What is the Role of the Planetary Ascension Team (PAT) at the Stargate 11.11.11?

by Dr. Georgi Stankov, October 1, 2011, Copyright 2011


Why Many of the Readers of my Website are Members of the Planetary Ascension Team

All my articles in September 2011 have been dedicated to the Shift of earth and Ascension of humanity to the 4th and 5th dimensions when the stargate 11.11.11 will be opened in the fall of this year. Their purpose is to inform in the first place those star seeds, who belong to the Planetary Ascension Team (PAT), which will heave Gaia and humanity to the higher dimensions. The first shift in this fall will be to the 4th dimension, while the members of the PAT will ascend to the 5th dimension.

Some of them will return to earth and will help humanity in the interim period until December 2012 to prepare for their final Ascension to the 5th dimension. Others will stay on the new 5th dimensional earth, which already exists as a blueprint and will prepare it fot the mass Ascension at the end of 2012.

As you see, there is very little time left. We witness in the last several days a real explosion of information on this event, but somehow the confusion among many light workers has not diminished yet. In this article I will shed some light on the upcoming dramatic events that will transform humanity to a transgalactic civilisation from an energetic point of view.

As I have pointed out in my last article, we witness in the last days and weeks an information avalanche, leading to the establishment of  new connections among all star seeds around the globe in preparation for the Shift. All star seeds, who have progressed sufficiently in their Light Body Process, LBP, and belong to PAT, are busy contacting other members and soul mates from the same team. This is the famous “connecting of the dots“, as prophesied for the final days before Ascension.

It seems, as if the whole community of star seeds on this planet has caught a “limelight fever”, to use another popular German saying, and are awaiting with joyful tremor and impatience in their hearts the lifting of the curtain.

As I have announced in my article on Elenin, between October 16th and November 11th we must expect the First Wave of Ascended Human Master. All of them will belong to PAT. Their Ascension will be closely associated and coordinated from the highest realms with that of Gaia.

In fact, many of these star seeds have prolonged their soul contracts to help Gaia ascend in this fall. This fact is perspired by the “important message” which has been channelled by Suzan Caroll and has been published below for further information.

The reason for this is that the transformation of earth and humanity was postponed to the last possible deadline, as the dark forces from the Orion/Reptilian Empire, the almost former Controllers of earth, were deeply entrenched on this planet and held humanity firmly in their grip. Their control will be terminated for ever, when the stargate 11.11.11 will be opened and the frequencies of earth and most human beings will be significantly augmented.

Many members of the PAT are now feverishly preparing themselves for this pivotal event, which will also end their long incarnation cycle. Following the cosmic Law of Attraction, they are looking for a final confirmation of their intuition, telling them that they will ascend and leave this earth very soon.

They surf through Internet in the hope to find a website that will match their amplified vibration and will render them the final confirmation of their exuberant state of joy, full of expectations and heavenly promises, which they are still somewhat cautious fully to embrace. Some of them have discovered my website and their number is rapidly growing. Why?

Because I am the first one to have had the courage to announce explicitly in front of humanity that I will be the First Ascended Master to appear officially in front of humanity, while presenting a plausible and coherent scenario for this pivotal event. I did this, knowing very well that many other star seeds will ascend with me or will follow us shortly thereafter. But one can only speak of himself. No person can know what is in the soul contract of other entities and has the right to make statements about this.

In the meantime, I was overwhelmed by the many emails that confirm this scenario. Many star seeds have discovered (or been reaffirmed) through my website their final point of destination in this last incarnation. As many of them write, they are now looking forward with calmness and inner conviction to the most exciting moment in their whole incarnation cycle, for which they have worked and suffered eons of time. This was the greatest reward I have ever received for my work throughout my life, and my gratitude is immeasurable.

Humanity has spent eons of time being dumbed down by the dark forces that have ravaged this planet, so that it has forgotten the unlimited creative power that lurks in any incarnated human being. Millions of channelled messages have not been sufficient to convince humanity that it is man’s divine right to change his carbon-based physical vessel into crystalline light body and overcome space-time at his discretion, to dwell in the higher realms of pure energy and unconditional love, but also to be able to appear as normal human being on 3d-earth.

In other words, man has the divine right to eliminate physical death for ever, which has been the nightmare of human civilisation. From that moment onward, when humanity will fully realize that death is illusion, the house of cards of this human incarnation experiment will crumble for ever. What better way to demonstrate this divine right of all humans than to ascend and demonstrate this to all other doubtful Thomases?

