State-of-Ascension-Report-24: The Ascension Season 11.11.11 Is Opened.

On-Line Reports from Members of PAT And First Ascension Wave Candidates;

Report-24, November 7, 2011

Interview with Anthony Kane on blogtalkradio, Host Mz. Mugzzi,
October 24, 2011

I am immensely happy to present you the last and most amazing interview of my friend and soul-mate Anthony Kane with Mz. Mugzzi on blogtalkradio on October 24, 2011. Anthony informed me about this interview two weeks in advance, but I was so involved in the daily work on this website that I had only today (Nov 6) the time and calmness to listen to this inspiring and moving conversation on all esoteric topics, which have also been in the centre of our discussions in the last two months. In this sense, this interview could be regarded as the final accord of our spiritual disquisitions in preparation for Ascension.

I  have been in intensive email contact with Anthony during the last year and we have shared and discussed many ideas, which he also addresses in this interview.

He is the second cousin of Martin Luther King and a powerful warrior-soul. For this reason he was brutally persecuted by the dark US-secret services that even tried to kill him. He had to leave the USA without any documents as they were taken away from him by the US authorities and to emigrate to Canada. He has gone through many challenges in his present life but he has always preserved his indomitable spirit and courage.

He is in contact with a group of highly evolved souls, known as “The Council of Twelve”. At the same time, he is also an Opener of Portals and thus a member of the PAT. However, he is a lonely warrior-soul and goes his own ways. He has his own website:

Sovereign Being:

where he regularly publishes. I have also contributed several articles to his blog. I would strongly recommend you to visit Anthony*s blog and read his excellent essays.

In his long farewell-interview, Anthony discusses such diverse themes as the role of the Powers That Be on this planet and why they killed his cousin Martin Luther King, the origin of the Anunnaki, the nature of the Reptilian Order. the genetic creation of Homo Sapiens, the spiritual sovereignty of all human beings, Ascension, the opening of portals and how life will be in the multidimensional reality after Ascension.

But first and foremost, he shares his insights with us on how to overcome human fears and develop an immaculate ethics as an enlightened being of light. This is the ultimate highlight of all radio talk shows, displaying the greatness of human spirit through a great human being – my friend Anthony Kane.

Enjoy this interview and let yourself be inspired in your last days prior to Ascension by the eloquence and deep sincerity of this great soul.
November 5, 2011

Hello Georgi,

Here is an article that I wrote on my personal website ( today:

This morning I had a prophetic lucid dream regarding the emergence of disclosure and ascension on planet Earth. The message was very clear to me that massive change is on the horizon, and I intuitively feel that the opening of the 11:11:11 stargate is going to commence the shift.

Here is what happened in the dream:

I was playing center field in a baseball game at the start of a new inning (we were warming up) with the same people that I had been playing ball with my entire life, one of which was an old close friend of mine, who, in the dream, was playing right field rather than shortstop, the position he normally plays in third dimensional reality. I noticed this fact in the dream, and just went along with it, knowing that third dimensional perceptions tend to get mixed up in the dream world.

As it so happened, once the new inning began and we resumed play, a fly ball was hit to right field, and my friend made an extraordinary over-the-shoulder catch. While the play itself was an amazing feat of athleticism, what really caught my eye was the ease in which the play was made. My friend made it look easy, maybe even a little too easy, and I remember saying to myself, “Wow, that was a miracle,” and you can see how this is starting to tie together.

After a lapse in dream time, there was now a runner on third base, and I remember calling out to the other outfielders, “Fly ball shooting four.” On the next pitch, the batter hit an incredibly high fly ball to center field, and I didn’t get a good jump and reading on the ball. I tried to track it down, but the ball was tailing away from me, and is it came down, I completely missed the catch, and I had to chase the ball all the way to the back of the outfield.

Once I picked up the ball and turned around, I noticed that all of the players were lined up with their respective teams in the middle of the infield as if the game was over and the teams were about to shake hands. I remember feeling confused as I trotted back to the infield and asked, “What’s going on? Is the game over?” To which one of my old coaches replied, “We’re starting over.” I asked why, and he replied, “Because they weren’t playing right.”

At that point, I was totally bewildered about the situation, and when I turned to look at the other team, I noticed that they were a bunch of dark-skinned small children with large penetrating eyes wearing long black suits, and I immediately knew that they were, or at least represented, extra-terrestrials. I then cracked a joke, saying, “What are you guys, Bunk Moreland (the black detective from the HBO series, The Wire)? They all gave me blank stares, so apparently they didn’t get the joke. I woke up shortly after this.

When I analyze this dream, I can see many clear signs pointing to disclosure and the upcoming shift. My friend making that “miracle” catch is a sign of human awakening and evolution, leading to knew abilities and expanded consciousness. The “high fly ball to center field” and “small children with large penetrating eyes wearing long black suits” represents an emergence of extra-terrestrial activity in our skies, and a message for us to prepare to “look up” when the time is right. The abrupt ending of the game between the two teams represents the end of duality, and of course the dialogue is very straightforward, telling us that the Powers-That-Were have not been playing the game fairly, and it is now time to start over.

I hope this message brings hope to other light workers who may feel skeptical about ascension because they are not receiving signs personally. Just remember that by simply reading this material and being here, radiating your light and being the change that you want to see in the world, you are contributing to the shift in global consciousness.

