State-of-Ascension-Report-38: The Ascension Scenario After 11.11.11

On-Line Reports from Members of PAT And First Ascension Wave Candidates;

Report-38, December 7, 2011

Four Visions of PAT Members For The End Time:

December 6, 2011

Hello George:

Below is the transmission that I received this morning. It is, I think, very much in keeping with the advice I received three years ago with respect to, “It is in the hands of the Sun.”

As December 10th is upon us, I am hoping to have this information verified. In the meantime, as I have always expressed to any interested, “Please take what you can and leave the rest.” I have not edited this transmission in any way and send as it is with the hope that you will find something of value for yourself and Starseeds everywhere.


Dear B. (Navigator),

Thank you very much for sending me this message as discussed with you in the last days. It strongly resonates with me. The images from the Arctic meteorological station, which I showed in one of my last reports, on the birthing of the new sun around November 30 -December 1  are confirmed by this message once more. It is obvious that the splitting of the two suns, respectively the birth of a new sun for the ascending earth, will ultimately lead to the splitting of the two earths in the course of the magnetic pole reversal.

I have also published several reports from readers of this website (see also in this report below) that the moon is in a process of visible change. Joana from Berlin wrote to me that one can see the clouds behind it, which points to the announced hole of the moon in this message. However we must admit that we do not know exactly what is happening with the moon at present.

As the moon is not a sentient being, it is obvious that it cannot be taken to the 5th dimension and must be removed one way or the other from the ascending earth A. Most probably, it will stay with the catastrophic earth B, about which is also mentioned in this message. This artificial satellite will deepen the physicality of the degraded planet B and will increase the separation of the remaining human entities from the Source.

It has always been my physical understanding that it is the proton stream from the sun that creates the 3d-space-time of this solar system and in particular of the earth. In this case, it is a conditio sine qua non that the earth can only ascend to the higher dimension if it is supported by a new sun that will emit new fifth-dimensional energies, which may no longer be dependent on the current proton stream.

But this is already transcendental physics and I do not want to delve into theoretical speculations now, although this is a very exciting field. I only want to confirm at this place the key statement in this message, namely, that the activity of the sun will be the determining factor when the magnetic pole shift/reversal of earth will occur and when Gaia will definitely ascend to the 5th dimension. This will also determine the time of our ascension. It seems to be pretty soon, if we believe this message.

Thank you very much for forwarding this important information to me to publish it for the members of the PAT.

In love and light

1. Navigator’s Message, December 6, 2011

Wild-eyed and bushy-tailed is the expression we will use to begin this narrative of the energies/times/space you find yourself in at this precise moment in 3D linearity.

The Sun is birthing her twin and it will soon become obvious especially when the lunar eclipse occurs on December 10, 2011. This eclipse is meant as a sign/confirmation to sky-watchers that nothing is quite the same as it was since the 11-11-11.

The intelligence/joy/desire of Life is to reproduce itself and in some cases, as in your plant kingdom, that reproduction is many thousands of times extracted from a single fruit. The Sun, we will say is fruitful, and without your Sun, and our Sun, and all Suns in the Universe no fruit would produce. Quite simple, yes, but quite profound when one realizes that in her own fruition, your Sun completes Earth’s fruition.

This splitting of the Sun is going to be difficult to prove to those who do not have the eyes to see it. In other words, yes, vibrationally some will see this, some will not. Those who can see it will verify and realize that it will take one year for the Sun to complete her fruition, again in linear time. Those who are unable to see the twinning of the Sun will find themselves ensconced safely onto an Earth with which they are familiar, which is to say the facsimile of the one on which you find yourself this day.

The Earth is in the Sun’s keeping, so it can safely be said that once the Sun has birthed her twin, or her baby if you prefer, the Earth will acknowledge by fully accepting and cradling this new Sun. In gratitude for the Sun’s gift of herself to your planet, the planet will respond by thoroughly cleansing herself and within less time than a twinkling of the eye, she will become renewed.

Planet Earth cannot come into the dimensional galactic community until she carries within herself the frequency of those dimensions in which we find ourselves, and this increase in frequency comes with the birthing of her Sun. We know this, because we have experienced it. Remember, we have two Suns in the Bootes Galaxy.

Now, it is true that at the same time as this is accomplished, all planets will be renewed. This is not simply an Earth cleansing, but a cleansing of the complete form of God/Goddess. He/she, you might say, are bathing their baby, too. The Universe is their creation and they are in it much as you find your parental heritage in your own lifeblood.

Separation is still rampant on Planet Earth and that is as it should be. One’s child cannot return home until it learns the truth of matter. Matter is not an illusion. Matter is the created form of the God/Goddess. Those who would tell you that matter is an illusion understand that only because all matter vibrates and therefore is not solid. This, of course, is true, but it does not follow that therefore matter is an illusion.

In the past few years the Starseeds, through their own choosing prior to arrival on Earth, have been exposed to every theory under the Sun, an apt expression here, in order to finally winnow out for themselves what is truth in form and what is truth in spirit. The combining of those two into a cleansed and rejuvenated vessel is the goal. This requires the cooperation and input of the ego. Again, a theory abounds that ego must be killed in order to participate in this adventure of rebirth. That theory is not only misleading, it is dangerous. Ego must be tamed, we will suggest, but not killed.

You are near now, but it is with reluctance that we say that until your frequency is such, and this can only now be reached through the birthing/twinning of the Sun, you will be stuck in 3D. Please remember that you chose this mission and it is nearing completion.

So many theories have been put forward as to what to expect and only of this are we sure, that there will be an Earth free of dark, however, it is likely that it will be a revised version of the one upon which you find yourself now. 

And don’t forget to Watch for the hole in the moon!”


December 4, 2011

Dear Brewster,

I read your letter to the end, but I still do not know what information your h.s. (higher self) has given to you. You get lost in your “stream of consciousness” (Virginia Wolf).

Of course my h.s. has played “shabarnack” (tricks) with me on numerous occasions in the past, but after that I always knew why. This last postponement had nothing to do with me or anybody else, but with serious problems at the highest level of cosmic coordination and we have to carry the burden on our shoulders – it is as simple as that and I do not need to ask my h.s all the time with respect to my personal destiny. When my higher self will know it, I will know it too. At present it is a mess in the higher realms and nobody knows anything.


2. Brewster’s Higher Self Speaks:

Well, I was letting you know what I went through in the process, just to jump start this delivery of information.

Who’s afraid of Virginia Wolf? I’ve actually gotten quite a bit on this.

I’d already told you some of this, but I get little extra details now and again. It confirms your insight on this for the most part, on the important things, the overall plan. Things are still fluctuating and can change any time, of course. Am I hearing this properly? I guess so. This is a lot of information for me and this is not the usual type of information that I receive. Mine is usually very personal, but I guess this information has now become more personal to me (and us all) at this time. If you share, I’d love to know how this resonates with you and others.

What I’ve gotten is that the magnetic field collapse and pole shift is the big thing. My h.s. says that the order of the financial collapse around that is not all that important and that there is not that much control over the exact timing of these things from us or the higher realms anyway.

So, the first thing that is the ultimate cause and timing of the magnetic field collapse and pole shift is the galactic alignments.

Gaia has some influence over this timing. She can hold it off a bit, but only to a point, then it’s too much.

We on the ground are just holding light now, not really bringing in other energies and there is nothing more to clear from the earth since 11/11/11 and Gaia moved to 5D (mostly).

Our higher selves are just monitoring closely. They want to keep us here as long as they can, so that we hold the light levels up for the masses.  But when it happens, those of us ascending at this time go pronto and other higher selves hold and update their humans’ memories.

My h.s. does not think that the financial collapse will happen before the magnetic field collapse. I’m pretty sure this says something for how soon it expects the magnetic field collapse. I get that about ~ 90 % of earth human higher selves are in agreement as to this order of events. The fact that another ~ 10 % don’t agree may show how close these two events are to each other.

