State-of-Ascension-Report-80: The Ascension Scenario After 11.11.11

On-Line Reports from Members of PAT And First Ascension Wave Candidates;

Report-80, March 27, 2012

Comments on Kari’s “Open Word” and the Uniqueness of the PAT

March 27, 2012

Dear Georgi and the PAT,

I write to confirm that I have also had an experience of the ‘ground being swept clean.’ I can report that on 16th March, I consciously, in awakened state, experienced a remarkable, clear cut-off from the dark energies. This was distinctly planetary, not just personal. I emerged feeling that the actual dark energy was gone and that humanity is now running on habit patterns. I say this with such surety, because that is how it feels to me.  

I don’t think this means we will see an immediate reduction in poor behaviour, though. This is because I feel that as the mental structures begin to collapse (because the actual dark has gone) people will feel strangely empty when they do their normal (habitual) behaviour, e.g. manipulation, etc. and will try a bit harder to feel for the dark ‘buzz’, which won’t come any more. I feel humanity will take a short time to get used to not experiencing the dark ‘buzz’ and the 3-d conceptual structures will collapse quite rapidly.

However, although peoples’ behaviour may be a bit extreme for a while, WE will not be being energetically attacked. We may perhaps witness some people having “moments of apparent madness” but it will not be aimed at us. When we consider how much active nastiness (dark behaviour) must have been initiated by dark energies rather than the individual people acting, we can see that now the dark influence no longer exists, that is no longer happening and so there will be a lot less nasty behaviour.

I’m speaking in the full feeling of my experience and I truly hope we are all feeling this.

As regards the inability to communicate with other people including ‘lightworkers’, I recently read a response from Denise LeFay to some semi-enlightened critics, which is saying the same as Bernice, Callista, Kari and Georgi, and reflecting what the PAT all feel, it is really time to say to those people who are assuming that we are all the same, that, no, in fact, we do not resonate the same as them. Some of us are here to do a particular job. Many of the critics are probably here to do it as well, but many of them aren’t yet doing it!! My guess on this is that we, as a team, knew that only a proportion of us would break through the illusion, so we sent in far more than we needed, hence lots of half-awake/semi-enlightened people stuck doing new-agey stuff. People find/create/practise/sell dozens of new perspectives as they go along, but they fail to remember that it is ALL just another step, and ALL the steps (techniques, perspectives, etc.) are still fundamentally based on 3-d control structures. OUR job is not to do external control structures in a nicey-nicey way!!!

Yes, lots of energy surges. And I have felt on the edge of a physical-disappearance Ascension several times since my experience on 16th March. It’s like I am a bit surprised that I am still here!!

With love and light to us all,
Dear Gail,

thank you for your excellent analysis of the current energetic situation. March 16th, was indeed a very special day, and I can confirm it. We are now fully connected to the 144-crystalline grid and separated from the old 3d-matrix that may crumble any time soon. I have also addressed these pivotal energetic phenomena in my latest article that will appear today.

The gap between the true enlightened PAT members and semi-enlightened New Agers, who still play awakening in the sand box, is widening and it will not be bridged soon, if ever. The anticipated irrational behaviour of the masses when the old patterns no longer work and produce the expected results will cause certainly a lot of social unrest in the time ahead, but, as you say, it will not touch us anymore as we already dwell in much higher vibrations and levels and will have the privilege to look upon this human drama with an Olympian disinvolvement.

With love and light
March 27, 2012

Dear Georgi,

I am neutral in my ideas and concepts which forms part of the ego, but this essay explains it to the fact. You have not passed the marker of ascension if you did not experience/ passed through the migraines, the body hurts, the bone pain, the muscle spams, the rewiring etc., and just went quietly about your daily life with this load/cross that one carries for the rest of humanity in unconditional God love honour and respect for our fellow sleeping beings and the rest that tries to find their home (LW).

Amazingly/fantastic! That is my comment! All these symptoms/pains etc. one can not even explain to your closest family! Knowing that there is a pain relieve in the cupboard, but the inner guidance saying hang on it will be OK! You cannot explain this to anyone who has not walked this path/road themselves!

I have noticed that I have to be very careful with my thoughts/ideas as the manifestation of it happens almost instantaneous, this is a tricky one to comprehend, because if I do not control my thoughts into that quiet space of awareness, my manifestations tends to boll me over, then I realise I have had this thought not long ago and now i am stuck/relieved with the manifestation/ effect of it.