With love,
November 5, 2011

Dear George,

I’m quite new to your website being only here for a couple of weeks. I devoured most of your articles and judged it to be of highest quality truth. I had read voraciously  many channeled sources such as Mathew Ward, Mike Quincy’s Salusa and Sheldan Nidle’s GFL updates. I always compare the info of one article to another. I found that these channeled articles are meant to deceive a large percentage of the light-worker community. Take the case of the Galactic Federation of Light constantly mentioned in these channeled messages.

It turns out the GFL is actually orion/nordic/reptillian in sheeps clothing or angels of light. Yes, I know there is a real Galactic Federation. The GFL (fake Galactic Federation) espouses the idea of Ascension through technology as mentioned as a staple in Sheldan Nidle’s Galactic channeled messages.

The real Ascension however is ORGANIC, natural, non technological since in the 5th dimension, it mostly no longer needs technology for a light body to comfortably exist. It is simply beyond technology. Messages from these orion/reptillian also tend to drive the idea of external dependence, the ‘we are the savior you are the victim’ mentality. The messages from original positive high dimensional sources always encourages us towards internalization and independence. They always tell us to trust on own abilities to resolve any problems. This is in effect how our own Higher Selves sees us. They want to empower us instead of taking away our power, just like the religions of this planet did to us for 13000 years.

Another George, he’s name is George Kavassilas, a human embodiment of a member of the Council of 22 has been teaching people exactly similar to your messages. He is warning people of the great deception that is about to unfold in the coming weeks and months ahead about the last attempt of the Orion/reptilian empires to prevent us from ascending. He also mentioned that Mother Sophia/Gaia will start opening the organic portals to the 5th dimension this November and ends in December 21, 2012.

BTW you are absolutely right about comet Elenin being a Galactic Federation ship. This is verified by Zora, 150,000 year old Lemurian and his son Zoraya(Ret. Col. Billie Faye Woodard) from hollow earth, Agartha. I hope to go with you to the fifth dimension organically this November 11.

live endlessly


Thomas Pafe (divsy), 1st Waver/Gatekeeper, November 6, 2011

Life unfolds endlessly in divine order, will and timing and for our highest good.

A couple of weeks ago, precisely on 09:26:11, I knew my divine blueprint had taken a turn for good when my guides started flashing glimpses of what ascension proper would look like and confirmed by a plethora of related messages from scribes – for the first time the idea of 1st wave Ascensionees became a reality. My inner barometer told me, we were about to start finish line fine tuning. And from there onwards I immediately noticed that the universe started cooperating more by way of stepping up guidance – synchronicity; many Ascensionees have awaken to a vision of Spirit creating in their reality multiple colored light rays: crystalline portals/golden tubes/golden chimneys/etc. to be used as corridors to travel back home – what a beauty and wonder – amazing grace.

The excitement was enormous; I acted like a kid anticipating Christmas gifts or rather warming up at Christmas Eve – anxiety, apprehension. All along most of us were swimming in apathy – we are all groping in the dark/uncertainty looms everywhere/life is a drag; this development was such a big relief.

It was such a joy and beauty to finally kick off this long awaited exercise leading us to the final line – the 11.11.11 gateway after trailing/toiling for several tedious years. This joy was to a large extent motivated by our imminent exit from ascension symptoms, which had been such a predicament to all lightworkers. Nevertheless, the symptoms have just partially gone underground in the sense that the excitement is marring some of the effects.

We are flooded with daily updates from diverse sites/groups on the latest developments which keep us hopeful and busy; we are able to compare notes so to speak. Many clear channels have come out of their caves with potent reports as well as state of the art preparatory projects. I read with a lot of enthusiasm uplifting daily reports from ascension team members all over the globe.

I was motivated to implementing an informational campaign procedure, whereby I sent out daily messages to get as many as possible involved in the process – I extended my anchorman forum activities. I have been publishing related inspired articles (the separation of worlds, the meaning of the end times, the last call,…) to guide light workers to a joyful finish, to prompt them to handle this final lap with ease and grace.

I have changed my schedule to tie with the new energies; I changed my timetable – stepped up my rest/relaxation/meditation to reflect the emerging timeline. I have also activated my wayshower portfolio, raised my light warrior activities – talking to potential 2nd wavers, anytime the opportunity presents itself.

We are now waiting for the moment to deliver the `baby` so to speak – our Kadmon body/original divine blueprint, our full spectrum multidimensional selves, fully creational diamond core god cell (the original body given to us by the creators/builders of form at inception. We have to die to the old for the manifestation of the new – this is the phoenix dance in play and this time around with Crystals (Skull & OM) – the flight to 5D.

November 05, 2011

Dear George,

I had a mind-blowing experience today, and wanted to give you the confirmation: I was visited by Arcturians who witnessed me opening a portal in a public place in my city. They asked me to hold the portal open while they passed over in a massive ship. This was not a 3-dimensional spaceship with blinking lights and gleaming metal… it was a multi-dimensional “craft” that only barely began manifesting in the most subtle vibrations of 3d.

In the meantime, here’s a photograph of the craft as visible in this dimension. I have many more photos as well. I have adjusted lighting levels in the photograph to emphasize the energetic/vibratory nature of the manifestation, thus the distortion in color. The photograph has not been doctored in any other way.

P.S. The portion of the craft seen in the photos is an observation level that extends below the massive ship, and is the first portion to penetrate our 3d world and materialize. My sense of the overall size of the craft was that it was several miles in each direction, though I could be wrong, as it didn’t fully materialize.

In love and light, and with the blessings of the Arcturians,
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