More on the Three-Earth-Scenario

by Georgi Stankov, March 27, 2012, Copyright 2012

Kazimir Malevich, 1878-1935, Squaring the Circle; The Three-Earth Scenario

How to Interpret Correctly the CA Percentages for the Two-Earth-  and Three-Earth-Scenario?

My latest correspondence with members of the PAT revealed that there is a further demand to elaborate on the three-earth-scenario as presented by Cosmic Awareness (CA) in its conversation with the young PAT member Valeri Djukov on March 13, 2012. Therefore, I decided to specify one more time on this issue and interpret the figures, given by CA, which have obviously led to some confusion among many readers.

The chief source of this confusion comes from the fact that CA first speaks of the two-earth-scenario in the End Times when Gaia will split into two planets – the catastrophic planet (earth) B, populated by unripe souls and dark entities such as the current Elite and dominated by the old PTB from the Orion/Reptilian Empire, and the planet (new earth) A, which will ascend to the lower second level of the 5th dimension. This dimensional split was expected to happen on Dec 21, 2012 after the last stargate 12.12.12 will be opened and the energies of the photon belt coming from the central sun Alcyone will reach their peak.

The discrepancy in the CA presentation arose from the fact that CA said first that 33% of the currently incarnated souls will go to earth B, respectively to the 4th astral dimension, and that 66.6% will go back to the 5th dimension when it initially discussed the two-earth-scenario with Valeri, and then, when it started discussing the three-earth-scenario, CA changed the numbers to one quarter each.

Precisely, CA said that 25 % of the currently incarnated entities will go each to earth B, A/B and A, and that 25 % will die in the course of this year due to natural catastrophes or simple death experience. Obviously, this simple mathematical exercise has posed some interpretation difficulties to many readers, which I would like to clear now.

I must admit at this place that I also had some problems initially to square these seemingly diverging percentages given by CA. After checking it with my HS, I solved this conundrum very easily and was able to unite the figures for the two scenarios in a very elegant, simple and irrevocable manner. Let me now explain it as succinct as possible, so that everybody can understand it.

The new explanation I received from my HS is the following: The souls of the 25% of the incarnated entities that will die this year because they have written in their soul contracts not to continue their current incarnation on one of the three earth versions, will have the same distribution as that of the surviving incarnated entities given by CA.

1) This would say that one third or 8,3% of the souls (25%) who have left earth due to death experience in 2012 will go to the 4th astral dimension and will incarnate at a later date on the catastrophic earth B as a new entity. Added to the 25% of the incarnated souls that will stay on earth B after the shift, this makes altogether 33,3% (1/3) of all souls going to earth B as announced by CA for the two-earth-scenario. These souls will stay on the 4th dimension between the incarnations and will not return to the 5th dimension for the duration of another Kali Yoga cycle of 26 000 years. As they have separated from the source and dedicated themselves to negative energetic patterns, they will need this long karmic experience to purify and qualify for the entry into the 5th dimension during the next End Time in 26 000 years and proceed with their evolution. This is the reason why CA also says that ultimately all souls will return to the source.

2) The next third (8,3%) of the souls (25%) that will leave earth this year due to death experience will return to the 5th dimension and prepare for a new incarnation on the balanced earth A/B after some time.

3) The last one third (8,3%) of the souls (25%) that will leave earth this year due to death experience will return to the 5th dimension and will acquire their crystalline light body and will then immediately return (descend) to the new 5th dimensional earth at the lower second level as the same incarnation they are now. This ascension through death experience is provided for those souls that have written in their soul contracts to ascend in the current End Times, but did not want to go through the tedious LBP and develop their carbon-based body to the necessary extent, so that it can ascend on Dec 21, 2012 by going through the portals and being immediately transformed to a crystalline light body.

When we add these two thirds or 16,6% of all souls with death experience to the rest 50% of 5d-souls, going either to planet A/B (25%) or to planet B  (25%), we obtain again the total of 66.6% of all currently incarnated souls that will return to the 5th dimension either through ascension or death experience as postulated by CA for the two-earth-scenario. Hence we have no discrepancy in the CA information for the two End Time scenarios and the numbers given in its interview with Valeri are correct.

