State-of-Ascension-Report-17: The Ascension Season 11.11.11 Is Opened.

On-Line Reports from Members of PAT And First Ascension Wave Candidates;

Report-17, October 28, 2011

Picture by Callista Summerfield “Stargate”

October 27, 2011

Dear George

Just this afternoon Britte and Brett were visiting me and Brett said he felt that some of the PAT have already gone. This is in line with your announcement in Report-16.


October 26, 2011

Dear Georgi,

Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback and perspective. To expand upon the Eastern topic from your vantage point, for further clarification and understanding for some of us, hopefully you might be able to respond to few more questions?

Since a majority of the worlds population resides within these Eastern countries, is it safe to contemplate that there are other PAT members, whom we simply cannot connect the dots with (for obvious reasons), but will be participating none the less with our PAT team with the same intentions?  And because we will reside within this 5D space, our 3D cultural variances will be non-existent due to the fundamental nature of our Light within this higher dimension?  And this same scenario applying to all smaller cultures we are simply unable to 3D logistically connect with?

The answers to these questions may appear obvious, however I have come to know that your insights and perspectives will benefit our PAT members with further clarity and understanding.

In Love, Light, & Laughter,
Dear Shravaka,

you have raised a very important question and I have pondered myself a lot on it, without being able to solve it succinctly.

There must be definitely some more members of the PAT, dispersed around the globe, who we have not reached yet. It must be naive to believe otherwise. How many they are, I do not know. I can only guess that there are not many.

Let me make one principal observation, why I believe, without being able to prove it, that there are not many Ascended Masters in Asia, for example. Asia is predominantly populated with baby-  and child-souls according to my soul model in my book “Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction”, but this model is much more extensively discussed in my 5 German books on Gnosis, also from a demographic point of view.

All first ascended masters are very old souls (star seeds). They cannot incarnate everywhere, as they need a collective energetic pattern that suits their fine-energy structure. This is another theme I have not yet started to discuss as not to confuse my readers.

They incarnate predominantly in countries, where the individuality is part of the culture. Normally, they are much less than 0,1% of the population, but their percentage is much higher in such countries, where this kind of individuality and intimacy is respected as Switzerland, Hungary, Holland, Scandinavian countries, Portugal, Italy. In the USA, there are also some very old souls strategically positioned, as this is the citadel of the dark ones and  here the major battle must be won. The same holds true for GB.

There are some old souls also in Japan, in Tao monasteries etc., but not in the normal society.

Many star seeds (very old souls) choose for their incarnation places in the vicinity of nature, remote from the big cities. However, these souls must participate in the society and they cannot spent their whole life in the nature. Otherwise they will not be able to fulfil their mission and influence society.

There are many more demographic parameters to consider in order to describe the current distribution of souls around the globe according to their soul age. This theme is currently not at all discussed at the esoteric Vanity Fair because the New Age Gurus are very superficial in their approach and do not go deeper into the matter with a speculative mind. There are mathematical laws according to which the dissemination of souls takes place on earth . This is a highly coordinated process and not a random phenomenon.

I better stop here. Yes, we have not reached all members of the PAT, but I believe most of them. Those that we have not reached must be very special souls, as they prefer to stay alone and do their job on their own without foreign help.

In love and light
October 26, 2011

Dear George,

I can see the effect of your work on a daily basis now.  Even the channeled messages are becoming more detailed as if to hold on to their validity in the light of the new found awareness your information has caused to come into being.

When reading today’s channeled message from “Wanderer of the skies” I noted this paragraph:

“Shortly, your work, and these messages, will reach a much larger audience than even you thought possible at this stage of the game due to several factors that are presently being executed within your media and government channels. That will allow greater “traffic” to sites which promote an understanding of these messages and the way to Ascension.This includes mandatory “training” of insiders using materials on the Internet from these sites. Be prepared accordingly.”

This may also be connected to the 11-9-11 nationwide emergency system test.  It could be that it is their intent to start using the system to broadcast announcements and to re-educate people.

We will just have to wait and see.

For a number of years now I have followed many of the Channeled messages and suspected that some if not a large part of them were the work of the CIA or some form of government mind control.  It has been very difficult to wade through the mountains of messages to discern what is true and what is not. The Dark has long known so much more of the ancient secrets than those of the light and have used their knowledge against those of the light and still we know that Albert Pike wrote that the Illuminati would indeed engage in a program to portray themselves as “the Children of Light”.

