New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind – Serial 9

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, January 30, 2012

Translation from the German language:
by Joelle Torneros and Georgi Stankov

9. Serial: Chapter 8


VIII.  Decision Alternatives and Probability Worlds

1.    Decisions of the Soul and the Incarnated Personality

The realization that humans have a largely predetermined destiny and can choose freely in only 20% of all events that befall them may have a disturbing effect on the human mind, notwithstanding the fact that people exploit this potential rather poorly.

In reality, the incarnated personality enjoys far more decision alternatives than she is aware of. She does not know that the physical environment is shaped by Spirit and this ignorance prevents her from creating her environment and her fate in a delibe­rate and conscious manner.

Since matter responds to our spiritual intentions only after a certain latency period, it may sometimes take years before a desired event occurs. Such intentions have to be deliberately retained for years so that the soul recognizes that the local mind of the human being has expressed these wishes from the bottom of his heart and has not just pronounced a sudden whim.

Positive decisions that are taken from the position of love and for the good of all can be realized quickly, as they vibrate in harmony with cosmic Spirit and can be easily arranged.

Since each event will require the approval of many other souls, who also have their own plans and tasks, the realization of an individual desire affords tremendous coordination, about which the incarnated personality has absolutely no idea.

The view that All-That-Is is a kind of a universal store, where each request, e.g., to be happy or rich, can be delivered and its realization, e.g. the state of happiness or wealth, will occur by itself is one of the biggest blunders in the esoteric Vanity fair that only meets the pecuniary interests of many immature souls. It is comparable with the earlier sale of indulgences by the Church.

It is not the task of the incarnating personality to make only positive experiences but also to explore the “depths of misery”. Were it otherwise, there would be no require­ment for the soul to incarnate – the permanent state of blissful happiness she can enjoy one whole eternity in the astral realms.

This is an important aspect of the soul’s plan that is realized in the so-called karma. Karma is perceived by the present-day light workers as too deterministic and ultimately remains poorly understood.

Life in three-dimensional matter compels the human mind to make incessant decisions. Without this perennial constraint to make up one’s mind, man will not survive as a biological organism. Human existence is thus based on the ability and necessity to make choices all the time – whether concerning the choice of food, career selection, fleeing natural disasters and risks, personal care and healing – all these aspects of human existence are subjected to these decision-making constraints in daily life and can only exist out of them.

In the astral realms, the decision constraint does not exist because the soul is immortal and does not need to do anything in order to survive. She can, for example, remain for a long period of time (although time does not exist in the astral realms) in a constant state of inactivity and indecision and only contemplate without being put in mortal danger. Such states of almost unconscious, meditative persistence are regularly experienced by the soul as a tool for sharpening her awareness.

The Human Spirit is also capable of temporarily achieving such states that are largely free of wishes and decisions during a deep meditation. However, the willingness to con­duct a meditation is already a decision.

Most of the decisions that are part of human existence are made spontaneously and not even registered by the day consciousness. The decisions regarding the func­tion and regulation of the body are automatic: They are controlled by the soul without the intervention of the human mind. For example, we do not care to know which bacteria in the gut, and in what ratio, must be present in the intestinal tract for the digestive system to function. All neural sti­muli that come from inside the body, known as the vegetative nervous system or autonomous nervous system, are processed by the brain below the threshold of consciousness and returned as control signals to the internal organs. Our con­scious­ness can only perceive selectively external neuronal stimuli that are coming from the senses, although they have the same energetic nature as the internal somatic stimuli.

This selective perception has nothing to do with the energetic quality of the stimuli but is a conscious decision of the soul not to overload the weak, sequentially operating human brain with multiple, simultaneously running regulatory decisions. It could not cope with them anyway.

Nevertheless, the incarnated soul must make these decisions, which she, indeed, handles masterfully – otherwise we will not be able to exist. Such decisions are part of the soul’s experience in the 3D space-time.

The human mind can make its own decisions freely only within a relatively limited area in the context of human relationships.

