The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction: Why and How the World Economic Order Will Collapse in 2011

by Georgi Alexandrov Stankov

Copyright 2011, 185 pages

Short Summary

This book is the last one in a series of six books on the New Gnosis of the Universal Law. It is, however, the first one written in English. The other scientific books on Gnosis, as published on this website, were written in the German language between 2000 and 2008 because English does not possess adequate vocabulary to convey transcendental concepts.

The German language is, contrary to English, highly influenced by the terminology of its idealistic philosophy, which has a long tradition in this country and renders the adequate semantic and ontological background for novel transcendental ideas as presented in a precise linguistic manner by the author in his five scientific books on New Gnosis.

In the meantime, the English language of the New Age has adopted similar terms and concepts to the ones, being in use for a long time in Germany, through numerous channelling sources. They convey various esoteric ideas, which can also be found in the German idealistic philosophic school. This is a highly interesting linguistic and gnostic topic, which the author has discerned some time ago and would have liked to elaborate in more detail in a separate publication if his individual Ascension would not have been so imminent.

Essentially, the English language is overwhelmingly influenced by the shallow positivistic terminology of English empiricism, which negates any spiritual transcendental experience and has suppressed the development of an adequate vocabulary that could relay such an off-world knowledge.

According to modern empiricism, all knowledge should be derived from human experience in the dense 3d-space-time reality, which is considered to be the only true reality, human beings ought to explore. This narrow-minded positivistic approach excludes any a priori knowledge of human consciousness and has stipulated in the highly flawed scientific doctrine of empirical research that dominates our technological society.

It postulates: “What one cannot measure, is not allowed to exist and should be therefore discarded from any scientific elaboration.” Why this doctrine is utterly wrong has been explained by the author in this and all his books published on this website.

It has to do in the first place with the limitation of material devices to discriminate energy action potentials (quants) beyond Planck’s constant h, defined by the author as the elementary action potential of photon space-time. This aspect is known in quantum physics as Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, but its actual importance is grossly misinterpreted in the so-called “Copenhagen Interpretation“. This is part of the general confusion of physics as extensively discussed by the author in Volume I and Volume II.

The higher dimensions of the souls, which are the Creator of 3D-space-time reality on earth that represents the common plane of existence of humanity, consist of high-frequency energies. These energies lie beyond Planck’s constant and the electromagnetic spectrum of photon space-time and can only be perceived by the human Spirit and Psyche (emotional body), because the latter are systems of these high-frequency energies.

This is the actual physical background of the New Human Gnosis of the Universal Law as presented on this website.

All peer scientific journals are guided nowadays by the idiotic dogma of scientific empiricism. The reader may convince himself by reading such pivotal journals as Nature and Science or any other journal of a similar kind. This explains the profound agnosticism of modern science with respect to the Nature of All-That-Is.

These central themes of human cognition – be it trivial or scientific – is at the core of this highly inspiring book on Human Gnosis.

It departs from the Primary Term of human consciousness, which is the primordial perception of the Nature of All-That-Is in every individual awareness of human or cosmic proportions. The elaboration of this concept establishes the basis of the New Human Gnosis of the Universal Law, which can also be defined as Scientific Esotericism.

This intellectual achievement furnishes the spiritual ideology of the New Age for the first time with a true scientific foundation, upon which it can expand and challenge virtually all basic ideas and concepts of present-day science with huge success.

Until now all light workers are void of true scientific knowledge and have developed numerous inferiority complexes in front of science and their representatives. This leads to a seemingly unequal relationship.

The current denial in human society of the existence of infinite forms of life in the multi-verse stems from this putative, self-proclaimed righteousness of empirical science, which allows only a very narrow interpretation of the Nature of All-That-Is and punishes severely any alternative, expanded approach whatsoever.

Exactly this unholy situation has been eliminated with this book by juxtaposing the incredibly logical, axiomatic system of the Universal Law as developed by the author for all natural and social sciences to the current disparate and conflicting conventional science. It unites all human knowledge at present to an infallible holistic Science of All-That-Is.

At the same time, the author eliminates virtually all basic theoretical and ontological concepts of present-day agnostic science. In fact, he eliminates current science and substitutes it with the new General Science of the Universal Law.

