New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind – Serial 7

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, January 24, 2012

Translation from the German language:
by Joelle Torneros and Georgi Stankov

7. Serial: Chapter 6.

This chapter was written in 2000 and is actually an anticipation of the End Time scenario that is bound to manifest soon after it has been in the making with my key participation as the captain of the Planetary Ascension Team, the PAT, for more than 2 decades, that is, after I entered the final stage of the LBP in the late 90’s so that it is of great actuality. Of course, I could add much more to it now – this website has it all – but that is not the point. What I want to highlight here, is the fact that all future realities exist eternally in the simultaneity of All-That-Is and can be perceived in a precognitive manner as future astral probability alternatives by any medially gifted person. This is a major topic of the present book.


VI. Light Body Process and Evolutionary Leap

From the previous remarks, we now come to the following definition of the reincarnation cycle:

The eschatology of the reincarnation cycle is the developing and acquiring of the sovereignty of human consciousness (mind, psyche and body) as a separate reference point to the soul and thus to All-That-Is for the purpose of self-acknowledgment of the soul and the Whole.

The separation of the soul in an incarnation creates the condition of imperfection. The actual evolution of the incarnated soul that takes place on the historical stage and only assumes the appearance of social evolution is actually her return to initial perfection, her fusion with All-That-Is. The path to unity can vary, depending on the nature of the incarnation cycle and planet, but the ultimate goal is predetermined.

1. Energetic background

Based on this definition, we recognize that the cycle of reincarnation plays on several levels. First, we have the individual evolution of the soul that is captured by the soul age. Each stage of soul development brings specific demands on human consciousness.

The baby soul, who incarnates for the first time on earth, is only able to satisfy the biological needs of the body. She is incapable of developing any far-reaching thoughts, ideas, interests and actions. Accordingly, the low level of social development of a soul population, which consists mainly of baby and child souls.

In reality, the respective population on earth is always mixed and contains souls of all ages. Their relationship changes, however, as the history of human civilisation progresses. For this reason, the history of mankind appears as a series of rise and decay, depending on how high the proportion of mature and old souls is that have incarnated in the human population at a particular historical moment.

At the beginning of the new era when Jesus appeared, many souls from the last big dissemination on earth completed their incarnation cycle, so that the soul population that came after that consisted, in its vast majority, of baby and child souls. This also explains the subsequent fall of the Roman Empire and the beginning of the Middle Ages, which, compared to the classical period of Greek antiquity, are regarded in history as the “dark ages”.

Our discussion refers to the current Western civilisation. Although we have sufficient evidence that there have been several civilisations in the past that have completed their cycle of reincarnation and collective objectives and have made room for the new incarnation experiments on Earth to unfold  – the memories of those advanced civilisations as myths, e.g. Atlantis, are already delivered by Plato – we will deal here only with the present civilisation and the energetic requirements of its evolution.

The birth of a new self-consciousness in 3D space-time could only be compared with the birth of a whole new universe. The energetic requirements and implications are so complex and require such a fine-tuned coordination of all 7F-creationary levels that they are well beyond our limited human knowledge and imagination (As an Elohim soul and creator of the new Golden Galaxy and Gaia 5D, I have acquired a lot of glimpses of my creationary work of new worlds through direct experiences and through personal messages by the Elohim, our monad, in the following 18-19 years since I wrote this book.)

The evolution of human consciousness, as we find it at this moment and which we only know, is the product of an incarnation history that began about a hundred thousand years ago on earth and was already linked to the achievements of past civilisations. In this case, I mean not such social achievements as architecture, engineering, degree of organization and rites, which are of interest to most esotericists, but the energetic web that such civilisations have developed and delivered to Earth so that the present civilisation on this planet could unfold.

There have been, for example, local, geographically isolated civilisations that have been established by collective incarnations of complete soul families, that is to say, an entire family of over a thousand souls incarnates in a single human body. Such civilisations have existed on the basis of related soul communities. This kind of collective incarnation is easier to bear because the degree of separation is much lower than the present one, where a single soul inhabits one body. Had this collective form of incarnation not existed on earth, the current incarnation experiment based on individual souls could not have been possible in the first place.

The incarnation of a soul family or several souls in one body lifts the person to a higher frequency level. The human individual that comes to life in this way has much greater spiritual forces and energetic possibilities than an ordinary man, representing the incarnation of an individual soul.

This kind of collective incarnation is called “transpersonal soul” and corresponds to the energy of the Priest (6). It is very rarely employed nowadays, only when a soul family undertakes special tasks on earth. The best-known transpersonal soul of a living person at present is Sai Baba in India (he died later), about whom many books have been written.

Many experiences of earlier civilisations were intertwined in the energy web of the astral plane of the earth  – the 7F-creationary level, which is energetically closest to the 3D space-time of earth and is also known as the “4th astral dimension”. They were stored there and could be retrieved very easily on demand. Part of this information was provided to the current civilisation in various difficult periods of social transformation. The mere idea of ​​the complexity of such energetic interactions would immediately make every man “brain-dead”. They can be understood only in the Spirit worlds in the disembodied state and in the presence of an expanded awareness.