Only in rare moments, when a person becomes ill, may he perceive somatic stimuli as internal symptoms of the body. Measured against the whole incarnation time, moments of illness are relatively short; within an incarnation, however, they may seem rather long.

In the state of health, the regulation of the body is no object of perception for the human mind, that is to say, for the part of the mind that manifests itself as “day consciousness”. Body regulation is taken by most humans for granted – given by Nature or by God.

Since our perception is limited to the highest degree, we do not register most of the decisions that our “subconsciousness”, precisely, our soul makes in order to guarantee our existence. That is one reason why we are experiencing during different stages in the reincar­nation cycle various diseases and physical disabilities so that we can start to discern this area also as a potential playground for conscious choices.

This would say that some of the diseases that we know are deliberate, unalterable decisions of the soul, which cannot be avoided by the mind no matter how highly sophi­sticated strategies he may employ to protect the body. One speaks in this case of “karma-related” diseases.

Such diseases usually cannot be healed, unless there is a karmic agreement that a given person appears as a healer and cures the sick person from his disease. In most cases of karmic diseases, the doctor’s scope of decisions and actions is, however, suspended and all therapeutic procedures will have no effect.

Most diseases arise due to disharmony between the mind, psyche and body. Specific fears elicit specific diseases, which are an expression of local destructive interfe­ren­ce at the physical level. As an energetic phenomenon, such diseases represent a re­duction in the harmonious body frequencies that sustain the state of human health.

These diseases can be cured if the psychological causes of fear are eliminated. So, there is an ample scope for conscious choices of the individual against fear and illness.

The rest of the diseases are caused by mental neglect or deliberate damage of the body with all sorts of toxins, such as tobacco, alcohol, poor diet, etc. Also, this group of physical experiences is the result of the conscious voluntary decision of the individual to live in an “unhealthy manner”. Such practices are a suicide commit­ted in installment rates.

Human decisions relate therefore to experiences from the following three areas of life:

  1.  From the physical realm, as already stated;
  2.  From the area of inter-personal relationships, e.g. in the family and with friends;
  3.  From the social environment.

These areas are closely intertwined and affect each other. We have seen that some decisions on the physical level are made by the soul – this includes the time of birth and death of an individual.

Many somatic experiences are the result of conscious or unconscious decisions of the mind and the psyche and can be deliberately changed or avoided. To a limited extent, this also applies to the second field of experience of interpersonal relationships. However, the selection of the family in which the entity is born is always a decision of the soul before her incarnation.

The choice of partner is often a preliminary decision of the soul if karmic experiences are on the agenda. However, not all the partners, one meets during an incarnation, are predetermined. In this case, there is a wide range of individual decisions, which the incarnated personality can make on her own according to her spiritual development and her preferences. The same applies to those areas of experience, such as school, work, personal interests, hobbies, etc.

Each incarnated personality has a potential for intellectual, artistic, physical and emotional skills that she has acquired in her previous lives and are now available to her as a potential of the soul. She alone must decide which properties she wants to develop in the current incarnation. Accordingly, they will shape her own fate. This area of decisions is solely reserved for the incarnated personality.

The archetypal design of the incarnated personality with its modes, fear-based features and objectives is, on the other hand, a preliminary decision of the soul in the astral realms prior to incarnation.

The incarnated personality is usually not unaware of this preliminary decision because she identifies fully with her character. Only in rare occasions, can human conscious­ness perceive the fitted nature of the earthly personality, which is generally referred to as the “psyche” – especially during the old soul cycle when it begins to hear loudly the inner voice of the soul.

From this, we should not find it difficult to understand that it takes incredibly complex planning and preparation in the 7F-creationary realms so that life on Earth can take place in a fairly orderly fashion. Many events have to follow a predetermined order so that people can enjoy the full scope of their free will in the course of their daily decisions. Otherwise, it would not be possible to guarantee the co-existence of about six billion incarnations on this rather dysfunctional planet.

