State-of-Ascension-Report-26: The Ascension Season 11.11.11 Is Still Opened.

On-Line Reports from Members of PAT And First Ascension Wave Candidates;

Report-26, November 14, 2011

Further Reflections on 11.11.11
November 13, 2011

Dear George

Thank you for your trust in my opinion. I will need to take more time to answer this fully. I will elaborate further when I have had time to put everything in context.  In the meantime, I draw your attention to a portion of the transcript from CA’s interview on RMN Radio, 3 November 2011, which may shed some light:

“Rayelan: Okay, I’ve got one more question here about the Andromedan counsel.  Do you know the Andromedan counsel?

Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness is aware of the Andromedan counsel.

Rayelan: Now I don’t know anything about the Andromedans. I’m a Sirian. Are they the good guys or are they the bad guys?

Cosmic Awareness: That the Andromedans are part of that which is the Galactic Federation.  However, there is seen by this Awareness a group that is using Andromedans as a means to convey certain information that is not in alignment with the Galactic Federation. Therefore, one must be very careful indeed in simply accepting the Andromedan counsel information, or for that matter, any group that presents itself singularly instead of the combined counsel of the Galactic Federation beings.

That this particular communication is seen to have elements of disinformation contained within, of certain beings who would detract from that which is the true Galactic Federation purpose and intent. One must always question information coming from any source, even as this Awareness has so often said to Its members, this source, this Awareness itself.  One must always take the information presented and ask questions, dig deeper, be open to other sources confirming what was heard or perceived. When other sources come together to confirm and when one has achieved that inner enlightenment and awareness that is the “aha” moment, then information that is presented, even if it is presented by those who would misinform, can be valid and used accordingly.

That the Andromedan counsel does provide certain information based on the truth that can be useful, as but the hook here is to hook one with the truth and then remove that truth slowly, putting in the lies instead, wrapping the individual in a web of lies and deceit, but that those who have fallen think it is still the truth. It is for this reason this Awareness would warn one and all against blindly, simply accepting the information provided by the Andromedan counsel or any other counsel or being, and that they must always ask questions. Is this clear?

Rayelan: Yes it is. Now I have more questions about the Andromedan counsel. A human representative for the Andromedan counsel says that they, the Andromedans, destroyed underground bases in the United States and an undersea base in the Gulf of Aden. Is this true?

Cosmic Awareness: It is true that there was a destruction of certain underground facilities. What this Awareness does not see as completely accurate or true is that it was only the Andromedans who did this. This is part of the misinformation where certain truth is taken, presented and hooked into but the lie being that it was the Andromedans who did this. They were part of the Galactic Federation effort in this matter.  That those who claim to be the Andromedan counsel are not the Galactic Federation Andromedans but rather others who are misleading, misdirecting. This Awareness would even say they are in truth part of the Orion/Reptilian faction using the Andromedans and their good name to elicit a belief that they are the ones in charge so that this can be used at a later date and misdirected. Is this clear?”

George, It seems to me that CA is warning us that we must always be aware that various factions of the GF have our higher interests at heart, but cannot resist claiming all the credit. As I have said to you recently, I believe CA is one of the very few channels who are impartial – probably because the Awareness is from 12th Dimension where there is no need or understanding  for hidden agendas. The Arcturians, like the Andromedans, are part of the GF and they will give us the answers they think we want to hear – they don’t deliberately mislead us, but they are so anxious to help and so anxious to relieve the pressure on us, which is immense. (I am in no way suggesting that Ascension is a lie because we both know that it is a reality that is misunderstood and feared by the majority at the moment.)

I will leave you with those thoughts for the moment and will mull over the rest of my answer today.  I am sorry that you are burdened with these things but this puzzle will lead us into a further truth which at present is veiled. I sent a query to Will (interpreter of CA) yesterday to ask why the event was delayed. I will let you know if I get any reply from him.

I also feel at this point that it is important to post those emails on the website as soon as possible to allay any alarm amongst the PAT.  For what it is worth, Aaron and I are convinced we have ascended and come back to hold the energies for those who are yet to see the Light. I am sure this is what has happened – linear time does not have any bearing on our experience – everything appears the same back here on the planet, but everything has changed also.

