State-of-Ascension-Report-23: The Ascension Season 11.11.11 Is Opened.

On-Line Reports from Members of PAT And First Ascension Wave Candidates;

Report-23, November 5, 2011

On the Financial Situation of this Website:

November 04, 2011


I wonder why the PAT website has advertisements? I am reading “Economic Collapse 2011 — August update,” and I see an ad for Merrill Edge Investing as well as for Fisher Investments.  Why is this?

Thanks, Julie
Dear Julie,

Very simple. I have no money to run this website with professionals and my son-in-law, who is a student in engineering in Munich is the webmaster of it and he helps me on ideal grounds. He does not get any money for it, but at same time he has to live on something and pay his student taxes.

I allowed him therefore to sign a contract with Google for advertisement to get some reimbursement for the substantial time he spends on helping me to run this website. The advertisement revenues are rather minimal and they do not even cover a fraction of his work, but it is still better than nothing. The publication of this website would not have been possible without his immense daily contribution. I even have a very bad consciousness as I am steeling his time from his university studies, especially as he is in the final terms and is currently also preparing his doctor thesis.

We cannot rely on donations, as my readers are all in financial troubles and I do not ask for any. We must use the system, where we can to promote our goals as long we live under the Orion Monetary System.

Does this answer your question?

In love and light

PS: To all Readers of This Website:

I have always been very outspoken about observing a total transparency on this website, which will be the key feature of the new life in the 5th dimension. But I only discuss certain issues when they are raised.

It should be evident to all my readers that my son-in-law Chris has accomplished a tremendous work to make this site possible and function so smoothly on a daily basis. Without his idealistic help, this website would not have existed in the first place, make no mistake about it. Since the begin of August, he has worked very hard with me to make it possible for you to gather around this website from all four corners of the world and to find moral support and a spiritual home.

He has done this, despite of the fact that he does not believe in ascension and he does not even share my or your esoteric views. He is simply a “Schatz” ( a treasure of a person) as the Germans say. The revenues from the Google advertisement are less than 60 Euro per month, while he has spent many hours per day, making it possible that the “Astral Breaking News” are released in due time. This was especially difficult when our delivery system collapsed due to over-load a month ago, as it was not conceived for so many subscribers and we had to change the provider, which also caused new, unplanned expenditures.

As everywhere on this planet, the young people who study under the Orion System have to work hard to earn some money to pay their university fees and their modest living. Chris has sacrificed his precious time to help me run this website – for you.

Therefore, I believe that he has deserved a modest compensation for what he has done for you in the last three months enabling the edition of this website. I am fully aware of the fact that all of you are living under difficult financial conditions as this is part of your letting go of the current Orion financial system, just as I do, but I would highly appreciate if you make a very small, symbolic donation on behalf of Chris, just to acknowledge his dedication and devotion to this website in these most crucial months of your lives on earth.

This will be a single contribution and a sign of appreciation for a well-done job on the part of Chris prior to your Ascension from this planet – a simple “Thank You”. Please do not forget that even after we have ascended, we will still need such responsible and devoted young men on earth, who will fulfil their duties modestly in the background and will help us change humanity for the better.




A New Important Message from Cosmic Awareness on November 3, 2011


This audio-message from CA is very important for a number of reasons. It confirms in a brilliant way many of the predictions and statements that I have made in the last year. In addition, it also confirms the begin of the Era of Ascension for humanity which will continue after 11.11.11 throughout the whole next year and will culminate in the mass ascension in December 2012.Below I will summarize the major topics which CA addresses in this latest message and give you the references to my articles and writings, where I have predicted or confirmed these statements. As I have said on numerous occasions, I am in a direct telepathic contact with these highest realms of awareness and receive most of my information from there as shared with you on this website:1. There is currently an asteroid which is approaching the moon. This asteroid was launched/directed by the dark forces of the Orion Empire to hit the moon on November 9, 2011 on the dark side and destroy the underground bases of the GF, which it took over from the Orion/Reptilian Empire some time ago.