(Contrary to what the fake MSM and fake scientists say (think also of their fake claims about climate warming), namely that the world population has been rapidly growing in recent years, it has actually declined from roughly 6.5 billion a quarter of a century ago to 6 billion now. Please observe that there is no reliable worldwide census at all and all these numbers are based on dubious estimations. If one considers though that most Western industrialized nations have negative population growth and that this also applies to China, Russia, Japan and many other countries in the Third World, where the population is decimated by wars, civil conflicts, famine and poor living conditions, it is clear that the lie about the rapidly growing human population is a cheap excuse for the dark ruling cabal to demand all kinds of heinous measures to cull the human population as to better control it and install the NWO. On the other hand, the higher realms are also favouring negative growth as a natural selection of more mature awakened souls who will be able to make the ascension. It is very important to observe this key demographic fact at this place as it is one of the most common myths that are currently in circulation without being seriously challenged by anyone except myself.)

The idea of absolute free will is thus an illusion – an erroneous assumption of numerous philosophers and young souls. Life is supported by the life-spending force of the soul. The mind, which usually manifests itself as day consciousness, is unable to keep the human body alive. It does not even know the function and regulation of a single cell. It can only manipulate its intricate genetic structure superficially with crude mechanical means.

In its enchanting ignorance, the mind of the scientist attributes the effects it thereby observes to his experimental ability and has no idea that these genetic manipulations are supported by the soul energy because they are part of a far-reaching plan, which the earthly perso­nality cannot know at present (footnote 1).

If one regards the collective incarnation experiment of contemporary humanity in its historical sequence, one gets the impression as if there was a continuous line of deve­lopment to higher complexity, which one currently interprets as “social progress” and sets in a close relationship to the biological evolution of the species “man”. This is at least the official doctrine today that underpins the worldview of most people.

Especially in the last 150 years, since the beginning of capitalism, this view has gained in strength. What is overlooked here is the fact that this period is sufficient for just two successive average human incarnations if one considers the current life expectancy rates. Considering the fact that a reincarna­tion cycle needs about 70-90 lives in average and a period of about 8,000 years, this assump­tion appears to be very short-sighted and presumptuous. The idea of human progress is thus a typical mental product of the young soul’s limited view of the world.

In earlier epochs, such as the Middle Ages up to the Renaissance, the accepted general view was that humanity had emerged from the “Golden Age of Antiquity”: Man considered history not as an evolutionary process following an upward spiral but as a process, where retrograde tendencies are rather normal. On the eve of the Second World War, for example, many people firmly believed in the downfall of the West (e.g. Spengler in his famous book “The Decline of the West“), whereas his prophecy written during WW1 took on a very real traits in the Second World War and during the subsequent Cold World War.

Such collective beliefs about human history merely reflect the soul-age structure of the human population that is incarnated in any particular historical epoch. The an­cient Egyptian civilization, which consisted mainly of old souls, had, as it is known to us by tradition (2), a different view of the progress of history as we understand it today. The idea of progress, in its present form, did not exist back then. The same is true for antiquity.

Young souls believe in progress to the degree, to which they themselves make progress in their expansion in the 3D space-time and are excited about their gross and irresponsible mani­pulation of matter. The moment, in which they focus their attention on the inner-psychic processes, i.e. after their transition in the cycle of the adult soul, they slowly begin to discern the existence of inner higher dimensions and unexpected rea­lities, but also the limitations and fragility of the human body, so that their belief in progress is exposed as a superficial hallucination of their immature mind.

But even this disillusionment of the historical ego will be revealed as a mistake from a higher perspective because the actual technological progress will begin only after this disillusionment of the young souls has taken place, however, this time it will start from the inner dimensions of the soul and will be projected outward and not vice versa as is currently erroneously believed. The current prevailing materialistic attitude must necessarily be abandoned in this process of true spiritual evolution.

2. Astral and Space-Time Probability Alternatives

These inner dimensions also include the probability worlds of the soul, which are closely related to the simultaneity of all incarnations – past and future. They also illuminate the energetic background of the free will range and space of decisions of each incarnated personality.

In the everlasting Now, in the simultaneity of all energy conversion in the astral realms, the soul designs all her incarnations simultaneously. Henceforth, they enjoy a sove­reign existence in the eternal individuation of All-That-Is. At a certain point in time in the history of Earth, one of these incarnations appears on Earth to experience directly the limitations of space and time. She lingers there for a while, works, makes decisions that affect the sequential history of humanity and leaves the earth again to make room for the next incarnation to follow.