Like you’ve commented, it’s not that big of a deal in either direction on what order. The learning opportunity you speak of concerning the financial collapse can happen after the pole shift also. The financial collapse has its own inertia and will happen when it does. Because of the memory loss / updates of the pole shift, whatever is necessary for people to learn about the truth of what’s been going on behind the scenes – globally, galactically and personally at subconscious levels – will be implanted in their memories for conscious awareness, but that may not be an immediate conscious awareness. I get that it will be like a dream, where you don’t always recall your dream as soon as you awake, but perhaps several hours later. (I’m not saying this will be measured in hours.)

As far as fear goes, the learning of the truth of things will be the most shocking, regardless of the order of events. Of course different people will embrace different parts of the truth. For example, some will be better with the truth about the global cabal, others better with ETs, etc. Some will face their own wounds better than others. Some will better embrace the truth of their own future creative potential than others.

My h.s. feels the financial collapse itself will be less scary, if it happens after the pole shift because people will more likely know that the financial collapse is going to happen, why it needs to and they’ll more readily embrace it. They’ll also be more likely to cooperate with each other to do what is necessary for survival when no one is exchanging money. I understand Earth / Gaia is in agreement on that assessment, so she is not presently trying to hold off the pole shift.

My h.s. does not feel that the pole shift itself will cause much outward / physical catastrophe. It may be far less damage than what earth changes have caused just in this last year. This is more inner opportunities.

My h.s. feels that any physical pole shift (rectification of the physical earth’s axis) will come later, but still within this next year. 

So, these events are in this order – ascensions happening just before or at pole shift, AMs will return fairly soon to present themselves to the world, then they will introduce ETs and ITs, who will all be involved in introducing any new technologies. The timing of the financial collapse in all that really doesn’t matter.

My h.s. does not agree with you on your thoughts on the moon though. It was not put into place by the Annunaki, but a very long time ago. It’s position has played a major role in starting and evolving life on Earth. It was closer at one time to encourage the start of cellular level life-forms. It was set up to ever so slowly but surely get a little further away, which later encouraged higher life forms.

Any control usage of the moon by the Annunaki / Orions / PTBs was due to anything they’d set up on the moon, but not to do with the moon itself or its presence.  Like you said George, the base there was taken over by the humans with some GF help. So the PTB control from there is no longer.

I understand that the moon will still be the Earth’s companion in 5D.  My h.s. sees no need for its removal or destruction.  As a side-note – I get that gravity is not really a higher dimensional thing and it’s not like how conventional science views it anyway.  I get that gravity has to do with things being this dense. (Does any / all of that resonate with you?)

The moon’s dimensional shift is a different thing than what the Earth has had to go through. It’s more of a nuts and bolts kind of dimensional move as it’s not a sentient being like Earth but a big “tin can” or space-craft-type thing. Any life forms on the moon will be moved off before it is moved.

Like I said, I’m very curious to hear feedback. I’m fine with being completely or partly wrong.

And btw, I did not ask for this much information when this all started. I just had some mundane level things to tend to / decide on very soon, so that’s what prompted this and yet, like I said, since I got my h.s. talking, it’s really bringing some information / confirmation now.

Dear Brewster,

finally I have you where I wanted you to be – this is excellent information and I will have to analyse it very carefully and publish it in the next report as this one of today has been already finalized and sent to the webmaster.

Only one small comment. I may have not been quite precise. I know that the moon was not created by the Anunnaki as they are not capable of this huge job, but they positioned it at the present orbit to dumb down humanity. As you write, depending on the moon’s position one can achieve different results on earth.

In love and light
OK, fine on the moon thing. Hair-splitting anyway.

And I’m right here because I was going to tell you more in hindsight. I see that all of this is really pointing to very soon, and like someone said, that’s soon in mundane level terms, not higher realm we’ve-got-all-the-time-in-existence time.

Initially I think my h.s. didn’t want to bother me with the dirty details because it would be soon. But lower level me was really gun-shy about “soon” and “close” since I’d heard that many delays / months ago. Some of what I needed to decide on could limp along for weeks, but months is pushing it and if I do need to deal with it, sooner would be better than later.

Then, once I got my h.s. talking, I think it changed its attitude to, “Why have I NOT been answering your questions? There’s no reason for me not to.”

I was a bit surprised by all this information, mostly because I’m just getting my receiver back to levels that it was at before the most intense part of my LBP started last year. Yes, I hope this helps and I look forward to more feedback from others.

L & L.

Dear Brewster,

after reading your information once again very carefully and checking it with my h.s., I can confirm that it fully coalesces with my perception. The fact that the magnetic pole shift/reversal may come first and the collapse shortly thereafter tells us two things:

1) It will not be very catastrophic as you have also confirmed and

2) it will come rather soon as the financial collapse is imminent.

As the pole shift will not lead to huge and massive material disruptions, the consequences from the financial and economic collapse will  be still perceived as man-made and this will lead to new forms of local economies based on barter systems, as was the case in Eastern Europe for many years. Nothing new to me, as I have lived under such conditions, where scarcity was the norm.

That our ascension will take place with the pole shift is beyond any doubt. You also confirm that we are now held on earth only to keep the light quotient for humanity, but we are no longer needed for Gaia to ascend as she has done this move already.

In fact, all your key forecasts fully coalesce with my predictions and feelings. However, I do not see that the pole reversal will take place this year, prior to Christmas, but next year, most probably in the first quarter.

Some of us will show up around springtime and prepare humanity for the arrival of the GF for late summer. The splitting of the two timelines will begin after the shift, so that we will not participate in the economic calamities thereafter. We will pave the way for many others, who will also not experience this catastrophic timeline, but slowly enter the New Age reality.

This is all for now. Thank you once again for your excellent feedback.

December 5, 2011

Dear Shinzhi Rumi,

Thank you very much for sharing these powerful and very expressive visionary pictures during your meditations. I must admit that I myself have seldom such kind of visions, but some of the symbols which you present are familiar to me at the intellectual level as well as from my dreams,

As you know, oral or written language is a dilution of spiritual energy and a poor substitute for it. No matter how vivid your descriptions are, and I must say explicitly at this place that you are a master of human (English) language, these images must be carried by the accompanying emotions during their creation as to unfold their full power. And in this case you are the only one to feel them and to connect with your visionary perceptions, thus entering their hidden semantics and true meaning.

In this case I, myself, and probably most of the readers are dependent on your subjective interpretation at the rational level. Your last conclusions and clarifications point to a major cataclysmic event which can only be the magnetic pole reversal. This outcome emerges stronger and stronger these days in the imagination of most of the readers of this website, as they communicate it to me in their emails (see also next report-37).

I will publish these visions of yours in the next report as I am sure that they will stimulate the imagination of the readers, so that they may also come forward with similar visionary perceptions.

In love and light

3. The Vision of the German Shaman

Here a quick update of my “Red Dragon” vision series!

Shinzhi Rumi

(1) The Desert Initiation

On my journey through the desert, an eagle passed me by to my right. On the road in front of me stood a shaman. To his right a crevice led to a cave; to his left came up a sudden sandstorm. The sun shone through the storm and surrounded the shaman’s body. The powerful wind drove me into the cave, underground.

I discovered a subterranean Anasazi village. They greeted me warmly. The shaman said, “I got a present for you” and gave me a mandragora. He called it ukuchina. “Ukuchina is a very powerful spirit. He shows you the secrets of the underworld and the secrets which people hide in their own underworld. Call upon him. He shall come.”

[In Kichwa language, “uku” refers to the subterranean realms, while the verbal suffix “-china” means “to turn into.” Thus, “ukuchina” could be roughly translated as, “to turn outside in/upside down”, just like a pole shift. The reason for referring a Kichwa term to me in this vision, is because I lived among Kichwa shamans in the Amazon.]