Human Demographics and Ascension Statistics

This calculation fits perfectly into my soul age model as presented in my first gnostic book on New Gnosis: “The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind“. According to it, there were about 25-30% baby and child souls (many of them as clones), 40-45% young souls, 25-30% adult souls, and 4-5% old souls incarnated on earth in 2000 when I wrote this book.

At that time the total human population on earth was estimated to be 6.5 billion people. Now it is estimated to be 7 billion, but this estimate is absolutely wrong and is deliberately propagated by the PTB as to render a rectification for birth control and other medical measures that are essentially elements of the old Nazi euthanasia policy as part of the declared genocide policy on humanity by the Orion/Reptilian empire. The goal is to decimate (coil) humanity as much as possible as to better control it in the End Times by various dumbing-down measures, so that the incarnated human beings should follow the timeline of destruction, mayhem and slavery on the catastrophic earth B.

According to my estimate, the current human population now is about 6 billion and not 7 billion as officially announced. Why? In the last decade we observe a pronounced aging in the human population in most parts of the world, so that we have a negative growth (more people die than are born per year). This is particularly true for Europe, including the former Soviet Union, China and Japan, which account for about half of the world population. In China, the birth-mortality ratio is about 1 to 2 due to the one-child policy of the Chinese communist government, so that the Chinese population is rapidly aging now and presents a huge problem for its further economic development.

The same situation we can observe in Japan and most European countries. For instance, in the small country of Bulgaria the population shrunk from almost 9 million in 1990 to 7 million in 2010. We have negative growth rates in Germany, Italy and many other European countries. At the same time the birth rates in the rest of the world are also significantly diminishing, as is the case in India (one billion people) and in the USA (about 300 million inhabitants). The American boom generation belongs to the past and is now a fiscal burden. In Africa the mortality rate has rapidly increased in the last decade due to hunger, draught, famine, exodus, numerous wars and brutal civil conflicts.

Considering these negative demographic trends, it remains a conundrum how the world population could have increased from 6.5 billion in 2000 to 7 billion in 2012, as the mass media deliberately lie in order to cover up the ongoing genocide of humans on this planet through health care systems, pollution, poisons in food, chemtrails, HAARP-induced earth quakes and other natural catastrophes etc..

Therefore, it is correct to estimate that there is a total excess death of about 750 million people in the last decade of the current End Times on the earth, when all factors are considered. And let us be frank: How many of you have really noticed and comprehended this ongoing genocide?

What I want to demonstrate with this analysis is that we have already had the premature death of about 750 million people on this planet without even noticing it at all, while the New Agers are always worried about what will happen with some more entities in the coming days and months. If you assume that 25 % of 6 billion will leave earth through death experience this year, this accounts for 1.5 billion death cases. This figure is only twice the population, which has already been decimated by the PTB in the last decade in addition to the natural death rates under normal, peaceful conditions.

By the way, what is natural death? What is the average life expectancy? – 70 years, 80 years. The fact of the matter is that life expectancy is stagnating or significantly decreasing in the last decade in almost all parts of the world, and this is another statistics that the PTB keep secret. It is the same as with the current inflation statistics – the prices rise and rise, but the official “core inflation” drops, if we believe the statistical offices of disinformation of the Western Cabal. With this low inflation rates, they excuse their perennial printing of money out of thin air in form of quantitative easing such as QEI, II, III,… and other fraudulent methods, such as zero interest rates of Fed and other central banks at the expense of the tax payers.

So much about the cover-up on human demographics in the End Times,which one should consider when one discusses the Ascension scenario.

How This All Determines the Ascension Scenario

The split of earth A/B from earth B is the question of all questions now. When will it happen and how will it be accomplished? The ascension of earth A from the balanced earth A/B at the end of this year is, in comparison to this first shift, much more easy to understand as the blueprint of the new 5d-earth already exists in the higher dimensions and the people must simply ascend and transform their carbon-based bodies to crystalline light bodies. This is what everyone of us is doing every night when we make our astral journeys in the higher realms.