Within the soul structure, the disembodied human personality lives further her individuation in the astral realms and is continually growing. She can now evaluate each step of her past life and make alternative choices. Since she is aware in a direct manner of all past and future incarnations of her soul that also lead an independent existence in the astral worlds, she can now come into a relationship with them and rearrange her past life in the light of their experiences and ideas.

This new improved copy of the lived life on earth remains stored in the astral realms and is, in the energetic sense, as real as the real lived life. It is a probable alternative to her past life on Earth.

This process is similar to a text that one retrieves from the Internet, stores on the hardware disk and then rewrites. This modified text is now circulated as a separate version on the Internet. It then exists simultaneously with the original text on the world-wide-web and cannot be immediately recognized as a modified version of the latter. This modified copy claims an independent existence on the Internet and can enter in a relationship with the original text, e.g. with the help of searching machines. The pro­bable incarnation alternatives behave in a very similar manner in the higher realms: they are all energetically equivalent and have repercussions on the original one.

Now, the disembodied personality can create an infinite number of such alternative studies of her past life that are real and independent from an energetic point of view. Hence, there are myriad lives in the astral realms, as each deceased person, respectively soul, can and does design such probability alternative incarnations.

Since the future incarnations also exist simultaneously and are waiting to materialize in the 3D space-time, they can create as many versions of their future Self as alter­native studies as they like. These versions exist in the Now and take into account the experiences and decisions of the currently incarnated personality. In this way, the incarnated entity can have a huge influence on his ongoing decisions on the earth on all probability alternatives of all his affiliated incarnations that dwell in the higher realms, including the future ones, without being aware of this effect.

Now it is so that the current incarnation and all disembodied past and future incar­nations, including their probability alternative incarnations, exist simultaneously and are directly in contact through the soul: They are all aware of each other and engage in interactions between themselves.

The difference between the current incarnation and the disembodied incarnations in the astral realms is that the earthly incarnation runs sequentially. When she makes a decision, she must bear the consequences by herself according to the principle of cause and effect.

This principle is no longer valid in the higher astral realms. There, decisions and consequences exist simultaneously without being connected by a causal time axis and thus can be changed in both directions. This is a very difficult concept for an incarnated entity to understand as it runs contrary to all his earthly experience.

With the increase of the degree of organization in the astral realms, the probability space of possible decisions augments to infinity because all thoughts, being pure energy, manifest themselves immediately and take gestalt.

The ideas that an incarnated personality develops with its limited consciousness, can be realized on Earth only through the 7F-creationary realms. This takes from the earthly perspective a certain amount of time because conventional time t, respec­tively space s, is experienced sequentially and not simultaneously.

But also our brain, which is a kind of hardware disk of the mind and functions like a bio-electromagnetic transducer, can only work very slowly and sequentially because of the delays that occur at the synaptic junctions of the neurons. This con­struction of the CNS is intentional, so that man can only experience time gra­dually as a chain of sequential events.

The Human Spirit that resonates with the frequencies of the 7F-creationary realms functions on the contrary as a concurrent software program that perceives all pheno­mena simultaneously and immediately but forwards this information to the brain only selectively as a memory for its physical processing.

This process is very important for our understanding of how the limited temporal and spatial perception of human beings emerges: All simultaneous thoughts, arriving from the higher frequency regions of the divine mind into the brain, are converted by the latter in sequential electromagnetic signals, that is to say, in neuronal action potentials with different synaptic delays and used for both the unconscious regulation of the body and for its conscious activity.

The human mind is not only slow in its socially related decisions and their implementation but mainly because of the bio-energetic functioning of the brain and the peripheral nervous system. For this reason, the probability space in the 3D space-time is significantly reduced compared to that of the higher frequency dimensions.