I enquired about the white magician and his gang (my antagonists in the Wild West world). I wanted to know why he became “evil.” The shaman replied, “Don’t just try to understand him. FEEL him!” Immediately I saw the white magician in front of me, surrounded by a huge scorpion, a massive black spider, and aggressive rattlesnakes. The magician let himself fall into a pitch black abyss, trying to pull me down with him. I saw a black house, symbolic of his soul, a black hole, into which he sucks other souls through shock.

The shaman started singing and returned me back to “reality” lest I get sucked in by the white magician. He said, “He’s heavy, isn’t he. There is nothing you can do against him on your own. You shall need heavy backup. Let’s conduct a ceremony to show you the way.”

We then proceeded into a kiwa, where all men and boys of the tribe had gathered. We smoked tobacco and drank peyotl in a circle. The men started drumming and singing, louder and louder; at the same time, all the women and girls were joining in, sitting in their own separate kiwa nearby, drumming and singing. Both the men’s and the women’s songs interweaven like Shipibo sound carpets.

A blue-white essence evaporated from the men. We were all connected like spokes to the Wheel of Life. A fire burnt in the middle of the kiwa, the flames grew bigger and wilder in sync with the drums and chants. Then a massive red dragon opened its huge jaws and tried to rise from the fire. But some stronger force restrained him, and in agony he collapsed back into the fire.

Then the Medicine Snake rose, composed of the essence of the tribal men and women and peyote. The Snake flew out of the kiwa and guided me outside. I was standing in the desert, the night sky with sparkling stars over me. I said, “I wanna know my soul’s plan. I wanna talk to my higher self.” A star lit up in the west. I flew in that direction. On my way, huge CRYSTAL SHIPS passed me by. The ships came from the stars; they told me they were guarding the tribal people since they were one and the same people.

I made it to the glowing star in the west. More crystal ships were flying around it. I said to the star, “I came here to learn about my soul plan.” The star replied, “Wait here til sunrise.” I laid down on top of a desert dune until the Sun rose. Then my spirit lifted up in the sky. I saw my body lying on the ground. The waters flew into the sand, the flesh decayed, until nothing but bones remained. My body had died, and so my old self. My spirit rose higher into the sky.

A voice said, “Don’t look back to your old self. Don’t look back to your old world. Keep going. Keep ascending.” I entered the Sun. There was nothing but pure energy, love, protection, golden liquid light. The Sun said, “Now tell me why you have come here.” I replied, “I have two wishes. I want to meet my soul mate in this incarnation, and I want to ascend and leave this world forever.” The Sun said, “Your wishes shall be granted.”
“What about my light body?”
“You already have it.”
“Are there any blockages left?”
“Is there anything I need to work on?”
“Do you have any recommendations for me in order to ascend?”
“Just go ahead with your plans, and be attentive.”

Then my light body appeared and flew back to Earth, wrapped itself around my skeleton. The diamonds inserted in the light body were infused with light from the Sun. My light body fired up. My consciousness shot rapidly into my head’s third eye. I rose in the shaman’s chamber.

“A long journey, my friend,” he chuckled. “Tell me everything.” I told him what I had just seen. He explained, “The Red Dragon is the Spirit of Earth, the fire, the purification, the wrath, destruction and creation. In order to ascend, you need the power of the Red Dragon. The Red Brotherhood has captured Earth’s life force in a red stone. You are to find the stone and liberate the Red Dragon.”

(2) The Dark Queen of the Underworld

I entered the Underworld with a coalition of forest elves and plain-roaming Indians. The ukuchina spirit guided us in the dark. We battled armies of spiders and scorpions, and other kinds of malevolent insectoid and arachnoid beings, and demons with powerful mind-control abilities (“Gedankenschinder”). We were surrounded by shields of radiant, blue-white crystal light, while on the surface ceremonies were taking place to protect us with angelic hosts. On our way we liberated souls captured by the dark elves, who then joined our forces with delight.

We descended three levels until we reached the palace of the Dark Queen. She confronted us with her last ally: a gargantuan black spider, the protective goddess of the dark elves. She needed pure souls to survive, which is why the Spider Goddess sent out her dark forces to kidnap especially children and wage war against peaceful people and terrorize the living with nightmares.

I threw an immaculate diamond into the air which started rotating and emitting powerful light. The spider got sucked into the diamond and disappeared completely. The Queen was left without allies. Instead of putting up a final fight, she wrapped herself in a chrysalis; then a beautiful blue Monarch butterfly cracked through the chrysalis and flew away. Likewise, the entire gloomy underground empire was flooded with crystal light from above; all dark creatures turned into butterflies and left for the bright surface, for good.

What remained of the Dark Queen, was a black obsidian-onyx, a soul stone.

(3) The Brotherhood of the Red Dragon

The Brotherhood lived inside a monastery, attached to the walls of the giant volcano Ginánggagup. After a confusing journey through the Byzantine labyrinth beneath the monastery, I got to a chamber where the Brothers-in-red-cloaks had gathered for a ceremony, standing in a circle around a black monolith that evaporated cold blue light. From the cave ceiling hung an inverted pyramid, projecting cold fluorescent emanations down to the monolith.

I got to the huge crater. A very thin magma stream flowed in artificial fashion from the brooding inferno at the bottom up towards a red stone, suspended in mid-air. Removing the stone would cause the volcano to erupt and rejuvenate the world. The Brotherhood controlled the volcanic (and thus telluric) forces in order to unleash them against their self-declared enemies. There was only a very small number of these cunning, sworn-in Brothers, that’s why they worked closely together and kept a low profile – their ultimate aim, world domination.

Being surrounded by magma, there was no way to retrieve the stone.

Back into the ceremony hall, I projected my consciousness into the monolith. A huge soul slept inside. The emanations holding it captive were concentrated FEAR and all those dark emotions arising from it. I intuited that the monolith represents sleeping humanity, under the spell of dark emotions invoked by the powers-that-be.

I projected my consciousness into the Brothers to understand their nature, their motives; I sensed all-encompassing, contracting coldness. They were trying to escape deliberately from All-That-Is as far as possible and denied themselves Love, since they had carried out their dark deeds for such a long (linear) time, as to render themselves (psychologically) unworthy of forgiveness. One of the Brothers clinged with long claws to an Earth globe – a charcoal-black Earth devoid of any surface life.

I understood they had chosen to descend to the most extreme darkness of the human experience possible, and spend so much horrible time and commit so many abominable crimes in that abyss, that at some point they would be so disgusted by their own deeds and the darkness around them, so as to kindle the innate desire to return to the Light and turn to their patiently waiting souls for guidance.

The downward-pointing “channel pyramid” belonged to a three-dimensional crystal cube of perfect geometric proportions, inside a cave above the ceremony hall. Light flowed down to the cube from various thin shafts at odd angles. Those shafts were designed by the Brotherhood, so as to prevent cosmic light from entering the cube directly and with full power; this would have caused the monolith soul to wake up, and this the Brotherhood was most anxious to prevent.

Only a massive volcanic eruption could ever destroy those shafts and let in the cosmic flow.

In an adjacent cave there was another monolith of grey-greenish colour. This one stood upright and was not surrounded by debilitating emanations, as opposed to its counterpart lying almost dead like a sarcophag on the ceremony hall floor. I intuited the green monolith represented the awakened part of mankind, “standing tall and free.”

I looked into the crater once again. A blob of molten, “frozen” magma had formed in the middle of the thin magma flow. The red stone could be taken without danger. As soon as I took it, the magma at the bottom started rising, the volcano made itself heard and felt through earthquakes. A massive door sealed the ceremony hall from impending destruction. The Brothers sealed themselves off once again from karmic backlash. Or so they thought.

The Ginánggagup erupted and destroyed the surrounding wastelands. After a while, life in all its tender splendor returned all afresh to the purified land, once haunted by death and restless souls. A proud and strong red dragon soared through the sky, at last freed from bondage.

