The Ultimate Scientific Proof For the Accuracy of the Ascension-Date at the Stargate 11.11.11

How the Huge Changes of Gaia and Humanity will occur in the “No-Time” at the Stargate 11.11.11.

by Dr. Georgi Stankov, October 12, 2011, Copyright 2011


I cannot stop repeating that we have already entered the times of serendipity and miracles. Since yesterday, I was pondering on the idea of writing an article on how the linear 3d-time will be wrapped up at the stargate 11.11.11 and how the new simultaneity of the multidimensional “Now” will be introduced on earth, and this morning (October 11) I received a letter from one of my readers, who made me aware of a numerological proof made by Steve and published on RMN.

Steve has offered a remarkable interpretation and further development of the Mayan calender beyond the known Calleman‘s interpretation. This information confirmed my intention to discuss this fundamental phenomenon from a physical point of view in more detail in a separate publication.

Currently, the Mayan calender as presented by Calleman is discussed as a fixed itinerary in the linear three-dimensional time. It is one-dimensional time presentation of the infinite complex energetic processes that take place simultaneously in the “Now” and shape the destiny of humanity in the End Times in a profound manner. That is why this calender cannot offer a deeper understanding of what is currently ongoing on this planet and disappoints many of its interpreters.

Steve has gone beyond this simplistic interpretation of Calleman by an ingenious stroke of intuition. This achievement also exemplifies, how intellectual breakthroughs will very soon flood humanity and will transform human society beyond recognition. I will first quote Steve’s Proof for the accuracy of my predictions that Ascension of Gaia and many star seeds will happen at the stargate 11.11.11 and then I will interpret it from the point of view of the General Physical and Mathematical Theory of the Universal Law in a popular scientific manner. Steve’s interpretation has been first published in a blog and on RMN:

Steve`s Numerological Proof for the Accuracy of the Ascension Scenario at the Stargate 11.11.11

“With regard to Calleman’s interpretation of the Mayan calendar, I had a small revelation the other day that I posted over on Kauilapele’s Blog that I think is worth passing along to RMN’s readers. In Calleman’s research, the ninth and final wave completes this 16 billion year cycle on October 28th. Each wave proceeds its 7 “days” and 6 “nights” 20 times faster than the wave before it. The current wave has days/nights which are ~20 days in length.

The previous eighth wave had days/night of ~1 year, and the seventh wave had days/nights of ~20 years each. OK.

If the ninth wave ends on October 28th, a theoretical “10th wave” would start on October 29th.

Its days and nights proceed 20 times faster than those of the ninth wave.

That would be about 1 calendar-day per wave-day or wave-night.

7 wave-days and 6 wave-nights would be 13 calendar days, thus ending a theoretical 10th wave on November 10th.

A theoretical “11th Wave” would start (and complete) the following day – November 11th.

Yes, at the stargate 11/11/11.

Wave-days and wave-nights proceed 20 times faster than in the 10th wave.

1/20th of a calendar day is one hour and twelve minutes, which is as if the 10th-wave-days were actually just a “hair” shorter,

Easily becomes: one hour and eleven minutes. 1:11.

“11th Wave” — 11/11/11. 1:11 wave-days/nights.

That’s a whole lot of one’s falling on the same day.

The numerological significance is kind of exciting, especially since much of the channeled material we see here also points to 11/11/11.”

The Physical and Scientific Background of Steve’s Numerological  Proof

What Steve has perceived through pure intuition is the acceleration of the 3d-linear time in the current End Times to the point, where it will be substituted in the space-time singularity at the stargate 11.11.11 with the multidimensional simultaneity of the 4th and 5th dimensions.

I will now explain to my readers the physical background of this phenomenon, as there is currently a great confusion among all light workers on this issue. Most of the incredulity arises around the question, how human society and earth could change so radically as I am predicting for a long time – so to say, “in the blink of an eye” during the opening of the stargate 11.11.11.

Most people are still stuck in their linear perception of time and cannot transcend this educated wrong belief and discern the true hallucinatory nature of the phenomenon “linear space-time”. Most of the current confusion in the light workers’ community stems from this mental inability to perceive the true nature of time. This is a leitmotif in all my writings and especially in my last book “The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction“. Let me therefore explain once again what TIME is really in physical terms. “Time”, given as “t” in physics, is a physical dimension, which is defined as a relationship of two frequencies. Initially, human time, which I also define as “conventional time”, was defined with respect to the rotation of the earth around its axis. The rotation of the earth is actually a frequency, because every rotation is the source of waves and every wave has a frequency. This is basic physics from the primary school.