In Light and Love from Callista
Dear Callista,

My report on 11.11.11 is ready and will be published today.

I know this statement of CA on the Andromedan Council very well and it only confirms my earlier assessment of  this source, which ultimately led to the end of my relationship with Alfred Webre who made this anonymous source popular in Internet with his ill-guided interviews.

Now to your central question. The Arcturians were responsible for the energy flow from the Arcturus sun at the stargate 11.11.11, which had the ultimate function to heave Gaia to the 4th and 5th dimensions with the crucial help of our ground crew. Without our effort nothing would have happened at all.

To achieve this the Arcturians used Sue as an unwitty channel to convey this information first to me and then to all PAT members in order to motivate them to make the utmost emotional, spiritual, physical and personal effort to open the portals the world over and prepare the ground for the ascension process.

This pattern has been repeated on several occasion in the past, when I was urged by higher sources to take the lead in a ground operation, launched from Heaven, to achieve a greater transpersonal goal. In all these cases, the channelers were unaware of the actual scope of the mission they channeled for me and they were not supposed to know it either. This was precisely the case with Sue in the last two months.

I knew this aspect very well as I had this experience already in the past, but I did not discuss it with anybody, as nobody would have understood the background of this cosmic plot at that time. As you may remember, I hinted to you at some point in time that Sue will not ascend and that she is not even a member of the PAT and hence has no understanding for our efforts.

However, there was no need for me at this point in time to delve deeply into this collateral aspect of our preparation for the 11.11.11 event as this would have overwhelmed the members of the PAT. This additional information was though pivotal for me as the captain of the PAT. So I kept a close eye on this aspect.

This is the role of the Arcturians and how it was conveyed to us through my personal relationship with Sue. I try to be as open and as precise and clear as possible, as this topic is rather convoluted in reality.

The other members of the GF were responsible for other coordination activities, including personal ascension and the like, and therefore they did not participate in the coordination of the PAT mission directly, but only indirectly through the higher selves of the individual members, for instance, by making them aware of the existence of this website and by motivating them to participate in this collective adventure.

Now my take on this event is that when I first made the Arcturian interview and later on when I published some of the messages of the Arcturians on our ascension at 11.11.11 with specific instructions how we should go through the portals, they must  have firmly believed that this best alternative will be realized at the opening of the stargate 11.11.11.

However, about 10 days ago, around November 2-3 they – the GF and Heaven – changed their mind or masterplan and decided to carry out only the “Ascension Light” version at 11.11.11.

At that time I felt this change in the heavenly plan immediately as a personal doubt, which I normally did not have before. I wrote on the same day an email to Sue and asked her for additional explanation from the Arcturians as to what will precisely happen at 11.11.11. I hinted in this email as a joke that if nothing happens as announced by the Arcturians and ourselves on our websites at this day, we must go underground and hide from our disappointed, outraged readers. I added that it is much more easier for me to disappear as I have a Bulgarian passport in addition to my German nationality and can always go underground in Bulgaria, where nobody will ever find me, but that she must ask for some kind of protection from the FBI, as most of her readers come from California and even from her neighbourhood.

This ludicrous, humorous suggestion on my part must have caused her some troublesome thoughts and sleepless nights as she went soon thereafter underground and stopped publishing anything on her website, which can be seen by everybody. She also declined to give me an answer from the Arcturians.

From that day onward I knew that something “is hiding in the bush” (a German saying) and that the initial Arcturian message and announced plan is no longer valid.

Every time a channeling source makes a prediction that does not come true, it simply disappears and leaves the mess for us to cope with it on the ground. They then appear several weeks or months later and continue channeling the same trash as if nothing has ever happened. They also never apologize, and all channelers succumb to this unhealthy practice without any critical questions.

I have experienced and analysed this behaviour on half a dozen occasions with various channeling sources and channelers and there is always this same uncanny pattern of lacking any responsibility to explain the background for the wrong forecast or false message or to ask for an apology afterwards.