In my article “Why The Many Delays in The Ascension Scenario  I write about this topic the following:

“n the summer of 2009, there was for instance a huge battle on the moon. The human bases there revolted against their masters, the Orion/Reptilian faction, and took control over them with the help of the Galactic Federation. This was a real Star war. The Dark Forces decided to send a rocket with nuclear weapon from the earth to annihilate the humans in their former bases, now controlled by them and the Galactic Federation. This missile was however inactivated by the Galactic Federation. Since then the Dark Forces have lost control on the Moon.

It is important to observe that NASA announced only one day before the planned explosion in the mass media that a rocket had been launched on the moon and that they intended to make an experiment by making a small explosion on the surface of the moon as to analyse whether there was any water underground. This was in breach with the previous practice of NASA to announce such launches months or even years in advance. This was a deliberate cover-up, which most people did not realize or question at that time. Especially when one considers the fact that the announced explosion did not take place, as this could have been easily observed even by amateur-astronomers.

Now that the Galactic Federation is in firm hold of the moon, it has weakened significantly the ability of the Dark Forces to launch a first strike and annihilate most of mankind, which was a central piece of their insidious plan to control earth in the End Times.”

Now, the Dark ones have decided to destroy the bases of the GF with the help of this asteroid and thus annihilate several billion human beings on earth as the blue planet will also suffer severely from this attack. As CA says, this scenario will happen only for those who believe in it. Please observe that we have entered the times of multidimensional realities and you will experience whatever your thoughts create. This would say that you will not experience this catastrophe as many low vibrating human entities will do, while entering their alternative timeline on the catastrophic earth B around the stargate 11.11.11.

When I wrote my article “Official Disclosure of the US-Government of Your Ascension at the Stargate 11.11.11″  in October 24, I knew that the dark hats are planning a major devastating attack on humanity and for that reason they intend to close all mass media in the USA for the first time. I associated this intention with the coming First Ascension as this is the last chance of the Orion Empire to jeopardize the divine plan of the Forces of Light for this planet.

I knew that they will not succeed, but how important it is nonetheless to disclose this nefarious plan. If you have read the vitriolic accusations of these dark ones under the cover name “Satina”, who attempted to hijack this website and infiltrate the PAT members, against me, you must have noticed that one of the major accusations was centered around this article, the importance of which most of you did not really apprehended, judging from your comments – there were namely none.

This attack of the dark secret FBI- or CIA-team “Satina” convinced me that we must expect a major attack by these dark hats on this day prior to the stargate 11.11.11. This is how I evaluate the current events by analysing the facts on the ground and by checking them through my open channel to the highest realms of the 12th dimension, from which CA is also speaking to us.

2. CA confirms that Elenin is a mother-ship of the GF and is stealthed now in its Merkaba after it was attacked by the dark forces of the Orion/Reptilian Empire. In my article “Elenin is a Mother-Ship of the Galactic Federation”  on September 15, 2011 I wrote:

“The first brand-new information is the role, which the Comet Elenin will play in the coming crucial events. Contrary to the current confusion in the mass media and Internet, deliberately instigated by the dark ones, Comet Elenin is a mother-ship of the Galactic Federation and is heading towards earth to support the begin of human Ascension. It is tarnished as a hollow planetoid/asteroid of comparatively modest proportions. The more important bigger 5th-dimensional part of this mother-ship is invisible to human eyes and cannot be detected with material devices…”

I also wrote at that time that this mother-ship was attacked by the dark forces and had to cloak in order to protect itself. This is now brilliantly confirmed by this message of CA:

“Before we proceed with our elaboration on the positive effects of Elenin, one last proof for NASA’s policy of fraud. Several days ago, the Orion Empire launched a massive nuclear strike against Elenin, as the author was informed by the causal worlds. The missile exploded in the stealth shield of this mother-ship of the Galactic Federation, but had no effect on its orbit. There was a huge explosion that was observed by many astronomers. To cover-up this attack, the Cabal propaganda of the paid deceivers in NASA announced in advance that Elenin will intercept with the coronal mass ejections from the sun and this will cause an explosion three days later.