Thank you for publishing this essay!

I am Consciousness
March 27, 2012

Dear Georgi,

Kari has written: “And the only reason you can receive this higher knowing is because you have evolved to a point where you will not abuse it, and you will not get this inner knowing before this point.”.

This was a very important point that I’ve not understood until now. I absolutely agree with her! Indeed, this is the heart of the matter – you can’t transmit this knowing to other people if they haven’t evolved enough. Please thank Kari for me.

love and light
March 26, 2012

Hi Georgi,

I just wanted to say that Kari’s message today pretty much took the words right out of my mouth!! Tell her thank you!

I also wanted to mention to you, that the dreams I had been having about being pregnant (which I spoke to you about once, not saying you would remember with all the email you get)  Well I gave birth in my dream finally last night, and hopefully this signifies that things are changing very soon, I mean within the next couple days. I am just so done being here… let’s get this show on the road!!

The few times I’ve have remembered dreams with PAT members, we would be at what looks like an American version of a “diner”.  We’d all be crammed into a booth, and the wall next to us was covered with writing. I remember at one point  being very lucid, and  that I was standing on the table, running my fingers over the words written on the wall. (I know.. LOL… ”the writing on the wall”) Seems like we are all a fun group of folks too, at least in my dreams!

And as always, thank you Georgi for all your hard work in keeping us all informed!

In Love and Light,
March 26, 2012

Bravo, Kari!

Finally someone to say it like it is! Thank you Kari for expressing what probably most of us feel! I, for one, have never been very good at putting my feelings into words and you have done that for me, thank you very much!

For 50 of my 67 years of living on this planet I have been on a spiritual quest. Nothing, no book, no class, no web site, has ever drawn me in and resonated in my heart as strongly and lovingly as this web site has. It is my life line and has given me the connection, information and guidance that I have searched for almost my entire life. It validates that which I have known in my heart and soul but having never been able to connect with others of like mind, I thought it may have been my own crazy imaginings.

Dr. Stankov and the members of the PAT have provided me with a “gift” of feeling connected to Source through their writings and teaching and sharing of TRUTH. Kari is right, there are very few people in this world who are truly awake. I felt very alone in this world until Spirit led me to Goerge’s web site.

So all the negative comments about this website are simply from those, who have no clue about TRUTH.  My most humble thanks to all of you.

Love & Light,
March 26, 2012


Love & Light,
March 26, 2012

Dear Kari:

Your message came over so clear and so joyful straight, that I felt propelled to write a special Thank You!

We are Light-Workers, -Houses, -Warriors, -Amazones, or simply Light-Beings, who work in the dark, meaning unrecognized mainly, it’s a journey of going into the dark areas and bring forth our/the Light, as CA puts it.

It feels so good to be able to finally grin and smile about this fact, because we do know that in the end we will BE IN THE LIGHT, speaking of the Ascension! It is happening.

In Love & Light:
Dorina, in Mexico.
March 27, 2012

Dear George and dear PAT,

what a wonderful, honest-hearted and clear message Kari has written! On A. Webre and Calleman I only want to say that you already have predicted it is of no use to talk to these people in the last days, and yes, their confusion seems to grow. They were talking about wondrous things to happen 2012, but now, all of a sudden, nothing will happen?

As Kari said, it is one thing to mentally deal with “amazing topics” and quite another to be open hearted and to stick to truth, to go through all the transformational processes, despite of what it might take. Fortunately one does not know what hell one will go through before, but when the point of no-return has come, one can only hold on.

We now live in the most amazing times ever, but even two milllennia ago, true light workers like Jesus’ apostles, they witnessed Jesus ascend alone and they stayed on earth and had to carry on, only with the promise shining on the horizon, and they did. When you told us about this I imagined how disappointed they may have been, like us after our ascension on 11.11.11 was postponed and how they had to struggle to recover morally to carry on. Though, Jesus appeared to them in his light body, if the saying is true and provided them with the explanation and a new perspective. We are now in a more happy situation, “the End is near” and I feel so at peace in myself, feeling exactly as Kari said “I am there” so linear time does not matter any more.

Kari was also the first to reply to your words: “It is our destiny to remain incognito and not be appreciated even by the most enlightened people on this planet. We must put up with this unpleasant and unyielding situation once and for all”. I think this message is really colossal and I immediately recognized it is the truth. In fact, I felt a great relief! When you spoke of us appearing in front of humanity I aways wondered how this will take place, but I also felt a bit uneasy about that.