In this respect all channeling sources could never serve as an paradigm for correct behaviour, make not mistake about it – be it SG or AAM or anybody else. Even CA was wrong in his annual forecasts for 2008 and 2009, but it has always warned that its forecasts are based on actual energy constellations that may change anytime in the future, so that the accuracy of its prognosis lies in the range of 80%.

The Arcturians channeled by Sue did not make this caveat. In all these cases when the forecast happens to be incorrect, the channelers react as Sue in this particular case, because they feel that they have failed as incarnated personalities, which is definitely not the case with Sue in the predictions of the event 11,11,11.

The point of the matter is however that when this message was issued first, all cosmic powers and myself personally had no reason to assume that there will not be a true Ascension of Gaia and the members of the PAT at 11.11.11. Even CA confirmed this explicitly in a number of messages in late October and early November.

As everything is very fluid in the End Times, a decision was taken around November 2-3 not to conduct the full ascension process to the 5th dimension, but to carry out only the “light version” to 3 1/2 dimension, whatever this means.

From that moment onward I knew that there is another postponement looming on the horizon. However, I did not know precisely the scope of the delay and still hoped that some of the members of the PAT and first ascension candidates will make it at 11.11.11. Therefore, I did not say anything.

I knew however that I will stay longer than planned on earth and was already somewhat angry with Heaven. On the other hand I recognized that Heaven needed our maximal effort desperately to open all the portals as a prerequisite of any ascension of Gaia whatsoever and for carrying out the stargate process on earth. From that vantage point of view, I correctly evaluated the importance of our collective efforts in preparation for Ascension of Gaia and humanity to the 5th dimension and did not say anything to anybody.

Now, retrospectively, I must shed some light on these past events as an explanation as to what has actually happened as my readers are martyred by the same drilling questions.

The decision for the light version must have been taken in the very last moment and most astral sources did not even get it. Even the source AA Michael that was interviewed on November 10 by Steve Beckow confirmed the ascension of one million people at the stargate 11.11.11 when I already had the suspicion that this event has been cancelled.

As you remember, I wrote to you on 11.11.11 that I am still awaiting the ultimate energetic push to heave Gaia to the higher dimensions and that it has not happened yet. At that time I knew already intuitively that it would not happen and my mood was at the lowest point as the energies were also very bad and exhausting at that point in time. They changed dramatically several hours later (07.00 European local time) and I knew then that we have been robbed once again of our deserved ascension and finalisation of our dirty, nasty job on earth as incarnated master-souls.

Heaven has failed to awaken sufficient souls on earth to carry out a proper ascension at 11.11.11. and we, the few awakened warrior-souls, had to shoulder one more time the bulk of this dirty cleansing job – “taking out the hot chestnuts from the fire with bare hands” and make the next great sacrifice for mankind and stay on earth.

I was so angry with Heaven as can only be and my higher self knew the appropriateness of my divine wrath and kept silent for a while. That is why I did not get any further information on that day as I already knew what has happened, but I was unable to analyse it in a dispassionate manner.

On the next day when I awoke in a better shape – obviously I had realized in the dream state what a success the mission of the PAT members has been in carrying out the 11.11.11. event – I could sit down and analyse adequately what has actually happened on that day and what now lies ahead.

At that point in time, my energy has shifted dramatically towards the love spectrum of the 5th dimension and my heart chakra was emanating love energy in all directions, so that I could no longer be angry with the higher realms for failing to awaken enough souls on earth and carry out the full Ascension, which is an undeniable fact.

Therefore, neither me nor anybody from the PAT should take any personal responsibility for this interim solution. You have done your best, it is Heaven, the responsible souls from the higher realms, that have failed somewhat in this respect.

I hope that I have given you some intimate insights in my emotional and mental perceptions of the situation on earth and in Heaven prior and after 11.11.11.