That is why your work has been so important in bringing our focus back to the divinity within each of us and not placing our ascension on the external actions of others.  In fact, many of the “struggles” and “protests” and “battles” merely take our focus off of the work that we need to do internally to achieve ascension.

Thank you again for so much.  Peace, Love and Joy to you.


Dear Charlotte,

Thank you very much for this extremely valuable analysis on your part. I just exchanged emails with Terry on the same subject. I have read this last message from the “Wanderer of the Skies”, and it is a very dangerous one, if you read it very carefully. You know, they always adopt to the light –  I say: the name of Darkness is Mimicry.

What does it mean “mandatory training of the insiders” – another brainwash by the dark ones? You, the readers of this website and star seeds, do not need any training as you know everything. Neither do I. Our communication is absolutely open and there is no intermediary whatsoever. That is why it is very difficult to trap them, But this is of no importance nowadays. Ascension is the name of the game.

October 26, 2011

Dear Nassim Haramein,

Only today did I came across you and your physical theory after I was made aware by one of my readers. Although I watched only your videos, I immediately realized what you are talking about with respect to continuity of energy and matter.

It might be of interest to you to know that I have solved all theoretical problems, which you have addressed in your novel approach, 17 years ago and have presented the solutions in an impeccable  scientific manner in 15 books on altogether 5000 pages, which you can find in pdf format on my website for free:

I would recommend you to begin with volume II on Physics (about 450 pages), full version, which is a complete textbook on physics for universities and technical high schools and contains the whole theoretical stuff as currently tackled in current standard textbooks on physics. I used as an example Feynman’s Lectures, but also numerous other textbooks.

My bio you can find on my website. I am a scientist from Munich, the home town of Einstein, Heisenberg and other prominent physicists who founded quantum mechanics as you know.

However, you must hurry as I am intending to ascend at the stargate 11.11.11 with my Planetary Ascension Team of several thousand Ascended Human Masters and heave Gaia to the 4th and 5th dimensions. I am fairly aware that this has, at first glance, nothing to do with physics,  but the more so with Transcendental Physics, of which you might have not heard anything so far.

You are welcomed.

With best personal wishes

Dr. Georgi Stankov
Munich, Germany
October 26, 2011

Dear George

I wonder if the physics of Nassim Haramein is in line with your work. He says that there is no empty space, no vacuum, and that the parts reflect the whole. There is an interesting interview on YouTube:

Dear Soren,

Thank you for this information. I saw the interview with Nassim and from what I gathered he is on the right track. His ideas that there is no empty space, no vacuum, and that the parts reflect the whole are correct, but apart from this I do not believe that he has grasped the nature of space-time in conjunction with human mind and he has not advanced that much as to solve the basic problems of physics, as I have done17 years ago.

For instance, he is talking a lot about mass of particles and the universe etc.  but he has obviously not solved the problem of the mass in a profound epistemological and cognitive manner as I have done it. This is just one example.

I decided to write him a short letter and make him aware of my website. Thank you for making me aware of this physicist.

In love and light
October 26, 2011

Dear Callista,

I had seriously started my spiritual journey in late 1995. I was abroad for 25 years but since the last 10 years, I have settled back home in Goa (India). I am a PAT member and a bit anxious as the days draw near. I have always wanted and longed for a New Earth and now Ascension as I have always felt a disconnect from social norms and most people and situations, never being able to fit in because of this,

I have always lived in my imaginary world. I have tried to speak to my siblings and share, but one of them retorts ‘I don’t believe in angels’. I would appreciate it if you would let  me know if you can describe my portal or if there is one in the area where I live. My last minute preparations are in full swing and I wait with baited breath for that wonderful day. Looking forward to your reply.

Love n Hugs
Dear Olinda,

Thank you for your email. I have always wanted to go to Goa – it sounds like a lovely part of the world. As you are a member of PAT then you are very aware of the Ascension process and you obviously have chosen to ascend. Therefore you need not worry about your portal – it is there and it is a representation of yourself and has a beautiful energy. Your portal is available not only for yourself but for anyone else in the area. Please read George’s article COSMIC AWARENESS ON PORTAL OPENINGS. HOW WILL THEY BE PERCEIVED? which should answer any questions you may have.