+ + + END VISION + + +

I am aware of the far-reaching implications of the dense mythical images and archetypal characters in these visions. Instead of dissecting all of them, I shall highlight those symbols with potential significance for our discussion concerning Ascension.

The Ginánggagup is a thinly veiled reference to the Ginnungagap of Nordic mythology. Its description on makes perfect synchromystical sense: what can better awaken the sleeping monolith of humanity, but a sobering natural “catastrophe,” a wake-up call too loud to overhear, a shattering too uncomfortable to shake off?

The inverted “channel pyramid” synchs with “The Cube” movie and represents the 3d-reality prison set up by the powers-that-be on Earth. The artificial shafts that divert and delude the intensity of cosmic light are symbolic of implanted perception filters and trauma-based behaviour control.

The “white magician” and the “Dark Queen” are complementary polarities. Both are dark magicians and expert mind-controllers who seduce and traumatize pure souls, preferably children, and lure them into dark soul lairs. Both are energy vampires (incubus and succubus, respectively) who suck out their victims’ life force (Love and Light) and insert their own poison instead (Fear), like spiders and scorpions do. Talking about “evil vampire” (sic), anyone?

I find it most striking how the underground empire eventually enters “chrysalis” and turns into a swarm of Monarch butterflies. The infamous CIA mind-control program MK-ULTRA started off as “Project Monarch.” By undoing the mind-conditioning of the perpetrating agents and neutralizing the cognitive spell of those dark magicians (veritable “Gedankenschinder”) through the penetrating force of Light and Love and Truth, the former victims have the opportunity to leave the artificially-induced stasis for good, and to become the butterflies they were meant to be. How and whether they use that opportunity, is up to them to decide. I reckon a great number of humans would preferably become butterflies; while another good number would preferably stay “perfectly numb” in their constricting cocoons.

I myself have the feeling of being in “incubation mode” or “chrysalis stage” for the past days, most strongly today (December 3). I feel something is stirring behind the scenes, if not building up “below our feet.” If Ginnungagap refers to void, power, chaos and creation, then it is perfectly fitting what you wrote in State-of-Ascension-Report-36:

“Maybe, this dissociation of us, the members of the PAT, from this waning reality is the actual splitting of the two earths and dimensional realities. I will not be surprised at all, if we begin to see how some people simply disappear from our sight, as they vibrate with much lower frequencies or vice verse – we will begin to disappear from their sight, while still dwelling on this ascending version of Gaia. This may begin to happen very soon. Probably we are now exactly in this embryonic phase, before the mitosis of the two earths begins to accelerate with great velocity and the two versions split visibly.”

My mom has dreamt repeatedly this week, how a white and a red fox showed her inundations in Venice, Italy and volcano eruptions in Sicily, Italy. Perhaps the red stone I retrieved on the spirit level, may eventually cause a Ginánggagup to erupt on this plane of reality. (lol?)

The hyper-dimensional cube/dice is cast. No bets anymore. The cards are on the table.

Shinzhi Rumi
December 5, 2011

4. Message from Wilfred’s Higher Self:


I got the below message this morning;

We have reached a precipice on the manifestation in our reality. The energy swirls and twirls in all directions. The being in the middle of the hurricane views this change as the final changes needed in the holographic matrix that must come to pass to be centered on the new 5d foundation.

The experience if one is not centered can become really upsetting / unsettling! As the thoughts arise claiming the past and the future to find grounding on the new foundation of 5d, it destabilizes itself as the mind and not the being.

To be in the core being is the only place where stability can be found after the 11.11.11 portal/s opened up.

The being/awareness/consciousness is the only one that will be doing the guidance home, the original place of stillness, peace, harmony and joy!

This awareness inside of my body is the same awareness that is in our friends, family and the rest of humanity which is the One that we are all part of.

Mind has no power except by surrendering to the power of the being in the post 11.11.11 energies.

If one looks around, one may notice the panic of the ego/mind in its environment, trying to find a foothold which does not exist anymore. The past and the future for the mind creates only fear that cannot be neutralized, finding the neutrality in the moment can only be achieved by the core awakened being/awareness inside.

Anything else is an illusion that cannot be held up anymore. The soul/being must decide now which path to take! The friction will increase dramatically over the next few months for each sleeping soul! The friction comes from the new energy permeating our new 5d energy matrix! The house of cards that is the old 3d matrix will disintegrate rapidly over the next few months as the support pillars for it does not exist anymore.

The question now arises how will humanity find the path home (ascension)?

The friction comes when the materialistic concept of the old 3d energy matrix disintegrates as the soul knows intuitively that the mind feeds of this concept in its day to day living/existence and establishes its identity in this materialistic concept of living.

The soul/being is just there and does not need any of this to exist or continue! The human is an expression of awareness/ consciousness and not the other way around. Consciousness now can create a different expression through humanity in the new energies and the mind must follow this expression or face the friction consequences – hence the Oneness of it all.

To summarize is to state the fact that awakening to one’s awareness is the only means to navigate the current energy environment on the planet. Mind must give way to the request of the soul to express itself and create the new reality of the new earth.

Some may find the way home, some will seek a different way of being, some will not accept the new way and will fall by the wayside. When the point is reached inside the being where he/she realizes it can choose between the mind or the being the soul will realize its true power in this existence expression, the fact that it is immortal and was always there, before creation and after creation – infinite in its being.
Dear Wilfred,

Excellent message. How did you get it – by automatic writing or as verbal channeling?

The thoughts came and I typed it. Since awakening, the seeing becomes clearer every week. The ego/mind when active is seen in a box effect in my mind’s eye and do not dominate my energy anymore, I am aware of the thoughts, but they are viewed just as thoughts and nothing else.

This is good. It is exactly how I also operate. I only act from my being which is actually the only possibility as any physical or other effort outside this spectrum inflicts only pain and discomfort to me. So I do not even bother to act from the fulcrum of my spirit. It is already an unconditional reflex. My ideas and thoughts have long time ago left this realm and I see them only as experimental playfield and means to work with.

December 3, 2011

5. CA Forecast for 2012:

Dear George,

I just checked the CA website and found this – new to me – have you seen it?

love and light Callista

Dear Callista,

Thank you very much for this link. I read it and I must read it one more time before giving any final comments. But from the first reading what I noticed is that there is no information on our ascension and how it will affect the events on the ground. This is the handicap of the CAC – as they will not ascend, they do not ask the appropriate questions. There are only indirect confirmations that some miracles will happen and that we will not participate in these catastrophic events as we will enter a different timeline.

Honestly speaking, I could have also written this forecast and, as far as I remember, and I do well, CA issued a similar forecast for 2011, but not much of it happened. There is not a single word on the 11.11.11 event in this forecast and whether there will be a magnetic pole shift, although some huge catastrophes as the Madrid fault line break up were announced, which will only happen in association with a  pole shift.

All in all, the forecast leaves us with more questions than answers, but it gives at least a timetable for us to bear in mind and then project our own visions which will occur independently from what the rest of humanity will experience. It also confirms my intuition that this year, until Christmas nothing substantial will happen.

In love and light
December 5, 2011

Dear Georgi

I wondered what your thoughts were on Nesara. This is a recent tele call from someone with inside knowledge saying that it will be announced by the end of this year 2011 ..?! Listen here:


Dear Eric,

I will listen to this tele later on, but I have always expressed the view that NESARA, the way it is presented in channeled messages in Internet, is a fraud of the dark forces and will never take place. It is not realistic in the first place.

Until Christmas nothing will happen to my assessment, and after that a lot. I expect in January the first major financial crash in the USA which will unfold and encompass the world economy and will lead in the spring to the collapse of many governments and the closure of banks and total disruption of the old economy.

What I cannot tell you now exactly is when the magnetic pole shift will occur and will aggravate the crisis. After that there will be a split of the two realities and many of the consequences from the economic and financial crash may not be experienced by those who have decided to ascend and are on this timeline, but only by those who will stay on planet B or have not made up their mind yet. And of course many will leave these planet by death experience in the course of the next year.