I mention these aspects at this place in order to expand the viewing angle of the reader for the energetic background of a reincarnation cycle in the 3D space-time of the earth because the current esoteric literature has focused mainly on the immediate karmic and individual aspects of the reincarnation cycle and pays no attention to the overall organizational prerequisites for the implementation of a collective incarnation cycle with myriads of souls on a single planet.

This overarching approach is essential insofar, as it gives us a clue about the upcoming Evolutionary Leap that is both a collective and an individual energetic phenomenon. Especially, the analysis of the close interrelationship between the individual soul and the collective consciousness is of crucial importance in this respect. To understand this, we must again resort to the energetic characteristics of the individual soul age.

The incarnation of a soul in a body is associated with amnesia, which is neither complete nor constant. It is a variable, depending on both the biological age of the personality and the soul age.

Newborn infants have largely unhindered contact with the Spirit worlds, even if, or just because, this is overlooked by their parents and adults, or most of the time denied. The intensity of this contact slowly decreases from the age of five and reaches a nadir in the first pre-puberty latency period (11-12 years). At the same time, the formation of the mature personality commences as an ego.

From adolescence to maturity, the human entity must be confronted with the external challenges of society. During this period, the connection to the soul must be very quiet – all the attention of the mind and the psyche is dedicated to coping with the tasks of life and the accumulation of existential experience.

However, currently, many old and mature souls are born (beginning since 1988) that enjoy genetically a more open channel to their soul and the higher realms and also retain this medial ability as adults. This is possible because they arrive on an energetically altered earth, which has entered since 1987 (first Harmonic Convergence) its most intense, final phase of the Evolutionary Leap.

The connection to the soul increases dramatically in mature age, especially after the 4th decennium, when the individual has accumulated enough experience to recognize the illusory nature of human institutions and activities and is psychologically prepared to distance himself from old collective beliefs.

A similar curve of amnesia can be observed during the different ages of the soul. The baby soul enjoys a largely unimpeded connection to the Spirit worlds. Since she is the most anxious among all incarnated souls, she feels unjustly thrown out in the cold cruel world of three-dimensionality and can handle just the minimal requirements of an earthly incarnation as to survive.

The child soul loses, like a child after the age of five, increasingly her connection to the inner truth. Her attention is directed to the outer world, which she cautiously explores and begins to conquer step by step. Any physical and mental activity for the purpose of exploring the outer world is supported by an appropriate mental wave that flows directly from the soul and is sensed as a life-spending force by the incarnated entity.

Any kind of discomfort, sluggishness and seclusion that the individual feels at certain times, can be explained with the withdrawal of this force. Only very few old souls are aware of these energetic ebbs and flows of the soul and accommodate to their rhythm while surmounting their fear structure, which is determined by the urge to perform all kinds of human activities for the sake of survival. Baby souls do not perceive such stimuli in a conscious way, but follow this natural rhythm of pleasure and reluctance in an involuntary, instinctive way.

The child soul begins to disregard this rhythm of the life-spending force coming from the soul. Therefore, such individuals are often not centered, they are irritable, easily and permanently unhappy without knowing why. They are like little kids, who get to the limits of their physical strength and do not know how to deal with their fatigue and irritability. Such souls choose largely sheltered life biographies and cautiously approach the challenges of earthly life.

Like small children, they need an intact and manageable environment – in a large family or in traditional societies with low social dynamics and solid relationships. Since in such countries, child mortality is very high due to inadequate medical care, they have the assurance of being able to leave Earth prematurely if they cannot cope with the challenges of their incarnation.

Many Third World countries are inhabited mainly by baby and child souls. This fact can be seen for example in the high AIDS rates in several African and Asian countries. In developed countries, there is a high proportion of baby and child souls among the rural population, which is, as a rule, the most conservative one.

The maximum amnesia is observed in the young soul, who is also the most willing to deny the existence of the Higher Self. She wants to know what she can achieve in the 3D space-time. As a carrier of the energy of the Warrior, she wants to fight and manipulate matter and people and often exhibits rash courage that can bring her a lot of merits. The flip side of a young soul is the features, which we can also observe in wanton, reckless youth.

Individuals with a young soul are generally healthy and rarely suffer from disease and physical ailments, even if they do not pay attention to their body demands. This robustness is desired and programmed by the soul. The body of a young soul is of the densest energy layers and is wrapped with the lowest frequencies of fear, which allows an optimal adaptation to the terrestrial conditions of separation at the expense of the soul dimension and at the same time impedes the experience of internal contradictions.

Because of this specific energetic construction, young souls are inaccessible (refractory) to transcendental knowledge and deny the inner voice of truth vehemently. Because they are focused on social success, they fear any personal failure. When a young soul becomes rich, she always surrounds herself with rich and successful people of the same soul age. The losers are despised wholeheartedly by the young soul, precisely because her 4th heart chakra is still closed at this soul age, and she gives them readily the blame for their failure. Losers and dissenters are excluded. The social commitment is very weak.

A suitable model of study for the life and behavior of young souls is offered by the suburbs of the rich and wealthy citizens. The emotional pressure for confinement against the uncertain outer world can be gauged very accurately by the height of the hedges around their houses. The highest hedges can be found in the Munich area, for example, in Grünwald  – the suburb of the millionaires. The residents of Starnberg, another place of millionaires, with the highest incomes in Germany, refused recently successfully to approve the construction of social homes for aged people on the territory of their community because they felt disturbed in their tranquility.