You are welcome to email me if you have any further queries. In the meantime, as we await Ascension, take plenty of rest and relax, knowing that all is well and is working out perfectly.
kindest regards from Callista
October 26, 2011

Hi  Dr. Stankov,

I don`t know if you are aware of this, but thought you may find it interesting that the Mayan elders are about to begin a ceremonial pilgrimage across the USA which involves the thirteen crystal skulls.

The journey will begin in Manhattan on the 27th of October, 2011; and it will culminate in Los Angeles on November 11th, 2011. I think the American people need all the spiritual help they can get.

Here is the link to the site with all the details, i know you are busy so sorry to pile even more reading onto you but the timing of it i think is important.

Truth,Peace,Love to all.
Rich M.
Dear Rich,

Thank you for this information. I read it and they are making a lot of meetings on their way. Any action on behalf of these events and making the population aware of the truth behind the veil is a valuable contribution to their Awakening. We need more such events.

In love and light
October 26, 2011


since I started reading your material about three weeks ago, I’ve heard many people talking about visualizing and creating their own portals. For whatever reason, this whole activity didn’t seem to have a reality attached to it for me. Try as I might to engage in this kind of visualization activity, it just wasn’t working for me; it just felt unnaturally flat. At least that’s what I thought. The following happened last Wednesday (October 19th) and it has taken me all this past week to come to the conclusion that what I actually saw outside my window that night was not the Moon or a UFO, but something else more portal-like instead.

I woke up around 2am to relieve myself. As I was climbing back into bed on my return, I spied something through my window curtain that caught my attention and made me sit up to get a second look. What I saw through the curtain was perfectly round, like the moon, but unlike the moon, it was extremely bright and shiny, but not in a metallic way, as in a spaceship. Besides, unlike any spaceship, it was completely round and upright like a dinner plate set on it’s edge and shone like “watery foil”, if that makes any sense. About the only thing I was sure of at the time, was that it was obviously suspended in the sky and glistening.

Though certainly large enough, it was too small and close by to be the moon itself, besides, it had been raining and the sky was cloud-covered. The thing is at the time my mind simply could not process this as anything else BUT the moon and the issue of cloudiness and rain would not figure into my thinking till much later the next day. Unfortunately, at the time I couldn’t manage to stay awake. In fact, I felt “completely satisfied” and that therefore, there was no reason for me to not go to sleep. However, it would turn out to be something I could not quite get out of my mind; a real head scratcher, so to speak.

I initially attempted to calculate in my head where the moon must have been in the sky the night before depending on the astrological sign it was in, but then realized I only had to check the calendar for any mention of a full moon and that would pretty much cancel out all other alternatives. As it turns out, we had had a full moon the week before, so there was no way that what I saw on that night, even if it had not been cloudy, even if the moon could have been in that particular sector of the sky on that night, there was no way it could have been the moon.

I’ve recreated the image in my mind hundreds of times, meditating on it, and describing it as best as I could and after reading today’s CA on portal openings, I finally realize that what I saw WAS an open wormhole/portal. The closest thing I have ever seen in my life that resembled what I saw that night would be the stargate from the TV show SG1 (but without the big heavy metal outer ring with the curious symbols on it) just a ‘watery foil’ center, in motion and/or alive-like.

After my own personal disappointing efforts at “portal creation” and feeling rather uncreative in regards to this, I am most pleased to realize that there exists a portal literally outside my bedroom window. I decided to share this experience so that anyone else reading, who is feeling that they are failing in their attempts at portal creation, as was I, to take heart and not worry about it. They are there and each of us will see what we need to see when the time is right.

October 26, 2011

Hi Georgi,

I recently was exposed to your work “Cosmic Laws of Creation & Destruction”, etc. I do not recall reading any single piece of work that was so closely aligned with my own views. I have been in the money management industry for 40 years – my life’s focus (interests) has been business/economics; alternative methods of health & wellness; and spirituality. In the business area, I have been a black sheep mainly due to a “knowing” about these events … even decades ago. Now that they are on our doorstep, it becomes even more exciting. I would like to e-mail you some things if you are open to that.

All the best to you – keep up the wonderful work you are doing.

Dear Garett,

Thank you very much for your kind email and for your appreciation of my last book. If you are an expert in the field of finance then you are better than me in predicting the ultimate collapse. I am personally disappointed that it has been postponed so many times. Now it will come with 11.11.11, but this drama will be superimposed by many other dramas so that the effect will be cataclysmic and the whole humanity will be in a total shock for a while.