In fact it would not be of any use to tell them: “Hey folks, it was us who saved you in the end”. The ascended humans would perceive us 5-Dimensionally, too, and those who long to progress would feel at their time “there is something more, something bigger” and they would long to follow that path and discover what is beyond 5D. Just like it is here, where a person with ripe soul is attracted through his heart and mind towards “the GREAT MYSTERY”….

I also want to confirm that we met in the higher realms and my soul communicated this to me in a language I can understand: as I am into gardening now for the first time of my life, the pictures where “agriculture-related”:

On March 22th, I dreamed of many people meeting on a field that had only bare soil on it. I knew it were us. We were a bit taller than human beings are today and our bodies were of liquid, white light. Were were doing some “sorting out”: we collected something that looked like white limbs, quite a scary picture when I look at it with day-time-consciousness, but we were very concentrated and we divided the white limbs into two different piles. It was night and what is amazing that we were laughing very joyously like little, happy children who are totally caught up in their game.

I woke up with that happiness in my heart ( the next two days I witnessed two people laugh exact this same laugh, one was my partner on the phone and the other a woman working in a crowded bookstore. There was new quality to happiness!)

Then, about two nights later, we met again on that field and this time I recognized all the features very clearly, I could tell “who is who”. What we did was standing around this field, that felt really huge and we were holding hands I think, forming a solemn circle, holding a solemn silence. We celebrated with that, that we seeded the soil before, covered the seeds with soil again, so that “nothing could be seen”. Then we were “waiting for the rain”. Had a passenger come along, seeing us there, he would have said “What are these crazy people celebrating there? Are they nuts? I do not see anything but boring soil/earth!” ( Well this a nice prelude to the sad conversation with Alfred Webre…) I remember this last dream was a really important, consolidating task.

I was also very impressed how Erik went through all his thoughts again and he made the visualizations of the three earths and the chronology of important past events, in fact his humbleness to go back and rework his theories impressed me. Men usually are very touchy when their mental creations are criticized, but you are an excellent teacher! Also I love how you put things immediately right when somebody gets lost in his / her mind. Thank you for that because it a very good opportunity to enhance clarity for all of us.

Also, after I  thought about the Chrystal children and also my two Chrystal daughters aged seven and nine, how I struggled to  protect them from their former teachers in a normal school, criticizing them and of course me, were my heart nearly broke, and I wished they could go to a more free school they now are in, after that I had a dream where a young crystalline male in his early 20ies took me by the hand to show me “his city”: We were on a hill, looking down onto a huge, colorful city that was still under construction and he was so happy and proud! I had this dream after I read about the tower under construction and the antenna of the homeless person, but it is somehow related.

What still is always “in the back of my had” is the creation of a whole new universe of balanced duality. I remember that as a teenager I was drawing different entire planets with landmasses, designing the landscape, what people lived there, flora and fauna and everything had to be ideal for any creature on it. My planets did not have these huge oceans, but it was more drinkable water from lakes and rivers on the land, just as you wrote on your vision of 5D earth. Shortly after finding your website in September last year I began to fly over earth with GoogleEarth ( you can make amazing rides as you can choose altitude and flying angle ) and I reforested all the desert places especially in the middle east, where they have beautiful landscape but its all dry and dead…..

With much love and gratitude for your love, work and dedication,
with much the same to our PAT family,
March 26, 2012

How Our Thoughts Can Influence the Weather

Dear George,

My goodness you’ve some conversations going on in Report 78 and 79. I’m actually at a loss to think anyone on this planet believes 2012 has been completely ordinary so far!

I live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast exactly 60 miles east of New Orleans and I can assure you things have not been ordinary here! After reading Skyler’s observations in Report 79, I felt compelled to write. I am not originally from the Gulf Coast. My family and I moved to this area 20 years ago due to a job change for my ex-husband.

First I would like to say I have known since I was 3-4 years old that I am here on this planet for a specific purpose. I did not know what that purpose was, I just knew there was one. I was actually born in Germany (Mannheim) and did not come to America until I was almost 3. (Some of my relatives live near you in Augsburg, George). I was a painfully sensitive child who could not understand the unkindness I saw around me. I spent most of my time with my head in the clouds or in a book (as my mother used to say).