When the young soul fails, she always looks for the causes for her failure in other people or regards her misfortune as a bad fate. She knows no individual grace, compassion, or love, and leaves the order of society to the heartless law and its watchdogs. The experience that a young soul makes, corresponds to the degree of her amnesia. Since the intra-psychic dimension remains hidden from her superficial daily consciousness, it is usually not in her soul’s plan to experience situations in life, which will confuse her and cause internal doubts or will urge her to fight against unjust social norms and show civil courage.

The young incarnated soul enjoys rather a life of uncritical adaptation and conformism according to the American motto: “It is indecent to be different,” of conquest, of clean social success, and, towards the end of the cycle, of social failure. She considers her life to be an upward spiral, where an increase in quality is always measured by a greater abundance of tangible material and financial assets. Young souls prefer consistently smooth, materialistically oriented biographies, which do not demand from them any profound emotional conflicts. These experiences remain reserved for the cycle of the adult (mature) soul.

It is important to emphasize at this point, that every soul plans and coordinates her life on earth in her own free will in cooperation with other young souls, who want to experience similar favourable conditions on earth. The life of a young soul is no less precious than that of an old soul. In the end, the young soul has all kinds of experiences, which an old soul has also made by the end of her incarnation cycle.

From the vertical perspective, this aspect should be clear. From the horizontal perspective of the current incarnation, mature and old souls have, however, much to chew on the current hostile living conditions that have been established and dictated by the majority of the young souls. The following videos discuss in an excellent didactic and vivid way the specific psycho-mental characteristics of the five soul ages and how they manifest in society (see also previous chapter):

Soul lives part 1

Soul lives part 2

Soul lives part 3

Soul lives part 4

2. The Energetic Influence of Jesus on the Incarnation History of the Earth

The history of mankind in the last 2,000 years was determined by the needs of young souls, who have been in the majority since then. They stepped up on the stage of history with the appearance of Jesus Christ, whose mission was to initiate the transgression of the child souls, who were at that time in the majority, into the cycle of the young soul (As I wrote in the previous chapter, I argue in this book from the conventional point of view and assume that Jesus really existed for the sake of simplicity on an otherwise very complex topic and deliberately neglect the fact that Jesus Christ is a myth, a Christian saga, based on the life of Apollonius of Tyana, who was a famous spiritual teacher in the Roman Empire and lived at the same time as Jesus was reported to have lived by the authors of the Gospels, whoever they were, at least one century, most likely two centuries later; see also below).

After his crucifixion, which was a near-death experience, he ascended and turned into a multidimensional personality. He had completed his Light Body Process already in his lifetime – hence the many healing miracles that he could perform thanks to his superior energy. Here I am referring to the Christian myth, which is energetically as real on earth as the true story of the two entities, Jeshua and Apollonius of Tyana, whose biographies were used by the Orion Empire to create the Christ myth as a composite in order to further dumb down Christian humanity. His crucifixion was only a stage play that was orchestrated by the astral realms to fulfill the predictions of the prophets in the Old Testament in order to impress the simple minds of the child souls in that era.

The tremendous impact of Jesus is neither related to his Crucifixion nor to the short period of time in which he preached. Also, he was not even very famous in his lifetime in his home country. His immense influence on the history of mankind, which continues to this day and brings many people into astonishment, is due to his energetic mission as a multidimensional personality after his crucifixion, which in its most intense phase lasted for about 400 years throughout the whole time of the Church synods. He became thus a transliminal soul. This term requires special consideration because it plays a major role in the upcoming Evolutionary Leap.

Jesus was an old soul in her last incarnation (7th level). He was the last soul of his soul family, his soul tribe (seven soul families), and his soul union (7×7 soul families). Most of the families of his soul union had already left the soul worlds of the 5th dimension, where the souls dwell while they are still in the cycle of reincarnation, and had united to new entities in the parent causal worlds. The termination of the reincarnation cycle of a soul family always ends up with the union of all souls to a new entity. This conversion takes place after a thorough assessment of the just completed incarnation cycle, which leads to a fusion of all incarnation experiences. The result is an enormous increase in the frequencies, which allows the entry of the soul family as a monad into the causal worlds (9th to 12th dimensions).

The causal worlds are an independent dimension of the 7F-creationary levels, which have a higher frequency than the energetic spectrum of the soul levels that are still involved in the reincarnation cycle in one or another form. The causal worlds are no longer so closely associated with the physical 3D space-time as is the case with the astral realms of the souls who are still in the cycle of reincarnation.

Nevertheless, the causal worlds send approximately every 2000 years a representative on the earth, pursuing an energetic mission. Jesus was such a representative. After his crucifixion, he could transform his body and bring it to the higher realms through transmogrification (cosmic ascension, transfiguration). He thus became a multidimensional personality. During this transformation, he could dissolve the boundaries of his earthly personality and consciousness, by being able to get access to the entire experience and knowledge of his soul and his soul tribe.