This website is a complete library (archive) of this potentially unlimited theory of the author, which he has elaborated on in the last 20 years. This website is thus the irrefutable material and spiritual proof in front of humanity for the eternal validity of the new theory of the Universal Law. One has only to read it and comprehend it. There are no other intellectual limits to this endeavour. Or as the Americans put it: “The proof of the pudding is in the eating.”

Purely for this reason, this theory builds the foundation of the new Science of Ascension after December 2012, when a large portion of humanity will enter the 5th dimension. Therefore, one can also define this theory as the “Science of Heaven”  – the term will be equally valid.

Most of these arguments and insights are summarized in this book. The author has achieved for the first time in the history of esotericism a full synthesis between science and all the heterogeneous gnostic teachings of the New Age, which currently lack any scientific foundation, notwithstanding the fact that their ideas are truer than those of present-day science.

This book eliminates the intellectual disadvantage, in which New Age used to evolve in the past decades and makes it the ultimate spiritual winner over the current debased science in the End Times. In this context, the author discusses the reasons why science has been degraded to such an extent as to not be able to answer any fundamental eschatological question posed by humanity about its true origin and nature in its long, falsified, and rather bellicose history.

The author pays special attention to the central topics in current esoteric discussions among light workers and numerous channelers, as they are presented on the Internet. As he has a vast knowledge of modern esoteric literature, which he has intensively studied during the last 20 years, he knows very well, where the intellectual problems of most light workers lie and how they can be alleviated or simply eliminated by virtue of true gnostic knowledge.

In this respect the objective of this book is to educate all light workers (star seeds) in the first place and only then the vast majority of humans, who are still dwelling in a deep spiritual slumber, but are on the cusp of being suddenly awakened in the fall of this year.

The book was written within a month at the beginning of 2011 and first published by Alfred Webre on (Seattle) and in on May 31, 2011. This book was rapidly distributed on the Internet and quoted by many other sites. It was even translated into Spanish, though not very precisely, within 16 days after its first publication.

It is the only existing book nowadays that renders a complete and precise scenario for Ascension and explains the underlying astral-energetic mechanisms. It also predicts the upcoming economic collapse very precisely and explains the financial and spiritual reasons, why the old world economic order will be eliminated by the end of this year. This prediction has begun to materialize in the course of August 2011, as this can be observed in the free fall of all equity indices worldwide, and will be brilliantly confirmed no later than November 11 (the opening of the stargate 11.11.11 by the PAT (planetary ascension team) with which the planetary ascension commenced full force).

The author’s elaboration of the Orion Monetary System which is at the core of the current fraudulent economic system is elucidated for the first time in terms of modern macro-economic theories, such as Keynesianism and Monetarism.

These theories are interpreted from the point of view of the General Theory of Science of the Universal Law in such a simple and straightforward manner that all readers can understand the fallacies and pitfalls of the present-day financial system. This is a unique intellectual achievement, which the reader will not find in any economic book on this issue.

The author explains in detail how the fraudulent Ponzi Scheme of the Orion Monetary System has been implemented after WW2 to enslave humanity in the End Times prior to Ascension.  He gives some intimate insights into the nefarious practices of the Powers That Be, The Anunnaki and the Reptilians from the Orion Empire, and their human minions, used to manipulate the financial sector and all Western governments (see also the three essays on the Orion monetary system).

These insights he acquired in depth in his out-of-body experience in the Highest Realms of Cosmic Providence on October 13, 2011, when he already ascended in spirit and body, but had to return once again to earth to help the lagging humanity to progress on its way to Ascension. This event is covered in his emails to light workers, written between October 2010 and January 2011, which comprise Part II of the Book. This collection of emails discusses numerous key aspects of Ascension, such as the light body process and the ongoing scenario, leading to this event.

What is important for the reader to know is that the ascension of Gaia and humanity was initially planned to happen in, or around, 2007 and was then postponed for more than 10 years because humanity did not awaken as expected, but was additionally dumbed down by the dark cabal after 9/11. Notwithstanding this fact, the first echelon of humans ascended in 2011 at the Stargate 11.11.11 to the 5D and then returned back home. This portal was opened by the Planetary Ascension Team, the captain of which I am. There are many articles from this time that reflect this event on this website. Then on 12.21.12, the second major ascension step took place when many more humans ascended to 5D and then returned back to lower timelines to help the rest of humanity evolve and eventually ascend.