My favourite scenario is that the first split between planet B and planet A/B will happen in the course of this spring as a complete inter-dimensional shift, when we will also ascend as first Ascended Human Masters. The two earths will simply divide, as will be the case when earth A will split from earth A/B in Dec 2012 and will ascend. Thus, there will be actually two splits according to the new three-earth-scenario. This is the charm of this new scenario.

I can imagine that this split will happen by simply awakening one day and finding out that the earth B with its population has simply vanished energetically from our eyes, as they already vibrate much slower than the rest of humanity and Gaia. My take is that this will be technically achieved by connecting all ascension candidates and even those who will stay on planet A/B, but to a lesser extent, to the crystalline 144-grid of Gaia that has been almost finished by now. This presentation does not exclude the occurrence of some big catastrophes or social collapses, which I now neglect for the sake of clarity.

In this way, the portion of humanity that will stay on earth A/B and eventually will ascend on planet A at the end of this year will be fully connected to the crystalline grid, while the dark portion of humanity – the baby and child souls, the clones and the Illuminati are already staying in the old grid and will be energetically depleted very soon. This is what is currently happening behind the veil, These entities, including the whole Cabal, will simply drop out from the new matrix that is now in the process of building and will soon fully unfold.

We will experience this as an energetic separation, which is an inter-dimensional split. It may manifest in the following way: We, the future ascension candidates and some other evolved souls may continue to see these slow vibrating dark entities, but they will no longer be able to see us or infringe on the new multidimensional matrix that will begin to fully expand this spring, as they will remain stuck in the old matrix bubble.

In this way, there will be no need for much social upheaval, as this alternative is no longer valid after the masses did not awaken to the extent as to trigger a world revolution and oust the Cabal from power. The current Elite will be simply removed from power by his energetic debilitation and separation from the new matrix and immediately replaced by the new first ascended masters and other evolved entities.

Very soon we will begin to observe or hear that many representatives of the dark Cabal have suddenly died, have become severely ill or have simply disappeared from this planet, as they are now energetically drained by the new energies that flood earth and have no vital power any more to survive on this earth that is currently spiraling to more harmonious, higher frequency dimensions.

It is as simple as that and there will be hence no need to arrest them as some dark sources from the Orion Empire currently channel. There are so many more elegant ways to get rid of the dark entities from this planet than to arrest them and put them on trial. And what for? They will be arrested on the GULAG planet B after the shift. The final stroke of relief will be the inter-dimensional split between earth B and earth A/B in the course of this spring.

I assume that shortly after this split, the Agarthans and, later on, the GF must soon appear and quickly introduce with the help of the first ascended masters, that is to say, with us, the members of the PAT, some preliminary advanced technologies that will remain possession of the people on earth A/B. These technologies will not be needed on the earth A, where other much more evolved technologies already exist. But the acquaintance with these new technologies will help many people to awaken and thus make their final decision to ascend in Dec 2012.

Therefore, I deduce that in order to introduce this portion of humanity to the idea of ascension, one needs some time and the quick implementation of new technologies for the people to start appreciating the advantages of the new way of life. These technologies are also badly needed, as the damages and pollution of Gaia caused by the current carbon-based fuels must be repaired before the final ascension of earth A in Dec 2012, and this will take some time after the implementation of new environmentally friendly technologies.

In addition, there must be a profound education of the masses as to who has reigned on this planet in the last 10 000 years and this will also take some time. Without a clear mind no entity will ascend on the new 5d-earth.

When I analyse all these necessary steps towards preparation of humanity for ascension, I come to the inevitable conclusion that there must be a quick and painless inter-dimensional split this spring with a total separation of the 1/3 dark fraction (4th dimension) from the 2/3 fraction (souls from the 5th dimension), which is subdivided in:

1) balanced dark and light entities, consisting predominantly of young souls that have now entered the adult soul cycle and will stay on earth A/B, and

2) prevailing light entities (ascension candidates) that consist of adult souls (25-30%) that have entered the old soul cycle and 4-8% old souls and star seeds, including all crystalline children that have come here as ascension specialists.

Some of them will ascend beyond the 5th dimension (cosmic ascension) and will be the new keepers of planet A. All PAT members will belong to this small group – they will be the new earth keepers, if they have decided to stay on the new earth and not return to their original civilisations.


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