State-of-Ascension-Report-22: The Ascension Season 11.11.11 Is Opened.

On-Line Reports from Members of PAT And First Ascension Wave Candidates;

Report-22, November 4, 2011

November 03, 2011

Dear George,

I was hoping you would be posting ascension reports after 1 November. Thank you for keeping the reports coming and please pass my gratitude to the Webmaster and your family because publishing all these reports must be taking up a lot of your time.

Thank you for publishing your thoughts and the reader’s thoughts about Satina. My intuition confirms what you and the readers are thinking.

In this email I have included some links in my email which I have run past my intuition and I resonate with the material but if you feel that they are inappropriate to include, I apologise and please just delete them.

There was a lucid dream that I had several nights ago and I have an urge to share with you and the readers. It may help our (mis)understanding of time in respect to your theory of Universal Law:

I was at my family house where I don’t live any more, and I was with my brother just sitting around. There was a male being in another the living room of the house, I first I thought it was my father because I sensed a controlling, patriarchal male energy but it represented the ‘powers that be(were) [PTB]’. Then a message flashed in front of my eyes, it was the word ‘time’ with an infinity symbol next to it. I immediately knew that ‘time’ was being used by the controllers to keep humanity locked in 3D: hence the infinity symbol. Then I knew in order to graduate/end the 3D illusion we must understand the ‘real’ relationship between time and space (stated in your Universal Law). In the dream I was wearing a watch and I took off the watch I was wearing and started smashing it on the ground and my brother started doing the same. We knew when we had  destroyed our watches then time would now longer exist and our 3D reality would dissolve. Then the male being in the other room (representing the PTB) tried to stop us from leaving 3D by preventing us from destroying the watches but we knew he could do nothing to stop us.

Upon waking I ‘knew’ that understanding the ‘truth’ of conventional time would be key to help others awaken after 11.11.11. Each of the PAT will be destroying their own ‘watches’ by ascending, much to the dismay of the current ‘controllers’ of humanity. So just believe/imagine you have already ascended and it will have happened, our minds are connecting with our hearts that is what ‘they’ are afraid of: people are ‘waking up’.

I also had a feeling that a scientific/mathematical explanation of ascension aspects may be necessary for people ‘stuck in their mind’ to awaken their spirit and ‘open their hearts’. So spirituality should go hand in hand with the development of science. I know for the majority of people to accept ideas such as ascension, portals and astral planes there has to be a scientific explanation. Not just through the spiritual such as through psychic phenomena, intuition, dreams.

An interesting site that provides a scientific/mathematical description using ‘modern physics’ of portals introduces the concept of gravitational potential field that slows/stops time or creates imaginary time. The explanation can be found on this website:

Also the same author provides a scientific explanation linking physical, Ethereal and Astral realms by presenting the wave equation using quaternion (extension of imaginary numbers). It provides a mathematical theory describing how parallel timelines can be represented by different complex (real/ imaginary) time values. So the reason why we can’t see the other ‘dimensions’ is because we are ‘out of phase’ or do not resonate with them, which most of the readers intuitively know. This phenomenon could be used to help people understand ‘splitting of the worlds (21.12.12)’ from a scientific point of view, especially those who have difficulty with accessing their inner knowing. Here is the description linking the physical, Ethereal and Astral realms on this website:

George in your research are you familiar with the use of quaternions? Apparently Maxwell’s original equations were written using quaternions and can be used to explain free energy technology:

Sorry for presenting all this science but I know it will be useful when helping people to explain and accept what will be happening after 11.11.11. Hopefully some of the PAT coming back will teach some of this science to those whose minds and hearts are open to accept it.

It was amazing to read Mario’s description of using sound for healing, opening chakras and healing DNA. During my Ayahuasca experience, some spirits came to teach me how sound was use to heal by showing me how each sound corresponded to its own colour, vibration and the effect on the body. They also taught me how we could create forms from the void using sound….


Dear Martin,

Thank you very much for your comprehensive email and your thoughts on the role of science in educating and enlightening humanity to understand the nature of space-time, the existence of levels and dimensions with higher frequencies than the visible electromagnetic spectrum of the 3d-space-time reality and, finally, the existence of portals between these dimensions.

That said, I have made the experience in the past that humanity is still not ready to accept this new weltanschauung. This was the reason why the new physical theory of the Universal Law could not be promoted earlier.

Now back to your scientific references. I checked them and, while they go in the right direction, they still stick to the conventional thinking pattern of current empiric science and cannot provide an adequate explanation for the nature of space-time. They depart from the relativistic theory of Einstein which is completely wrong with respect to its interpretation of space-time as it excludes the role of the human mind in creating the idea of space-time in the first place. You can read my analysis and critics on Einstein’s relativistic theory in volume I and II on physics.

The same holds true for Maxwell’s approach on electromagnetism. If you read volume II very carefully, especially the last chapter, where I integrate gravitation with electromagnetism in the most fundamental manner possible, you will see that both energies are mere mathematical distinctions, born in the human mind and thus can hardly serve as an explanatory principle for the existence of portals and high frequency levels and dimensions.

It is rather the other way round. First, the scientific human mind must get rid of these flawed concepts as gravitation and electromagnetism, before starting to explore the true nature of All-That-Is.