As I have said in my report of today (Nov 13), we, the members of PAT, have accomplished the greatest achievement in the history of this planet and throughout all incarnation experiments on it, and we have every reason to be proud of us for one whole eternity. This is how all souls in Heaven see our achievement from the higher perspective and they look at us with great awe and respect. You should also learn to begin appreciating your role in the same manner. In my last book “The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction” I write in the last chapter:

“Every incarnated soul on earth has only one duty – to express her unlimited spiritual potential to the best of her divine powers against all social resistance, prejudices, and suppression that she may encounter throughout her incarnation, but without challenging or limiting the prospects of evolution of other entities even when this evolution may take for a long period of time the road of perdition, leading to a greater separation from All-That-Is,..

Every incarnated entity is, first and foremost, the Supreme Creator of his own destiny. This attitude will become prevalent in the coming months when the people will realize that they are unlimited creators of their reality and that no society or plane of existence can limit the scope of their individual spiritual aspirations.”

Let me wrap up this discussion with the following conclusion: The Members of the PAT are the true creators of stargate 11.11.11 and the conduits of all loving energies that are now flooding earth and are bound to transform humanity in the coming days. You have every reason to be proud of yourselves as creator-souls, notwithstanding all challenges and temporary disappointments which are not your fault, by God.

Everything that will unfold on earth in the coming months has been created to a large extent by the collective effort of the members of the PAT and you should keep this truth as a beacon of light in your memory for the rest of your life on this toxic planet, which we all are about to transform to a real pearl of this galaxy.

in love and light
Dear George

Thank you for this email. The explanation is cogent with my thoughts also. It is vital to remain flexible in one’s thinking, for every situation relies on the energies being in the right balance.

My feeling today is one of peace and calmness. I happily went about my home and garden, knowing that all is in divine and perfect order. The gateway of 11.11.11 has brought in a different energy which is almost euphoric. It will be interesting to observe the effect of this energy on human events as they unfold.

Dear Callista,

This is precisely what I am now intending to do in the next days and I have sent a very strong message to Heaven what I expect as compensation for the not fulfilled promises of the higher realms. I have often made the experience that an outright outrage in direction Heaven has the greatest power to bring about the desired change. We will wait and see.

November 13, 2011

Dear George

The attached came to me this morning and I found it very helpful in getting a perspective on the situation.  People form groups when their Truths resonate to the same frequency.  It was very important that your website provided a home for the frequency of Ascension, as we believe it to be.

Others have provided websites for the frequency of Ascension as they believe it to be.



All Truth leads to Source.

Everyone has their own Truth.

Everyone’s Truth is different (we are One, having 7 billion experiences).

Everyone has the right to share their Truth.

When you share your Truth, you are not responsible for someone else’s interpretation of it.

No-one is forced to accept someone else’s Truth.

You alone are responsible for any action you take in accordance with your Truth.

Nothing is ever a mistake, because everything leads to the Truth.

All Truth leads to Source.

Callista Summerfield 13 Nov 2011
Dear Callista,

Thank you for this contribution. I will use these statements in my next report as we must analyse what happened these days in order to get more clarity as to what lies ahead of us. It is not just a self-proclaimed goal to find the truth, but how to use it in our future actions on this planet before we ultimately ascend.

Dear George

There needs to be a careful analysis by many different parties in order to avoid the “blame game” which unfortunately arises in situations, in which we have just found ourselves. There may be opinions expressed on other websites which have the potential to be hurtful if we make the mistake of taking accusations personally.

I think the Cycle of Truth will be helpful in these instances.

November 13, 2011

Dear George

I am SO PLEASED you published the content about the 11/11/11 plan on your website today.  I have had the most difficult 2 days trying to come to terms with 11/11/11.  I have been very down and slept probably for the best part of 48 hours.  It was a relief to know there are others in a similar space.

I am very much alone here and rely completely on my higher self for information. On Wednesday night before I went to sleep I was told very boldly “the plan has altered”, I said internally “what you mean 11/11/11?” and it was repeated “yes the plan for 11/11/11 has altered”.  This was a knock for me immediately – mainly because I was already feeling in the dark about what the plan was for my own ascension. I have explained to you before that I have this instinct I’m in some kind of two way role, bridging 3D with 5D and in this respect didn’t expect to ascend on 11/11/11.  However I did expect for the collective to experience a tangible shift in energy and Gaia to express the ascension in some form or other.