The knowledge and energy that he received from now on also contained spiritual elements from the causal worlds, which were alien to the soul family of Jesus and which he himself did not know in this form from his sojourns in the dream state in the astral worlds of the 5th dimension. The body of the human being with the name of Jesus became a vessel for the vast cosmic energies of the causal worlds, which could henceforth act as Christ Consciousness on earth.

The “Ascended Christ” became a transliminal soul, who was freed from the limitation of space and time. Such a soul is associated with the powerful energy of the King (7). In reality, a transliminal soul represents all seven energies that merge in the causal worlds.

Jesus was able to materialize and dematerialize at any location, and thus directly affect the people of the early Christian era. He could also very effectively exert his influence through telepathy and dreams on the protagonists of the early Christian church, such as Paul. The idea of ​​the “Holy Spirit” as a Miracle of Pentecost could be also attributed to this ubiquitous effect of Christ’s Consciousness.

The light gestalt Jesus was a transducer of the energies of the causal worlds, which he brought to the incarnated entities on earth with the help of his soul family, which had to wait in the astral realms for their final association and transition into the causal worlds as long as he still lingered on the ground. All of the so-called “saints” in the Church received his energetic influence as inspiration, wills, dreams, or visions. Jesus appeared to many people also directly in his crystalline light body.

Everyone who was touched by his energy was converted and opened up to cosmic love and the feeling of grace, which was until then known only theoretically but had not been practiced. The people could not distinguish Jesus from a mortal man.

The effect of a transliminal soul rests in the first place on her immediate astral energy transfer. The astral field of a multidimensional personality opens all the chakras of an incarnated entity who happens to be in her vicinity. This effect can be experienced by the person as ecstasy or a state of grace. The same effect can also be achieved by an astral energetic action at a distance, triggered by the causal worlds.

The so-called “spiritual enlightenment”, which plays a central role in the Christian religion and was experienced by some mystics and saints in the advanced soul age, is such an energetic process that leads to a temporary opening of all body chakras (see Chapter IX). In this way, the incarnated entity experiences a tremendous emotional stirring, which dissolves the boundaries of his psyche and mind.

A person in a state of spiritual epiphany is flooded by the astral forces of love, which stir him both emotionally and deeply sensually and remind him of his true existence as an immortal soul. During such an episode the earthly personality experiences a state of unconditional grace out of the realization that she is immortal as her soul and that her alleged enemies on earth are her soul sisters and brothers, with whom she is united in love forever.

In a word, the process of sudden spiritual enlightenment represents a massive withdrawal of amnesia. In this condition, human incarnated beings can dwell only for a short period of time at their current stage of energetic light body evolution because the astral energies that they receive during this epiphany are of immense intensity and may burn out their physical vessels. However, this event imprints in their minds lasting memories that transform their personality structure forever.

From this experience, the most important mystical and Christian Scriptures were written: they were mental efforts to put into words the indescribable. Even the Miracle of Pentecost was such a collective epiphany, in which the participants could suddenly remember their old incarnations and languages and recognise each other from previous lives (as is the case with many members of the PAT in the current End Time). The memory of such energetic experiences at the soul level is the stuff, from which religions arise and solidify to meaningless rituals thereafter.

The immediate energetic effect of a transliminal soul, which is the carrier of causal energies, corresponds thus to the energetic effect leading to epiphany and sudden enlightenment. Enlightenment is thus a pure energetic process and has nothing to do with religion. Religions are a possible anthropocentric interpretation of this holy experience. In this sense, it is not even holy because the concept of “holiness” is also an earthly one. From the perspective of the higher realms, there is neither holiness nor religious mysticism but just pure energy.

This is a very important finding because the Light Body Process can be described as an “enlightenment in installments”, where the true epiphany comes with the ascension and the blissful merging with the Source. This kind of cosmic experience cannot to be measured by earthly standards – it is infinitely more intense. The Light Body Process has, therefore, nothing to do with present-day Christianity – it only initiates its last act known as the “The Second Coming of Christ”.

The light body of a transliminal personality is immortal and needs no food or sex. Because of its high-frequency vibrations, it may not be visible to everyone. The energy of a transliminal soul who presents herself as a human being relieves the anxiety of those present and accelerates their energetic transformation. In her presence, the incarnated souls come in touch with the state of sudden spiritual enlightenment, which is associated with a temporary lifting of amnesia. This ability is exhibited only by some adult and most old souls.

The energy of a transliminal soul is perceived by all young and immature souls as extremely disturbing and unpleasant because it strengthens the internal discords in their characters. That is why dark entities hate light. Such souls cannot directly benefit from the energetic effect of a transliminal soul.

For this reason, a group of adepts is formed around her, who translate and dilute the impact and the teaching of the transliminal soul in a verbal form, which can be understood and received by younger souls. In this sense, a transliminal soul acts on earth as a multidimensional personality. In this case, the circle of adepts represents her personal multidimensionality, which can truly unfold only in the higher astral realms.

The question of whether each multidimensional personality is also a transliminal soul, i.e. also carries energies of the causal worlds, can not be answered definitely at this point. My intuition tells me that there can be multidimensional personalities, who are exempt from the restrictions of space and time both on Earth and in the astral worlds without the support of energies from the causal worlds. Ultimately, such a distinction is irrelevant because all systems are U-sets of All-That-Is.