The human mind can play through only a very limited number of alternatives before making a decision. In most cases, man makes no use of this gift of the soul but makes his decisions from “the gut feeling”, that is to say, he relies on the reaction patterns of the three lower chakras (see Chapter IX). At the same time, the decision constraint increases immeasurably in the incarnated state because according to the principle of cause and effect each decision brings vital existential consequences for the person and his environment.

In the astral realms, the many probable decisions have no immediate repercussions on the soul because of her immortality. These choices exist simultaneously, “without getting in the way”. All U-subsets of the soul, as her individual incarnation persona­lities and their probable alternatives, exist according to the principle “as well as“.

In contrast, the earthly life is fashioned after the decision principle of exclusion “either-or“. Hence the duality of earthly existence, which is a central theme of all religions, philosophy and esoteric schools, without being properly understood as an energetic phenomenon, perhaps with the partial exception of the Neoplatonists.

Plotin thus criticizes the early Christians in his essay “Against the Gnostics for their effort to assess the afterlife according to the dualistic character traits of this life and thus coming to wrong conclusions as to the existence of paradise and hell, which have nothing to do with the “unity of the world soul (Weltseele)” and “Cosmic Spirit, Nous“. In his opinion, the Christians have failed to comprehend in the first place the categorical platonic system of tripartite and cannot therefore interpret in a dialectical manner the transcendence of Spirit and its manifestation in the “lower world of the individual physical things”. This objection has not lost its relevance and actuality up to the present day. In particular, St. Paul represents this dualistic so­phism in an excessive way in his epistles, which was not only widely distributed under philosophically illiterate people in the Hellenistic period, but also in our highly agnostic time, as we are dealing with the same agnostic population of young souls.

Further readingNeoplatonism and Christianity – ebook

The soul can, therefore, deal with her decisions in a playful way and remodel their consequences just as playfully. The soul is a creative force in pure form.

Man, as a biological organism, cannot be creative without the support of his soul – it cannot even survive. Most of the decisions he makes are directly or indirectly associated with his survival. They are deeply imbued by his existential or imagined fears. The soul does not need to make such decisions. Herein lies the main difference.

Only a small part of the decisions on the earth are of a creative nature and, as an expression of the soul, free from fear. The older the incarnated soul, the more creative the personality and the lower her anxiety level. Creation is an expression of love – of the unconditional love of the soul, which draws on the full and uncondi­tionally exudes her gifts. For this reason, love or fear is a barometer of the spiritual maturity and creativity of the individual.

In reality, it is so that the mind makes a decision and the body must then execute this decision and bear the consequences of it. Consider the following example in the style of the movie series “Sex and the City”:

A woman goes to the disco to dance around and sees an attractive man she likes. She can now decide to overcome her reservations, talk to him and get acquainted with him, or she may permit her fear-based reservations and fear-whispers to gain the upper hand. This decision she will make overtly with her mind, but in reality, it will be significantly influenced by both her psyche and body (sexual desires). It is a decision of the entire personality.

Assuming she gets to know him, he likes her and vice versa, which in turn requires a chain of further decisions and evaluations, and they have sex with each other. Now a lot of consequences can arise from that. She may choose not to see him anymore because he does not meet her expectations, or she may decide to enter into a long relationship with this man, assuming he also agrees. She can subsequently get pregnant, which in turn pulls a chain of further existential decisions, depending on whether she gives birth to the child, establishes a solid relationship with this man or not, and so on, and so forth.

A spontaneous decision leads to certain consequences, which create new situations demanding new decisions and even change the whole life of the person on the way forward. These new circumstances require again new decisions. In this way our life goes by: it is a continuous chain of intentions, decisions and actions, which create new situations, which, in turn, require new intentions, decisions and actions, so that human existence is maintained. We can foresee in the rarest of cases the full extent of the consequences of our decisions in advance.

In every decision, we have a number of alternatives open to us to choose freely from. These alternatives are made available to the human mind by the soul in her anti­cipating omniscience. This is the actual playing field of human free will. We can play out these alternatives in our minds before we decide to realize one of them and bear its consequences.