The rotation of the earth around its axis is not very precise as it deviates minimally, depending on the position of the earth on its orbit around the sun, It was therefore decided some time ago to substitute this initial reference system of time with a well-defined frequency of a caesium atom that radiates photons. One also speaks of “caesium atomic clocks”. This frequency, which you can get from Wikipedia or any textbook on physics, is now regarded to be the initial reference frequency, to which all human clocks are adjusted. However, even this frequency is not fixed, but displays some minor variations over a long period of time, which must be considered in the calibration of all human clocks.

From this we conclude that conventional time t, as we use it in everyday life, is a relationship of two frequencies f (o) and f (r). When we set f(o) = 1 unit, we obtain for t =1/f(r), “r” is for reference. From this we see that what we, humans, define as “conventional time” at present is actually reciprocal frequency f. As the original quantity, from which scientists currently derive the definition of conventional time t, is frequency f, we can eliminate this old quantity of time and use only frequency. In this case, we can call it “absolute time, f” or simply “time, f“, while we can preserve the term “conventional time, t” for the current clock measurement of time.

I have proved unequivocally that space-time or the visible physical world, which we perceive with our senses, has only two dimensions / magnitudes / constituents: absolute time (fand space (s), The two magnitudes are canonically-conjugated reciprocal values. Simply speaking: When f increases, s decreases and vice verse, because their product s x f = space x time = space-time is constant. In this case, the two magnitudes are reciprocal f = 1/s = 1/t. From this axiomatic equation, we can very easily conclude that space “s” is a synonym for conventional time “t“, that is to say, conventional time t and space s are one and the same.

The very decision to divide this magnitude in two separate physical dimensions is the greatest blunder, which scientists and humanity have ever committed in the history of this mankind. This basic cognitive and semantic blunder is the primary source of all human confusion and the chief reason for the separation of the human race from the Source. Exactly this separation will be eliminated once and for all in the process of Ascension at the stargate 11.11.11.

In order to explain you better the basic human illusion of space s and time t, let me draw your attention to the fact that the most common magnitude in physics “velocity” is built as a quotient of two identical dimensions v = s/t, which is a redundancy and the greatest imbecility, human intellectual mind could have ever conceived. This explains why anybody who operates with velocities to explain the physical world is doomed to fail.

Let me state it at this place as clear as I can: There is no space s, and there is no conventional time t, but only frequencies. All-That-Is is the totality of all frequencies and any system or level (parts) of it is defined by its specific frequency range. The higher realms of the soul are different from the 3d-space-time on earth because they have much higher frequencies.

The basic knowledge that there is no velocity in All-That-Is explains the simultaneity and synchronicity of the higher dimensions, as well as their multidimensional nature – the ability of any expanded awareness to dwell in many parallel realities and planes of existence at the same time, by only attuning its intent to the specific frequency range of each particular plane of existence.

These frequencies cannot be currently measured by material instruments, which are limited by the electromagnetic spectrum. The frequency range of the electromagnetic spectrum is much lower than that of the 5th and higher dimensions. As they cannot be measured by material instruments, their existence is rejected by the current empirical science, which is under the full control of the dark forces from the Orion Empire, who have established these fundamentally flawed scientific ideas through mind control.

If the whole scientific system of humanity is under the full mind control of the Greys and the Reptilians, as I have proved here beyond any doubt, why are so many light workers indignant when I say that they are also under such profound mind control? This should be cogent to everybody. I hope that I have cleared this issue once and for all.

Now, let me proceed with my elaboration based on the above theoretical consideration. Linear time is a hallucination of the human senses because we measure it as “conventional time t“. We count the seconds, minutes, and hours and we evoke thus the wrong impression that time is flowing, that there is a time current coming from the past, flooding our presence and disappearing into the distinct future. This is known as the “arrow of time” or “irreversibility of time” and has been the topic of many flawed popular scientific books in the 80s and 90s, such as those from the Nobel Prize winner Prigogine. Forget all of them. They are pure confusion.