3. Reasons for the Evolutionary Leap and the Light Body Process

What are the consequences of this discussion for the upcoming Evolutionary Leap of mankind?

The Light Body Process that currently applies to all incarnated souls in one way or another causes an increase in the body frequencies, corresponding to the soul age and as encoded in the soul plan for this incarnation.

Mature and old souls are much more advanced in their soul evolution than the rest of the population and will experience the Light Body Process directly. Baby, child and young souls, whose bodies are surrounded by dense low-frequency layers, will experience the Light Body Process primarily as a fundamental shift in values. This mental shift is accompanied by a slow degradation of the densest layers of fear. These layers have been substantially removed in all old souls (indigo and crystalline children). As they vibrate with higher frequencies, they can absorb the energies of the Light Body Process, which is a continuous frequency increase, much better and transform much faster their carbon-based bodies into crystalline light bodies.

The process is individual and there may be deviations from this rule. New blockages can be introduced or old ones reinforced by negative mental attitudes (fear) towards the process that can bring it to a halt. Such persons must then finish their incarnation earlier, e.g., die from various diseases and will try it again at a later date.

The Light Body Process is a central energetic phenomenon of the Evolutionary Leap of mankind on Earth, which includes yet other far-reaching cosmic energetic processes that have occurred intensively since 1987. In 1999, all people on the ground were at least in the third stage of the Light Body Process, which can be divided for didactic purposes into twelve sequential steps (stages), although these steps occur simultaneously in reality and have no practical significance. Ascension is only possible after completion of the 11th stage of the Light Body Process (footnote 1).

For further details on the subject, I recommend the channeled book “What is Lightbody” by Tashira Tachi-ren, which contains a popular technical introduction to this process. Unfortunately, the psychic and somatic aspects of the Light Body Process, which, in my experience, come to the fore and present the greatest hurdles to the person involved, are not discussed in this short description. These clinical aspects should be elaborated individually in discussions with advanced personalities (as was the case with the members of the PAT on this website eleven years later. Actually, this book is no longer relevant as the energetic advancements that the PAT brought about for Gaia and humanity are so profound that they changed the energetic situation on the earth forever. This website is a seamless chronicle of the planetary and individual ascension process since 2011 and is unique in the world literature.).

It must be clearly said at this place that only old souls, who are at the seventh level of their old soul cycle and are in their last incarnation, will acquire the ability to terminate the current incarnation with a cosmic ascension. According to rough estimates, there are currently about two to five million old souls at the 7th level who are incarnated on earth, out of which only a fraction has achieved the biological age to ascend over the next ten years (From the summer of 2001, when the book was finished, to 2012, when the first wave of ascension candidates, essentially the PAT, indeed ascended to 5D during the stargate 12.12.12 – 12.21.12. Therefore, this was a fairly good prediction at that time.).

The Apocalypse (Greek: appearance, revelation) of the Evolutionary Leap will be initiated with the first ascension of a suitable person. In the Bible, this process is been announced as the “Second Coming of Christ” (Greek: parousia). This person will be a transliminal soul and will exert his mission on earth as a representative of the causal worlds. His appearance will trigger a mental revolution on the collective level and a fundamental paradigm shift in society.

The materialistic doctrine of evolution will be rejected as false and the priority of Spirit over matter will be ultimately accepted. Science, religion, philosophy and ethics will plunge into their greatest crisis of identity in the modern history of mankind. Old beliefs of popular pseudo-scientific character will be quickly abandoned and replaced by the new Weltanschauung of the theory of the Universal Law. Old patterns of behavior that are rather difficult to change are already “gasping thin air” and engender many individual tragedies.

As our material world is a mirror image of our ideas, it will collapse in the wake of this paradigm shift and will be replaced with new social forms and norms (outside as inside, inside as outside). In particular, the current economic and political order will come to an end. The physical principles, such as government, finance, production and power monopolies, competition, state separation, etc., upon which present-day society is based, will be replaced by truly spiritual principles.

It is easy to perceive that these changes will affect primarily the young souls, which will be transformed by the Ascension of the first multidimensional personality in the cycle of the adult soul.

The population of the young souls has established a set of collective beliefs and dogmas, which are represented with conviction by both politicians and business leaders, as well as by their henchmen in science and culture. Since these beliefs, with the exception of a few outsiders, are not yet called into question by the general public  – the power position of the young souls in the society takes care of this – they will be recognized as false only after the official appearance of the new transliminal soul will take place.

The new transliminal personality will demonstrate the energetic possibilities of the soul, such as teleportation, bilocation, telepathy, energetic healing, overcoming of space and time, and simultaneous existence in multiple dimensions, etc. Many young souls will, however, refuse to accept the true nature of human existence and will leave this world prematurely. The others will radically change their worldview and will begin to open to the influences of the soul.

This delimitation of consciousness is always accompanied by a disillusionment with the current state of affairs, which implies the collapse of social structures that were built by young souls and designated only for their limited needs. No structure can last much longer as soon as the people begin to question it collectively, because it lacks the spiritual force that maintains it as a matrix in the 3D or any other higher dimensional reality.

