Light Body Process in the End Times

By Georgi Stankov, January 15, 2011, Copyright 2011


My ongoing analysis of the esoteric and channelled literature of the New Age since the early 90s has revealed that there is virtually not a single competent book on Light Body Process (LBP), as I have experienced it since I had entered the most intensive phase in 1999. Therefore, everything I will be writing in this essay is based on personal experience and is founded in the new General Theory of Science of the Universal Law, which is the new Science of Ascension. This scientific theory will truly unfold after 2012, when humanity will ascend to the 5th dimension and will enjoy a much expanded consciousness than currently.

There are probably two reasons for this lack of information, which I assume, but cannot prove beyond any doubt:

1) It is not intended that many incarnated entities should go through the individual LBP (cosmic ascension), which is extremely exhausting and physically debilitating. Very few personalities will have the stamina to survive all the tortures of the LBP for such a long period of time, in my case, for more than 12 years in the last and most intensive phase without a single pause. It will be inhuman.

2) Most evolved souls will go anyway through the three days of Stasis on December 21, 2012 and will automatically ascend to the lower levels of the 5th dimension (planetary ascension), which will still retain some kind of physicality.

If I would have known, how strenuous the individual LBP would be, I would have never given my consent. As you see, it is always the stupidity and the lack of knowledge of the incarnated entity that the soul most of the time exploits, and not only the dark Ahriman forces from the 4th astral dimension. Only their ends differ. For that reason, I would not advise anybody to begin with the individual LBP with the same totality as I did. This statement is an indispensable introduction into the LBP.

However, I must specify on this issue. All adult and old souls (indigo and crystalline children) are already in the LBP in one or another way. Most of the currently channelled messages address the initial phases of this process from many different angles. I am sure that most of the readers of this essay are already in this phase for a long period of time. The fact that they are interested in LBP is a clear indication for their evolution.


The initial phase is, from a psychological and mental point of view, the most difficult one, because it triggers two processes that have not been very common in the history of mankind and have been experienced only by few adepts. Now this has become a mass movement among light workers. This is the novel aspect of our times.

This process is supported by the massive high frequency waves that flood earth in the last 10-15 years and prepare the shift of both, earth and mankind to the 5th dimension.

1) The entity has to surrender his ego to the soul. This is the most poignant experience, any individual can make on earth, as it contradicts the whole human experience so far. Fortunately, the collective attitude has evolved on this issue in the last several years, and one can now encounter more understanding from his surroundings. This makes the process somewhat easier.

Practically, the entity has to give up all mundane efforts and activities and follow the inner voice of the soul, which now becomes predominant. The reason for this is that any effort to comply with the demands of the society affords a process of adaptation to the low frequency, psycho-mental, fear based collective patterns of survival (self-preservative patterns) that reign in current society, and this is contrary to what LBP is all about.

Besides, present-day society is doomed to disappear completely in the next two years, so why continue functioning according to its demands. By surrendering the ego to the Higher Self, one must have an unrestricted faith in his soul and allow her to arrange his personal plan, although the entity may not always understand the far-sighted decisions of the soul.

If the entity struggles against the decisions of the soul, it will experience many unpleasant situations, until it ultimately succumbs. The less one fights against the guidance of the soul – the easier and smoother the everyday life will be.

I am speaking now from my personal experience. In this respect I had a good training in my youth, as I was a dissident in the early 70s in Bulgaria (see bio in “about the author“), which was a repressive communist dictatorship, so that I had to cut all bonds with society. I have preserved this distinct attitude for the rest of my life. But this is just one part of the equation.

There are so many flawed behaviour patterns, which the entity has internalized since early childhood, which have to be questioned now in the LBP and in most cases put aside. The surrendering of the ego is not a single event, but a prolonged process. It takes time to eliminate low frequency, fear based survival patterns and to substitute them with enlightened ones.

Physiologically, it takes at least a month to change an old behaviour pattern by establishing the proper neurological paths in the brain to support a new pattern. But the old pattern is still present and fades away only very slowly, so that there is a period of time when both antagonistic patterns co-exist. This is the psychological and emotional strife, which not only any entity on earth, but also mankind experiences all the time in the duality of 3d-space-time. This is a huge astral-neurological subject that goes beyond the objective of this essay.

All wars, battles, and other atrocities on earth are external projections of this inner strife of ideas that cannot be solved within the mental and emotional bodies of the individual, but erupt instead as social conflicts in the outer world.

As human incarnated entities are compelled to alter their belief patterns all the time in order to survive in an ever-changing world, their inability to solve this inner energetic strife between new and old patterns within the psycho-mental confines of the human personality, but to experience them instead as external perennial conflicts, is the most clear indicator for the low grade of spiritual evolution of present-day humanity. This attitude, which dominates currently the social and political life on this planet, must dramatically change in the course of the next two years.

For that reason, too much involvement in esoteric disputes, as many light workers like to indulge in, is nothing else, but more of the same. This is not the path of spiritual evolution. For this reason a true spiritual teacher never aims at having numerous disciples because he prefers to make all of them masters, so that he can enjoy the spiritual discussion with elevated beings and learn something new from them. This is true Empowerment of other entities, which is but an aspect of unconditional love that is free of any manipulation.

Only a teacher, who has spiritual deficiencies, indulges in his role as a guru, because he needs the co-dependence of his pupils, who render him with their devotion the missing power to cover up his deficiencies. These are the many hidden traps, which any entity has to avoid, after he has made up his mind to go along the lonely path of individual Ascension and LBP.