My mother was a devout Lutheran and the organist for our church. If there was a church service, we were there. I can remember one Christmas Eve when the snow was so bad that they had to pull our car out of the ditch twice. It took us a long time to get to the church and when we arrived, the only other family that was there was the pastor’s family!  None of the other church members had been able to make it through the snow, so we had Christmas Eve service without them.

As is traditional, I began confirmation classes at the age of 13, which lasted two years. Counting me there were two girls and two boys in the class.  I was the only one who ever questioned what the pastor was teaching us, and he didn’t like it. The time for our confirmation arrived and the day before the Palm Sunday service we were rehearsing at the church. The pastor pulled me aside and told me he did not think I deserved to be confirmed. He said he did not think I would make a good Lutheran, but he was going to confirm me anyway because he just couldn’t face my mother if he didn’t. Imagine, a minister of God telling a 15-year-old girl, I don’t think you’re good enough the day before confirmation. Needless to say, the confirmation ceremony was quite a let down.

I immediately began searching for answers to the questions I had and discovered Edgar Cayce at the tender age of 15. Did I know that CA was speaking through him? No. I just knew his answers made more sense to me than the pastor’s had. I embarked on a 45-year-journey to find my truth. I knew about the New Madrid fault and all the predictions for it 40 years ago.

Twenty years ago my family was living in North Carolina when my husband was offered a good job opportunity in South Louisiana. I remember questioning myself about why I would agree to move our family to an area I knew to be dangerous. I had no answer for myself. Ten years ago my husband and I divorced and I ended up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Yes, I survived Hurricane Katrina and Rita. In fact the county I live in was ground zero (and was nearly wiped off the map), not New Orleans like most people think. I had 9 feet of water in my house and lost everything including the antique furniture that had belonged to my German grandparents and over 3,000 books that I treasured. The insurance refused to pay (this happened to many many people here on the Coast), yet I was one of the lucky ones because I still had a job. I lived in a tent on the side of the road for six weeks until I was placed in a FEMA trailer, like everyone else. I got up in the morning, washed myself under a water hose and went to work amidst some of the most devastating destruction and human tragedy you could ever imagine. We all picked ourselves up and began again. Many of us (like myself) had to settle for rental housing in the aftermath.

I am a journalist by trade and managed to land a really good position as Executive Editor of a new monthly lifestyle magazine that opened on the Coast during the rebuilding effort. The magazine averaged  anywhere from 200-240 a month, which meant I worked 80-90 hours a week for 3 years. In 2010 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to have a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. Following the surgery I had a lung embolism and almost died.  I was out of work for six weeks, which my boss did not like. The week I came back to work, he fired me.

My next challenge was discovering that people do not want to hire someone who is approaching 60 that has had cancer. For the past two years I have managed to hang on by doing small editing jobs on the side and anything else anyone is willing to hire me to do! The positive aspect of this is that it has given me a lot of time for introspection.

Yes, I have asked myself many times why I am still on the Gulf Coast (even though a walk along the beach usually stills that voice. It is very, very beautiful here). About a year ago I was really struggling with the issue of moving somewhere else. I was having a very earnest discussion about it with my youngest son who is now 22. We were both standing facing each other. My son is quite tall, 6’7′. As we spoke his entire demeanor and voice changed. He placed his hands on my shoulders, looked very intensely into my eyes and said, “You must not worry. Your work here is not done. You will be told when it is time to go. Also, you possess a great deal of knowledge that you must pass on to your grandchildren.” (My oldest son only had one daughter at the time — now another is on the way at the end of August!). I was then told: “Do not ask your son about this conversation later, for he will not remember it.” Suddenly my son shook his head, looked confused and excused himself to go to the loo. When he came back he started speaking normally about something entirely different. I realized he was totally unaware of what had transpired.

What does this have to do with Skyler’s observations? The days of March 21 and 22 the Mississippi Gulf Coast had some of the worst rain and lightening I have ever seen. The lightening in particular was surreal. On March 21 the rain and lightening began about 5:30 p.m. and lasted until 4:30 a.m. the next morning. The sky was the most intense color of purple all night and the electricity was so violent, it seemed impossible to believe. Strangely, I had no fear. I invoked protective light around my house, my neighborhood, my town, my county, my state, the Gulf Coast and the entire New Madrid fault and all states, towns, people, creatures, trees and plants associated with it. Normally if we even have a mild rainstorm, my cable and Internet both go out. Would you believe I never lost service for one second in the middle of all that chaos! I went to bed around 11:30 p.m. and believe me, I had a very busy night! I knew within every fiber of my being that my job was to hold a positive line in the sand and that’s what I did until the show stopped at 4:30 a.m. I was exhausted!