Mankind is now confronted with its deepest fear in its long history of physical separation from the Source – to lose its physical form after Ascension and dissolve as pure energy into the infinity of All-That-Is. This fear is the last dramatic act in the current human psychological drama.

In such a vulnerable situation, many star seeds. living as social outcasts and spiritual Robinson Crusoes amidst crumbling society of perennial denial and political darkness, must inevitably look for the final proof – the proof of God – which the Christian church has failed to furnish in the last 2000 years.  Exhausted in the battle for decent human life on this toxic planet, they forget for a short period of time that they always carry this proof in themselves – that they cannot lose their inextricable bond with All-That-Is – and tend to believe that somebody else can render it to them. The simple truth is that every human being is a spark from God and has the divine right to shine as Ascended Master in the course of this fall or by the end of next year. You must only believe it.

If one can ascend – you can also ascend. If you can ascend – the whole mankind can ascend. You do not need to place your hands upon anybody’s wounds before you stop being doubtful Thomases. You are already in the process of Ascension. Use your eyes to see the vibrations around your body, and your ears to hear the metallic hum of your ascension waves around your upper chakras and stop looking for external proofs.

Do not care about who will ascend first and when he will ascend, and who will stay on this toxic planet, but start believing that YOU WILL ASCEND. When you have ascended, you will be able to spend so much light to those that are still in doubt that a million of doubtful Thomases will follow you. When you have overcome death, humanity has also overcome death. Why do you panic then about Elenin, pole shifts and natural catastrophes?

I have never been a good preacher. but a scientist and I will stop here.

Let me now give you some background information as to how the Shift of Earth and the Ascension of humanity to the 4th and 5th dimensions will be accomplished from an energetic point of view in the fall of this year. I have attached below two excellent messages, recently channelled by Sue Caroll, with whom I share my ongoing spiritual insights in infinite emails on a daily basis, and she with me.

The older message was inspired after Sue had read my article on the magnetic pole shift. This triggered further messages, which culminated in our special interview with the Arcturians, where the scenario of the coming Ascension at the stargate 11.11.11 is succinctly confirmed.

How the LBP of the PAT members will Trigger Ascension of Gaia and Humanity to the 4th and 5th Dimensions at the stargate 11.11.11

Every star seed and potential PAT member is a wayshower to humanity. What does this common term actually mean?. A wayshower is an incarnated entity, who has taken the responsibility to go first through all the difficult energetic transformations and perils and pave the way for the rest of mankind to follow. This altruistic act does not mean that somebody is heading the company and all others should follow him. From an energetic point of view, the actual role of the wayshower is to go though all the severe and rather debilitating stages of the individual LBP and experience at the conscious level all the negative energetic patterns and collective fears that are stored in the astral atmosphere of this toxic planet.

The individual pattern, according to which the wayshower copes with these negative dark energies is then amplified in the higher realms of the soul and transmitted back via the crystalline 144-grid of the earth to all other light workers and human beings, who have also decided to go through the LBP at a later stage in order to ascend. The few courageous wayshowers are thus like huge antennae. which constantly beam the refined energy of light they create, while cleansing past dross of Gaia and humanity.

It is often sufficient to have only one wayshower in a country to raise the vibration level of the whole population there. These wayshowers integrate their energy fields with that of the new crystalline 144-grid of earth and thus establish a complex common energetic network, through which they communicate with each other and with Gaia. All these complex energetic interactions at the higher frequency levels obey the laws of constructive and destructive interference, which are the Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction.

Many of my readers have been doing this job for the last 10-20-30 years, depending on their biological age and soul contract. Most of them are currently rather exhausted from the tedious voluntary work, cleansing past dross of mankind and Earth since the Atlantean times, including the last disastrous period before this civilisation sank in the ocean. I have discussed this karmic issue at some length in my article on “The Multidimensional Character of Human history“.

Therefore, it is not at all surprising that many of the wayshowers are completely exhausted in these last days prior to the First Ascension Wave and are beginning to lose confidence in the appropriateness of all their past efforts. My chief objective in this article is to endow them with the necessary confidence to bridge the remaining several weeks, so that they will be able to prepare themselves with great optimism and joy for this final culmination of their long incarnation cycle. After that their unrecognized contributions on behalf of humanity will be finally rewarded with the blissful eternal life that they will enjoy in the pristine levels of the 5th dimension.