However, most people do not use this chance offered by the soul because, as already stated, they preferably act from their “gut feeling”, that is to say, they act from their three lower chakras instead of also using their three upper chakras, transmitting intellectual, spiritual and ecstatic powers. This behaviour is typical of the people who are currently indulged in the game of karma and is related to the actual centering of the seven body chakras in the human body (Chapter IX).

Completely different is the behaviour of the soul. Since every idea of the incarnated personality, no matter how insignificant it may be, is saved in the higher astral realms, every human thought leads to an independent existence and can be played out by the soul in the astral worlds of probability alternatives in infinite variations. These variations represent possible alternatives of the present earthly life that seem to exist regardless of earthly reality. Yet, we know that All-That-Is is a unity so that a real separation is not possible.

The human mind (as day consciousness) knows because of its narrowness nothing of the existence of probable worlds of its thoughts, just as man does not have the foggiest idea of his probable fates. He believes to have only one destiny – the life that he lives here on earth.

The human mind is a U-subset of the soul, which uses such probability alternatives as creative tools to better design her incarnations. The mind can gain some glimp­ses into these sheltered areas of the soul only in brief moments of fearless expan­sion when it can receive lightning-like visions of these probability alternatives of his future life.

Most often the day consciousness cannot interpret such visions after its return to the 3D reality and rejects their existence unless it belongs to an old soul, who knows how to deal with such spiritual symbols and visions. Such insights into the probability worlds of the soul can have a prophetic or clairvoyant character when they illuminate the future consequences of an impending action. Most predictions and prophecies are based on this ability of the human Spirit. It should, however, be pointed out at this place that the universe is extremely malleable: There is an infinite number of alternatives as to how to change it. Predicted consequences need not arrive when they are discerned in time and the entity decides otherwise.

The existence of probability worlds, in which the incarnated soul can study alter­native decision paths, enables her to collect new additional experiences she cannot make in the inertia of the material world. At a later stage, the soul may likely open this treasure trove full of alternative experiences and send the incarnation personality an inspiration or intuition during a new comparable situation, so that she can now make a new favourable alternative decision that will provide a better per­spec­tive in life.

The earthy line of decisions that the individual experiences as a materialized fate is thus one of the many likely possibilities that exist simultaneously in the astral probability worlds and enjoy an independent existence. As part of the Light Body Process, human beings open more and more to these parallel realities.

Predominantly in the dream state, the soul establishes new neuronal connec­tions, preferably in the left brain hemisphere, which opens the brain to the simultaneous perception of multiple realities. This metamorphosis can be directly experienced by the affected person as a kind of cerebral “energetic syringes” or occasional topical bursts of energy, while the occurrence of these interventions is announced by the soul in a state of lucid dreaming so that the sleeping person has a precognitive knowledge that they will come and is not at all surprised or feels fear when they occur. After waking up, one remembers as a rule very precisely how many energy bursts one has received during sleep. These energetic modifications in the brain take place in the second half of the Light Body Process and affect only a few very old souls such as myself.

The same applies to all collective events on the earth: Parallel to the current history of mankind, there are many probable history timelines of the earth, each one having a different outcome. These alternatives can be implemented on another planet and have repercussions on the 3D universe. In this sense, each alternative played out in the astral probability worlds is simultaneously a blueprint that can materialize any time on another planet like the Earth: First comes Spirit, then matter.

Likewise, the actual history of mankind follows one or more probable plans, which overlap in many ways and exhibit a similar time frame. It was already known 2000 years ago, that the Light Body Process and the Evolutionary Leap of mankind will enter in 1997 their most intense last phase and will reach a peak around 2008-2012 during the End Times of this planet. The individual circumstances may change constantly. There are long-term, medium-term and short-term alternatives that can be imagined as superimpo­sed waves, such as upper and lower tones in an octave that make up an infinite plurality of variations but always within the soul orchestra and in harmony with All-That-Is.


1. For instance, in-vitro fertilisations are currently supported by a few brave souls as an alternative to normal pregnancy in order to collect new incarnation experiences that can be realized only in the distant future under new energetic conditions – for example, as in-vitro births instead of the normal physical pregnancy.

2. These traditions were used by Plato in his account of Atlantis.


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