The Greatest Blunder of Science: „Electric Charge“ is a Synonym for „Geometric Area“.

Its fundamental SI Unit „Coulomb“ is a Synonym for„Square Meter“

by Georgi Alexandrov Stankov

Copyright 2008, 25 pages

Key words: electric charge, elementary charge e, geometric area, cross-sec­tio­nal area, coulomb, square meter, electricity, electromag­netism, mathematical for­ma­lism, prin­ciple of inner consistency and lack of contradictions, principle of circular argu­­ment, methodology of science, SI system, method of defi­nition and measu­re­ment of phy­si­cal quantities and SI units, systemic flow, formalistic blunder, new natural constants of electro­mag­netism, unification of electricity, mag­netism and electro­mag­netism.



The current definition of the basic quantity „electric charge“ and its fun­damen­tal SI unit „coulomb“ in physics is, undoubtedly, the greatest blunder of modern science. When the principles of mathematical formalism are applied to this defi­nition, it can be proven in an irrevocable manner that „electric charge“ is not an intrinsic property of matter, as is erroneously believed in physics today, but a syno­nym for „geometric area“, while its SI unit „coulomb“ is a synonym for „square meter“. The reason for this systemic blunder is the incomplete, and hence, for­ma­lis­ti­cally wrong translation of the current definition of electric char­ge into a ma­the­ma­tical equation by physicists, from which they have sub­se­quently derived all known laws of electricity, magne­tism and electromagnetism. Thus, this formalistic blun­der has been repli­cated numerous times through­out the history of science and has biased the whole edifice of physics and natural sciences from mathematical, epistemo­logical and cognitive point of view. This revo­lutionary physical and mathe­matical proof affects the very foun­da­tion of modern science. At the same time it opens the pos­si­bility of a full axioma­tisation of physics and its development to a consistent, unified theory of the physical world.


The current definition of the basic quantity „electric charge“ and its fun­damental SI unit „coulomb“ in physics is, undoubtedly, the greatest blunder of science since the rejection of the geocentric Ptolemaic system of the universe in late Renais­sance, when the foundation of modern science was laid by such prominent scho­lars as Coper­nicus, Galilei, Kepler and Descartes. Although since then billions of phy­si­cists, scientists, teachers and students have stu­died, educated and used the defini­tion of „electric charge“ in the firm belief that it is an intrinsic property of matter, and are still doing so today in schools, univer­sities and experimental research all over the world, they have obviously failed to realize that the current definition is, in fact, a synonym (tautology) of the simple geometric term „area“, which is known since anti­quity, e.g. in Eucli­dean geometry. Accordingly, the SI unit „coulomb“ is a synonym for the area unit „square meter“:

 charge = geometric area

coulomb =  1 m2      

 The reason, why this greatest scientific blunder could have occur­red in such an „exact“ natural discipline as physics, lies solely in the fact that physicists have translated the verbal, non-mathema­tical definition of „electric charge“ in an incom­ple­te, and hence, wrong way into a mathematical equation, from which they have subsequently derived all known laws of electricity. Thus they have biased the theory of electromagnetism from an epistemolo­gical and cog­ni­tive point of view. This ele­mentary and incompre­hen­sible mathematical inconsis­tency has been grossly over­looked by educa­ted mankind.

In the following, an impeccable and irrevocable mathematical proof will be pre­sented that is based on the methodological prin­ciple of mathematical formalism, namely, the principle of in­ner consistence and lack of contra­diction, also known as Hil­bert’s formalism: It will be shown that „electric charge“ is not an intrin­sic property of matter, as is believed in physics today, but a syno­nym for „geometric area“, and that the SI unit „cou­lomb“ is a syno­nym for „square meter“.

All mathematical proofs presented in this publication are accomp­lished accor­ding to established physical theory and experi­mental evidence and adhere diligently to currently accepted defi­ni­tions in electricity and magnetism that can be found in any com­pre­hensive textbook on physics. The new, revolu­tio­nary aspect of the present elaboration is the consistent implementation of mathe­matical for­ma­­­lism in physics and the novel interpretation of the epis­te­molo­gical and cognitive background of basic physical terms.


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