This cannot happen with the current carbon-based brain. First, the human brain must be substituted with a crystalline brain in the process of ascension. This new brain will be able to process the simultaneity of spirit as manifestation of All-That-Is, before being able to develop the new transcendental physics of the 5th dimension. Or one transforms into pure energy or awareness and merges automatically with All-That-Is in the highest 5th dimension or in the dimensions beyond the 5th.

But I thank you for your inspiration to address the role of science in shaping human weltanschauung which is in the core of my five German books on Human Gnosis.

Your dream has an important gnostic meaning, pointing to the importance of this discussion for the collective human mind-set.

In love and light

November 03, 2011


I have looked over the years and have never found much good information about Metatron and his role in our realm.  Everyone knows about Michael, Gabriel, etc. but I just haven’t found anything that really tells me much about Metatron.  Can you tell me what Metatron means to you or direct me to some of your articles / books if you have info there?  Thanks.

Dear Techie,

I do not know anything about Metatron as an entity or angel. I use this name in physical terms – there is a specific wave that I describe as metatronic wave – “between the tones” or underlying frequency wave.

November 03, 2011

Hi Georgi,

I have not felt comfortable to contact you until now, but we have met before in a meeting on the other side. I can only remember leaving, apparently my higher self likes to leave some things a secret! I have seen a portal taking many others through on the 1-11-11. I wasn’t ready to go through yet, but I saw maybe thirty or forty others go through before I lost the connection. I am in Australia, so it would be great if Callista could confirm this was the case as well. Love and light to the cause! Kel Xo

Dear Kellie,

I am  sure that some more  people crossed the veil and ascended as I was busy in the night of November 1, doing exactly this, which is by the way my 60. birthday. I will forward your email to Callista.

Dear George,

This is an interesting email. I cannot say that I am consciously aware of this event. All I know is that I have been very hard working, while I am asleep and I wake up very tired.  Britte and Brett are the same – the last few days have been particularly taxing – I am of the opinion that we are holding and defending portals as those pass through the lower astral plane. I have been asking for more clarification, but am met with silence. My feeling is that we are not being told anything in case it jeopardises the operation. I feel the operation is going very well at this stage.

For some days Craig and I have been aware of another very large portal above the planet and above the lower astral plane. It is very bright and  powerful and it is cloaked. I think it is a portal which takes us from the portals we have formed on the planet. Then this large portal transfers us to  the awaiting starship where we assemble for the next phase (as we have previously discussed).

I have the feeling that many ascensions that take place before the 11.11.11 will be clandestine and unexpected, then on 11.11.11 there will be a much larger wave, because that is what people are expecting, and they will be preparing themselves on this day.

I hope this is of some help.  Does my take on this resonate with yours?

This is also my feeling, indeed. There are few ascensions as test cases, or trial runs before the big ascension takes place at 11.11.11.

Dear George

Thank you for confirming my thoughts – there are so many unusual events taking place that sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure I am really having these experiences!  I woke this morning with the knowledge that you and I had a meeting last night – I cannot remember any details but your energy signature was very strong and I am sure we met and conferred. Then my mind got in the way and I thought that I was being influenced by this email, where Kellie tells of a meeting with you on the other side.  Did you have any recollection of a meeting with me?  I am not retaining dream memory so much lately, so I can’t remember any details. Please tell me if there is anything I need to know.

love and light from Callista
Dear Callista,

I do not have any detailed dream memories in the last several days, but I know that I participate in numerous conferences and council meetings at the higher levels to adjust the final preparations for ascension. As I am very busy during the day and I sleep only a few hours, my higher self does not overwhelm me too much with additional dream information. However, I have the hilarious feeling that all is progressing very well and to our full satisfaction. It is an underlying good feeling coming from my soul.

In love and light
November 03, 2011

Hello George!

Thank you again for you being here at this time. By now I have had two independent sources that confirmed I am indeed from the angelic realms or even arch-angelic. My team consist of Michael, Raphael and some more. So the reason for my feeling of a block has definitely to do with my nature of being. I simply can’t fully get into my physical body at this time. Only when earth raises her frequency I can make a full connection. I had already test-runs of this, which were fantastic.

What I also learned in communion (as opposed to communication which is the old way) that my life indeed has been OK up till now, but it would be fine otherwise as well. What has been important is that by incarnating here I (and we) have been acting as a ‘beacon’ for different timelines to align to the One, where on 11-11 and onward earth raises it’s vibration to the 5th dimension and beyond. It can be seen from all different angles, it is indeed multidimensional. We are not only acting to release personal debris, it also creates ‘trails of light’ for others to free themselves. I have seen myself making slip-streams, or wormholes in a sense. In this way we are raising the frequency of this dimension and are also drawing the higher dimensions into this one. It is a flowing into each other of sorts of different dimensions.

On a side note, I really have no business than this here on earth and have been truly called for and I responded. I feel the human race really wants to ‘keep me/us here’ for a while. But actually it is our human element that is moving along with us,

I feel that on 11-11 we will raise our frequencies so much together with Gaia, that other human beings will get caught in slip-streams of light and love and move up in frequency far more easily than we all have. I have no clue how this reality will show itself, but I do know that physical senses will become second and our feeling nature will rule our creative actions. We will know and feel how we shape our reality with our feelings more and more until we will reshape the fabric of our ‘outer’ world by changing ourselves.