How did they know it in advance, except that they were informed about this assault, is not explained. And how such a singular explosion could physically occur with sun flares that are incessantly emitted from the sun remains a great mystery. NASA has given no explanation to it. This is the greatest nonsense that has ever been distributed in the mass media, and it defies any reasonable scientific mind. But this latest awkward fraud also shows in what a precarious situation NASA currently is.”

The role of Elenin in the splitting of the two timelines around and at the opening of the stargate 11.11.11 is also elucidated in this article as now confirmed by CA:

“Now back to Elenin and the fraudulent dementi of NASA. It is not the purpose of this mother-ship of the Galactic Federation to cause natural catastrophes on earth, but to help the split of the two timelines of earth in the End Times. As the author writes in his last book, earth will ultimately split in an ascended earth (A) and a degraded, catastrophic earth (B) in the three days of stasis around December 21, 2012, when a huge photon tsunami from the central sun of the galaxy will flood upon earth and transport the ascended earth to the 5th dimension (see also the ongoing scenario).

This process will actually begin with a full force on the 16th of October 2011, when Elenin will reach the closest distance to earth. The influence of Elenin can only be understood in conjunction with the energetic transformation of earth that is going on since 01.01.01, when the crystalline 144-grid of earth started to be renewed. After the Fall of Atlantis and the full conquest of this planet by the Dark forces from the Orion Empire, the earth was put under quarantine from the rest of the galaxy as to not intoxicate the other civilisations with its negative energies.”

3. CA confirms the begin of the Era of Ascension with the opening of the stargate 11.11.11, which is the central topic on this website among all members of the PAT and first ascension candidates. CA also speaks that some of the ascensions will occur through death experience, which I also addressed on numerous occasions in my writings.

4. CA explicitly mentions the role of the PAT in the first Ascension Wave at 11.11.11. Listen very carefully this part of the message.

5. CA addresses the nefarious plans of the US-Elite of the Orion/Reptilian Empire to test the EAS on November 9, and to shut down all sources of mass information. I was the first journalist in Internet to acknowledge this danger explicitly and to publish an article about it. However, I chose the best possible alternative and associated this greatest crime against humanity that has been planned so far by the dark ones with our Ascension, knowing that this will be our future timeline as CA also recommends. Is this a simple serendipity or is this true, solid knowledge on my part? I leave the judgement to you.

6. CA confirms the Ascension scenario, involving the ascension of Gaia as planet A to the 5th dimension and the remaining catastrophic 3d-planet B as described in my book “The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction” almost one year ago.

7. CA confirms the potential danger of eruption of two huge volcanoes under the Canary Islands. Spain, near the African coast. As you know, I have been repeatedly attacked for the last two months by the dark forces of the Orion/Reptilian Empire from these islands, where they have their huge underground bases as remnants of Atlantis. I knew that there is an imminent danger for such a volcano outburst and I even wrote in an email published in one of my Ascension Reports that these bases were largely destroyed by several earthquakes in the last weeks that were registered in the vicinity of the Canary Islands. These earthquakes anticipated the eruption of these volcanoes in the coming months.

This notice infuriated the dark ones from the Canary Islands and they started a second attack on me from the USA, about which I have not informed you so far as it was without any effect. Since then I knew that I must expect sooner or later a more serious attack coming from the dark US-secret services. This happened a month later under the cover name of “Satina – The Satan”. What you have experienced in the last several days was the most dramatic thriller of cosmic proportions, which even Hollywood is unable to put on the screen.