I personally believe that this Orion financial system is “passe” and it is not worth discussing it anymore. “The word of day” (German saying) is now Ascension. All other themes are distractions from this one.

In love and light
October 27, 2011

A very important channelled message by Archangel Michael confirming our mission as members of the PAT and first Ascended Masters at the stargate 11.11.11, as well as all the aspects of this process which we have discussed in the last two months. Please listen to it very carefully.

Dear George

Thanks again for all the updates that you so religiously post. I think by now its the very daily driving  ‘carrot”, that keeps many in joy, hope and with motivation in hearts of the process unfolding!

Herewith, a link to a channelling from Archangel Michael.  It talks exactly of what we have been preparing for. It elaborates in detail of where we are right now at the stargate, of the way-showers, of the new leaders of humanity in this transformation of the earth  etc.  It’s a great validation of what you and we have been discussing now the last two months on your website!!! Thought it would be great for all to see. I know  you haven’t spoken about  this channel in particular, but the details are all so relevant to share with all, that I couldn’t resist sending this to you, as for your decision to share.

Tick, tock, tick, tock, for now,.. and soon no time!!

Love light and blessings
October 27, 2011

Dear Georg,

Today I would like to write in English although we usually do communicate in German, since we live just across the town so to speak!

For weeks I am following everyone of the Newsletters and I was from the beginning absolutely thrilled by the idea of a concrete date of having Mother Earth ascending and the PAT along with. By the day I became more and more passionate about the idea of it.

I do meditate for a decade and consider my kundalini power active. However as how much I ask in prayers for help from above, speaking to my soul, get instructions in my dreams – nothing happens on the outer level in terms of memories. however I do feel a purging effect. I stopped eating bad food and started to take in lots of chlorophyl and fruits and indeed there is a steadily growing sensibility for mother earth and I feel the rise of the energy all around and especially within me.

As I was reading your newsletter and the conversation with Cosmic Awareness, I was thinking that I do not really visualize my portal when it came to me with a sudden click.

3-4 years ago I received lots of input in my meditation and around that huge material formed a rather romantic story how Wodan – a high priest of Atlantis would come to the shores of England and bring a crystal-based strong device which he and his men buried deeply in the cliffs of Cornwall, high above the shoreline. At the time he conceived with a priestess a line of Angels and gave her immortality. In order to maintain her body she would have to go and see the portal and go through it to join the next dimension. Of course this is the device with the crystals on board which generates a huge magnetic field to allow her to go to the next dimension. All the story picks up nowadays where a disillusioned cop from London (Scotland Yard) picks up his trail to that remote village on the shores of Cornwall, where he learns about his true origin and we meet again the old lady. Going through an inner catharsis, he can finally strip his ego and can join her on her trip to the new dimension. So to speak, he became the multidimensional soul…. after all.

I just realized with amazement that everything was already right there for years already and reading your website quoting 11:11:11 would be the day, it just triggered a huge excitement within me. Since I did not really make up the story, but just put together all the bits and pieces that I received in meditation, just fills me with such excitement. After “all the circle is about to be closed” (another proverb in German).

Thank you for all your work – this is what we are – souls about to take the most exciting experience ever.


October 27, 2011

Dear George,

I’m having the most multidimensional experience at the moment – Yesterday i was concerned with your symptoms – then I became aware that I knew quite a bit about energetic restoration in the human body – but as an everyday thing – but I have never consciously been aware of this. I picture your body in my mind’s eye – then i know that if I place certain energetic chevrons in an orbital pattern at various velocities and in certain wave motions they have healing and energetic functions.

How it went with you was I perceived your physical energetic characteristics then created 3  concentric orbital arrays: slightly below eye level – solar plexus and near the knee – each moving in an opposite direction to each other, with a horizontal circular vector. Then I saw the picture you placed upon the latest ascension report – that is a lot of story told in a symbolic way – I just see it a bit differently – the chevrons around the body are different for each being – those chevrons being archetypal energy structures – its weird but i see purple energy around the body changing to deep blue at the outskirts of maybe the aura – this is so new for me George and i may have it a bit wrong but that’s how i see it in motion.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been working with the energy of Gaia with vortexes – tonight the chevron symbols appeared in concentric, rotating, circles and members of the PAT were changing the symbols to align Gaia’s energetics and the new higher operating energies, then around this members of the PAT energised the symbols. I feel these symbols represent the archetypal creative (creator) energies and maybe this is the astral work of creating the portal for Gaia by members of the PAT – also I saw that energetic waves being beamed to earth provided like an oscillating wave that somehow helped with this.