One must bear in mind that there is no such thing as one earth, but infinite timelines of earth and we move between these timelines all the time. By the same token, many lower vibrating timelines began to crumble and were destroyed with the opening of the Stargate 11.11.11 by our PAT team. That is why when I wrote in 2010 that the financial collapse will happen in 2011, it did indeed happen on lower timelines but we moved to higher ones and thus evaded it. This is how one creates a more favourable scenario by acknowledging the worse scenarios and avoiding them as undesirable. This is how creation functions. By the way, even on the upper timelines the financial crisis in 2011 was huge and the financial system was on the verge of total collapse if one reads some economic and financial articles from that time, including many on this website.

I expand on this topic as I do not want the reader to be made insecure by some forecasts that I have made which seemingly did not happen on these higher timelines as they happened on lower timelines. My argumentation always takes place in the knowing that there is no linear time and no past, present and future, but only the everlasting Now and that is why I write as if certain events are going to happen any moment. This is the only way to create effectively, and evading unfavourable scenarios is the biggest part of creation on this 3D earth.

This book is the most profound update on the current End Times when humanity will transgress the bleak 3D experience of this planet and enter forever the simultaneity and multidimensionality of the 5th dimension. Within a blink of an eye, mankind will be transformed into a transgalactic, highly evolved civilisation, united forever with the Source in the blissful eternity of All-That-Is.

Therefore, this book is a “must” for any light worker on this planet, who has the intention to ascend.



Part I
1.  The Creator and his Creation
2.  The Limitations of Human Creation
3.  The Physical Laws of Creation reflect the Nature of All-That-Is
4.  The Law of Conservation of Energy
5.  The Primary Term of All Consciousness
6.  The Principle of Last Equivalence
7.  Energy and Information are One and the Same
8.  The Mathematical Concept of U-Sets
9.  The Notion of Separation is the Origin of All Wrong Ideas
10. The Foundation Crisis of Mathematics
11. The Discovery of the Universal Law Solved The Foundation Crisis of Mathematics
12. The Basic Theory of the Universal Law
13. The Theory of the Universal Law as a Cosmic View
14. The Idea of Separation from All-That-Is Explains The Eschatology of Human Existence
15. Ascension is the Separation of the Wheat from the Chaff
16. Why Entities want to be Evil
17. The Light Body Process (LBP) Eliminates Separation by Establishing The Conditions of Constructive Interference with the Higher Realms
18. The Dark Forces use the Health Care System to Exterminate Humans
19. Human Fears and the Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction
20. The Laws of Creation and Destruction are Laws of Expansion and Contraction
21. The Ideas Promoted by the Dark Forces are N-Sets
22. The Forces of Light Promote the Perception of Oneness by Encouraging Human Beings to Think in Terms of U-Sets
23. Basic Ideas of Mankind that are N-Sets
24. Pitfalls and Fallacies of the Orion Monetary System
25. The Orion Monetary System in the Historical Perspective
26. The Theory of Macroeconomics Promotes
The Orion Monetary System

Final Remarks

Part II

Selected Emails to Light Workers


This book is a true product of the internet. During my scientific research activities in the 80s, I used some scientific data banks‖ that could be considered a precursor of the internet, The data banks worked rather clumsy, the entrance to them was restricted, and the services were very expensive. Nevertheless, the existence of such data banks was perceived at that time as a true revolution in information and data processing by all scientists like me, who have commenced with their scientific and research activities in old libraries and have wasted much time going through handwritten or typed catalogues that were sometimes 200-300 years old.

When the internet was broadly introduced in the 90s, my expectations were hugely disappointing. The quality of most information was appalling, outrageous, at best, confusing and of little scientific or spiritual value. The few scientific journals that began to publish on the internet were as expensive as their paper versions and did not provide any interactive services as some search providers like Google later did. I soon realized that the internet is a mirror image of the uncensored thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and confusions of humanity, and how naïve I must have been in the past to assume that true intelligence is a common virtue among human beings.

I realized that traditional libraries, to which I felt attracted since my early childhood, have never been a true vivisection of human mentality but the best and most spiritual part of it. The Internet started instead as a closet of the mental excrements of humanity. I do not intend to be too harsh on mankind – I am simply making a dispassionate, objective observation. Much has changed since then, and the improvement in some areas is more than evident. But I still miss the intellectual aspirations that make us enlightened beings in this medium.