8. CA rejects “The Andromedan Council” as a source of the dark Orion/Reptilian faction. When Alfred Webre started interviewing his dubious source “Tolec” as the human representative of the Andromedan Council about a month ago and published three articles in a raw on, I  wrote a very worrisome letter to him. As you may know I started first publishing my articles on his website On October 3, 2011 I wrote to Alfred the following email on his article:

Dear Alfred,

I have read your article and I am receiving quite a number of emails with positive feedback about your latest publication because these readers know in the meantime that we cooperate. I am receiving about 40-50 emails per day, which I meticulously answer. The readers like this, because they are not used to get competent answers to their numerous questions in Internet. This is just an information for you.

Please consider strongly publishing my article on the “Role of The Planetary Ascension Team At The Stargate 11.11.11” as it complements the information in your last article. Thus you will be on the safe side covering all scenarios. The events may stipulate in the next several weeks and may catch you unprepared, if you stress too much only one version and source, especially when his version has no chance of realisation in the form presented by you.

I am receiving daily information from the highest realms – Sue is channeling now 2-3 times a day for me, in addition to my direct information from CA  and I must tell you bluntly, your source Tolec  has no apprehension of the complexity of the events, currently shaping the destiny of mankind and earth behind the scene.

Be careful! You cannot put all your prestige on one card. When you lose your reputation, even I cannot help you as an ascended master, as is already the case with Steve Beckow, whom I tried to help during the last year. His former supporters are now running en masse over to me after his latest hysteric move. The other alternative is you keep quiet for the next three-four weeks and wait what will happen.

I have now about  three hundred readers. with whom I am in correspondence, who will definitely ascend in this fall with me and have absolutely the same perception as mine. Many of them channel privately. They come to me because their souls have given them this instruction. This is part of the preparation for ascension as I have explained in my articles. As I have told you on many occasions, it is not about me publishing – my mission is to connect my “planetary ascension team” through Internet,  but you do not seem to get it yet.

Weigh this broad information upon your single source and think once again, whether it is clever to rely only upon him. This is my last attempt to help you. After that I will be powerless. You will be swept away by the tide of the events.

In Love and Light
Dear George – Thank you.

I present all points of view and give my critique with each article. I still believe you are misperceiving my position.

In Light, Alfred
Dear Alfred,

Obviously one of us must suffer from a  pronounced myopia. What I see, is three publications in a raw with the same source and the same shit. I cannot see any journalistic discernment or critical approach whatsoever on your part.

I have been a professional news-editor in Radio Free Europe in the 80s and later on as a free-lance scientific journalist for some of the largest international newspapers and journals in Europe in addition to my research activities and I hope that I can discern a good from a bad journalism.

In love and light

So much about the discernment of the most pronounced Gurus of the New Age movement. I did not intend initially to publish this correspondence with Alfred as I owe him a lot for introducing me to the scene, but I am not used to close my eyes to the truth because of ill-guided loyalty.

Is this another serendipity? I should say, yes. No event is coincidental on this planet and has always a deeper meaning which one can only grasp after some time.

9. CA confirms that Elenin is bringing a second sun for earth that will be put into orbit some time later, probably around or after mass ascension in December 2012. This event was first announced by the Andromedan council, which must mix true facts with misinformation to make itself seem more respectable. Alfred Webre published his first interview with Tolec on this issue on September 13, 2011:

Andromeda Council Update on Elenin, brown dwarf, Nibiru, earth changes, 4D Earth

Here is my comment on this article, which I immediately sent to Alfred as an email:

Dear Alfred,

I read your latest article / interview very carefully and the information given from the Andromedan Council essentially confirms my prognosis and scenario from a different angle. It can’t be otherwise. Now let me be frank.

These reports get lost in technicalities because  they search the causal relationships in a three-dimensional linear scenarios and concepts within the external cosmic space and thus miss the essential event for humanity – Ascension – for which no plausible concept has been developed so far –  either by your interview guest Tolec or by the Russian scientists. Their interpretations still dwell in the three-dimensional reality. The interpretations of Tolec are more advanced than that of the Russians, who do not get the transcendental dimension at all.