The same holds true for “space”. Space does not exist. It is also a human hallucination, just as time. Consider the following case. The astronomers speak of “light-years“, with which they measure the distance between remote stars and galaxies. For instance, an x-star system is, let say,1000 light-years away from the earth.

You see here, how the astronomers use subconsciously the time dimension to measure distance. This is possible only because they use the flawed magnitude of velocity – in this particular case, the finite speed of light c = 300 000 km. As most of the information, we human beings receive from our surroundings, is visual information and is propagated with the finite speed of light, our information about the world comes actually from the past, if we remain stuck in the linear time.

Due to the flawed concept of velocity, astronomers can now use the unit of “light-year” to measure distances between stars and galaxies (two-dimensional space). However, they are so dumbed down by the current Orion science, which they serve, that they do not even realize this basic inconsistency.

Discuss this issue with any astronomer, you may happen to know, and you will find out for yourself how dumbed down these scientists are by the dark forces from the Orion Empire. If all scientists are so dumbed down by the these dark entities as part of the camouflage on this planet, why should all New Ages gurus be spared from this mental manipulation, given the fact that most of them do not even have a decent scientific education or display a modest faculty for logical thinking.

Therefore, forget all indignant Steve Beckows – they are well placed in the company of avaricious Reptilians. Forget also Wilcock and Co, who have never bothered to reflect on the nature of space-time and produce a decent scientific concept in their whole life. If you follow such false prophets, it is your fault. You will be also dumbed down. This is the sad reality on this planet, and the only way out of it, is to realize this deplorable truth. Any kind of false indignation on the part of the ego is completely wrong at this place. Change your ego first and then start thinking in correct scientific terms.

How the Huge Changes of Gaia and Humanity will occur in the “No-Time” at the Stargate 11.11.11.

Human concept of history and historical evolution is based exclusively on the concept of linear time. All social, political and economic forecasts that shape the current debased society are based on the flawed concept of linear time, where the events seem to occur with the same predictable frequency. This is the greatest illusion of humanity. Time, being frequency, is malleable. It always changes, otherwise, there will be no Creation.

The LBP you experience these days is the continuous augmentation of the frequencies of your physical, emotional, mental, and ethereal bodies to the frequencies of the 5th dimension, so that you can ascend around the stargate 11.11.11. Ascension is in physical terms nothing else, but the phase transformation of your carbon-based bodies to crystalline bodies, just as water can be transformed to vapour upon heating. In both cases, you have to augment first the frequency of the aggregate. By the way, I have proven that temperature is a synonym for frequency or absolute time (volume II).  This example proves that Ascension is, from a physical point of view, identical to evaporation. Both phenomena can be described by the Universal Law.

The building of your portals is based on the same physical principle. The energy fields around your physical vessel increase their frequencies continuously during the LBP, so that they ultimately merge with the frequencies of the 5th dimension. Your personal portals are thus nothing else, but prolongations of the 5th dimension into the 3d-space.time.

I did not however say that these two dimensions have been separated in the past. They have always interacted, otherwise there would not have been any life on earth in the first place. What we now experience, is that the linear 3d-space-time is wrapped up and transmuted in the blink of an eye into the multidimensional simultaneity of the higher frequency dimensions.

Let me explain to you how this is accomplished from a physical point of view. When the frequency of a physical system such as earth or your biological bodies begins to increase, the conventional time decreases, until it reaches zero because they are reciprocal magnitudes, as I have proved above. At this “Time Singularity” or “No-Time“, linear time is  eliminated and the simultaneity of the “Now” is introduced. This is what will happen precisely at the stargate 11.11.11.

If you have studied human history, you must have learned that there are historical epochs, where the time flows slowly and few great events happen. But there are also historical times of social acceleration, such as in times of revolutions, where all events stipulate and happen simultaneously. We now experience a similar peak of acceleration of events – hence the experience of serendipity and other synchronicities, about which many of my readers are writing these days with a kind of a childish surprise.

This is the normal situation in the 5th dimension, where there is no time gap between imagination of ideas and their realisation. Only in the 3d-space-time on earth, is the time between the occurrence of an idea and its materialisation so immensely prolonged, as to create and preserve the hallucinatory perception of separation from the Whole.