The next day (March 22) we had cloudy black skies and pelting rain all day. At 6:30 p.m. the electric works began again and they were just as violent as the night before. It continued all night before dying out around 6:30 a.m. Again I felt impelled to hold the light. Again I did not lose my cable or Internet. We have a huge military presence nearby in Biloxi, with a very large Air Force base and a Navy base both stationed there, not to mention the National Guard.  I personally think that HAARP WAS used to enhance the bad weather in the hopes that it would kick off a quake along the New Madrid. About two or three weeks ago FEMA ordered all their people to move into position in towns along the New Madrid fault line. I’m very thankful nothing occurred. The people of the Gulf Coast have already endured more than most people could ever imagine with Hurricane Katrina, Rita and then the BP Oil Spill.

I, like Skyler, have tremendous hope that a new timeline has been created for the New Madrid fault line and the Gulf Coast.

Today I was informed that the rental house I am living in has been sold and I will have to move within the next 6 weeks. Does this mean my job here is done? Is this what was meant when the being who spoke through my son said you will be told when it is time to go? I don’t know. I keep thinking one day I will wake up and remember the plan, but so far that hasn’t happened. Instead my higher self prefers to keep me on the edge of my seat, waiting for the next installment. Every now and then she gives me a pretty strong nudge, to keep me going.

I don’t think any of us have the whole picture. Yes, I knew PAT was successful on 11.11.11, even when many didn’t realize it yet and yes, I woke up on Feb. 27 knowing (PAT) had been busy all night, but I couldn’t remember what we were doing. I only knew that things would never be the same again, in a good way, not a bad way.

Those readers who keep asking George for all the answers are not paying attention when he encourages you to go to your higher self. You higher self will always guide you to do the right thing for you, even if you feel you are flying by the seat of your pants. Who knows, maybe your higher self will even let you in on more of the secret than mine does!

This is a wonderful website and George is very kind to facilitate the discussions that go on here. It is a place for people who find themselves having similar thoughts, intuitions and experiences to uphold, encourage and support one another in speaking their own truth. Each of us holds a piece of the puzzle; just as the ant at the bottom of a tree has one view and idea of what is going on, the squirrel sitting half way up the tree on a limb has another and the bird nesting in the very top of the tree, yet another. When you put them all together, you begin to see the big picture!

In closing I would like to thank Erik for sharing his artistic concept of the planet A, A/B, B scenario (well done!) and of course George for his selfless efforts to bring us all together so we can share our knowledge and experiences.

Dear Stella,

Thank you for your comprehensive account including the recent dramatic storm along the Mississippi delta and the Golf coast. To begin with this, there is an interview with CA just issued on RMN radio, which addresses this event involving another woman like you, who has held the light when the PTB had tried to unleash a new devastating catastrophe in this region and along the Madrid fault line with their HAARP weapons. The link to this interview is:

They could not succeed due your efforts to hold the light as confirmed by Cosmic Awareness, but even its forecast is that this catastrophe will come sooner than later as many people have vowed in this incarnation to have this dramatic experience, so that it cannot be averted, no matter how much love you and other people may sent to this region. This explains why you must leave this part of the USA in about six weeks. You should indeed cease this possibility, as the death toll will be in the millions when this big event comes.

Ultimately, all will be well, when one is keeping the light within himself and does not resort to angst driven behaviour. There are only two possibilities for us:

1) Ascension through phase transition of our bodies or

2) ascension through death experience for the few old and adult souls who have chosen this outcome.

Those, who will not ascend, are not even aware of their possible destinies and do not want to know about them either. But as Keynes has once said: “On the long run we are all death”. I will rather paraphrase his statement:

“On the long run we are all immortal and will meet in the higher realms and laugh together about what a big joke this human drama on earth is”.

With love and light
Dear George,

Thank you so much for sending the link to the interview with CA. The questions that Cosmic Awareness answered regarding the massive electrical storms experienced here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast on March 21 and 22 and the image of the sun splitting in two on the 22nd were my questions. I submitted them by email earlier in the day and then was not able to access the show when it went on the air. I actually did not know that CA had answered my questions until you sent me the link! It was interesting that CA confirmed my suspicions that the extremeness of the event was helped along by HAARP. I had to smile when CA called me a Light Warrior because among some of my friends I am known as the Warrior Queen.