The outer world is only a projection of the inner-soul dimension. As outer reality and inner world are intertwined in a closed loop so that the inner images are projected outwards and materialize as preconceived reality, which in its turn determines human consciousness, any inner spiritual transformation of humanity is always associated with an external one. For many, who cling to old ideas, this conversion will take the form of an apocalypse, whereas the negative connotation of this word will be actually experienced as individual disaster.

People, who can hardly wait for this change and affirm its necessity (as the members of the PAT do), will experience the onset of the Evolutionary Leap as the ecstatic event, which it really is. Those “On the Eve” (Turgenev’s novel) of the Flood, who will be tormented and paralysed by their angst, will experience this inner reality as an external cataclysmic crisis.

This psychological dichotomy in human expectations will temporarily split the destiny of mankind. This important process at the End Time is explicitly predicted in the New Testament:

“For as they ate and drank in the days before the flood, marrying and giving in marriage, … until the flood came and swept all away: so it will be with the coming of the Son of God. Then shall two be in the field: the one is taken away, the other is left behind. Two men shall be grinding at the mill,… One will be taken away, the other will be left behind. (Matthew 24, 38-41).

What changes will the mature souls experience in this process? To understand this, one must keep in mind the needs of the adult soul cycle. While the young soul usually enjoys robust health, the experience of the fragility and transience of the human biological body is reserved to the mature soul, who now has the courage to explore the existential limits of this fear-laden reality.

This finding shows all too clearly that diseases are by no means a technical failure of the body, such as currently assumed in medicine, but deliberate experience of the soul. In general, dis-eases are an expression of mental fears, which are not perceived by the mind directly and must for this reason manifest at the somatic level. They are a learning tool of the soul, with which she trains the human mind and psyche so that they can in turn benefit and grow from this valuable experience with fear-laden human conditions.

For this reason, a chronic disease can be cured completely only when the ​​mentality of the entity changes and the lesson, anchored in the soul plan, is adequately learned. While the adult soul is confronted with her illness, she learns to deal with her fears and to cope with them in a sovereign manner.

The young soul is spared as a rule from such experiences because she is not ready to be confronted with her inner fears. In this area, the ​​free will of the human is endowed with a wide margin of choices that can be reduced to two fundamental alternatives – the incarnated entity can only consciously, or subconsciously, decide to experience the state of health or disease. The indicator is in both cases the level of fear, which is projected at the somatic level and manifests as a dis-ease.

For this reason, many mature souls are currently experiencing an increase and accumulation of various diseases that afflict these people literally “out of the blue”, so that they can be drawn out of the usual “human traffic”. The adult soul is anxious to finish in a timely fashion with her karmic tasks in the area of the physical body before the actual Evolutionary Leap will take place and thus gain valuable experiences that will allow her to enter the cycle of the old soul with completely different requirements.

These diseases have a dual function: firstly, they are part of the soul plan, secondly, the “sick” people get the social rectification to remove themselves from work and daily duties at home and start reflecting on themselves and the world around, so that they can prepare mentally for the impending Evolutionary Leap. Also, they are given the opportunity to overcome their deep-seated fears and mentally strengthen their psyche. This has a positive effect on the Light Body Process. Unfortunately, many mature souls do not recognize this experience as an opportunity and try to deliberately prevent their spiritual growth in the course of this process, by stubbornly clinging to their old habitual hallucinations.

The old souls are long on the spiritual path of evolution. Many old souls (indigo), who are currently also biologically old (over 50), are pioneers of the Evolutionary Leap. They have served humanity in its darkest period since World War II by tacitly supporting the transformation of Gaia and humanity with their high-frequency energetic fields. Many of these star seeds have made their way in full solitude.

Their contributions cannot be properly appreciated from an earthly point of view. This is only possible in the disembodied state in the astral realms. Some of them are at the end of their physical powers and are slowly losing faith in the long-awaited change. Such persons will benefit most from this Gnosis, which they should discuss together. Being in the company of like-minded old souls will give them courage and raise their frequencies so that they can experience the official beginning of this process with the First Ascension.

(This scenario, predicted by myself 18 years ago in 2001, was realized in 2011 when I connected the members of the PAT around this website and together we opened the stargate 11.11.11 that guaranteed the success of the planetary ascension and that of part of humanity, which was rather uncertain before that.)

The first person to ascend will be a multidimensional personality and a transliminal soul. He will assimilate the earthly experiences and achievements of mankind and combine them into a new teaching that is congruent with the Spirit of the 7F-creationary realms. Earthly Weltanschauung must be brought into harmony with the cosmic Spirit. This adjustment will take some time and will occur in several waves.

The first major transformation, which can also be described as a soul orgasm, is expected to take place between 2008-2012. The concept of orgasm is not chosen arbitrarily. During this time, emotional pleasure and physical pain will blend into a new energetic condition that will open human consciousness in a flash to new realities. Like every orgasm, it will be accompanied by after-tremors, which will trigger a quick, unimaginable radical transformation of human society from today’s point of view.

