue you can fully cover your initial and unique investment regarding the capsule filling machine (less than 200 $) and still have a net profit of at least 250 $. After that the business model is self-perpetuating and you can only make profit without any investments any more, except finding new patients. This is the minimal program and it will always generate revenue from the very beginning. There is no possibility for you to make any loss. This is what the people must realize in the first place. Each participant has the whole process in his hand and has a full control of it.

Very soon the finding of new patients will be absolutely no problem for you as the few patients you have convinced at the beginning will feel so good after one or two months of treatment with nystatin that they will bring many new patients among their relatives and friends, so that you must plan with a real avalanche. The model, I have developed and presented to you, encompasses all the principles and advantages of a true enlightened economy that I must elaborate at this place.

The reason why I must do this is that I received many advices how one should specialize the process, e.g. how some members of the PAT should produce the capsules, while others should only sell them, etc..There were even suggestions to go a wholesale manufacturer and let the capsules be filled there for a lot of money. These are all remnants, mental slivers from the old Orion system that only hinder your fluent thinking.

I do not want to delve now into economical philosophy, but I must say so much at this place. When the Orion PTB decided to enslave humanity in the End Times to the maximal possible extent, they invented the “specialization” in the production process. They simply divided each full production cycle into segments and then they sold this insidious act to humanity as a great achievement, arguing that in this way the production price could be lowered. In this way they made whole production sectors dependent on other producers and suppliers as is the case in the car industry, electronics, etc. In the meantime the PTB kept their control over the junctions between these specialized production sectors and units through their rogue financial system and could thus manipulate the world economy at their discretion by creating production imbalances. All economic crises in the last 70-80 years were triggered in this way.

When an individual or a collective has full control over the whole production cycle, he/it becomes autarchic and a sovereign creator, as he is now self-sustaining and not dependent on other suppliers, their products and monopolistic prices. He can determine the price of his final product and keep it constant or even lower it with the time. This is the most effective way to produce – throughout  the whole 3d-universe. The possibility of deliberate fraud is virtually impossible, as the complete production cycle is now fully transparent at one production site.

The greatest difficulties all economists now have is to find how the added value is generated throughout the different production units and branches in the current wilderness of the Orion economy, as there is absolutely no transparency nowadays due to the division and compartmentalization of the various production cycles. This is the chief mechanism how the Orion criminals make their dirty money at the expense of the working population. This is also the chief mechanism  how human exploitation was introduced in the industrial production in modern times (e.g. Manchester capitalism, Third World slavery by the big companies among children and poor people).

The new model which I have presented to you deliberately avoids all these pitfalls that are still inherent in the old thinking of many of you. I insist on purpose that each participant in this project should be his own master and should behave like an independent entrepreneur. His only dependency will be with respect to the purchasing of nystatin powder, which will remain in the hands of the PAT-foundation and will thus be still under the control of each one of you, as you will all be members of the PAT-foundation with full rights and responsibilities.

This is the old collective form (cooperative) of economic organisation that is still used a lot in Europe and in particular in farming (agriculture). In Italy, for instance, there are many farmer collectives that generate the highest production and income worldwide. The peasants are for the most part still independent producers and only share expensive machines and other production units, where they collectively generate their economic added value. As each peasant participates in the collective investments, he has also the responsibility that the collective works and is successful. This form of organization precludes the existence of executive directors and boards and all kinds of Orion hierarchical structures, as everything is decided by the whole collective. This form of economic organisation and production is virtually non-existent in the Anglo-Saxon world and has been extensively demonized as communist aberration by all Western demagogues and Orion proxies. You must now learn to work with such forms of economic organisation.

This is how the future enlightened society on the balanced earth A/B will be organized. Let me just tell you that my wife is a member and co-proprietor of such a collective. She works at the Waldorf school, established as a new economic pattern by Rudolf Steiner one hundred years ago. He contributed a lot to the theoretical elaboration of this form of communal life. Although this school is private and has to function with much smaller income than the German state schools, it is one of the best organized and optically probably the most attractive school in whole Munich with two million inhabitants and hundreds of schools. The quality of education in this school exceeds all German state schools in all aspects by far and large.

This theoretical disquisition was necessary to my mind as to explain you why I favour the individual horizontal structure, where each member of the PAT controls the whole process  – from buying nystatin, capsules and bottles, to the preparation of the final medical application form.

Let us assume for a moment that you decide to generate a net income of 2000 $ per month that will guarantee you a modest, carefree life with a  minimum of work and effort, as you want to have much free time to dedicate to your hobbies and other activities. According to the current nystatin model, you need to prepare 80 bottles (monthly dosages) of nystatin per month with a revenue of 25$ per bottle capsuled nystatin (20 $ wholesale price, 45 $ retail price). I have shown you in my last article that the production of 8 bottles will take you no more than an hour, so that you need 10 hours per month to prepare the necessary drug supply. Then you need of course some time to find the patients or just make public relations to promote your business.

You will still not need to work more than a week per month in a very relaxed manner. This is how the enlightened economy will function on the balanced earth A/B – with a lot of free time for all kinds of creative activities. I am not talking now about earth A, where the people will not need to work at all. In other words, with the nystatin model you are no longer a slave of the current Orion system. This is what I want to achieve in the first place with this nystatin project.

And you will be an idiot if you decide to work much more as to earn more money, as you will thus only deteriorate your quality of life. But if you do it, it is your free will to experience the 3d-reality in this way. However, nobody will envy such a person for his higher income, as it is obvious that he has achieved it at the expense of his spiritual evolution and will thus only demonstrate his lower IQ value.

I am fully aware of the fact that all these arguments may lose their relevance in several months when you will all ascend. But they will still remain valid for the next several centuries on the balanced earth A/B. We are now creating the template for this timeline. As soon as we will ascend, this model will be multiplied the world over. We are now the true wayshowers for the rest of humanity. We must demonstrate how new enlightened forms of economic life should look like and how they will practically work in the near future.

And in the short period of time prior to ascension, you can generate an easy income independently of the Orion economic system – for you and for your family members who can also fully participate in this model as sovereign entrepreneurs. Please do not forget that some of your family members may choose to continue their incarnation on the balanced planet A/B and will thus inherit your present incentive that will determine the rest of their lives.


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