An important energetic aspect of the LBP is the cleansing and uplifting of the three lower chakras, before they can be incorporated into the unified chakra. The latter is built by opening and expanding the 4th heart chakra, which under normal conditions separates the three lower chakras from the three higher chakras. When the three lower chakras are fully incorporated into the unified chakra as explained in my articles on the  LBP and its clinical symptoms, the wayshower has raised at the same time not only the frequencies of the lower three chakras, but also the vibrations of Gaia. The individual LBP is intricately linked with earth`s Ascension.

The reasons for this is that the lower three human chakras are closely connected with the energetic field of Gaia. This energetic connection allows the soul to integrate her physical vessel in the dense material reality of earth and experience all the limitations of separation from the higher dimensions of All-That-is. These chakras promote all human carnal impulses, such as self-preservation, domination, hatred, aggression, and  numerous other fear based patterns that have been predominant in the human society for eons of time and are now rapidly transmuted.

Purely for this reason the 4th heart chakra serves as a buffer, a blockade, that separates the three lower chakras from the three upper chakras, transmitting intellectual (5th chakra), spiritual (6th chakra) and ecstatic (7th chakra) capabilities to the incarnated entities that make them social beings.

During the last 10 000 years, the three upper chakras were closed in most human entities. In the last several centuries, the 5th chakra began slowly to open in a larger number of incarnated human beings and this triggered the rise of empirical science in Modern Times. Currently, there are more scientists on earth with open 5th intellectual chakra than all scientists who have ever lived in the past. This is on purpose as to  prepare humanity for Ascension in these days.

In the 5th dimension, the ascended human beings will enjoy an expanded brain with a highly developed intellectual potential. These capabilities had to be developed peu a peu in the large human population during the last several hundred years as to prepare mankind for the New Age.

The current type of intellectuality, which one can observe in academic circles, is rather limited, because it is not at all supported by the ecstatic and spiritual capabilities of the entities, as the 6th and 7th chakras are closed in most scientists. This is the chief energetic obstacle, why they are unable to comprehend the new scientific Theory of the Universal Law, although it is rather simple. Its understanding requires the inspiration of the Higher Self that links the human mind with All-That-Is. Al-That-Is = Energy is the primary term of any expanded awareness in the universe and the foundation of any true transcendental science.

Until recently, the 6th and 7th chakras were closed in most human beings. After the first harmonic convergence in 1987, these chakras began to open in all wayshowers and star seeds, belonging to the postwar indigo generation. The initiation of this  process was felt by many of them, as if they began to hear the heavenly bells, clinging “Come back home”. I still remember very well the exaltation, this call evoked in my consciousness in the summer of 1987.  It transformed my whole life, and the lives of many wayshowers, which I know.

I am giving you here the historic perspective to make you aware of the long energetic preparation for the coming Ascension of Gaia and humanity at the stargate 11.11.11.

Since 2000, the building of the crystalline 144-grid of earth has commenced. Parallel to it, the opening and cleansing of the three lower chakras in all wayshowers has also begun. Their frequencies had to be augmented at the same pace, at which the frequency (octave) of the 144-grid has been augmented. At the same time, the heart chakra also began to open in all wayshowers. I need not reiterate all the emotional, social, and mental problems that were associated with this process in the following years, as you all have gone through them.

It is very important to specify at this place that the wayshowers are a tiny fraction of the so called “light worker” population. There are several thousand wayshowers on earth today from the indigo generation. They are supported by an even smaller number of wayshowers coming from the younger crystalline generation, which have reached the biological age to participate in this cosmic adventure.

These entities will belong to the First Wave of Ascended Human Masters and will heave Gaia to the 4th and 5th dimensions at the stargate 11.11.11. I hope that this elaboration clears this most important question for humanity in the End Times.

Many of my readers belong to this group of wayshowers. They have been attracted by my writings and my website, because I essentially discuss their destiny. For many light workers, my messages are currently of less importance. They cannot vibrate with the high frequencies of my publications, and their content will not mean much to them, as it is not in their soul contracts to ascend with the first wave. This situation will change dramatically after 11.11.11.

Such is the natural energetic selection in the End Times as summarized in the famous statement “The separation of the wheat from the chuff”. This does not, of course, mean that the light workers, who will not participate in the First Ascension Wave are the chuff. Just as there are qualifications for the participation in the Olympic Games, there are also certain energetic hurdles, which will separate one sub-population of incarnated entities from another in the process of Ascension. I do not want to disparage anybody by this impartial observation.