Now with the ‘plan alteration’ news I sensed a further wave of confusion and disappointment coming its way.  I am sure I experienced a feeling many members of the PAT have – tired of being earth’s energetic buffer with no control over our own happiness. We are always caught between two realities trying to reconcile and do ‘not appear’ to be in control of either of them – this means we inevitably undergo an ongoing energetic state of crucifixion. That sounds negative and harsh. but it’s the only way I can rationalise my own reality at the moment and why I feel so tired and disorientated.

On to the positive now:

Building up to 11/11/11 I received 90 minutes of download from my higher self on Sunday 6 November which has provided some context for optimism.  My higher self would not be quiet this day and stressed the importance of ‘getting it right’ and retaining focus on ‘transitional wisdom’ (it defines as “knowing how beautiful it can be even when it’s not brilliant’).  I was also shown a new portal for me (note my higher self said “PORTAL” in capital letters and put this in flashing lights – it doesn’t normally shout this way) which was connected with the creation of a personal and  feminine version of history.

I know – very deeply – what this means and how it may be necessary for us to really build ‘Casablanca’ (this is the wonderful term my higher self uses to describe the golden age – the film representing the never ending love between the masculine and feminine energies, but still something that hasn’t been realised here in 3D).  Having had my tantrum over the last couple of days, I think I am ready to get to work on this portal.

I also sense from your latest report that you too are ready to focus on your own personal portal (bringing the Universal Law to the fore) and other PAT members are also ready to pick up tools too.  I know we’re tired but we all know too well there is no such thing as giving up.  None of us would be here if we were the kind of folk to get tired of negative outcomes.

Finally last night I had a dream that I’d finally realised how I can truly ascend. I was so happy.  There were lots of people wearing different colours. Bearing in mind my own confusion about ascension this seemed like a bit of a breakthrough.

I would love it if you could keep publishing your reports – it is so important for all of us to share understandings and insights…. and such powerful energies.

Love and light to you George and the rest of the PAT


Dear Andrea,

Thank you very much for your loving and passionate letter and for your optimism to carry on, notwithstanding all setbacks and temporary disappointments. You have very accurately described the emotional ups and downs we all went through in these last several days around 11.11.11.

I am so happy that you also pointed out our unbending will to continue carrying the burden of the whole humanity on our shoulders like crucified Christs – then this is precisely what we are in these End Times.

And all members of the PAT should comprehend deep in their hearts their own greatness as souls and incarnated human beings, which cannot be gauged in earthly measures. Our achievement as members of the PAT has heavenly dimensions and our success in incommensurable.

No matter how the higher realms have failed so far, and there is no doubt that they have not come up to their promise, we are already the real winners – a small group of true warrior-souls – in this uneven battle in terms of numbers. But our victory has never been questioned, as such is the divine plan for this planet and we are its tools on the ground – with all positive and negative experiences.

But I am very confident that from now on the events will begin to unfold with greater speed and we will very soon emerge as the true leaders of humanity on its way to Awakening, Empowerment and ultimately Ascension in December 2012.

I am also very confident that as soon as the old world order begins to crumble, many of us will ascend and some of us will appear as ascended masters in front of humanity, endowed with all the God-power of  All-That-Is and will substitute the current corrupt politicians and rotten Elite and will become the new true wayshowers of mankind to the New Age.

in love and light
November 13, 2011

Yes George, I am still there, and this is the message I got from Spirit yesterday:
Ascension Mystery
I went through four ascension/spiritual community messages yesterday and discovered that the update from these scribes had some new undertones – indicating that the scenario is more intricate than revealed.
I hitherto prompted God at sleep time to throw in some light otherwise we would have to ´put on one pant´ tonight; and this is what unfolded.
I had a dream in which part of my concrete fence collapsed on my arm during repair works. The damage was so severe to the extent where the said arm was amputated to free me from the impending calamity.
I immediately prayed for full recovery and one of God´s servants promised some assistance despite all odds – the rebirth of the arm – complete healing including fingers. God looked at me and chuckled implying universal laws cannot be circumvented – are immutable.
So there we are in the vista of another unfolding drama and the dance continues.