Our ascension will take place with the magnetic pole shift and after that some of us will appear in front of humanity and will influence the events on the ground.

By the end of summer 2012 and the beginning of the fall the Galactics may show up and then they may introduce some new technologies which will ease the plight of the people before mass Ascension in Dec 2012. Before that I only see the emergence of local barter systems and local self-contingent economies as was the case for many years in Eastern Europe during the communist economy of scarcity. I have lived under such conditions and I know very well how this system operates. The Americans have to learn it first and they will be hit the hardest by the crisis.

In love and light
December 5, 2011

Caro Giorgio,

since I was 18 years old I’ve been waiting for these days of change, for the ascension process, it was 1990. I had almost lost hope for this to happen, when I found your site! I agree with you, I think that now the only way to change is a big big shock from mother earth, since maybe even the economic crash could not happen on itself, or would not be sufficient to wake up people. The elite have various technologies to keep people asleep, even if I think the consumerism is always the strongest tool for them. And even many so-called light workers are in fact spiritual consumerists, they “know everything” and they don’t go deep.

Few months ago I had such a strong dream about a tsunami that was hundred of meters high, and I was on the beach! I was just surrendering to physical death, but I felt there was a little hope that I could be rescued somehow at the last second. Then I woke up suddenly!

In my life I had many premonitions in dreams, like with Fukushima. I use to be on the stage of the happening in my dreams, while in reality the things just happen elsewhere.

Un abbraccio grande,
E grazie per tutti i tuoi articoli, sono fantastici.
Dear Alberto,

your intuition and your tsunami dream tell you precisely what will be coming very soon. The tsunami can be real as part of the magnetic pole shift and the movement of huge land masses, but it can be also a symbol for another huge energy wave that will catapult humanity to new dimensions. This all is in the making and will come very soon, but most probably in the course of the´next year. Somehow I do not see huge changes until Christmas, but the more so after that. The economic collapse will go hand in hand with the magnetic pole shift.

In love and light
December 5, 2011

Dear George,

Of course you are in knowledge of what’s really going on behind the scene in the many countries that have some occupy movement. I am talking about the influence of the PTB. These MEME operations and the Neural Net behind all of this is further explained in the article of the first link below. I would be surprised if this is new information to you. However, it has a connection to the 2nd article (link below) which is opportune for all that is going on right now.

Here is a short quote:

“..this gives rise to the meme. The meme acts along an electronic and organic corridor. It is conveyed primarily along electronic lines to an organic portal who then inserts the meme into a particular location. So an apparent human being is ‘mentally adjusted’ using a series of electronic messages and is then re-inserted into an indigenous population for purposes of ‘contaminating’ the population.”

I know that such neural influences have been going on for a while and that the effectiveness is based on the kind of frequency that we operate on. As they say it, ‘ will be affecting persons with a certain radius’. PAT members and others alike will have no trouble I guess to be affected by such means. However, this next paragraph below, written at the end of the article does worry me and could be the reason why so many light workers are behaving the way they do. Quote:

“You are wondering how then could you tell what is genuine from that which is not. Well, simply put, once you are tied into this ‘reality’ that is conditioned by the Neural Net, you ARE subjected to the information that is transferred through the ‘fibre optic’ wires… for a lot of the conditioning occurred at the etheric level with beings at that level passing on the know-how to beings at the physical level.”

But the reason for writing you is the second link to the authors’ latest article about the reactivating of evacuation plans on short terms because of extra plans at the side of the PTB. I got immediately alarmed because I know that a used strategy by the PTB is often to combine different projects, while the outside focus (for the public to find out) is on only one of them and the others are kept quiet. In this article below the author (&Thoth) talks about the unleashing of deadly clone forces to take everything and everyone down.”

A few quotes from this 2nd article:

“Hence the reason the need to ‘press the pause button’ on your physical consciousness and recalibrate such in conditions conducive to such an upgrade. This will result in a total reconditioning of the physical body so that it can operate within the newly re-charged planetary energies without suffering deleterious effects from the heightened vibrations.

You wonder why this has now become necessary…this change in plans…you may be aware that your major political powers are ‘squaring off’ now… and while Nuclear war’ has been ruled out by those with authority to oversee the development of the planetary species…there exists isolated pockets of nuclear technology that can be harnessed….there is a ‘clone’ army that is in place to be summoned by your world powers …and the clone technology has been perfected in a way that allows for replacements in a timely manner. What this means is that you are in the midst of a cyborg war utilizing cloning technology along with ‘meme activations’. This ‘meme-activated clone technology’ has been tested in recent times in the ‘theatres of war’ on your planet. This is NOT going to be allowed to continue.

Activated ‘mechanisms’ without a heart and a soul will destroy the very fabric of life as is known in this part of your Universe. Such activated mechanisms are currently being used against the people of the earth and as the conditions become more dire or intense for those who are behind the manipulation of such technology, there is an expectation that ‘penultimate’ steps will be utilized to destroy everything. These ‘beings’ are not prepared to surrender and prefer to take everything and everyone down as they suffer their own demise.

It was with these considerations that the decision was taken to evacuate all humans, including the inner earth folks to prevent any catastrophic situations relative to either the penultimate ‘trigger’ being pushed to unleash deadly forces and/or the cataclysmic scenarios that will occur with the overhaul of the Earth’s energies.”

I remember you wrote that we cannot hold much longer the way it is now because it’s getting worse fast and which I agree with you fully. I feel that for the PTB to oppose the effects of the 11.11.11 awakenings, they want to bring different plans together to rush things into a stronger hold soon because they know it’s the eleventh hour.

From our side we either will ascend very soon and can only be successful when enough of us ascend and come back for the benefit of the 40% that are not ready for ascension yet. If we do not ascend soon enough or in enough numbers, then I feel that this evacuation plan could be a definite possibility on short terms before hell breaks loose. If this last scenario plays out, we probably will continue our assignments there, where they will temporary station all those of the 40%+.

I know that the subject of evacuations is as old as the whole new age movement. I also read the books written by Tuella years ago, but in the context of the postponed 11.11.11 ascension and the way the PTB is preparing to keep in control, it’s not a waste to examine every PTB move and seemingly important information stream. I know you are well informed, however, if I see something that triggers my intuition to read, I think I should also share it with you just in case it links with other information you may already possess; unless you decide differently of course.

This website has been there for a long time with a lot of activity, but I didn’t visit it for some time. I don’t agree with all they say but they do try to also give independent information and expose things that are going on.

I feel that maybe we should first try to find out what’s true about this evacuation plans. It can do more harm at the moment than good to the readers of your website if it turns out to be disinformation.

Let me know your thoughts if you will.
Love and Light,
Dear Rob,

Just before I opened your email, I read this article. It has been always known that in the final days both the dark forces and the forces of light will intensify their efforts to harvest their souls, so that there will be an energetic crescendo very soon.

As far as this new technology is concerned, even the source admits that it does not have sustainability in its effects. Such techniques have been used all the time in the past, otherwise humanity would not have been so dumbed down. Many sources have talked about these technologies of the PTB and have always made us aware of their relative effectiveness. As said in this article, this new “meme” technology works with the old earth grid, which has collapsed now after 11.11.11 when the new crystalline grid was finished to 95%.

Those incarnated human entities that will potentially ascend, have been switched on to this new grid since then and those that will stay on the old catastrophic earth, such as the clones and many child souls (one third of human population) are the actual target of these technologies. The PTB want to make sure that they will get the necessary number of human souls on this debased planet B and now try to occupy as many timelines as possible. This is in anticipation of the magnetic pole shift that will separate the two human populations. In this sense, I consider the magnetic pole shift as what you consider to be a “contingency plan”, respectively the “evacuation plan” of the Galactics.

Please read the forecast of Cosmic Awareness for 2012, which has been just published under:

We have now a clash between two different qualities of energies – the rebellious energies of 11.11.11 that will lead to upheavals in  2012. Actually they ought to take place in 2011, but as I have repeatedly said, humanity is in a huge retard, most probably due to such techniques as the purported “meme” in the past.