Both of them  have, however, not yet transgressed this 3d-threshold of human thinking and have not entered the multidimensional thinking, which is an achievement of the individual soul. This threshold will be the greatest mental hurdle, which humanity must overcome this and next year.

I understand that you must make such interviews to reach your readers for a while (no longer than a month or two, probably less), but you must be very careful not to get lost yourself in these technicalities and thus lose the clear sight for the most important event on earth – Ascension.

None of your partners have the  physical background to understand these actual energetic processes at the higher levels that are shaping the destiny of this 3d-planet to  5d-planet, as they are beyond human perception – even to me, although I have a better understanding of transcendental physics than anybody else on earth. The major energetic event is still the building of the crystalline 144-grid of earth, of which none of your guests speaks, because they have no idea of it.

You are now on the cusp of changing your total perception. While it is normal that you still dwell in the current traditional cosmic technicalities that have shaped your world view and journalistic carrier for the last 40 years, you must begin to look beyond it. This you have already done by also publishing my articles. This is your new alternative. This is your greatest achievement and you have also shown a great courage in this respect. You must weigh my comments here upon this very positive assessment

Consider this as a very vulnerable transitional period for you now,  when one wobbles, so to say, between old mental patterns and the new transcendental thinking.

I was in this state for two years when I actually discovered the Universal Law in 1993-1994 and this was a very difficult mental time for me too. Since than I have firmly left the linear human thinking and have entered consciously the multidimensional thinking that will be the norm after 2012.

Nobody else can give you this insider information and therefore I can only advise you to read this email several times before you have fully grasped the meaning behind it, as at first glance it seems to be self-evident or resembles the usual esoteric trash from the numerous channeling ladies in Internet, but it is not. It is the vibrations behind the words that count and in my case they are very high and not so easy to keep in mind.

The idea of the brown dwarf as a second sun is not new. It has been channelled as early as the 70s by an English group and later on confirmed by several other sources. This new sun will expand its real function however only after Ascension in the 5th dimension, where there will  be no night as the new human beings with crystalline light bodies will not need so much sleep to recreate from the current toxic energies on earth. They will be active most of the time. They will need light also at night, although it will be a different kind of light.

But this goes too much in detail. I deliberately not mention such facts as the readers will be totally confused and distracted from the main event – Ascension, Most of the people are already in a state of total confusion these days and the confusion will only increase in the coming months…

This is just how I see the situation. It is quite understandable, if you see it differently, but have this alternative view also in mind, in case…

You do not need to answer me.

In Love and light

10. CA confirms that NESARA is a fraud, invented by the dark channels of the Orion/Reptilian faction. I have written on numerous occasions in many articles that NESARA is a fraud and has no chance of realisation as it does not fit into the divine plan for this planet. Based on this conclusion I have rejected all New Age websites that promote this idea.

In particular, I had a very emotional email exchange with Sue Ward, the mother of Matthew Ward, whom she allegedly channels together with another dubious source known as “Hatonn”. I told her that all information that Matthew is channeling to her concerning NESARA and the role of Obama in this context is a misinformation and comes from lower astral Orion sources. You can imagine the furious reaction of this lady when I dared to question his deceased son, who allegedly channelled her. The positive aspect was that after my intervention this channel became very dull and never mentioned NESARA again and even distanced himself from Obama. This is an example of how one can actively intervene and influence positively some dark sources of information from the 4th astral dimensions by directly questioning their credibility. I did the same with SaLuSa channelled by Mike Quincy and after that this channel also became rather dull and change somewhat his tone of misinformation. But you cannot make the Satan become an Angel overnight.

I hope that I have given you with this analysis and comments on the latest message from CA some glimpses into my tedious work behind the veil and on the New Age scene to correct some of the most deleterious developments in the light worker movement.

Enjoy this message from Cosmic Awareness  – the most reliable channeling source in Internet as I have always praised it.

George, November 4, 2011


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