The Universal Law: A Short Introduction into the General Theory of Science and its Consequences for Society (Bulgarian)

Universalnijat zakon – Kratko vavedenie v obschtata teorija na naukite i nejnoto otrazeniie varchu obschtestvoto

by Georgi Alexandrov Stankov

Plovdiv 1998, 150 pages, Bulgarian Language

Table of Content


short summary

This book was written shortly after Volume I on physics and mathematics was published in June 1997. During the many presentations of the Theory of Science of the Universal Law in the period after its first publication, it became evident that there is a great interest in this epic discovery among many representatives of social sciences, such as economists, historians, sociologists, psychologists, who have no background in physics and mathematics and are not in the position to comprehend the theoretical stuff presented in volume I.

In order to satisfy their desire for easy access to the new General Theory of the Universal Law, which also encompasses all social sciences and arts, the present short introduction was written in the fall of 1997 and was published in the spring of 1998 in the Bulgarian language in Sofia.

Similar to Volume IV, the book begins with a popular introduction to the basic axioms and statements of the new physical and mathematical axiomatics of the Universal Law. To facilitate the understanding of the reader, many examples from everyday life are used, which show that this abstract theory has a universal application in all aspects of human life. This is part I of the book.

Part II is dedicated to the practical consequences of the new Theory of the Universal Law for the economy, health care system, politics, social life, education, and various other areas, which are part of human life on earth.

As the book was written in Bulgarian language, it addressed in the first place the Bulgarian reader and all the people in Eastern Europe, who were suffering at that time under a severe and prolonged economic crisis in the process of their transformation from a central-planned communist economy to a more liberal, free-market society.

The austerity programmes of IMF, ordered for all East European countries in order to cope with their huge debts, inherited from the former rogue communist regimes, had impoverished the people throughout the former Soviet Empire. They had no confidence in the New World Order (NWO), which was propagated by all prominent advisers of neo-liberalism, who had flooded Eastern Europe at that time and had transformed it into an experimental playground for their insidious plans to impoverish humanity and to introduce the NWO.

This rather depressing situation had to be considered in this book as to respond to the dreams of the East European people for a better life in the future after they had suffered for almost half a century under a Draconian red dictatorship.

The book was a huge success in Bulgaria and had two editions within a year. This success should be evaluated upon the fact that at that time most Bulgarians had no money to buy food, and spending money on books was considered a luxury.  However, the quest for knowledge was immense after the long separation from the worldwide communication network.

The short introduction to the General Theory of Science of the Universal Law contributed greatly to the popularisation of this discovery in the homeland of the author. Most of the prominent scientists in Bulgaria at that time were informed about this event. The author held many lectures and symposia on this topic in the capital of Bulgaria and in the province and made many interviews in the mass media.

In October 1999, he held a master-lecture in the great congress hall of the Bulgarian Academy of Science in Sofia in front of more than 500 scientists from all areas of academic research. The new theory was widely accepted, and some of these scientists implemented it in their particular field of research to solve special theoretical problems, for instance, in the organisation of human knowledge in a written form and its distribution in space and time.

These initial applications will be significantly widened after a large part of humanity will ascend to the 5th dimension, where the scientific theory of the Universal Law will be broadly implemented and will be the foundation of a new multidimensional, transcendental collective weltanschauung. The latter will be supported by an expanded and enhanced human intelligence, based on immediate recognition of the overall harmony of All-That-Is.


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