Also I have had dramatic insights in the collective fear patterns and how they relate to the  over- usage of the mind instead of being who we really are and shaping our life as creators. Very refreshing.

I also see know that our preparation and ‘rational understanding’ has been essential. Without this, it would be to confusing for the mind and emotions. I have seen this in my girlfriend, who is experiencing the same as I am, but without a reference she would think so was going crazy.  Luckily we communed on a heart-based level and now she has been able to release her fear. She is High Sensitive and I know her as a star seed as well. This communion with her has made me realize part of my job after 11-11, as I will return for now.

Finally I would like to tell you that I have now arrived to a point of trust in my own inner knowing that I don’t longer want to read a lot of sources about ascension. It is becoming so clear, by itself, and the changes are happening so fast that the moment channelings or other kinds of information are being written, all has changed dramatically. I am almost forced to abandon the rational mind as a reference of any kind and to use it only as a tool.


November 03, 2011

In regards to Craig’s initial question to Callista in report 21:

I’d agree that there has been a shift in the channelers’ info since your site went up, George – and for the better.  Now, this is to do with the more decent channelers, not those that are obvious disinformation specialists that are (still) saying, “Not to worry, don’t do your inner work, don’t take your power, just let us come and rescue you in the mother ship.”  I don’t read their crap anyway.

You led the way, George, so now others can follow.
This reminds me of a story my most honored and beloved mentor told once (who passed on 4/11/11, I’ll never forget that because they always had the 411 for me). They told of how before the 4 minute mile was broken, many thought it couldn’t be done. Once someone did it, then many more followed suit and got under 4 minutes.  It was as if that first runner gave everyone else permission. He, like many a good spiritual teacher, demonstrated to others what humans are capable of. Nope, that wasn’t SuperMan breaking the 4 minute mile, it was their fellow human.
Everyone has been using this word “ascension” for quite some time and yet with this topic, and many other topics (earth changes as an example), people still think that great change does not happen in a hurry. Yeah, yeah, we all know this is a process. And yet, for anyone who is paying attention, we’ve all watched the BUILDING process unfold over time. If you’re sensitive to energies, you know things ARE happening, have been and will continue to. Most of it has been energetic.
The inward has to eventually manifest outwardly.
There has been much resistance – from the cabal, from the brainwashed masses, from our own last remnants of disempowering programming – which has all caused delays in this, but to me, that just means that everything that needed to happen has been “stacked up”, if you will, which actually makes for an even MORE dramatic event, not just another “ho hum, here’s another energetic shift in this endless process.”
There are times when we reach a tipping point. Goodness, if anyone just thinks about it, they’ll realize their own seemingly sudden awakening was anything but sudden.  But one day the lights went on big time. Enough information had “stacked up” in a person’s life that suddenly that last straw broke their paradigmatic camel’s back. And that’s nothing compared to what’s about to happen. Just writing about this makes me tingle.
But one thing you’d said at one point, George, was that the Vanity Fair light workers tend to be vague.  Like they’re hedging their bet. They are very concerned about not being “wrong”, so they don’t really stick their neck out and say anything too definite.
I can’t think of any better way for powerful creators to LOSE their bet than to self-sabotage by not fully committing !!!
And all of us PAT members could really stand to step up right now and demonstrate our own leadership qualities in a MUCH bigger way.
I know in my heart of hearts that we are about to shift things energetically so very intensely that there WILL be an outward manifestation!  So be it!
There!  I said it. And I put all the creative power I can muster behind my words. I’ve been asking for years for Heaven and Earth to be connected through me. I meant it all along. I mean it now. Will everyone join me?  With all the Power and Intention that you would use to fend off attacks, make this MANIFESTATION happen! Let’s “give permission” to anyone else out there who has any doubt whatsoever about BIG manifestation, happening in a blink of an eye.

November 03 , 2011

Dear Suzanne,

Greetings.  My name is Catherynrose.  I live in Grass Valley, CA.  I was introduced to you through Georgi Stankov’s site and have immersed myself in Divine Providence ever since. As you are already well familiar, many of us resonate so completely with what we find therein, that it is a catapulting leap forward to receive the abundance and the blessings of all that your websites provide.  It is a rare and precious gift, to receive this perfect balance of feminine/masculine energies, with the substance and clarity of purpose so well defined and articulated.  Without ever having met either of you, I feel so utterly held in love’s embrace, not only by the two of you as people, but also by the beings of higher dimensions that are willing to offer all soul’s who are ready, the realization of their true heart’s desire – this is something which Jame’s Hillman wrote of in the Soul’s Code, as Michael Angelo spoke of as well;  namely, it is what we hold in our innermost vision of our heart’s desire, it is that, that we will create.

Thank you both, for your tireless work, so that I and many others may prosper along our path. The kernel of truth that the Arcturian’s convey is that we are Creator Beings, something that is the key to our Ascension. I have a lot to learn in the relative nature of what little time remains.  And it is for that explicit reason that I write this email, for I am doing my best to balance the forces in my life, so that I can keep my mind and heart open to what lies before us. When I first realized, less than one month ago, that ascension is a physical transmutation, I was so ready to go, so ready to go. In the interim, I realize that my prime motivator for wishing to take the first wave, was to avoid suffering and to free myself from the overwhelming nature of what I encounter on a daily basis.