This is also the only reason for the introduction of karma. Karma allows the preservation of the principle of reciprocal causality in human relations throughout numerous incarnations. As cause and effect cannot be experienced simultaneously in the 3d-reality, they are divided between different incarnations. If you kill somebody in one incarnation, it is unlikely that you will experience the same destiny as a victim in this incarnation, where your victim will be the perpetrator, as your victim is already dead. You must wait for another future incarnation to pay for your karma and fulfil the principle of reciprocal causality.

Now, many of you ask: “How could it be possible that so much should change in such a short period of time, when we barely see any feasible changes for many years and we are tired of waiting?” This scepticism arises from your misinterpretation of linear time versus simultaneity.

If the current linear time is eliminated at the stargate 11.11.11, and all the events that are necessary to be introduced on earth to change humanity and Gaia profoundly, are put in place during the “No-Time of the Now”, then they will happen  indeed in the blink of an eye.

Of course, many of these changes could have, and should have, taken place in the previous linear time, but they did not, as the vast majority of humans is still in a deep slumber and are still being manipulated by the dark Orion Controllers in the same way, as they have done it in the last 10 000 years. Only in the last several days and weeks, due to the exponential surge of high frequency waves, coming from the central sun that flood earth and the human bodies, and minds, did the masses begin to awake for the truth and to stir, and the changes will now begin to unfold with a mind-boggling speed.

This retardation in the anticipated evolution of the current human civilisation in the End Times made it necessary that now all changes will happen all of a sudden in the “No-Time” or the “Time Singularity” at the stargate 11.11.11. The shock after this event of cosmic proportions will be therefore much greater than if humanity would have commenced with the necessary changes much earlier in the linear time.

In this context, Steve’s proof for the acceleration of the linear time of the Mayan until November 11, when this linearity will be ultimately wrapped up, is a paradigm for the amplification of the speed of all social events that are bound to occur in the next several days and weeks.

We have entered the period of time singularities, when clusters of events, which normally would have taken centuries to unfold in the slow linear time of the past, will now happen immediately and in total synchronicity in the “No-Time” of the stargate 11.11.11. And please do not tell me that this scenario has not been discussed in numerous channelled messages. I have read hundreds of them in the last several months. These messages have unfortunately not reached until now the linear minds of most light workers, who are unable to develop the faculty for mental abstraction and to imagine the scope of the sweeping events that are bound to occur very soon on this planet.

Take Steve’s proof on the compression of the Mayan calender as a paradigm and put all necessary events that should happen in order to create an enlightened society in the time-span of one day and you will have a fairly precise picture of what will happen at the stargate 11.11.11. This is how All-That-Is operates as a creative Whole.

I have already introduced the concept of Planck’s time in my articles on Elenin and the magnetic pole shift, which, by the way, will also happen at the stargate 11.11.11 or in close association with it. The Planck’ time t = 10 (-44 high) is one quarter of a quadrillion of a second. In this extremely short period of time, the whole Creation of All-That-Is is extinct and created again. This is what some channeled messages describe allegorically as the “in-breath” and “out-breath” of All-That-Is.

The Planck’s time is conventional time t. If you take its reciprocal magnitude –  the Planck’ s frequency f (p) –  you will have a value of 10 (high 44). This would say that in the Planck’s time almost one quadrillion of events must take place to recreate the extinct Creation. At this point, my elaboration becomes rather metaphysical. I am fully aware of this fact. But there is no other way to explain you, why the No-Time /Time Singularity of the stargate 11.11.11 will be absolutely sufficient to introduce all the changes and events that will transform Gaia and mankind to a 4th dimensional planet and civilisation. I have personally not found a better explanation yet in the whole esoteric literature. Thanks Steve and his brilliant proof, you have now this explanation on my part.

I hope that my readers do not need more proofs than this one. I have been announcing the role of the stargate 11.11.11 for the transformation of humanity for the last several months, and have given up counting the many doubtful Thomases, who have asked me in their emails how have I come to this fixed date. I tell you now – by pure intuition, which is true direct knowledge, coming directly from my soul, just as Steve has developed his scientific proof for the validity of my forecast through pure intuitive inspiration of his soul.

This is how Tesla invented the alternating current aggregate and helped humanity implement electricity. This is how Edison made his inventions. This is how anyone of you can begin to make inventions or scientific discoveries, in the very near future, if you only firmly believe that this is possible.

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