(Indeed, the worst heavy-duty cleansing of human darkness occurred between 2007 and 2012 when the light warriors of the first and the last hour, essentially the PAT, ascended to 5D during the opening of the stargate 12.12.12 -12.21.12 and then decided to return back on 3D earth as avatars, still in a physical vessel, as to save humanity that was in its deepest slumber. Then end of 2013, my dual Elohim soul Amora and I created the new earth – Gaia-5 – as discussed in this chronicle.)

The new transliminal personality will be the founder of the new “Golden Age” (the epoch of Aquarius), just like Jesus was the founder of the Christian era (Epoch of Pisces), which is now coming to an end. The new era will thus be post-Christian. For this reason, the appearance of this personality will have tremendous repercussions on the original Christian drama that will take place in several acts.

The “new Christ” will actually be an “Antichrist”, at least from the perspective of organized religions, because he will demonstrate that any spiritual communion with God, that is to say, with the individual soul and the Spirit worlds can never be regulated through an organized institution, but should be an intimate dialogue with the inner voice of personal truth. As part of the Light Body Process, he will instruct the people in dealing with their souls.

The new evolving individual spirituality of the young souls, who have just entered the cycle of the adult soul, will help them to easily escape the organizational enclosure of present-day religions that they needed in the past for their spiritual development as a guide or friction surface. The organized religious communities will be renounced by the new spiritual people peacefully and without rancor, not like the atheists in the past. The old religions will be simply stripped off by the people like an old, too-small straitjacket. In this way, the current organized religions will quickly collapse and disappear from the scene.

The same applies to empirical science, which is the more important system of knowledge today that determines people’s lives significantly. This fundamentally wrong cognitive system will be replaced forever by the new Pantheory and Gnosis of the Universal Law. The sweeping consequences that will result from this spiritual reshuffling will be beyond the confines of today’s human comprehension. They are a central theme of all my scientific and gnostic works.

Only after the first act of the paradigm shift has taken place, will more people from the close environment of the transliminal soul be also able to ascend. The dissolution of the body and the earthly personality and her merging with the soul and the soul family, often referred to as an Oversoul, evokes in the old soul in her last incarnation a new fear. In the course of her long cycle of reincarnation, she has been accustomed so much to the physical vessel and earthly life that at the end of her last incarnation she feels a new fear of jumping into the disembodied state of her new normal multidimensional existence in the higher realms.

Many souls, who will ascend, will not return to the earth but can opt to merge with the other soul siblings and continue their journey into the causal worlds. They will support the Earth during its transformation period as pure energy.

Other old souls, who will follow the example of the first ascended personality will return on the earth and will serve to humanity in this difficult period of transition as spiritual leaders, connected in unconditional love with it. Their sacrifice will be the actual return to earth in a crystalline light body, for a soul who has finished her cycle of reincarnation wishes nothing more intimately than the reunion with her soul brothers and sisters and the transition to the fear-free causal worlds.

These so-called “Ascended Masters” will coordinate as multidimensional personalities the transition of humanity to new dimensions. They will introduce new technologies on the earth that will be implemented by the masses of young and mature souls and will show to the people new spiritual ways of social life. They will ensure a more or less smooth transformation of the present humanity to a community based on love.

For this reason, they will replace the helpless and hapless representatives of the old structures, such as politicians and business leaders (footnote 2). The new Ascended Masters will be able to handle the new structures of humanity without major cataclysms; they will coordinate the efficient allocation of human resources in the new technologies and social forms, which they will transmit and supervise. The paramount goal of this harmonious cooperation will be to overcome the schism of mankind in almighty Ascended Masters and alleged “mortals” without great social conflicts to the benefit of all mankind.

The new spiritual human being, who will live in harmony with his soul and cosmic Spirit and will act in love and in constructive interference with both, will renounce the present fear-driven power structures of the national state because they will only hinder him in his spiritual evolution. Like all religions, the national state will also be dismantled like an old shirt – it will implode and vanish from the New Earth.

The new Man of Spirit (Geistmensch) (footnote 3) will prefer to live in small communities with like-minded people in the country. These communities will be completely self-sufficient due to the new technologies, that is to say, they will have a decentralized, efficient energy supply based on the new energies of the 7F-creationary realms. The new Man of Spirit will organize agriculture in a completely new way, in the knowledge that man is only temporary on this planet and that he cannot own the land of this holy Earth but only use it as a responsible caretaker for his nourishment. Thus the land will be taken away from the “wicked tenants” and will be given to the “good tenants” as it goes in the famous Jesus parable about the current wicked tenants (Matthew, 21, 33-46).

New environmentally friendly, post-industrial technologies based on bio-agricultural products will be introduced and developed. The infrastructure on the territory of the commune will be established by consensus of its members and in cooperation with neighboring municipalities and will be managed in the spirit of the highest common good. The municipalities will communicate via the Internet or a novel-term network and exchange information on the know-how of the new technologies and products directly and in an altruistic manner. There will no longer be patents or monopolies, as all technologies provided by the higher astral realms will be available to the entire humanity. Each municipality will efficiently carry out its own medical treatment on the basis of new bio-energetic therapies. In a largely free-of-fear, enlightened society of Men of Spirit, the spectrum of diseases will change significantly and will diminish dramatically.