As I redress my soul, she does inform me that my contract was to stay here and help soul’s awaken to their choice regarding ascension over the next year. As disappointing as that is to me, I am learning each day to be thankful for each and every lesson, and to surrender to the highest good in whatever way my services are most needed. I do realize that I have alot to learn, in order to truly mature as a soul, and for that reason, I can find the equanimity needed to accept my place in the bigger picture. It is only that I am exhausted, and that I am afraid at times of the massive suffering of others, not myself so much. You see, I am caregiver to my brother for 3 years now, and watch him daily being eaten up from the inside out, with his wife allowing herself to be used by forces who are eclipsed from the light, and having to fend off attacks regularly, as we were both under attack this morning.  It is very tiresome.

As well, I am a psychotherapist, and secretly a light worker, ready to come out of the closet.  I am so grateful for your websites, as they will provide the platform for my teaching over the next year.  I gave notice on my psychotherapy office last week, and am finishing up with a few more clients, as I have told them I will take the rest of the year off. I am planning to have some down time and allow myself to ground the new frequencies over the next few months.

At the beginning of 2012, I will open a new office and offer my services like you have, as a multidimensional counselor. This is assuming I am still here of course. It is just not in my heart at the moment to create a different timeline, so I will follow the Tao of my being.  In the meantime, I am wrapping up all loose ends, and placing my affairs in order, so that if I do leave, there will be a smooth transition with what and who are left behind.

The most beautiful creation of these past few weeks is my portal.  It is created in a circular area in my open and full sun yard, where a garden exists. We just finished planting a winter garden there over the weekend. The combination of compost, light, water, plants and stones are the backdrop to the most magical place, as I sit there daily communing with the Arcturians, the devas and all AM beings – a most harmonious and sublime vortex is grounding itself, deeply cocooned into the heart of our Mother Earth. Oh, I am so at peace. There is an emerald clear light, that bathes this vortex, and it brings me great solace to know that many may pass this way, if they choose, many may pass this way.

I would be so honored to meet you in physical form, if you are to remain here after November 11th.  I can take some time and drive to Southern California, so as to gain from you whatever treasures you wish to pass along for my new work here on planet Earth.  If not, I believe I know where I will find you.  Somewhere, over the Rainbow – way up high – there’s a land that I dreamed of, once in a lullaby.

Much love,
November 034, 2011

Dear Georgi:

I have been on and off the last days. Today I took the time to check back in your website, and after reading through a lot of information about the Satina thing, and feeling that I almost fell into a trap with “dark” or negative energy patterns, I came to this one article from Kari M. Werth. It is so well written. In a few sentences it says all I feel in sync with. Thank you. With this I want to thank you and all the others, for their steadfastness and perseverance. It helped me to analyze and center myself once more in these whirlwind times.

With what is happening in my home, I have some challenge as it confronts me with energy patterns I am no longer willing to accept. Let go, Let go! Today I got a boost in Light and Love. Thank you All.

With Gratitude, Love and Light: Dorina.
November 03, 2011

Dear George,

I’m just a retired welder who thinks a lot. Please let me know if after reading the following if I’m in the ball park and add anything to it you see fit.

Best regards, Chris

The way I see it:

There is one god or rather one source of conscience energy that we and all that is in this universe originate from. However as an extension of the one source of conscience energy there are countless gods each responsible for their individual realms down to the smallest and biggest of things. In-between all things is something. An infinite amount of light frequencies seen or unseen that are the building blocks for all positive or negative matter. There is no void or vacuum and no place containing nothing. Nothing dose not exist at least within our universe. In other words the universe is filled up with something.

The way I see it our universe is spherical and contained within that sphere and has a vast boundary between our universe and the closest other universe. That boundary is basically not passible because it is there that either has nothing or has anti-energy not compatible with our energy or the stuff we’re made of.

The way I see it their has to be an infinite amount of universes all contained in an infinite amount of bigger universes. Like a circle without a beginning or an end, but only after the circle was first drawn 360. Question is I think no-one can answer is how was the first circle drawn? How did self awareness come into being? I wonder if even god could answer that one, and that may be just the point god wants to know and the reasons for all his creations that all wonder the same thing.

Could it be that all god can do is to expand his universe in hopes of merging with another becoming one, and it goes on and on?
Dear Chris,

Your cosmogonic view of All-That-Is is correct but with one small modification. The boundaries between the universes or dimensions is also an energetic system or barrier and it can be dissolved when this is appropriate. This also holds true for us as human energetic systems when we will ascend.

Second, the universe may be a sphere or may have another more elliptical form, this is of secondary importance. But what is essential is that All-That-Is is closed, so that there is a conservation of energy. Energy cannot get lost. This is the universal property of energy or All-That-Is.

In love and light
November 03, 2011

Dear George,

In the Ascension Report-21, I read your exchange with Vlad. Heheheh.. Its precisely as if I wrote that letter with a single exception of the person I went to as it was a psychologist. Its heartwarming to see others share ones experiences. I immediately refused to have anything to to do with psychiatrists as they feed people with mind destroying crap.