I know how difficult it is for many light workers to accept the fact that they cannot be among the first to ascend because it is not in their soul contract. Self-esteem is the most common fear among them, when they decide to take the road to spiritual evolution. A the beginning, they all hate to stay behind. This is the last desperate act of the ego, before it surrenders to the soul in course of the LBP. During this poignant period of “spiritual stops and go” most light workers simply forget that time is illusion, and that everything happens in the “Now”. Therefore, they must first surmount this basic fear that hinders them in their true spiritual expansion. Ascension is not a competition, but a joint venture of all incarnated souls on this planet.


In the last several months, the frequencies of Gaia and the incarnated human beings have augmented exponentially, as you all must have experienced in one or another way. On September 24, 2011 one final, very important alignment was established between the  energetic field of Gaia and the body chakras of the wayshowers. This event is precisely explained in Sue’s “Important message” from the Arcturians published in full text below:

“On Saturday, September 24, 2011 many of you were suddenly overtaken with total fatigue. Perhaps, you knew that it was not just your fatigue, but that it meant that something was happening in the higher levels and/or within the body of Gaia. Afterwards, many of you had intense experiences of being Lightbody”.

Similar adjustments were made on many occasions in the past, but few of them were announced in channeled messages and remained unnoticed. I experience all these episodes since 1999. The last one was, however, extremely powerful as it prepared the energetic background for the stargate 11.11.11.

No event occurs on this planet without a prolonged period of energetic preparation. Only the limited perception of most human beings lets them believe that events come suddenly upon mankind, so to say, “from the blue sky”.  When one is fully aware of the energetic preparations from the higher realms that precede any pivotal event on earth, one can easily predict its arrival as it is always in the making for a long time.

This is, for instance, the case with the current financial crisis, which will unfold very soon. I have predicted it as early as 1998, when I first understood its basic mechanism – the deliberate and fraudulent creation of huge world inflation, based on debt and printing paper money out of thin air. This has lead to a total decoupling of all  prices from real commodity values. The pending financial meltdown of the world economy is due to commence any day during the next several weeks.

It is only the ignorance of most humans, their inability to understand and interpret the collective reality they create in an erratic and irrational manner, that makes them fear future apocalyptic events, which menace to sweep away their “ordered” life. Most humans do not realize that one cannot have an ordered life at home when his country is instigating wars the world over, as is the case with the Americans in the last decades.

Now back to Ascension.

The great gambit of Ascension has already begun and the bets are very high. All wayshowers have contracted to the highest realms of cosmic providence for humanity and this planet to manifest constituency on earth in the End Times. They are supposed to integrate as many followers as possible and help them ascend to the 5th dimension.

This will happen at the Arcturian alignment, when the solar system of our planet will align with the central sun of Arcturus. A this point in time, earth will have fully entered the photon belt, which will ultimately enable the final Ascension of Gaia and large part of humanity to the 5th dimension in December 2012. The energetic peak of this alignment will be in November 2011.

At this time, the most powerful cosmic energy stream from the Galaxy will reach earth. This will evoke a massive increase in 5th dimensional  light transmission. Together with the highly charged photons from the belt, it will amplify the intensity of all human thoughts, feelings and actions. The wayshowers will have the responsibility to stay in flow with this powerful energy stream, grounded in unity and harmony with Gaia, in order to activate the new collective hologram.

At the solar alignment with the star Arcturus, humanity will have to balance and clear all present views of the world, past beliefs and fear based patterns, past programmes, and karmic obligations. After this point passes, the current slow evolutionary 3d-template of humanity will be replaced with a new framework of rapid evolution, which will determine the progress of human civilisation in the next 2000 years (earthly time).

This is the underlying energetic background of the stargate 11.11.11 from the cosmic perspective. This event has of course numerous aspects and facets, some of which will be discussed below.

After this event, earth and humanity will find themselves in the 4th dimension and the members of the PAT will ascend to the 5th dimension. To this I shall say much more below. The stargate 11.11.11 will bring the immediate transformation of human society, by establishing new paradigms and allowing the introduction of new advanced technologies, which will transform profoundly the economic, political, social, financial, scientific, and daily life of all humans.

I have discussed many of these changes in my last gnostic book “Thoughts“, written in 2008. These changes will be brought on earth by those ascended human masters, who belong to the PAT and have vowed in their soul contracts to return to earth and replace the current governments of the dark Cabal. The latter will be retrieved from this planet after the activation of stargate 11.11.11.