Dear divsy,

Thank you for connecting me from Africa and for sharing with me your lucid and very vivid dream.

It symbolizes our sacrifice on behalf of humanity which is still in a deep slumber and not ready for ascension. The Allegory of the damaged/rotten limb that must be amputated is already in the New Testament as Jesus’ saying.

Your dream reveals this aspect once again: We cannot tear down the fence, the veil of forgetfulness, and ascend before all limbs of humanity are healed or amputated. Read my latest report of today where I explain what happened at 11.11.11 and why the full ascension of Gaia and the PAT was postponed.

In love and light
November 13, 2011

Dear George,

I read on the blog of Susan that you didn’t ascend either, and the divine plan for this planet has changed (again). I am waiting patiently for your next report as I don’t know what to believe anymore and questioning the decisions I made more and more as the days pass.

I was the 11-11-11 in pure nature with my best friends, but I didn’t really feel/saw any difference. I also lost a lot of credibility with my parents and friends because I told them from 11-11-11 the world would change for the better.

I guess this is all part of life and part of the journey we are making back to Spirit. It’s certainly not easy.

In love and Light


Dear Cedric,

I have just issued my report where I explain what happened and there will be some more explanations to come. But your prediction to your parents that the world will change for the better is correct and will materialize very soon.

We are all now in somewhat awkward situation, but prophets have always been in this mess on this planet of denial. Remember when Jesus declared to be the King of Heaven and how all people laughed at him.

This is quite normal on this planet of denial. However, the coming events will teach them to begin to understand the new reality. Essentially nothing has changed. Many of us have ascended already, but they have not yet transformed their carbon-based bodies to crystalline bodies only to stay on earth and help the slumbering masses to awaken.

Therefore do not lose your conviction and optimism and know that you are on the right track, notwithstanding some minor delays. You are young and your whole life is still in front of you. We, the old ones, have been already waiting for many decades and have experienced numerous delays. One more will not make us weak.

November 13, 2011

Dear George,

11.11 was a glorious day of unbelievable energy, lightness, and calm. I was astounded that I felt for the first time in many years, that there was not a drop of fear in my being.

When I awoke the next morning and realized that I was back in 3D, I cried. It was so wonderful being in the higher realms for such an extended period that I wanted to go back. I felt for a moment that I did something wrong, and that maybe I was the only one left behind!

I sent Callista a message after she contacted me, and was relieved to find out that although things didn’t go as I expected them to, we were successful in helping Gaia.

As the day went on I realized that those wonderful energies are still with me, and I have noticed the changes in the people around me, and the feel and knowing that a big change indeed, has occurred!

I still feel very tired most of the time, but it is a “good” tired, knowing that we have made a difference.

Thank you George, for relaying the updates.

Love and Blessings,

Dear Vicki,

Thank you very much for this update which is paradigmatic for what all of us are feeling these days – the emotional and energetic ups and downs. But the energy on this planet has definitely changed for the better and it will stay so. Now the big changes in society and collective mentality must come next.

In love and light
November 13, 2011

Dear George,

Ii have been reading your message of 12-10. I can understand that we all are disappointed. but I know that something important has happened and still is happening. From all over I hear people who have dreams, dreams about change, letting go and catwalks. They do not understand how important this is.

From my experience, I had a meditation, where I saw all my previous lives again. it was a kind of goodbye to the past and hello to what is coming now. I also met my reincarnated self a 10.000 years from now. She said for the second time to me that it is very important that we write all our experience and feelings down. We are writing the new history books for the future!!!

Yes, they will talk about this date, 11.11.11 many years from now on and, although change is going so slow from our point off view, it is going faster that we hoped before we reincarnated.