I once visited an educated Buddhist monk with a similar expertise. I was really excited about the opportunity. The situation was also unbelievably packed with synchronicities. It turned out to be a test of my conviction and self worth. I have no words to describe my disappointment caused by his untreatable incompetence, judging blindness, shortsightedness and ignorance. As he is of a high rank there and in charge of the 3 year seclusion meditations I feel very sad for the people who place their spiritual evolution in his hands. Buddhist religion lost much respect in my eyes that day. It was however an extremely valuable lesson that I was definitely guided to learn and for that I actually deeply thank him for and send love on his way out of the confusion.

It was very eye opening as well as disturbing how dumbed down people can be even in such supposedly spiritual places. It also increased the sense of responsibility  in me as one of the people who can see through the illusion and it became more clear to me that we were fewer on the face of this planet than I had anticipated.

Anyway, recently I have agreed to see a psychologist. This time with an appropriately distanced, uninterested and bored attitude, prepared to face more trials, prying open glued eyelids and patiently explaining my apparently insanely deluded realities to yet another egotistical, daunting young soul; throw my humble wayshower against a wall.

To my utter surprise the old man is one of the most knowledgeable, open-minded, aware, intelligent, educated, patient, polite, kind and positive people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I told him much about my situation excluding more shocking information like the possibility of me disappearing in a portal in 2 weeks. It became more of an exchange of information about philosophy, the obvious idiocy of so many in the society and the reality around the fact of them being fed with lies by so few. I could guess he might have needed this more than I did. Even though he is still lacking spiritually it certainly was a refreshing experience.

So I sit and wonder what to do tomorrow as I am to see him again. And here you say to Vlad not to go. Then again maybe it could prove to be refreshing for him as well.

Sorry to bother you with such stuff as you are obviously already busy. For example repairing the cracks after Satina’s rampage.

I must say she touched upon some the nastiest spots and fears of those concerned. It was a slap for my discernment for a moment there. It gave me great lessons too. I will be able to detach from any outside influences more now and believe in my soul’s way of doing things regardless of what may happen. Empowering. So thank you for not being so watchful.

Love and Light Peter

Dear Peter,

I am very thankful that you touch on a number of key issues and presented them in a very clear and lucid manner.

In fact, in one of my German books on Gnosis I present the plot of a novel I wanted to write some 30 years ago, It was about an old psychiatrist in a closed psychiatric ward in a communist country, where dissidents were imprisoned for their democratic views, instead of putting them in prison. This happened really in the 80s in the former Soviet Union and in many other communist countries.

This young man has an access to his higher self and the higher realms and the old man, who is a very educated and enlightened person, puts him under hypnosis and can thus gain himself access to transcendental knowledge. In short, it is the young man who ultimately becomes the teacher of the old psychiatrist.

When I advised Vlad not to go to a psychiatrist, I meant the whole system in general. If you have met this educated old physician, why not visit him once again. He may need this visit more than you and you can reverse the roles and pervade the psychiatric system. This is what we all should do – burst the system from within. We should not be afraid to come in touch with the dark sides of humanity, especially when there is a real chance that we can change the system for the better,

These small events have a great energetic importance as they are amplified in the higher realms and projected onto humanity, thus changing it very effectively within the overall energetic matrix.

Our victory over the Satan (Satina did not exist as a real human being, it was a cover up for an FBI or CIA team to infiltrate the PAT, this is evident now) had a great symbolic importance and paved the way for the future exposure and revelations of the dark ones, which will begin on a global scale after 11.11.11.

There is a great purpose even in the smallest events. Please, go at least once again and talk with this old man as openly as you can. Give him the link to this website. Don’t tell him about Ascension, but talk with him about my General Theory of Biological Regulation in volume III or mention my article on psychedelic drugs with the new theory on how the brain functions. Make your visit to him a creative experiment.

In love and light
November 03, 2011

Dear GeorgeI don’t know whether you have listened to this from CA – I only found it today as it is on a page that is separate from the other audios.  It was recorded on 27 Oct and perfectly illustrates the battle we have just come through.

love and light from Callista

This is taking place 2 November US time, so I am hoping that it will be posted on the CA website soon love and light from Callista

November 03, 2011

Dear GeorgeI have just read the Ascension Report 21 and firstly may I say that the picture accompanying it is fabulous – what a lovely illustration of the transmogrification we are undergoing! (I think that’s how you spell it!)I fully concur with the idea of our group thoughts coming together on the 11.11 times.  A you know, my anguish is for those who are still sleeping, and especially those who are half awake, but who are listening to the rogue identities who aim to steal them away from the Light.  I know that many members of PAT, myself and yourself included, are concerned about the fate of their loved ones. This is a practical and powerful way of helping those who seemingly cannot help themselves

The idea of sending Love and Light is not a new idea, but as you point out, we can utilise it far more effectively now that we belong to the PAT – the Team whose mission is the uplifting of Humanity from the clutches of those who would condemn them to further slavery and ultimate annihilation.

We are indeed Sovereign Beings who can direct our powers of creativity in this direction to change forever the direction of Humanity.  We know we cannot convince or reach everyone, but if we can ease the way so that others will be ready for the 11.11.11 portal,  that should satisfy us that we have done our very best and we could do no more.