Now the upheavals will happen in 2012 and they will be much more brutal and nasty. This energy clash is unavoidable in the End Times and will determine the splitting of the two earths and human fractions. The coming months will be very tense, but not so for us, as we have already left this reality. We now only serve as huge “beamers” of these energies and help the 40% potentially ascending candidates to leave the spectrum of these dumbing down technologies of the PTB. But this scenario has been part of the End Times from the very beginning.

What I am actually more worried about is that there is a mess in the higher realms currently as to why the full ascension at 11.11.11 did not happen. I discuss this issue in report-37, but there will be more to come. The whole galactic process of ascension has run into difficulties and now the higher realms are very busy mending the situation. For this reason they do not know what will happen next as their plans change by the minute. But they work hard and the process of ascension has not come to a halt.

I hope that the chaos will settle down in the coming days, and we will get more precise information from our souls as to when we will ascend. There is no doubt that we will ascend and that this will happen with the magnetic pole shift which is imminent, but the exact time of the entrance of this event in our 3d-reality is not fixed yet. This is my latest state-of-the-art on the current energetic situation on earth. My intuition tells me that this year nothing substantial will happen, but the more so in 2012.

In love and light
December 5, 2011

Dear Giorgio,

Last night I was fed up with all this pollution and chemtrails. Instead of complaining I went in deep meditation, I visualized a huge column of light pouring in my body from the heavens. I felt such a good energy! Then I asked our galactic friends to send strong winds and I visualized the winds cleaning the skyes. This morning, after many days of pollution and trails, finally the wind cleaned everything and the air is fine! Is it just a coincidence or have my meditation and prayer to our friends helped?

Thanks, abbraccio, Alberto
Dear Alberto,

It is definitely your meditation in association with the elementals.

I will prove this with my experience during this last night. I awoke because we had a powerful storm and the attic bedroom where I sleep was yelling and screaming from all holes. My house is amidst rural fields and the wind gushes blow freely in my house. My higher self told me that I can now influence the weather and urged me to wrap up my house in an energetic bubble. I did this and several seconds later the noise of the storm waned away and I could continue sleeping. The storm was still there but my house was now protected from the winds,

It is similar to you experience, though yours was much broader. But the mechanism is the same. We can begin to influence the weather with our thoughts.

In love and light
December 6, 2011

Liebe Joana,

zurück zu deinem Brief, der mich gestern lange beschäftigt hat. Ich habe mir überlegt, dass du, während du deine prominenten Gäste bedienst, auch ein Teil ihrer Gespräche mitbekommst. Ich habe einen Cousin,der diesen Job nur deswegen ausübt, um die Leute zu beobachten und eventuell seine energetische “Duftmarke” zu hinterlassen. Er ist auch ein Indigo der Nachkriegsgeneration wie ich.

In diesem Fall würde mich sehr interessieren zu wissen, ahnen die deutschen Politiker und Prominenz, was ihnen so in den kommenden Tagen blüht und reden sie überhaupt darüber oder sind sie vollkommen ahnungslos? Dieses Stück Information fehlt mir gänzlich und ich würde es sehr schätzen, wenn du mich darüber aufklärst.

Danke dir für deine Bemühung in voraus.

Liebe Grüße

Translation: I asked Joana in this letter to inform us on how the German political, financial and scientific elite think and feel in these last days.

Joana is in the service business and works predominantly in the so called “Governmental district of Berlin” and meets with many politicians and other “prominent” figures. Below is her report in German and English language. I hugely enjoyed reading it as it gives us first hand information about the awakening of the current sleeping Elite, to which  most of us have no direct contact. Very important empirical information:
Lieber Georg,

über Deine Frage, ob meine prominenten Gäste etwas von den kommenden Ereignissen ahnen, hatte ich doch ein wenig länger nachzudenken. Heute möchte ich das vorläufige Ergebnis präsentieren: was mir zu allererst aufgefallen ist, vor allem bei Kongressen, wo es um Zukunftsgestaltung, Investitionen in erneuerbare Energien etc geht, ist eine Erregung, die in der Luft liegt, eine Art Aufbruchstimmung, die fast schon euphorisch ist. Viele Teilnehmer sind m.E. vorwiegend junge Seelen und sie scheinen eine Offenheit der Möglichkeiten zu erleben, die Hoffnung macht. Anderseits sehe ich auch eine Desorientierungen, die sich allerdings niemand freiwillig anmerken lässt :) Auch eine Art von Herzlichkeit und offenem miteinander stelle ich fest, ganz im allgemeinen, wie es vor z.B. zwei Jahren noch nicht der Fall war. Mir scheint, dass die Lockerung der alten Strukturen und der frische Wind des Wassemann-zeitalters schon spürbar ist. Letzten Samstag gab es einen “Monetären Workschop” bei dem auch viele Universitätsdozenen anwesend waren, sovie Bankenvertreter dieverser Gruppen. Hier war die Stimmung schon anders : ca 15-20 der Leute waren absolut müde und erschöpft. Ein Herr mit scheinbar Südamerikanisch/ spanischer Herkunft, hielt seinen Vortrag sehr emotionell, es lag Spannung in der Luft, und die, die nicht mitgehen konnten, schliefen während des Vortags schlicht ein. Ich denke, das kommt nicht oft vor! Die Pausengespräche waren sehr erregt, manche versuchten ihre Unruhe wegzureden und sich gegenseitig zu bestätigen, dass sie die Ursachen für die Krise kennen würden und es nicht viel bräuchte, um alles wieder ins Lot zu bringen. Ich habe viele Begriffe aus der Finanzwelt gehört, aber ich bin nie lange genug bei einem Gast, um mehr mitzubekommen.

Etwas anderes ereignete sich noch : ein Gast erkundigte sich nach meinem Befinden und fregte, ob mein Stundenlohn denn gut sei. “Nicht wirklich” antwortete ich wahrheitsgemäß und er war sehr betroffen. Er sagte, er unterstütze die Occupy-Bewegung und er ermutige seine Studenten, hinzugehen. Bevor ich das Gespräch beenden musste -es wird überhaupt nicht gern gehen, wenn sich ein persönliches Gespräch zum Servicepersonal entwickelt – sagte er, ich soll wissen, dass es “unter ihnen” sehr viele gäbe, die sich für bessere Lebensbedingungen, z.B über einen Mindestlohn, einsetzen würden. Ein anderer Gast vom “Wirtschaftsforum für Lateinamerika” fragte eine Kollegin, ob das, was vom Büffet übrigbliebe weggeworfen werde. Sie antwortete wahrheitsgemäss mit ja und der Fragende war ebenfalls sehr betroffen.

Fazit: ein Tauwetter ist zu spüren, eine gewisse Offenheit und Intimität, aber auch eine Desorientietheit, die sich noch niemand offen anmerken lassen möchte.

Wenn ich darüber nachdenke, wie sich schon deutlich Wetteranomalien zeigen, die Sonne leuchtet anders und weiss, am Mond wird scheinbar schon “gearbeitet” wie ich aus Quellen des YoutubeUsers “UrsuAdams”  ;

wurde von einem PAT Mitglied schon empfohlen) , neue Himmelskörper “im Anmarsch” sind etc, dann gibt es soviel, von dem diese Mensshen nichts ahnen, dass es mir leid tut, dass keine offizielle Aufklärung dazu gibt. Wieviel Chancen aufzuwachen und sich zu orientieren würde es für diese Menschen dann geben.