This enormous energetic transformation will be achieved through the alignment of the soul energy of the ascended wayshowers. It will be sufficient to manifest many aspects of the 5-dimension in the human society on earth. The energetic mechanism is based on the laws of constructive and destructive interference as described in my book “The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction“.

Here comes the most important part of this cosmic event. Every human thought, emotion, intent, no mater, whether it is good or bad, will be amplified one million times in power at the stargate 11.11.11. The magnified power of the collective human consciousness will also be accelerated one million times, so that it can begin to manifest itself faster than today. This inherent human potential to manifest has been hindered on earth in the last 10 000 years by the dark forces – hence the inability of most incarnated human beings to create and manifest through imagination and intent. This situation will radically change after stargate 11.11.11.

The current controllers on earth, the Greys and the Reptilians from the Orion Empire, are completely unaware of the consequences from this powerful cosmic event, because they have never experienced it before and will be thus caught fully by surprise. Their current reality on earth, which they have created in a clandestine manner through their human proxies, will disintegrate quickly and there will be a total chaos for a short period of time.

This powerful 5d-energy beam coming from the sun of Arcturus at the activation point of the stargate 11.11.11 will be focused and transmitted on earth by the wayshowers of the PAT: They are the ones, who have the experience to sustain this energy in the 3d-reality on earth. This is the reason why they have incarnated on earth at this time and have merged their lower chakras with Gaia. In this respect, the wayshowers are galactic experts in planetary Ascension – they are very famous in this galaxy as the “emissaries of light”.

In the multi-verse, reality is subjected to the individual perception. precisely, it depends on the precise mixture of spiritual intent and emotional intensity. The ascended wayshowers will be multidimensional personalities and will be able to see and experience multiple realities simultaneously.

Suzan Caroll has depicted this experience in an excellent and unique manner in her latest messages as her fifth dimensional Self in the fifth-dimensional Arcturian starship, circulating around our planet, as well as in her numerous past experiences, which co-exist in the “Now” of the infinite multi-verse. These are the best presentations of experienced multidimensionality, translated in human language, which is sequential and thus inadequate to truly relay the simultaneiity of the higher realms. But, nonetheless, Sue`s reports from the higher realms are the best, one can find in the New Age literature.

After the stargate 11.11.11,  the realm of all wayshowers will be the 5th dimension as Sue explains. They will participate in many realities at the same time. As multi-dimensional entities, the wayshowers will be also able to appear in the material “objective” reality of the remaining mankind on earth. As light beings, they will be actually at home in many realities.

However, their original homeland will remain the earth. This has to do with the energetic mechanism, underpinning the Ascension process of Gaia and humanity to the 4th and 5th dimensions. At the opening of the stargate 11.11.11, all wayshowers will align their individual energy field to a powerful ring and will delegate their three lower chakras to the energetic field of Gaia, to which these chakras originally belong.

The three lower chakras cannot exist in the 5th dimension, as they are of lower frequency. While merging with the field of Gaia, these human chakras become one with its body. The wayshowers are thus inextricably linked with the energetic body of Gaia throughout all dimensions and parallel realities. This is a very complex energetic process that is almost impossible to describe in sequential human language. While writing this article, I am struggling all the time to find the proper expression. I must admit that I am only able to relay a fraction of what I actually perceive with my inner senses with respect to this Shift.

The heart chakra and the three upper chakras have always belonged to the 5th dimension. They will now merge with the new crystalline body, which the ascended wayshowers may use, when they dwell in the new 5d-blueprint of the ascending earth and later on (in terms of earthly time) in the ascended 5d-earth after December 2012.

The new collective reality of mankind after November 2011 will be determined by the expanded awareness of the wayshowers, who are connected to the pure essence of the soul. Through their souls, they are also connected to their monad (soul family) and the universal cosmic awareness of the causal and angelic realms.


There have been repeatedly objections from some of my readers, why I am giving exact dates in my articles. These objections point to the fact that the human calender is an artificial epiphenomenon and has nothing to do with cosmic alignments. This is true, but even an artificial human calender must correlate with the various cosmic events and alignments in one way or another, as all systems and levels of All-That-Is are superimposed rotational waves and U-set of All-That-Is.

The concept of U-sets has been extensively elaborated in my last book “The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction”. You must bear in mind that there is not a single event that occurs on earth, no matter how minuscule, that is not coordinated within the harmony of all events in All-That-Is.