George this is a new idea put in my mind – I’m presenting it as something that is gelling in my consciousness and that I’m trying to understand. It takes me a bit to understand the pictures that appear in my third eye – but my interest is piqued with the ascension report picture.  I’m almost hesitant to talk about it as its presenting concepts beyond my range of knowledge – I just feel I’m being shown a level of interaction maybe amongst the PAT that isn’t in conscious awareness.

This may be an imagining so I’m just presenting it as an idea that I received – disregard it if it seems nonsensical.

Dear Craig,

what you have seen is actually what we are doing for some time. You have seen the chakras of the members of PAT as orbital chevrons and there is a special knee chakra, of which I have also spoken somewhere. All our energy fields must be connected as everything in All-That-Is interconnected and the whole technology is based on infinite filaments. I never speak about this as the idea is weird, but this aspect was already a theme of the string theory. But they failed to grasp it. I can also see these filaments when I meditate, but it is very strenuous for the brain and I do not do it very often. But I usually see the filaments of nearby objects, while you have seen the global picture.

All these filaments of the PAT members must be interwoven with that of Gaia and with the crystalline 144-grid of Gaia, which is already completed by 93%.

The picture you have seen at a higher level with your inner senses or third eye, as you wish, is the creation of this complex network of  filaments that will ultimately heave Gaia to the higher dimensions. It is a legitimate perception.

Dear George,

I appreciate your understanding of the complex inner visual concept I was being shown. It was a busy scene George; but oh my it was beautiful – the projected love towards Gaia by members of the PAT was overwhelming and beautiful; I was overwhelmed emotionally.

There is a massive augmentation of energies right now – I could barely sleep last night. Callista sent me a message saying she is feeling the same way. I perceive much activity on other levels which are now seeping into daily consciousness.

During the last couple of days its impressed upon me that when we remember everything again when we ascend, we will be in wonderment at how we all know each other, and how this coalesced. With the awareness of a story you told about being in Atlantis; its impressed upon me that planning for this time stretches right back into antiquity. I’m told that when i see and understand the whole story i will be shocked and marvel at it all…

So I appreciate you work George, thank you for inviting me to be a part of this magnificent journey
in the immutable light
Dear Craig,

This is exactly what I also perceive. Purely for this reason, I am so calm as I have a fairly good idea of the incredible perfection behind the arrangement of the tapestry all events.

October 27, 2011

Hello again, George,

Thank you for taking the time to read my email…and answer with such tact and care… The other day I read more of your Constructive/Destructive Interferences work about All-That-Is, U-sets, Awareness and Consciousness, and the Closed Whole that we are a part of.

I really understood that as much as I experience myself/soul as a Cosmic Mother and I am aware of my creations as a spark of the Whole…none of my creations are “mine” at all, but in fact a collection of energy from All-That-Is, to which “we” are all a part of.

In that respect, I recognize that what is taking place in this incarnation experiment truly belongs to the Whole of us having an experience of individuation at all our multidimensional awarenesses.

I Love, the circular nature of our Truth.  It is such a beautiful, simple Awareness.  We all share the exact same potentiality for thought and creation….

By the way, I see my portal as a perpendicular crystalline structure with bevelled edges rising from Earth into the sky/ether/dimensions. It is filled with fractal like rainbows/light. The outside of the portal is surrounded by blue light energy/sparkles, which I have been seeing for months. The structure moves very slowly clockwise emitting a vibration/frequency. Yesterday, I believe what I saw was that my portal is like the centre of a lotus flower. It will open and spin very quickly with a helix like structure widening as it opens. As it opens and begins to spin a sonic like frequency/vibration/light that will then pulse out in waves like petals from the lotus flower.  I see these waves like crystalline energy emanating from the center to vast distances. Whether this is a portal or another kind of access for awakening for souls, I’m not quite sure. I feel it is part of the “door” that is opening for us all…

Natasha and Wayne

October 27, 2011

Dear George,

Thank you and many blessings to you for sharing your knowledge of ascension and providing a place, where the PAT can share their experiences. It feels like I have found my ‘long lost family’ here on the web, because like many of your readers I too have travelled a lonely spiritual path up until this stage (apart from spiritual guides of course). Also I would like to wish all the readers of your website much love and all the best on their personal ascension and agreeing to assist Mother Earth on her Planetary ascension.