See you at 11.11am or pm!

Love and Light from Callista

November 03, 2011

Dear GeorgeI checked Satina’s website this morning and as you can see, it appears that she has disappeared down a mouse hole. (Read the comments section of her latest vitriolic attack and it is obvious she is abdicating after losing her last supporter).

In the light of her previous history, no doubt she will be starting up again on some other website.

love and light from Callista

Dear Callista,

OK, I read the comments. This proves that the entity Satina does not exist, but is a cover up for an FBI- or CIA-team that publishes numerous sites under her name and had the intention to hijack our website. The way her picture is taken from above makes it impossible to recognize the person. In one of her websites, I had the impression that there was a picture from a different person.

November 03, 2011

Dear George

Please find a link to the above video which talks of an asteroid YU-55 hitting the moon on the 9th Nov.  In this he explains that the asteroid is not an asteroid and is linked to comet Elenin. He also shows pictures of Elenin which is shaped like a triangle. When I shut my eyes I have been seeing colors and triangles. The reason that I am excited is that I have read that whatever is used to suppress us is based on the moon. Could this perhaps be destroyed on the 9th leaving one day to get over any confusion ready for ascension on the 11th?  You have said that Elenin is from the galactic federation.

I do feel as if at the moment something blocks me/us as if will alone could lead to ascension I would be gone by now! I can’t wait to read your new report!

In love and light
Dear Maria,

It is very difficult for me to speculate now. Elenin will play a major role in opening the stargate 11.11.11. This is what I know for sure.

I have also said that the moon will be removed. I  do not know however how this will happen. It could be that a steroid may be used or other technique. I am not sure if this will happen simultaneously with stargate 11.11.11. As I am fully concentrated on Ascension and building portals and going through the portals, I must leave the other complimentary processes to the Higher Providence and have faith that all will  be perfect.

In love and light
November 03, 2011


I have been having my inner struggles in these last days,cleaning out the dross so to speak,and am making steps in the right direction really fast now, almost like breaking a threshold, and now it is much much easier.

I have been wondering about my portal lately of how it might look like,and if Callista could possibly help, I would greatly appreciate it.

I have left the last doubts I initially had all behind me about whether 11.11.11 is ascension or not. I now know it is, I do. Also I want and relationships are not holding me back anymore, I have known this always, They will be fine, they are aware and will be just fine. I also am one of those people, who will,after ascension return to Earth and help as many people as possible with the ascension process.

It seems, there are no obstacles to overcome anymore, only to patiently keep the balance and serenity within until ascension. I am not in doubt anymore at all of ascension being on 11.11.11 or even earlier for some and right after this date for the first wavers. My mental ego is still baffled and shocked that this life as it has come to know ,is about to dissolve and change entirely, to me it is humorous how the ego is scrambling in confusion, however for me it is a tremendously valuable time, I enjoy the anticipation of ascension, like a child on Christmas Eve awaiting Santa.

Thank you Callista, George and everyone who has contributed to this website and ascension process in any positive shape or form.

Peace and see you soon
November 03, 2011

Hi George,

I went to bed Friday Night Oct. 28th, when I woke up Saturday morning, I was feeling light headed my mood was happy & joyful I could see and feel energy poring in my crown & could see a funnel cone shape at my crown chakra – with my 3rd eye, while my eyes were open! I felt it in my1st chakra & could see the cone shape in opposite!

it was an amazing feeling – I am here to confirm with others that we are receiving more Energy from Ascension, whether we are aware of it or not, into Multi-Dimensional states of consciousness.what a ride & yes I too: have to deal with at least one entity while riding 3/4 dimensions. I can see how people try to get in the way of one’s mission. But conviction & by Light we are given spiritual discernment out in 3D of how to take care of ourselves & not fear darker forces out there.

What I want to convey to all on the path is – the energy is pouring into the body & I am more aware then ever, I am living more than one reality because I can feel it and see it! That day – Saturday 10/29 will stay with me & confirm that Ascension is open for the Planet!

In Love & light and Blessings to you George & PAT TEAM!

November 03, 2011

Dear George

Reading the incident regarding Satina, gives me the opportunity to share my experience, of a demon attempting to attack me.

A couple of days ago, after lying down to bed, ready to sleep, I saw in my mind, a woman’s figure with long hair watching me, having an angry and aggressive look on her face, but she was not human and she had a wolf’s like teeth and mouth. I noticed that she could not attack me, because all she could do was staring at me ready to eat me, but she couldn’t, she just vanished. I have created a permanent impenetrable spherical shield of light which protects me and of course my family. Also, 2 weeks ago, my girl friend’s car was hit on the driver’s door, but not severely, while parked and we were asleep, from a drunk driver as I was told by neighbours. A drunk driver seems an easy victim for them to control.

It seems that it was the perfect timing for them, while we were not in the car and asleep, because if we were in the car, they just could not do it from the protection we have and all they accomplished was a small bash.

I have also had been attacked by unawakened people as well, in my work or other places of lower energy. Trying to lower my energy as well. I smiled and knew who was behind all of it. I ask from my guides/angels constant protection because I know how important our Ascension/mission is. It seems that they are really pissed from us. I share my experiences to help our fellow Light workers to know what to do and not be afraid from any kind of these attacks because as you have also said, they are powerless.