If human society would have chosen a different calender than the current one, the final date of Ascension may not have been 2012,  but say 9999. In this case, there would have been another parallel personality, called “Calleman”, who would have investigated the Aztec calender instead of the Mayan calender and would have found out that the Ascension of humanity will definitely take place in the year 9999, at the same time of the Grand Cycle alignment as the actual Calleman has predicted it in our timeline.

Besides, the Mayan calender speaks of the End of the World in October this year, while all light workers are staring at the magic date December 21, 2012. This shows that one can take any number or date and vest it with mythological or transcendental meaning and this will automatically influence the collective mind-set, if it is sufficiently propagated.

From this perspective all objections of my critics against announcing certain fixed dates completely misapprehend the symbolic meaning of any kind of numerology – every number can be replaced with another number, and it will relay the same symbolic meaning, if all sentient beings believe in it. I hope that I have cleared this semantic confusion for ever.

The Certainty of Cosmic Cycles

All events humanity has experienced so far, or will experience in the remaining 15 months, are strictly aligned with major cosmic cycles. This should be known to most of my readers. Being U-sets, all cycles of great transformation align through infinite microcosmic-microcosmic interactions. The timeline of earth’s transformation is based on the Grand Cycle of 225 million years, which is called Grand Precession. The circadian cycle depends on the rotation of the earth around its axis. The year cycle depends on the orbital rotation of the earth around the Sun.

These are superimposed rotations as I have explained at some length in my article on the magnetic pole shift. The precession of the equinoxes is called the Grand Cycle and is approximately 25,920 years. There is also a rotation of the Milky Way Galaxy around the Great Central Sun of the Universe, which occurs every 20 billion years, and so on, and so on. I am fully aware of the fact that many of my readers are well acquainted with these cycles, as they are extensively discussed in Internet. What I would like to convey with this elaboration is that nothing happens accidentally in this world, but that all events follow a strict cosmic schedule.

The Ascension of earth and humanity at the stargate 11.11.11, which is equivalent to Libra 24, must happen at this point in time, just as all other circular events, because the full entering of the earth in the photon belt from the central sun also occurs at this point in time. When I speak of time, I use my scientific term, which is actually frequency f = 1/t. In this case, the usual conventional time t is reciprocal frequency. There is nothing else in All-That-Is, but frequencies and different levels and dimensions that relate to different frequency spectra.

Form this disquisition, we can succinctly conclude that there are no random events in All-That-Is. The very concept of it is probably the greatest cognitive blunder of present-day agnostic mankind. This weltanschauung has been deliberately promoted by the Powers That Be to dumb down the broad population as well and all scientists, who still operate with mathematical probabilities and faked statistics.

The broad disbelief among many light workers that Ascension is due to happen at the stargate 11.11.11 stems from this mental indoctrination. This  manipulation is achieved by numerous channellings from the lower astral levels, such as SaLuSa, Nidle and other obscure “Wanderers of the Skies”, who hold their readers in a state of perennial suspension, just as Hitchcock does with his viewers, by postponing the dates of first contact and disclosure in the infinite future every three to four days and thus demoralizing the faith of any decent human being.

Most light workers stare all the time at the chaos on this planet and forget to look up at the stars and galaxies and perceive the eternal precision and harmony of All-That-Is. As soon as they do this, they will not need to cherish any doubts any more about Ascension in the fall of this year.


Channelled Messages

From Suzan Caroll


Important Message

September 26, 2011, Copyright 2011

Dear Ascending Ones,

On Saturday, September 24, 2011 many of you were suddenly overtaken with total fatigue. Perhaps, you knew that it was not just your fatigue, but that it meant that something was happening in the higher levels and/or within the body of Gaia. Afterward, many of you had intense experiences of being Lightbody. Please remember that there is no time, so “afterward” is not bound by sequential time, but by opportunity. Often, our grounded ones will experience a huge download as fatigue, but not be able to be conscious of the frequency or the meaning of that download, until they are able to be still and in a place that is safe enough for them to go into a deep state of meditation.

We wish to thank you all for your awareness and to cloak you with our unconditional love. Feel us around you now. We are on either side of you. Feel the protection that we offer. We know that you are concerned that you may not be able to totally re-enter your form after having an experience of such a high frequency and intensity. Be not concerned for we are here, as always, to assist you, our many grounded ones, with your next phase of ascension. This next phase is grounding the high frequencies that you are experiencing into the body of Gaia.

