Volume II (Full Version, Bulgarian): Universalnijat Zakon. Obschta Teoria po Fizika i Kosmologija

Volume II: The Universal Law.
The General Theory of Physics and Cosmology
Full Version

by Georgi Alexandrov Stankov  

Plovdiv 1999, 471 pages, Bulgarian language

Short Summary

Volume II on physics and cosmology is a further elaboration of the integrated physical and mathematical axiomatics of the Universal Law to a unified theory of physics and cosmology and can be read independently of volume I on physics and mathematics. However, we recommend the reader to begin with volume I and only then proceed with volume II.

Volume II contains the basic achievements of the new General Theory of Physics and Cosmology of the Universal Law. It covers the physical theory as presented in standard textbooks on physics and cosmology for students worldwide and goes further than that by presenting new derivations of fundamental natural constants and particular physical laws from the Universal Law, which are not known to physicists yet.

The book has adopted the common didactic pattern of presenting the physical theory as it can be found in most standard textbooks on this subject. However, it begins with a thorough introduction into the basic statements of the new physical and mathematical axiomatics of the Universal Law, which is a completely new theoretical approach in this discipline.

In volume I, the new axiomatics was derived ontologically and epistemologically from the primary term of human consciousness by presenting abundant empirical evidence from various fields of science and human cognition. Its validity was presented as the crowning result of an extensive empirical and introspective research effort.

In volume II, the new physical and mathematical axiomatics is placed at the beginning, so that all subsequent results and mathematical derivations in physics and cosmology are grounded in this irrefutable system of logical human thinking. This is a completely new didactic and ontological approach in science and physics.

Exactly this new approach makes the comprehension of the physical stuff by the reader much easier, as it automatically eliminates all the semantic and gnostic confusion that is currently observed in conventional physics and  hinders an understanding of the Nature of All-That-Is.

After the new physical and mathematical axiomatics is thoroughly introduced, the book proceeds with the applications of the Universal Law in classical mechanics, wave theory, thermodynamics, electromagnetism and quantum mechanics, and ends up with the theory of relativity and cosmology. Each chapter contains numerous exercises concerning practical applications of the Universal Law that should be solved by the students. In some cases possible solutions are suggested.

There are many chapters in the book that contain new derivations of natural constants and physical laws, as well as further applications of the Universal law that are presented for the first time in the history of this discipline and go beyond conventional physical knowledge.This chapters are specially designated as to make the reader aware of their novelty.

This includes many new fundamental physical constants and laws, such as Stankov’s law on photon thermodynamics, which help integrate the physical world into a complete mathematical input-output model that is of universal practical (in terms of empiric measurements) and theoretical validity. This is one of the major achievements of the new Physical Theory of the Universal Law as presented in this volume.

The new physical theory in volume II confirms all the mathematical results obtained in physics so far. At the same time it disproves some fundamental concepts that have not been really challenged by any scientist until now.

In the first place, the second law of thermodynamics, also known as the law of entropy, is refuted, while its mathematical derivations are obtained from the Universal Law and explained by its theory. This theoretical achievement eliminates the fundamental antinomy in present-day science – the existence of highly organized organic matter with evolving consciousness versus dissipating matter as stated by the law of entropy.

The refutation of this law is of great importance in the End Times of mankind and this planet, as this law rejects the possibility of Ascension of human beings to the 5th and higher dimensions. In fact, it rejects the existence of such levels of highly organized energy.

This volume can be therefore used as a complete textbook on the new theory of physics and cosmology by all physicists, students of physics and other natural sciences with a good knowledge of conventional physics and mathematics.

In addition, the reader must be aware of the numerous blunders, inconsistencies and paradoxes in present-day physics from an epistemological and methodological point of view as to fully grasp the new presentation of this discipline in this volume. This appears to be a great challenge to most specialists, as long as they stick to their old, wrong physical dogmas and show no inclination to enter new ways of perceiving the Nature of All-That-Is.

The comprehension of Volume II is a necessary prerequisite to understand the theory of the New Gnosis of the Universal Law as it has been developed by the author in five philosophical books published on this website.

The new physical theory presented in volume II is thus the foundation of the new transcendental physics that will be available to all human beings after their Ascension in the 5th dimension by the end of 2012. Therefore, it is accurate to say that the physical theory in this volume is the new Science of Ascension.


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