I would like to share a dream that I had about a portal, but I wasn’t aware of it being one until I came across your website and Sue Caroll’s website in early October. And since that time, like many of the PAT, I have been busy reading your articles and books relating to ascension. Here a description of the dream:

Last year around October I had a lucid dream, where I finished having dinner at my apartment, with two beings. They didn’t seem quite like humans, but had a galactic or ethereal feel to them. It felt like they were keeping me company and guiding me in some way. I had a feeling that tonight we were celebrating my last meal and night in 3D together.

Then after we had dinner I got ready to go to sleep and the two beings were watching over me from the side of the bed, with a loving presence. I was laying on my back then I saw a portal opening inside my room directly above my bed. It was swirling and had symbol that looked like the Libra star sign or Greek Alpha-Omega characters, which were coloured with beautiful tones of kaleidoscopic wisps. Then I opened both arms right out and a rush of energy came directly out of the portal, straight through my heart chakra. I felt a beautiful sensation of unconditional love and my heart started vibrating and pulsing with energy. Then I woke up and my heart was still beating as fast as it was in the dream but I was overwhelmed with a sense of peace and serenity afterwards.

After the dream I tried to process what happened and had a feeling it had to do with 2012 and the shift, also I didn’t know that much about portals at that time. So when I came across your website at the start of this month, along with Dr. Sue Caroll’s site, I busily started reading up about ascension and portals and all the pieces of the puzzle seemed to come together.

But now I seem to resonate more with 1111 rather than 2012. So now I am feeling that there may be a portal in or close to my apartment block. Coincidentally when I was coming back to my apartment last Tuesday I looked at the floor numbers the two lifts were located on and they were both on floor 11 and 11.

Since that dream I have had other lucid dreams, where I get intense sensations where energy is pulsing through my body, sometimes more intense where the major chakra regions are. Are these symptoms typical of the light body process? Or are they related to the download of information which we will use in 5D?

Your analysis of the ‘vanity fair’ condition of some light workers is spot on. I must admit though, new age fluff can be addictive and at one stage I was headed down that path for a while. However it can be distracting and eventually leads you away from the inner work that you should be doing. It can be tempting to be ‘wanting’ and ‘waiting’ for disclosure or the new banking system to come ‘online’. These things will all happen eventually when the vibration on the planet reaches the vibration of the new systems, technology and our Galactic family resonate at. I remember a comment that said that you don’t behave ‘as an ascended master should behave’. As soon as we put conditions on things and have a picture in our minds about how things ‘should be’ we cloud our thinking and we then judge a situation with a biased perspective rather than stepping back and taking an balanced approach. Here are some words of wisdom from the Tao Te Ching in regards to this subject:

The truth is not always beautiful, nor beautiful words the truth.’

In closing I would like to share some thoughts with some of the readers who may have doubts about ascension:  Do not doubt yourselves or give into fear because everyone has their own important part to play regardless whether you are in the first PAT wave or the second one. As George says, just listen to your Soul because she will guide you home. Everything will be OK and it will work out just fine.

Again my gratitude goes out to you, the readers and all the people who shared their stories about ascension symptoms and portals, especially Calista for helping us confirm our wonderful portals.

Blessings of love and light,
October 27, 2011

Dear Georgi,

I am using a different name this time, just for added privacy. I have been blown away by all of the testimonies and I love reading them. Time must really be accelerating now because I am having epiphanies by the hour! Here is what recently happened to me…

I was supposed to clean a house today for some people I work for that are moving out of the house. The house has very special energy and I know I was drawn there for a reason. I have been cleaning for them for about 5 months and I also babysit for them, so I’ve spent a lot of time on the property. Also, they took a vacation and out of everyone they know, they asked me if I would stay at the house while they were gone. Another interesting thing is that they have a black cat, and it’s name is my nickname, and I have always been attracted to black cats. So, needless to say, I definitely have a connection to this place. I do not know why this wasn’t evident to me earlier, but I think it is a portal and I am opening it! I think I am definitely an Opener, though I hadn’t realized before what I was actually doing! In order to realize it, one must think multi-dimensionally!