In Love and Light.
November 03, 2011

Hi George,

I have always felt I will be ascending, but am here to assist keeping the portals open. Just to be clear. Will I be aware of the initial ascension and will it be a matter of returning to 3D immediately after ascension then, to do my purpose in assisting keeping the portals open. I feel intuitively however that some time will be spent in 5D before returning, maybe a few days is what comes to me ! How do you understand this?

Maybe a suggestion is to mention to members that they keep info of this site for relatives, with a brief explanation, so they might report on their ascension or “vanishing” from society as it were.  More validation would create more excitement in the heart of the PAT members and raise their energy and expectancy level maybe which could promote a larger ascension. Any thoughts?

Again thank you for the many hours you spend typing the reports and  answering questions. Very much appreciated.

Love light and blessings.
Dear Eugene,

Thank you first for the beautiful pictures. I have forwarded them to my webmaster to use them for the new reports.

I have the same feeling as you that after we ascend we will spent some time in the higher dimensions to adopt and get our instructions in full awareness before we return to earth, but as time does not exist there, I cannot tell you how much time will be needed from the earth’s perspective before we return.

In love and light
November 03, 2011

Hi George,

did you intentionally create this whole Satina fiasco as one last test for your readers to test their ability to stay on the right path and not be distracted by any fear-inducing situations?

Because I can tell you that from reading Satina’s blog, she does not give out any bad ‘vibes’ with me at all. In fact her blog is highly inspiring.

So what’s the deal? Did you create this whole situation once again deliberately? ( e.g. the deliberate provocation of Mr. Beckow lol)

Just sharing my thought that’s all.
Dear Tuan,

I am sorry, but you do not have the correct intuition with respect to Satina. This person does not exist in reality, but is a cover-up for a secret CIA or FBI-team of the US-dark ones, working on behalf of the High Reptilian Order to infiltrate the PAT.

The danger was very great and imminent and in the next report I am giving  five new sites, run by this same entity. How could a normal human being run 7 sites at the same time? Do you have any explanation? Check the texts and you will see that they are copied from a CIA-manual. I have analysed them thoroughly AND Ii KNOW FROM WHICH SOURCES THEY HAVE COPIED THEM AND HOW THEY HAVE CHANGED THEM TO HIDE THE ORIGINAL SOURCE.

Display more discernment. This case is infinitely more earnest and dangerous and not to compare with Steve Beckow at all, whom I wanted to help. This is the Satan, himself, in the embodiment of the dark US-secret services, who monitored my website and your activities from the very beginning and used the first chance to immediately infiltrate us. This was a thoroughly planned cover-up operation, make no mistake about it.

I am an experienced man in discerning undercover dark ops as a former dissident and investigative journalist on top of my other activities and I have also the information from the highest realms of Cosmic Providence that guide me and protect me. Otherwise, the danger for me and you would have been much greater. Now, we have won due to my massive intervention and your unanimous support and this ts a very good outcome prior to Ascension.

In love and light
November 03, 2011

Dear George,

I just read Debra’s message (1st Nov.) regarding her experience of opening a portal together with members of PAT. That message made me feel comfortable enough to share my personal experience of last night.

Before I went to bed, I decided to take a moment to visualize the old, 3D world. I confidently put a red cross through that image with a smile and immediately started to visualize the 5D Gaia I’d like to experience. I felt very confident about this and I noticed myself warming up rapidly while holding this most peaceful image. Up to a point I felt almost burning from within, but as soon as I finished my visualisation, the heat was gone within a minute and it all felt right. I have to add, that this particular feeling of experiencing heat isn’t to associate with negativity at all. It simply is a confirmation of doing the right thing!

I went to bed (11.30 PM) and as I was laying down, I asked my higher-self, my personal guides and my beloved brothers and sisters from Arcturus, for support and remembrence regarding the opening of my personal portal and going through it. I felt asleep and had the most amazing experience. The portal manifested just above me, when I asked for it to manifest, and as soon as it was fully ‘deployed’, I decided to go through. It really is to compare with a tube of bright light. Some kind of vortex.

With each inch moving forward, I felt myself becoming more and more light, shining from within. When I reached the other end, I was pure, very bright light and was able to manifest myself into any form I’d like to suit. And not to forget: when I woke up this morning I, of course, felt very heavy and tired. This feeling, however, lasted just a couple of minutes.

I truly have never, ever experienced a more beautiful thing in this life. I already knew I am to Ascend at 11-11-11, but after this short test run, I now can’t hardly wait! However I must add, I still am struck by the simplicity of doing this particular act. It is not to compare with any 3D-Earth thing at all. It really is a child’s play.

After this fascinating experience, I was immediately confronted by malevolent beings. After what happened, they really were not abble to touch me, and for a matter of fact, they still aren’t. It’s laughable to experience their frustration, as they are desperate to get a hold of me. Every attempt fails hopelessly and I already lost count.

Let me point out, that there is nothing to be afraid of. As stated by many, we’ve truly already won.

I hope this to be helpful for those who still doubt their very power. As beautifully stated by Debra, “Ascension is your God given right”, and so it is. Yes, we are all Masters. There’s no doubt about that!