We know that during your meditations, or even through out your mundane life, you can receive a major download from us. However, the energy is so intense for your earth vessel that all you can do in that moment is to file that information and try to stay connected to your body. After such an experience it is difficult for you to get all the way back into your form, but you will accomplish that more easily with practice. On the other hand, none of our ascending ones will return “just” to their third dimensional form because you are all beginning to live on two (or more) realities.

Our grounded one, Suzille, first visited your second reality of life on our Starship Athena. You are now visiting and grounding your consciousness on your second parallel reality, which is life on New Earth. As you have fully grounded yourself on those two fifth dimensional realities, they will become your primary reality and 3D Earth will become your secondary reality. What is the difference between a primary reality and secondary reality? Your primary reality and/or realities are the places where you live. Your secondary reality is the place that you visit.

Just as you now live on 3D Earth and visit the fifth dimensional realities, you will increasingly perceive yourself as living in one or several of your fifth dimensional realities and visiting 3D, but ascending, Earth. Remember that in the fifth dimension and beyond you can easily experience more than one reality within the same moment of the NOW. Because of this fact, you can have more than one fifth dimensional primary realities. Furthermore, ascending Earth can remain a “place where you live,” while you also experience living your fifth dimensional lives

Once you have grounded your consciousness on New Earth, you will begin the process of grounding your consciousness in the mid-fifth dimensional expression of Earth and far beyond. Your challenge while in your earth vessel is to believe that your physical reality is the illusion and ALL your fifth dimensional realities (and beyond) are your True Home. Everyone who is choosing ascension is in the midst of this process, whether or not they are aware of it, will have this challenge.

Some of you are teachers, and it is your Mission to share your experiences with others. Documenting and sharing your experience is not everyone’s Mission. Nevertheless, the process of writing down your experiences greatly assists you in totally re-entering your earth vessel at the closing of your inter-dimensional journey. We remind you all to please become fully grounded in your physical form before you go about your mundane tasks.

At first, you may experience feelings of sadness and even depression when you find yourself again in the lower frequency of the third dimension. After the experience of “Being fifth dimensional” it is common to feel very, as you say, “Homesick.” When that feeling comes into your awareness, use it as a compass to set your intentions to return Home as often as your process will allow. Everyone has his or her own unique version of the Process of Ascension. It is this vast diversity of life forms that is Gaia’s signature frequency.

This diversity has caused many problems in the depths of third dimensional polarity, as the “dark” seemed to be in control. The dark polarity was in control because they function under the “Service to Self” paradigm and see no need to care for others. Therefore, they can be ruthless and cruel to what they perceive as “others.” However, their reign is soon to end. Earth and all Her inhabitants are moving into an area of Cosmic Space, in which all thoughts and feelings immediately return to the sender. Therefore, if you have thoughts and feelings of love, harmony and caring for all life, that is the reality to which you will resonate. On the other hand, if one were to have the intention of harming another, these thoughts would, instead, bring that harm onto themselves.

Therefore, dear ones, you need not worry about “others” who appear to be the dark ones. As you progress on your journey Home you will decreasingly think about “others” at all, for you will feel at ONE with all life. Furthermore, fearful thoughts of harm, control, limitations and separations will gradually dim from your memory. Much as a loving parent will distract a child, who has lost one toy with another, better toy, you will become so distracted by the beautiful reality that is being unveiled before you, that you will forget about the reality you thought you had lost. Besides, how can you loose anything when you have the power to manifest whatever you need and can visit any reality of you choice?

On New Earth, which is much like a preparation reality before you enter the mid-fifth dimensional worlds, your needs will be met by “new technology.” This new technology has actually been around for much of your “time,” but the dark ones hid it from you. They had that ability then because many of our grounded ones were still “children” in their ascension process. Therefore, they had an external authority figure who was nice or not nice, and they had no control over how their authority figures treated them. This mind set is left over from the early days after the Fall of Atlantis.

Due to the fall of Lemuria and Atlantis, the frequency of Gaia was very low then. Therefore, energy outtook a long “time” to come back to the sender. Because of this delay of return energy, the Law of Karma was established, so that the energy sent out would come back, even if it returned to you in another life. This was not a law just to teach the dark ones, but also to assist those who chose the light. As you well know, up until very recently, one could spend their whole life in service to others and /or on an important social contribution with NO return of their loving energies. These are the ones who appeared to be so “lucky” in other incarnations.