Ausserdem beobachte ich bei den reiferen Seelen ( z.B. viele meiner Kollegen :)) eine Art von Anspannung und Ungeduld, genauer eine Hoffnung, das “endlich mal was passiert”. Eventuell projeziere ich meine Eigenen Gefühle und Bestrebungen, aber heute Abend war ich mit einem Kollegen im höchsten Stockwerk des Daimler-Gebäudes, 22. Stockwerk und er zeigte mir einen recht apokalypischen Sonnenuntergang: ein Ring aus tiefliegenden Wolken umzog einmal den Horizont, darüber war rein blauer Himmel, eine  partielle, scharf geschnittene, schwarze Wolkenfront trohnte über dem horizontalen Ring, dazu die untergehende Sonne, es sah alles sehr surreal aus. Dazu kam, dass ein riesiger Krähenschwarm den Turm flog und die Metallträger surrten und sangen, das hatte Ähnlichkeit mit Planetensounds, wie man sie auf youtube auch hören kann.  Mein Kollege sagte, das sehe aus, wie im Film “Independence Day”, bevor das feindliche Raumschiff plötzlich auftauche, sein Gesichtausdruck war allerdings keinesfalls ängstlich, sondern erwartungsfroh.

Lieber Georgi, ich hoffe, dass ich mit diesen Informationen ein wenig mehr Licht ins Dunkel bringen konnte. Demnächst dürfen noch mehr Puzzlestücke dazu kommen.

Nun werde ich zum aktuellen Ascension-report zurückkehren und verbleibe mit sehr herzlichen Grüssen,


English Translation:

Dear George,

You asked me if I noticed at work, were I serve as a banquet-waiter for prominent people from the finance world and politicians, if those people would have a clue about all the events that are to come, the financial collapse included.

After pondering a bit on this question I now want to present the answers so far: predominantly there is a kind of excitement in the air, a kind of expectation and a “Wind of Change”, where the people seem very energized by new possibilities which they feel, maybe because of the old structures already crumbling down. Especially on a Meeting about renewable energies and “Shape-our-future-projects” this excitement is evident.

On the other hand, one meeting named “Monetary workshop” held the energy of excitement with some emotional upheaval, while part of the people talked the whole time, throwing lots of finance-related vocabulary around, where as others, the older ones, simply were so tired that they fell asleep during a very emotional speech, I have never seen that before! Maybe there was a bit of panic there too, as people tried to conciliate each other by stating they knew about the reasons of the crisis and how to fix it – but that did not feel very convincing, anyway.

It was unusual also, that one person asked me personally how I was and if my wages were good enough. I had to answer “well, not really” and he was really concerned. He told me, as a Professor at the University he would encourage his students to go to the Occupy-protests and that I should know that there are many people around him who would really care for improvement for everybody. Another person asked a fellow-waiter if we would through away all that food remaining from the banquet. She answered with “yes” and he was shocked! I can not imagine this kind of open and intimate conversation would have been possible only two years ago.

Also, among the more advanced souls, like many of my colleagues ironically are, I experience a longing for some real change, but the there is no fear, only a hope that this will be something really revolutionary. Maybe this perception is still mixed with my own feelings and expectations, but who knows, I may also influence them in this direction.

Even as we witnessed a very apocalyptic sunset from a high tower today, with crows flying around the tower-top and some metal poles making strange singing sounds, my colleague said: “it looks like in the movie “Independence day” but he was not afraid at all!

I hope I could again add some puzzle peaces to our picture. Now I will go back and continue reading the latest report,

my heartfelt best wishes to you, dear George,
December 6, 2011

Hi George,
I see you were absolutely correct about Commerzbank. What do you make of the current European situation? With such rubbish media it’s hard to know who’s winning. However I’m currently keeping my focus on my meditation and focusing on love and telling everyone to focus on love and that love can be the exchange mechanism we use towards each other.

With many thanks.Love and Light, Eileen.
Dear Eileen,

There will be no winners, but only losers. I still forecast that the real crash with begin in the USA next year. The EU and Eurozone will also break apart and it is not wholly excluded that the Germans will introduce the German Mark again.

All Western countries and governments will default at some point in time and will collapse. Their living standards will deteriorate dramatically. However, I see less disruption in Germany than in the USA or GB because the infrastructure is much better and more sound here than in these plutocratic countries.

The countries that will cope best with the crisis will be those that are already on their knees, such as many Easteuropean countries, as they are used to local barter economies and to live at the poverty level. The Americans and the Westeuropeans will fall from very high and will be hit the hardest.

In love and light
December 6, 2011

Dear George
I am writing from Bergen, Norway.

I came upon your Universal Law page in the beginning of October through a link about the LBP symptoms, and have been eagerly following the Breaking Astral News since. Thank you so much for all your work.

The reason why I write to you is because of a strange encounter with the moon the other night.

On Friday, December 2. at 8 PM, my boyfriend, Ash, went outside for a cigarette and came back in rather puzzled. That evening it was dark and cloudy and a storm was building up. He told me he had looked up at the sky, even though there was nothing but thick clouds to see. As he looked up, the clouds made a small circular hole around the moon. Which should not be possible because the clouds were moving fast across the sky. But the circular hole stayed in front of the moon. The moon was half that day, in its first quarter. While Ash was looking at the moon, it all of a sudden, for half a second, became a full moon. There also appeared a small light right above the moon at the same time. Then the small light took of and the clouds closed like a camera shutter around the moon. This lasted not more than a few seconds.

I have read that the moon is not natural and that it is going to be removed. Is it a possibility that they would replace the moon with one that´s not hollow, so people wouldn´t miss the view?

About the stillness Ute was talking about in report 37, I strongly agree. The bliss of 11.11 is gone and I feel like I´m in a waiting game in the void. A neutral feeling-less waiting game.

Still, with love and light
Dear Eldbiorg,

Thank you very much for your first email to me. Strange things happen now to the moon and many people report this. One can even see pictures in Internet that indicate that there are profound changes underway regarding the moon. It is an artificial object and is not a living consciousness as Gaia as we discuss this issue in the next report (see above). But neither myself, nor anybody else seems to know what is exactly happening with the moon.

My prediction was that the moon will be removed when Gaia will ascend to the 5th dimension, precisely, the moon will not make it to this dimension as it is not a sentient entity. But when and how this satellite will be removed, is beyond my knowledge. What is true is that it is in the hands of the GF now, which have removed the former bases of the Orion/Reptilian empire there. This means that they may have started changing/removing the moon already.

We will be much more clever after ascension about this and many other issues.

In love and light

December 6, 2011

Dear George,

I purchased a couple tuning forks that were by far one of the best investments I have made to this date. The 432hz, and 528hz tuning forks the research that has been done on them shows such astounding possibilities. I have been using it to vibrate my house, water, food, chakras, and anywhere that has an ache or, pain. So far the experience is one to cherish for the 528 Hz fills me full of love. I can hear the two frequencies vibrating in my head all day as well as in my dreams. With the water I love unconditionally as I contract the base of the tuning fork to the glass or bottle and let it resonate. After four or five times of vibrating the water it tastes superbly different. Ordinary tap water into amazing tasting energizing water. Food the same I can vibrate the plate with the 432hz and it changes the water molecules around rearranging them to mimic the frequency and it tastes so much better. I took a bath after I vibrated the tub, and put the fork into the water slightly about 40 times. When I crawled in it was intensely different it was refreshing relaxing perfect to put it short. I could literally feel the frequency vibrating threw the water. It was the most energetic feeling like the water was charged.

The energy that seems to transfer is very healing. The 528 frequency I took to work today. One of my coworkers complains of a massive headache so I pull out the 528hz fork and place the base of it to his head and direct the sound waves into his ears and his headache immediately subsides. In my dreams they seemed more vibrant I even predicted the future in my nap before work. I just want to say that perhaps if all, or a few members of the PAT were to buy these it helps substantially in chakra energizing, activation, and ascension vibrations. Here are some astounding facts and sources I have found on the subjects. I know it is a lot to read but if you don’t want to buy these forks after this I have failed because it is shockingly amazing. Thanks again for all your time you spend devoted to helping others see the light and love of things. Can’t wait to hear your opinion on this matter.