I believe your assessment of my need to remove myself from this area might be correct. I am increasingly finding myself in a state of depletion. Depletion of energy, resources, patience, etc. It’s as if everything is winding down to zero, so that I no longer have any excuse to stay. I don’t know where I will go or how I will get there, but I’m sure my higher self will step in at the last second and tell me. I have family in the mountains of Eastern Tennessee and Southwest Virginia, so maybe there would be a safer place.

I agree that angst driven behavior solves nothing and while I am not afraid, I can assure you I have no need or desire to experience destruction, devastation or death. I am delighted CA sees me on Planet A and if it’s left up to me, I certainly choose a phased transition of the body into Ascension over a death of the body Ascension; however, I’ll take what I can get!  I think my hesitation in leaving the Coast has been not knowing if I completed what I came here to do.

Indeed, George. What a drama it has been and here’s a little saying to make you smile until we can all have a good laugh in the higher realms. “Life is not a journey to the grave with the intentions of arriving safely in a pretty, well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming: Wow! What a ride!”

Love and Light,
Dear Stella,

This is how the circle is closed in a serendipitous way. I somehow suspected that the questioner in the interview might be you, but the statistical chances were not very high. However, human statistics and odds do not tell us much when the divine orchestration is in play.

Although I feel sorry for all the inconveniences you now experience, and in knowing what CA told you, I can now confirm you that you have finished with your mission in this region and that the sooner you leave it, the better. You should now concentrate on yourself and your transformation and stop waging the wars of the queen warrior. This is the most difficult thing to do for somebody like you who has the soul essence of the warrior, because you think that even a self imposed restriction to wage battles is a depletion of your power, which is completely wrong and an expression of a deep seated angst of the warrior to fail. The warrior hates the very idea that he might lose a battle. However a strategic retreat is not a failure, but a recognition of a well-done job.

I have pondered a lot over this issue as I have also wasted my force in many a battle with modest, if any, success, only to recognize that the only battle to wage is within oneself and that in fact there is no battle at all to wage as everything is in perfect order, even when it has the outer appearance of a chaos, as is the case with you now. Take the chaos from its creative side and make an advantage out of it for you – the sooner, the better.

With love and light
March 26, 2012

Hello Georgi:

I would like to share with you something about the earthquake in Mexico. I live in Mexico, approximately 600 km from where the epicenter was located. That day (20/03), I was in my office and from 12:00 pm I started to feel a strong energy flowing through my body, felt like my whole body vibrated from within, it gave me goosebumps, I feeling dizzy, feeling of anxiety, I began to sweat and I wondered why I was feeling so much energy, they were like all waves of energy that had been feeling, but unlike that on this occasion felt great anxiety. Try to calm down, stop work and began to breathe consciously, at 20 minutes of this, my partner told me “just quake in Mexico City,” I was shocked because he felt the wave energy was very clear to me that it was the energy that you anticipated the spring equinox and the coming events and thought it all started.

I just read in the AR 79 on the simulacrum in Chiapas Mexico just as it was the earthquake and the theory posted on youtube. I tried to understand that what really happened, it was too coincidental.

In the southern part of Mexico (including Mexico City) simulacrum are carried every 2 months, it is an active seismic zone, but still I was not happy with this reasoning then I ask to my HS if it was a cleaning, I replied that in that area (Chiapas) is the birthplace of the negative energy out of balance to Mexico, (armed groups) and Gaia was freeing negative anchor, the simulacrum was ordered so that the population does not align with the vibration of fear that was being released.

This answer pleased me because I feel a moment of tranquility. As you say, I feel that these earthquakes are part of a cleanup of Gaia. Georgi, thanks for being a great leader and keep everyone focused on what is really important, for me this has been helpful. A great leader denotes the sincerity and strength as you do, even if we do not like your answer, basically carries the truth that we are not able to see at the time.

Thanks for everything!

With love
Dear Claudia,

Thank you for this important information and for your appreciation of my work on this website. Your explanation from your higher self fully coalesces with what I know about these energies that Gaia is now releasing and how they affect all human entities. I am happy to hear that this cleansing in Mexico happened without the active participation and death of many human beings. Obviously people like you have served as huge transmitters of positive energies from the Source that have dissolved the negative patterns in Gaia on the territory of Mexico so effectively that there was no death toll. You must have largely contributed to this success from what I gather from your email.

With love and light


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