I always walk around the yard there and touch the flowers, and their daughter leads me to corners of the property and feel major energy. Now, it gets even more interesting. So I was under the impression that I would be cleaning the house with the mother, because they have moved all of their things out and she wanted to help. However, last night, she basically just said, “do your best!” and let me know that I would be doing it alone. Now, I was a little dismayed by this because I knew that it would feel odd to be there with all their stuff gone, cleaning. Plus, it is sort of remote, at the end of a long gravel and dirt road that leads to the ocean. So I went to bed last night and had a dream that I was in the house alone, but I was very afraid and wanted to leave, but I somehow could not get out. I was trying to call people on my phone, but they would not get back to me.

Also, I felt like my mind was being manipulated, I was losing my mind in there, and getting very giddy and crazy.  At one point, the mother knocked on the door and I felt so relieved that she was going to come in, but then she said, no way, and left. Then I was really in hysterics! I knew I had to get out; it felt I was being controlled by some forces that were going to make me lose my mind for good. At a certain point, I gathered all the courage I could muster, and flung open the door and ran out of the house. But I was laughing and making crazy noises and acting completely nuts, and I ran past an old man, and he said, “Oh no, were you in there by yourself?” and I said yes! And he looked worried and I was trying to telepathically tell him that I was still ME on the inside but I just didn’t have control over myself at the moment.

Then I woke up and was very upset and stayed up a long time. Well, today on my way there, I realized what it was. I am opening a portal there! And it’s a big one! I think the dream was the dark ones trying to make me change my mind about finishing the house and also making me think that no one would come through it, and I’m just crazy. It became very clear on my drive there! I get there, and go to push back the front gate and there, on the left was the address that I have never taken notice of. On a little round sign, the number 7!! I couldn’t believe it! I walked into the house and the energy was amazing. It was glorious. I was so happy their stuff was out and now it was completely open. I felt an urgency to get it all clean.

And then the mother and the little girl came and as soon as they walked in, the mother burst into tears. She was overcome with sadness to move from there. She was literally sobbing. I just held a loving space for her, because I understood. I love the house too and I feel how special it is. But they had to leave because it was time. They stayed awhile and had a snack and made happy noises, while I cleaned and I realized my dream was a fraud! People will come to my portal! It was wonderful.

I know I am an opener now. I have been traveling the last few years, to Italy, South America, and all over the United States on hardly any money. I didn’t realize what I was doing, but now it’s clear! Yay!

Much love to everyone and trust yourself implicitly!
October 27, 2011

Dear George,

I don’t know whether you want to post this email up or not – I shall leave it to your discretion.

To those of you who are parents, going through the First Wave of Ascension, I have read many of your letters to George in interest as I went through the same dilemma myself – I just couldn’t comprehend the thought of leaving my two children behind in a world to fend for themselves.

My two children are going through LBP and at an amazing speed. However if you even mention ascension – forget it. I don’t know what their contractual agreement is or how it fits in with mine.  My agreement has changed a little. While we all have a contract – nothing is written in stone.

I mulled over this so much – my heart turned inside out with grief for my children so much and then I decided to let it go. Today I read a beautiful letter from a mother, who was concerned about her two children, and what I want to say is this: Whether our children come with us or not, it is highly likely that they have and are going through the LBP.

As the First Wave of Ascension occurs and earth shifts to a 4D vibration, our children’s vibration (if they choose to remain) will accelerate at an incredibly intense and rapid rate. The slightly sleepy children we have now, will be almost fully, if not totally, awake on a conscious level. They will be fully aware of their journey and have a greater understanding on what needs to be done next.

They won’t feel abandoned, nor hold it against us because we left – they will know that we haven’t left at all and, as George said previously, we will have a closer connection to our children on a soul level.

I hope this brings some peace to those, who have gone through grief about this. While we have all been aching to go home, now it’s a reality, most of us have gone “Hooray, oh crap, what about the kids?”  The kids will be fine!

My deepest love and respect to you ALL,
In One Heart,
October 27, 2011

Dear George

I found an amazing article from a light worker who experienced Ascension through meditation. It is really amazing and it uplifted me. So, I thought that it would help our fellow light workers to read it.

It gives an idea of the upcoming Ascension and it will be beautiful!This experience is from Jimmy,

The link in which I found it is:


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