Within a municipality, money will be abolished as superfluous. Between the communes, local exchange of goods will be organized on the basis of a very simple, transparent numerical clearing system that will exclude fraud and corruption. Banks and other financial intermediary, profit-oriented structures will cease to exist. The people may decide to pay voluntary tax for charitable projects between municipalities. The national state will be abolished because of its numerous redundant and inefficient institutions. The production efficiency will increase enormously as only meaningful activities will be performed. The work will be fun. People will have plenty of time for spiritual activities.

The new individual consciousness will be all-planetary (new word) and every individual will feel connected with the needs of all humanity. This high level of personal responsibility will make the need for written laws and their enforcement unnecessary. Misconduct will be treated with love, knowing fully well that the individual soul needs this experience and, being a co-creator of the new earth, cannot be sanctioned by any human law whatsoever. The current jurisdiction, which is a product of the predominant young souls and their mentality, is based on their archetypal agnostic and, therefore, distorted view of crime and punishment and will be abolished forever.

That the subject of “Crime and Punishment” (a novel by Dostoevsky) is predominant in the mentality of the majority of young souls, is proven in an exemplary manner in the selection of plots in modern movies. The vast majority of films, especially Hollywood productions, deal in recent decades only with judicial dramas, violent crime (detective stories, shockers), brutal vigilante justice (Western, action-thrillers, etc), where the judiciary fails regularly and primitive reckless justice is imposed at the expense of senseless, highly destructive brutal actions, while these actions are located in the present (social drama) or in the future (science fiction). Both the motives (greed, egotism, competition, lack of love, mental aberrations and psychic perversions, inclination to violence, etc.), and the actions of the protagonists (violent crime, all sorts of destructive activities) reflect almost exclusively the world view of the young soul – the world, in which she mentally lives and feels very comfortable. How should we otherwise explain the success of such Hollywood “blockbusters”? Such debased topics are projections of the most fundamental fears of the young souls, where the future is regularly shown as an even more horrible and exaggerated version of their present obnoxious features.

For example, there is virtually no films that deal in a serious way with gnostic themes without putting human violence in the foreground. In addition, all the filmmakers lack the appropriate artistic means to treat these matters in an adequate manner. The few films that deal “seriously” with scientific topics, such as presenting biographies of famous scientists, are bursting with embarrassing naivety, what science is and, above all, what knowledge really means. Such movies are a mirror image of the agnostic primitive nature of the young soul, who does not care at all about true knowledge.

The comprehension that every incarnated soul chooses her various mundane experiences free from any sin and only in accordance with the cosmic law of karmic balance – a point of view that Jesus wanted to establish on earth in vain with his alleged crucifixion – will slowly, but surely, prevail after the Evolutionary Leap of mankind.

These processes will be completed in the New Earth within the time span of an average human life so that most of the readers will still enjoy and participate in these transforming events (Here I have in mind the transition period on the new 5D Earth after 2012, although I refrained at that time from speaking about “mass ascension” as not to scare my readers, who would have considered me a crazy person. In 2001 the idea of mass ascension in 2012 was not even a topic in the New Age movement and even when I published my English book “The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction” on the Internet in 2010, there was outrageous indignation and a lot of disbelief with respect to this Ascension scenario among most light workers, which has become in the meantime an accepted outcome by all channels and esoteric sources.)


1. Even when the twelve steps (stages) of the Light Body Process presented in this book discuss important and necessary transformations in the psychological, mental and somatic areas, I can confirm this classification for my part only to a very limited extent. It is first and foremost of limited practical value because of the immense intensity of the astral waves, entering the biological body and transforming it fundamentally; the latter are coupled with unbearable somatic hardships that are not discussed at all in this small book. Since most people, who are affected as old souls in one way or another, are just at the beginning of their Light Body Process when the psycho-mental realignment of the personality with the Higher Self stands in the foreground, there is a tendency in esoteric circles to resort to diminution and purposeful beautification of this incredibly difficult process (“Love and Light illusion” of the New Age) as to lull their fears in front of the upcoming hardships. I fear that many light workers will have a rude awakening when they fully enter the Light Body Process (which is exactly what happened in the following years after 2001 and in particular in the last several years after we opened the heart chakras of the second and third waves of ascension candidates and are now opening the masses, as I could experience it first hand).

2. One should only consider the frantic responses out of pure anxiety by the elite in Western countries to the recent terrorist attack in New York City (9/11) from this perspective. The resorting to brute force abroad and to restrictive, undemocratic measures inside these countries is symptomatic of the reaction of the collective – political and medial – ego of the young souls to the onset of global confusion, which will increase even more in the coming years. The brutal violence and despicable comments, with which the conformist media and politicians attacked the few isolated thoughtful voices of some intellectuals, is a symptom of the pathologically increased angst of these young souls, who feel slowly, but unmistakably, that they have nothing, absolutely nothing “under control” anymore.

3.  The term “Geistmensch” (man of spirit) was first introduced by Rudolf Steiner, although he used it in a rather vague and ambiguous manner. One can interpret R. Steiner and the numerous influential esotericists at the beginning of the 20th century as heralds of the Evolutionary Leap and the Light Body Process. This penultimate incarnation wave of old souls prepared the ground for the actual Ascension process. At all times, there have been medially gifted people, who have kept human esoteric knowledge alive according to their individual and social maturity.


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