So keep up the hope, keep up taking and encouraging as many people as you can. every day. Every day is now important and every day is filled with love.

Dear Anneke,

Thank you very much for your email and for the confirmation of what all of us experienced these days.

I  am really thankful to you for raising this vital point, which is at present also in the core of my activities – how important it is now to write down all our emotions and inner perceptions as in this way we are weaving actively the fabric of the new reality of the 5th dimension and thus paving the way for the other people to follow us. A very important aspect indeed. Thank you!

This is also the reason why I decided to carry on with this ascension report which is still as valid and imminent as it was before 11.11.11. I now expect many individual ascensions in the coming days, after we have fulfilled our duties on behalf of humanity in excess.

In love and light
November 13, 2011

From Juanelfort:

In times like these, is it not surprising that not more people ask who or what they are? Are they really only powerless creatures who must do as the system instructs them? And what is the system actually? Who made it?

It is like a game of Chinese whispers. One person thinks of something and whispers it to the next person. Once it has passed via several „mouths“, something totally different comes out. The real meaning generally gets lost.

A further example would be: if you make a copy of a copy and then make a further copy. At some point, the final version no longer has anything to do with the original. This is true for people too. At least most people. They are so used to being on the “outside”, living life in a hectic rush, surviving through fear and caring for their families, that they completely lose the feeling of possessing their own power.

Of course we always say: that’s how it is or such is life. But who says that? On what experiences is that based?  Mainly people on the outside. Parents, relatives, neighbours or news etc. But who has really tried something different?

Do we not say true beauty can be found away from the beaten track? The people who changed something were those who relied on their gut feeling, while the people on the outside laughed and said: that won’t work.

Just as many people know the saying: learn something sensible, you can’t survive just from what you want!! Aren’t there plenty of musicians who are rich?  Or other artists?  Exactly because they are doing what they want to do and excel at this means that they become successful.

So, why do most people not believe in themselves?  Most people follow others like sheep because they are afraid. Because the system shows them that there is only one way to live. A way where there is a central instrument of power which controls everything. This allegedly provides security. Yet aren’t many people unhappy? Although they get through life just fine, many ask themselves if that is really all there is to it.

Where is the originality in all of us?  We are all unique, but rarely live as such. Why?  Because there are a small number of people who live very well within this structure!  A pyramid structure results in the multitude carrying the few right at the top. And although the few have no power compared to the multitude, the multitude look up and allow themselves to be ruled. Because it’s once again about the system and people allow themselves to be convinced that those at the top are better because they have a label to prove it.

Just like young children, we believe that everything that comes from above is good. Why can’t everyone assert their right to self-determination? Why do we always need more rules which then get broken by some people and not by others? Why, in times of shifting social balance, do we need to submit to violence from the state, when everything can be done in the right way? Why are more and more laws passed which take away more and more personal rights in order to protect them from something.  Can we not protect ourselves?

In my experience, when I treat others with respect, I am treated equally in return. In this world there are various cultures and customs which for me are like food. I can decide what I do or do not want to eat and give others this same choice. If small groups can make their own local decisions, this has more to do with reason than when things are decided by a central authority which has no idea what the local needs are.

Centralisation only serves to keep the power in a single location. Whoever determines this location has the power, at least as long as people allow themselves to be lead and to suppress their true strength, which every individual possesses.

It is time to wake up from the coma and bring an end to this nightmare happening all over the world! Everyone who wants change should be and live this change!  If we always wait for the next person, we are not recognising our own power and will remain in a deep slumber.
November 13, 2011

Dear George,

I do not hide you that I feel demoralized when Saturday morning arrived and little, of what you had expected, had happened.  Then Eva, my soul mate, told me that she knew what happened. and she said, one day before, what you have posted today on your website. it was great! Furthermore, I know that you have exposed yourself predicting events of 11/11 and maybe you fear that you have deceived  your readers. so I want to tell you: do not worry, I trust in you.