The way I see it, the feeling of having doubt about one’s Ascension, only represents one’s humility regarding one’s true power. In other words, having doubt only confirms the inner thought, feeling or truth of being part of Ascension. Do not forget that in this current society, we are not taught to be confident about ourselves. So I can imagine that it’s hard to begin feeling confident about one’s thoughts, feelings and inner knowledge, because everything from outside simply does not encourage the self in starting to create from within. In this particular case, doubt could be very well not even your own interpreted idea, thought or emotion. Therefore, when it’s projected into one’s mind, an external force simply does not want one to truly recognize one’s unlimited creative power. I doubt this to be untrue.

This should be known by everyone who’s following your website, George, but I could imagine that it’s easily forgotten.

In love and in light,
November 02, 2011


I just wanted to add briefly to the discussion about Satina. I tried to join her group as suggested on your site, but got kicked off twice in my attempts to do so. However, the following two days I received cyber attacks that shut down my computer and Web site. Last night, I was attacked in my dream state again. This has not happened for some time now and I can’t help, but make the association with what’s been happening in our group.

Also, I wanted to report a dream that my husband relayed to me a couple of days ago. He said he was on a boat with a bunch of people he thought he knew but couldn’t remember their names. He said that they were in the middle of a lake and that the other people in the boat started to (in his words) turn into sparkles like fairy dust and rise up into the air. He seemed pretty excited about it! I told him he had probably experienced people ascending through a portal in his sleep state based on another member’s similar post that I had read and he just laughed at me. I think he wants to believe me, but can’t wrap his belief system around the truth yet.

Lastly, I just wanted to say that when I share my poem “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark”, I had no idea that this issue with Satina was taking place at the time and didn’t mean to make light of the situation at all. I’ve done enough spiritual warfare to know its very serious business.

In Love and Light,
Dear Gwen,

thank you for this additional information. It proves that there was no real person called “Satina”, but a well planned undercover operation to infiltrate the PAT from the CIA and or FBI. There was a whole team behind this name. Other people also complained about being blocked in Internet. Your poem was an important serendipity as most events that occur in these days are. Now the danger is averted and we can look forward with great optimism.

In love and light

Here is a nice channeling by Isis on dark energties and the role of the PAT members in surmounting these dark energies, while acting as wayshowers for humanity:

Isis, Are there really dark energies?
November 3, 2011

As you look at all this from a human standpoint, you see a difference between positive and negative, as you see it as either dark or light. From a spiritual point there is no such thing as positive or negative, or dark or light. When a person says the dark energy is an illusion, they are right factually. When they say love will conquer it all, they are wrong factually.

If dark energies are an illusion from a human point of view, then light energies are an illusion as well from a human point of view. You cannot say one does exist and the other doesn’t. As your awareness changes you see energies in different ways.

Does this mean there are no beings that can attack you?

There are beings that like to control and as I explained in my previous message every movement of energy has an effect.

Is it an attack?

From a human point of view it can be seen that way, even from a spiritual point of view it can be seen that way, as other beings are forcing you in a direction you have not chosen. At that point it becomes your choice to fight the movement or allow the movement that is happening.

This is where we see the difference between the ones that are merely allowing things to happen and others that are actively working on what is happening. The ones allowing things to happen, are usually not working on creating greater awareness of the whole picture.

They follow within the flow that is created by the ones that are actively making things happen by creating a greater awareness of the full picture. This is where many get disappointed as there is not much support for the ones that are pulling up the ones that follow.

You can see it this way. There is a small group of beings (the PAT members) upon earth climbing up the mountain. As they climb they place markers along the road for others to follow. Many follow these markers without really knowing who placed those markers.

What if that small group would stop placing markers?

Many would be lost once again as they have not worked on opening their own awareness and are relying upon the awareness of others.  Much of what is being revealed at this time is being ignored as many are following the easy route of following the markers.

They do not seek a greater understanding, unless the understanding is one that they feel agrees with their belief system of a creator or other beings that are there to do everything for them.

But as you move further along the mountain you will realize that the markers are becoming less clear, and at one point you will lose sight of the markers. This is because you have not raised your frequency, have not gained a greater understanding and awakened your own consciousness.

You are taking advantage of the work of this small group that is working on actively creating what is happening within your reality at this moment. Everything that is happening, the new energies coming in, portals being opened and much more is the work of a small group of humans working on earth.

Like I explained energy moves and it moves at all times, to create something you will have to learn how to move the energy, and then really move the energy. This is what many do not understand as they are focused on a belief system, where everything is given to them, instead of creating it themselves. Yes creation is energy movement and you will actually have to move the energy to create.

Now this is the simple explanation as always as the ones that are opening up into a greater awareness will see that yes it is simply moving energy, but which way to move it in the overall picture is something else. To think it is as simple as just sending light is like I explained a form of thinking that does not apply as many still see a difference between light and dark.

To create, all available energy is used to move and create. There is no difference between light and dark as it is all one energy.  When you shut out the existence of one type of energy from the human perspective, you will as a result shut of part of the energy available to create.


Through Petra Margolis

Further Channelings on Ascension:

I Am St. Germain

Message received by Ute
AM Melchizedek

©2011 Marlene Swetlishoff

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