When I began with the last, most intensive phase of my light body process in 1999, I decided to boycott this new mass medium and switch to telepathy. I could no longer bear the negativity, which the internet emitted at that time. The advantage of telepathy is that it is simultaneous, time-saving, emotionally much more intensive than the written word, and always precise in the transmitted information.

My boycott lasted for more than ten years until I was urged by my higher self in autumn 2010 to check the latest channelled information on the internet and make an analysis of the mental and spiritual conditions, under which light workers operate worldwide. To this, I must add that I am speaking or using several languages, including Bulgarian, German, English, Italian, French, Russian, and some other Slavonic languages.

Now, that I am approaching the end of my current incarnation and my soul contract as an incarnated human being is almost fulfilled, I can definitely say that my chief mission on earth has always been in making a profound analysis of human intellectual achievements in all areas of spiritual activities and in evaluating all human errors and mental confusions from which Darkness on this planet stems.

This mission began with natural science and philosophy, but it soon became much broader and involved politics, economics, history, religions, trivial human thinking, social behaviour, and human emotions. Finally, I had to deal with modern esotericism, which is a poor substitute for human Gnosis, as it has been developed by many excellent thinkers in the past, such as Heraclitus, Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Plotinus, Cusanus, Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz, Kant, to name some of them.

None of their teachings can be found in present-day esotericism and in particular in the numerous channelled messages from the 4th and 5th dimension, although this, in the history of modern mankind, unique information transfer from the higher astral realms onto the earth plane was meant to be a continuation of the spiritual endeavour of these excellent thinkers in the past. True knowledge can only evolve out of clear comprehension of the spiritual heritage of mankind. The most astounding feature of modern esotericism is its profound lack of any historical, philosophical, or cultural background. It is a declaration of intellectual bankruptcy.

All light workers, I have come upon so far, have absolutely no real scientific background and hence no understanding of the theoretical and intellectual deficits that current empiric science on this planet harbours. They have never made any attempt to recognize these flaws in human scientific thinking or to examine the possibilities, of how they can be eliminated from the point of view of true spiritual knowledge.

In other words, they have failed to comprehend the actual purpose of this broad transfer of divine information from the higher spiritual realms, which has, in the first place, the function to transcend the narrow-mindedness of present-day scientists, whose ideas shape our modern technological society in a profound manner. At present, there is virtually no dialogue between scientists and light workers to adjust or possibly enrich their worldviews. This lack of communication is paralysing the intellectual discernment of both groups.

For instance, most channelled messages are transmitted in oral (in trance) or written (automatic writing) language. At the same time, many channels make their mediums aware of the fact that the original information that they receive is in a purely energetic form and that this information has to be diluted and transformed through many energetic levels into oral or written form, and that this energy transformation has to cope with many energetic resistances and limitations within the mental and emotional bodies of the channelled entity.

The chief energetic limitation is, however, the structure of human language, which is sequential and inadequate to express the simultaneity, multidimensionality and synchronicity of the information from the higher realms that create human reality on the earth plane in a secondary manner.

This information can be found in numerous channelled messages. It is a red flag of many channels for all incarnated entities who read their messages to start thinking over the structure of human languages and how it limits the scope of the information coming from the higher realms. This is a huge gnostic theme, the theoretical importance of which has yet to be discovered. However, I have not come upon a single light worker or medium that has taken this clue seriously and has made an effort to analyse human language from an energetic, astral point of view. Lightworkers have not even realized this theoretical problem, because they are not trained in analytical thinking.

For this reason, they cannot adequately evaluate the messages, they receive from their channels. They are, so to say, ―lost in the translation of the multidimensional information from the higher realms into the linearity of three-dimensional space-time as experienced on Earth. This is the most common fallacy of all light workers prior to Ascension. They have not yet developed an appropriate abstract intellectuality as to imagine how multidimensional life will be in the simultaneity of the higher realms.

Apart from that, they are also lost in their emotions, because they have neglected true logical thinking, which is the key to an understanding of all human emotions without suppressing them. They should really start reading about human affectations‖ in the classical works of Western philosophy.

As I far as I am aware – and I say this as a matter of fact – I am the first and only person on earth to have realized the importance of this linguistic problem from a cognitive and epistemological point of view and to have solved it in an immaculate scientific manner by considering the existing linguistic and semantic theories and by expanding them with true spiritual knowledge. This is just one example of how unprepared all light workers are in analysing the information they receive from various channels from the higher, and not so high, realms in terms of true science and knowledge.