Finally I confirm to you that on Friday I felt a great flow of energy through my body and now I feel in peace with myself whatever happens

love and light.
Dear Paolo,

Thank you for your kind email. If one can speak of deceit, it is from heaven. In fact if you read my last report, you will find some explanation as to why the full Ascension was postponed and only the light version was carried out. These events are beyond anybody’s guess and the most deplorable aspect of this is that such decisions are taken at our expense.

In fact the vibration energy in my body has now reached a level which I only know from some out-of-body experiences, so that I am since 11.11.11 practically in the 5th dimension energetically and in a state of no-time. But it is very difficult to relay this experience in words. One must feel it himself.

However the ultimate transformation from carbon-based body to crystalline body was postponed one more time because Heaven needs us as powerful conduits of light on the ground to achieve the necessary light quotient on earth, which is mandatory for further developments. This burden has been shouldered onto the members of the PAT as humanity and many star seeds have not awaken yet according to their soul contracts, which is definitely a failure of their souls in the higher realms. Now we have to do extra work for the rest of humanity to compensate for this unfavourable situation.

The situation is indeed anything, but enjoyable, but there is nothing one can do against it. However, I am very optimistic that as soon as the new energetic condition is firmly established on earth with the new powerful 11.11.11 energies, there will be many individual ascensions as there is no point to stay here on earth any longer. We will be much more effective for the transformation of humanity as ascended masters.

In the meantime there is a clear-cut dissociation between ascension of Gaia and human ascension, so that after the opening of the stargate 11.11.11, for which we, the members of the PAT, were personally responsible, we no longer have any connection to it and can leave this planet any time soon. It only depends on the global coordination. This is my current assessment of the situation.

Please observe that even if we have not transformed our biological bodies to crystalline bodies, which is the ultimate ascension, you have finished through this last combined effort and dedication to open portals the world over with your LBP and now there are practically no hurdles any more for each one of you to ascend as soon as the general situation allows it. We are simply servants of All-That-Is and our destiny is a function of the common good. It has nothing to do with personal failure whatsoever. This is a completely wrong concept and should belong to the past.

In love and light
November 13, 2011

Dear Georgi,

I am so happy to see you’ve posted on your site after the 11th. Such integrity, transparency, and goodwill you’re expressing.

For me, 11/11 was a psychotic maelstrom. I remember so little except the torturous deconstruction of all ideas and ways of knowing other than absolute, direct heart awareness, without even the belief structure of acknowledging IT as such and making it a “thing”. The waves of delirium have passed and what’s left now (in this ‘impossible’ aftermath), is quite strangely: stillness that is also endlessly full…. without a “here” to be in, or not in. It’s as if consciousness was stunned senseless and now there’s no one to be perturbed about that….

The emotions and thought patterns I had feared to experience post-11, are quite surprisingly not accessible. (?) (You posted something parallel to that as well.) All knowing is further revealed to be direct, self-known….. The one who would be so upset and paralyzed about still being here….. well, it doesn’t even seem that one IS here. So reality is happening, and yet what or who is at the effect? The only way to know would be the heart and yet the heart IS already the same as ALL that IS.

Words, words. Everything continues to appear to be happening. Still tender, yet what could escape or adulterate this? Everything that could be ruined has been- and it was all found to be of no consequence, illusory. No one to be at the mercy, or no one apart to suffer. That ‘one’ is the same as ‘else’. The seeming happenings spontaneously occur. So fresh and wondrous, and yet Self-evident. Like the greatest shock ever, but no one to be sent reeling in the aftershock, no one to busy with making sense of anything. Just whoops! The rug is pulled out from under and Ta-DA~!~~

Again, thank you so much for collecting this community around your site. Your service is greatly appreciated. Take all your well-earned rest.
Dear Travis,

Thank you very much for this almost poetic description of the post 11.11.11 effect. This new energetic state of existence, in which most of the members of the PAT are currently, is indeed so unusual because it has never been experienced on this planet. We live in the highest energy quotient ever, in which no human being, even the avatars of the past, have been so far. From this point onward anyone of you can ascend as soon as the general condition on earth allows it. Read my next report where I also address this issue.

In love and light


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