Thanks, Jay
Dear Jay,

I will post this information in my next report and leave it to the readers to make their own decision. It sounds pretty exciting what you have experienced yourself with these frequencies. I remember that a blind Croatian young man wrote to me on this same topic and recommended these frequencies. I published his email in one of my previous reports which you can find on my website by using the search function.

In love and light

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432 Hz vibrates on the principals of the golden mean PHI and unifies the properties of light, time, space, matter, gravity and magnetism with biology, the DNA code and consciousness. 432 Hz Natural Tuning has profound effects on consciousness and also on the cellular level of our bodies. By retuning musical instruments and using concert pitch at 432 hertz instead of 440 hertz, your atoms and DNA starts to resonate in harmony with the PHI spiral of nature.

The Shape of 432 Hz I wondered what the geometry of 432Hz would look like using Cymatics so I contacted John Stuart Reid, the co-designer of the CymaScope™ regarding his wonderful invention and the geometry of A=432hz tone. The CymaScope™ is the pinnacle of cymatics research and is the concept of John who as an acoustics engineer, carried out cymatics research in the King’s chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza in 1997. The CymaScope™ is an accurate device that measures acoustic vibrations of nodal points that form patterns of geometry in different liquid or solid mediums.

The science of cymatics which is geometry through vibration was researched and published by Dr. Hans Jenny in 1967, in his book called The Study of Wave Phenomena.

This is an exact copy of John’s correspondence with the author; “Hello Brian, 432 Hertz pops out as a triangle, every time we image it. We thought there was something wrong with the CymaScope™ but after trying for more than an hour we concluded that the number 3 was somehow universally connected to 432 Hertz. We captured it on video also and it looks like it’s alive, it writhes and pulsates and refuses to take up any other form. We researched the reason why it takes up this geometry and it turns out to be an interesting case: When A is tuned to 432Hz the frequencies of the other A’s shift (within a decimal point) to 27 Hz, 54, 108, 216, 864, 1728 in other octaves. D becomes 576 Hz which becomes 9 Hz, 18, 36, 72, 144, 288, 1152 in other octaves. E becomes 324 Hz which becomes 81 Hz, 162, 648, 1296 in other octaves. All of these frequencies are divisible by 3… Regards, John Stuart Reid.”


“As many of you will know vibrations are the very core of The Law of Attraction and indeed are fundamental to how the universe operates, so it will come as little surprise to many that sound is an amazingly powerful tool when desiring to work with the energies of the universe.

Sound throughout the ages has been recognised as a powerful healing modality, spiritual journeying or enlightenment tool and as key component in the manifestation process. It is even stated that “In the beginning was the word”.

The men and ladies in white coats (quantum scientists) are now telling us exactly the same from their point of view. That the interaction of sound vibrations and matter creation are not separate. The science of Cymantics is a fascinating branch dealing with sound vibration, coherence and patterning. It’s worth ‘Googling’ them (having a look on the Internet for the non techies). If we look at the actual word UNI- VERSE what is it saying to us ? I like the analogy of ONE – SONG….. THE song of creation perhaps…

When we look at how sound affects physical matter it is not hard to see the connection, even without knowing the science behind it. An opera singer can break glass by holding a certain note, the note vibrates the glass molecules giving them extra energy until the bonds that hold it all together are overcome and it shatters into a thousand pieces.

Sound has the ability to introduce energy, to raise vibrations and the underlying cause of illness is always a disharmonious energy pattern.

The work of Dr Masaru Emoto is another outstanding example of how sound, thought and intention is transmitted into water, transforming it. Dr Emoto shows us that water exposed to words / thoughts of love (or hate) actually changes the physical pattern of the water crystals, with water that has been prayed upon or blessed showing an absolutely beautiful crystal pattern and the water that has been shouted at or bad thoughts directed at it is unorganised and display fragmented, distorted and almost shapeless forms. As our bodies are made up of about 80% water it makes good sense to consider his work and the impact of sound in general as a vibration source very carefully.

Now lets look at little at 432 Hz, I think you will be stunned.The implications of this are massive and too much to go into fully here, but I just wanted to give you the ‘heads up’ about it, enjoy.

Quantum physicists are now telling us that the underlying frequency of creation is 432hz around which all the other frequencies are organised in nature. The Ancients Egyptian and other advanced cultures had sacred instruments tuned to guess what 432 Hz.  No accidents hey!

So why is it so important now?

Way back in 1939 Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels dictated that 440Hz was to be the standard tuning pitch for the note A instead of it natural 432hz and that all music / musical instruments should be tuned based on A= 440 hz.

This was finally accepted, yet not without some considerable resistance in the form of a referendum that was signed by 23,000 French musicians. The impact of moving the tuning 8hz is immense. To keep it simple it only allows people to access a fraction of the power of naturally harmonic music based on the universal frequency of 432hz. It restricts peoples thinking and feeling in a certain manner, and keeps them effectively a prisoner of a certain consciousness.

Ask yourself are you vibrating your inner universal song or are you resonating with external 440hz based frequencies ?”
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528 Hz, the frequency for transformation and DNA repair. There is a special sound and color of love according to Dr. Horowitz, a Harvard-trained award-winning investigator. Broadcasting the right frequency can help open your heart, prompt peace, and hasten healing. “We now know the love signal, 528 Hertz, is among the six core creative frequencies of the universe because math doesn’t lie, the geometry of physical reality universally reflects this music; these findings have been independently derived, peer reviewed, and empirically validated,” Dr. Horowitz says. Horowitz & Puleo: Healing Codes for the Biological apocalypse, Idaho 1999. The third note, frequency 528, relates to the note MI on the scale and derives from the phrase “MI-ra gestorum” in Latin meaning “miracle.” Stunningly, this is the exact frequency used by genetic biochemists to repair broken DNA – the genetic blueprint upon which life is based! MI – 528 Hz – relates to crown chakra. Dr Puleo suggests an association with DNA integrity. The regular “C” that we all know of in this culture (which is from the diatonic scale of do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do) is not the 528 Hz frequency “C. A regular “C” vibrates at a frequency of 523.3 Hz. The “C” of 528 Hz used for DNA repair is part of an ancient scale called the Solfeggio Scale.”


Guest host Rob Simone (email) was joined by Dr. Len Horowitz, authority on public health and consumer protection, for a discussion on the remarkable properties of the 528 Hz frequency. “The way that the entire universe is constructed,” he claimed, “is through a musical, mathematical matrix composed of nine core creative frequencies.” Based on his research, Horowitz contended that the 528 Hz frequency is the key component of this matrix.

He explained that NASA studies show that the sun’s output contains 528 Hz as “kind of a central frequency within it.” In turn, he said, this frequency can also be found in oxygen as a result of the photosynthesis of plants. “All of the botanical world is actually celebrating the 528 Hz frequency,” Horowitz declared. Ultimately, he observed that the frequency can be found in “the heart of everything” including sacred geometry as well as everyday sounds such as laughter, sighing, and yawning. Additionally, he said that the frequency has remarkable healing powers, including the ability to repair damaged DNA. While 528 Hz may not be well known to the everyday populace, Horowitz mused that “people are inherently aware, in their hearts, of this frequency. It resonates in their heart as joy.”

Horowitz also alleged that the current standard tuning frequency of A440 Hz is the result of a nefarious conspiracy aimed at blocking the power of the 528 Hz frequency. According to him, A440 Hz was chosen as the standard because “military acoustic warfare research” determined that it was the most dissonant and stressful frequency. Horowitz said that this reliance on A440 Hz results in a suppression of the 528 Hz frequency in humans. Concurrently, the “left brain, egoic mind” is stimulated by A440 Hz, which he called a “major factor” in science “becoming the new God.” However, Horowitz said, as knowledge of the 528 Hz frequency becomes more prevalent, musicians are now making instruments tuned to the powerful resonance. “Globally, we have a musical revolution,” he mused, “we call it the ‘528 Love Revolution.'””



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