This intellectual deficiency can be observed on both sides. All channelled messages, I have read in the last 15 years, do not discuss scientific and theoretical aspects. Some channels may evoke the impression that they are giving scientific information, for instance, Metatron who is channelled by several incarnated entities. This channel discusses some physical aspects of Ascension from the point of view of quantum mechanics. However, both the didactical approach and the quality of the information are so poor, that this channel makes a disservice to real science and should be discarded as irrelevant and confusing. This is the worst of all possible worlds – to pretend to be scientific, but to lack the basics and the faculty for a true scientific elaboration.

Of course, one can put forward the argument that channels from the higher realms can only transmit the kind of information that the medium can comprehend. But this statement does not hold true in reality. There are many channelled books that contain information, which, by far and large, exceeds the apprehending faculty of the medium, as this can be excellently observed in Seth’s books channelled by Jane Roberts.

The best channel that I have found on the internet is “cosmic awareness”. The information of this channel is quite precise and does not pretend to be unnecessarily scientific, although it is highly philosophical and precise with respect to the facts that it elaborates. This approach is contrary to that of most channels, which are rather pretentious without giving any substantial background information. Unfortunately, exactly this philosophical dimension of cosmic awareness overwhelms the intellectual abilities of the medium and the energizers who put the questions to this source from the highest realms. This intellectual incompatibility between source and receivers is quite annoying upon reading.

The discrepancy between the cosmic view, this channel presents, and the narrow-mindedness of the members of this group is so obvious and disturbing that one begins to question the effectiveness of such kind of information exchange.

If one expresses the conviction, as I do, that the purpose of any channelled information from the higher realms must be in the first place pedagogical and educational, then it should be the responsibility of all users of this information to comprehend and internalize it in a profound way. This propensity to learn from channelled information as to enrich one’s philosophical weltanschauung is unfortunately not at all developed among all light workers.

Almost all channelling entities follow in a slave-like manner the messages they receive from their source and are not able to develop an intellectual curiosity for other related messages that will help them expand their spiritual horizon. In this respect, the mental deficiencies among light workers are representative of those of the broad population. The only difference lies in their orientation towards more transcendental, spiritual issues and values.

I have personally great doubts, whether this unfavourable intellectual situation could be substantially improved prior to Ascension, even when the anticipated events as discussed in this book will take place this year and will dramatically change the collective mindset. Therefore, I personally believe that the bar for Ascension for most incarnated entities on earth will be set very low with respect to their intellectual achievements. This has to do with the fact that most human beings only use 8-10% of the potential of their brain. After Ascension, this capacity will increase to 50% and more.


In the meantime, I have scrutinized more than 500 prominent channels and other esoteric sites on the internet retrospectively, as well as prospectively. The intellectual and scientific level of all channelled messages can only be described as appalling. There is virtually no discussion on fundamental scientific and cognitive issues, for instance, which basic ideas in natural sciences have prohibited an understanding of the transcendental dimension of human beings – their true multidimensional nature as powerful sentient beings of cosmic proportions in contrast to their cognitive and sensual limitations as biological entities, incarnated in the dense three-dimensional space-time of earth.

These gnostic topics have always been at the centre of interest of all highly evolved human beings who have lived on earth and have contributed to a better understanding of the eschatology of human existence. All problems of humanity stem from the lack of spiritual understanding and can be eliminated as soon as all humans become enlightened beings. This is what Ascension is all about.

Ascension is not an event, but a process that has begun a long time ago and has accelerated in the last 24 years since the first harmonic convergence took place in the summer of 1987. In the course of this and next year, this process will reach its final culmination. We are in the End Times, as predicted in many religious and esoteric books. The Rapture of mankind is in full swing and many entities will leave Earth and enter the 5th dimension before the final split of the two earths – the ascended earth A and the descended planet B – takes place in December 2012.

Much of what has been written in this book will no longer be of relevance to those entities who will ascend. But the more so for those, who have not yet made up their mind. The coming months will be crucial not only with respect to their earthly destiny but also with respect to their future incarnations. The ascension of earth and mankind is a juncture of cosmic proportions for numerous souls throughout the whole galaxy and beyond it. It will terminate the incarnation cycle of many souls so that they can proceed with their infinite journey of cosmic experience and exploration towards the Oneness of All-That-Is.

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