Now, you will no longer experience death and rebirth. In your fifth dimensional and beyond realities, you will retain your form until you feel complete with the experiences of that life-expression. Then, when you feel complete with that life, you will voluntarily dis-articulate your form and return to pure consciousness. Also, you will be able to maintain a consciousness connection to more than one reality. In this manner, you can create a mosaic picture of your many ongoing adventures in form.

Before we conclude this message, we will tell you what you experienced on Saturday when you felt your overwhelming wave of exhaustion. Beloved ones, we are pleased to tell you that Gaia was able to make a huge leap in Her resonant frequency. This caused all of Her inhabitants to re-align their consciousness to be in resonance with the consciousness of Gaia. As we have just said, this higher frequency will kick many “Service to Self” persons on Earth off the Matrix. In order to stay on a reality, you need to match the resonance of that reality. Hence, those who cannot maintain Gaia’s rising frequency of expression will no longer be able to adhere to Her form.

In other words, Gaia has begun her ascent into Her higher expressions of form. As you ascend with Her, there will be many expressions of darkness that will simply disappear from your reality. All you will need to DO is to maintain a state of consciousness that resonates to Gaia’s. And, whenever you experience a download of higher light, you will continue to share that higher light with your Mother Earth. In this manner, person and planet return to your fifth dimensional expressions together.

We will conclude our message with a message of thanksgiving from dear Gaia.

Beloved members of my planet,

I wish to send you all, human and non-human, my deepest gratitude for remaining on my form and assisting me with my ascension. You have continued to send me your love and ground your wonderful, multidimensional journeys into my body. Furthermore, many of you could have left my body in order to continue with your personal ascension, but you have remained with me, your planet, to assist with OUR Planetary Ascension. You have all worked tirelessly to be my voice and to protect my body. I want you to know that your sacrifices have not been in vain, for your great contributions have been vital for me to begin OUR journey HOME.

With unconditional love,

Gaia, Your Mother and Your Planetary SELF


From Suzan Caroll

Message from the Arcturians

(After Sue has read my article on the magnetic pole shift; email to me)

September 13, 2011, Copyright 2011

Your 3D self will be engaged in survival, which it does best. Therefore, you will bond deeply with Gaia and merge your clay form into Her’s. You will do this in the same manner that we have taught you. You will merge each chakra with those of Earth and allow both your personal and planetary kundalini to rise. With the rise of your kundalini, your entire nervous system will be updated to perceive and respond to the fifth dimensional frequency of Earth. Therefore, just as much has been going on in New Earth that you only know about when you “raise your consciousness and tune it that frequency of reality,” there will be many changes going on in that which was once the third dimension that you will not notice, unless you allow your calibration to the fifth dimension to lower into calibration with the third dimension.

What will be happening, is that our Light workers – the members of our Planetary Ascension Team – will be totally aligned with the transmutation of their personal and planetary body. Therefore, they will be in the “eye of the hurricane.” In reality, they will be in the “eye of the ONE,’ for they have transmuted all their perceptions to only register the NOW of the shift into the fifth dimension.  Therefore, you will likely be perceiving the familiar feeling of transmutation of your form that have now become comfortable to you. You will all take your place around the Circle, as in Atlantis, only now the Circle will no longer be on the surface of the land, but inside of your SELF where you can fully merge with the ONE.

As each Light worker, in full association with the planet, enters into their own Core, you will be in the Core of ALL Life. Remember, if you are ONE with all life  –  than all life is ONE with you. In other words, if you are IN all of life, then all of life is IN you. In your process of merging with the ONE, you will be in the CORE of the process of planetary transmutation. This Core will be much like a Stargate, for you will be in the 11 11 11 Stargate. Therefore, when you emerge out of this Stargate, which is free of all time an space, you can come out in any time and any space. OR, you can emerge from the Stargate beyond time and space in the fifth dimension or beyond.

We hear your question of, “What about the ones I love? Can I help them to come with me?” Our answer, dear Suzille, is that within the ONE they are ONE with you. There is no “coming with” or “leaving behind.” Those are 3D concepts and do not apply within the fifth dimension. Yes, we now feel your understanding and believing of what we are saying. You are feeling the unconditional love rising within you and finding your Core, within the Core. The Theater does not end because the stage has been re-designed, just as the actor does not die when he/she takes off the costume.

ALL IS ONE,   ALL IS ONE,  ALL IS ONE!  This is to be the mantra that you will chant repeatedly until 11-11-11Release your addiction to the third dimension NOW. All of reality is yours to choose from. All you need do is to calibrate your consciousness to the FEEL of that reality.

We are with you always for we are ONE with you.


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