Additionally, there are many intellectual ideas in the society, which an individual entity cannot reject or overcome. In particular, I am speaking of all scientific ideas, which dominate our technological society and run contrary to any idea of transcendence.

Modern empirical science for instance bluntly rejects the existence of the soul. In order to accept the leading role of the soul, the entity has therefore to reject current science. But how will he do it, if he is not competent in science? Here we encounter the fundamental dilemma of current mankind and, in particular, of all light workers.

They follow correctly the inner voice of their soul, but are not in the position to present any irrefutable proofs for her existence. The “Proof of God” (“Gottesbeweis” in German) has been the central effort of all theologians and philosophers since Antiquity, and they have all failed (read all my scientific books on New Gnosis). So, how have the individual fortitude to resist the seduction of empirical science and have a faith in your soul?

Observe that the current preoccupation of most light workers with the so called “First Contact” is nothing else, but a symptom of their inability to fully trust the existence of their soul and hence the need – out of fear, doubt, etc. – for external proofs, which will inevitably eliminate current empirical science as a camouflage and a barrier to true knowledge, by proving the existence of highly evolved civilisations in the infinite universe.

This event will automatically reject the evolution doctrine and most of current science – for instance, by proving the existence of energetic levels beyond the electromagnetic space-time (photon space-time), which experimental science can only measure at present (see my article on free photon energy).

By making this statement, I am deliberately neglecting the fact, that the secret services in many countries have contacts with the Greys and the Reptilians and have developed some crude technologies that use astral energies from the 4th dimension. I am speaking here about the current scientific dogmas that determine collective human thinking and prohibit the popularisation of true spiritual ideas

The inferiority-complex of most light workers vis a vis science is much deeper and profound than many would like to admit and determines often their irrational behaviour at the subconscious and conscious level. This will be a huge psychological problem, which they will have to overcome during the next two years prior to Ascension.

As you see, the surrender of the ego to the soul is the chief hurdle that one has to overcome before the individual LBP can really commence.

 Most of the ideas that I have elaborated above are translated by the left hemisphere of the brain. Essentially, they are fear based patterns and beliefs that must be eliminated before the higher frequency idea patterns of the soul can descend in the mental and emotional fields/bodies of the incarnated entity. Observe that Ascension is first and foremost a “descend” of the Higher Self (causal body) in the physical vessel, precisely, in the four bodies – biological, mental, emotional, and ethereal (astral). This process can be easily understood by employing current wave theory (see article on “Energetic gradients and my last book “The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction).

2. The second hurdle that the incarnated entity has to overcome are the energetic malfunctions of the four bodies/fields, as already mentioned above.

The first and most important process is the opening of the 4th heart chakra (emotional centre). This chakra is blocked in most entities, and for this reason most of them are not in the position to experience unconditional love. Most of the problems that light workers have nowadays or are discussed in their channelled messages can be attributed to this blockage and gradual opening of the 4th heart chakra.

The vast majority of human entities do not have these problems because their heart chakra is closed and will stay so in many of them. Purely for this reason they will not ascend. The advantage of a closed heart chakra is that you do not have to cope with the many psycho-emotional problems, which most light workers are currently encountering, while cleansing their personal dross from that past and that of humanity.

The opening of the 4th chakra is associated with the conscious experience of various angst (fear) patterns that shape the psycho-mental structure of the incarnated entity. These fears are coded in the cells, in the DNA, by the soul and affect human behaviour in a profound and invisible manner as long as the 4th chakra is closed. They are, so to say, the “Pavlov reflexes” of the incarnated entities.

This is the basic energetic mechanism, which the dark Ahriman forces of the Anunnaki and the Reptilians from the 4th astral dimension are using in the current End Times to manipulate the fear driven behaviour of most incarnated human entities.

The blockage of the heart is as old a theme as religion – you must have heard of the term “the hardening of the heart” (“Verstockung des Herzen” in German), which is a major topic among believers since early Christianity. Please, observe the people around you and you will easily find the difference in behaviour between entities with closed and opened 4th chakra.

Here, I will give you some technical information on the opening of the 4th chakra, which you may not find in any other book on this issue.

As you may know, this chakra is associated with the thymus. This organ is in front of the lungs and is rudimentary in most human beings – it is not evolved at all. When the 4th chakra begins to open, the thymus starts to grow. At a later stage, this can be even determined by CT (computer tomography).

The growth of the thymus is associated with chest pains, asphyxia, acute episodes of severe bronchitis and pneumonitis, which are erroneously diagnosed as flu or pneumonia by most doctors, who have no idea of LBP and Ascension. The most disturbing symptom is, however, heart arrhythmia, which is due to the adjustment of the heart regulation to the new, powerful astral energies, which now flow unrestricted in the physical body after the 4th chakra has been opened. The arrhythmia can last from 6 months up to one year.

When I first wrote about this symptom in my book “Evolutionary Leap of Mankind” in 2001, this phenomenon was virtually unknown. In the meantime, I have many friends who entered this stadium and complain about arrhythmia, which is always associated with fear bursts that aggravate the mental situation of the entity.

They usually run to the doctor and get prescribed a ß-blocker or an anti- arrhythmic drug, which increase mortality and hinder the LBP (see volume III). Therefore, it is very important that the entity should know exactly what is going on during the LBP and should not succumb to his fears, believing to be ill and visiting physicians. This is a huge problem nowadays that hinders the LBP.

I can assure you that the transient arrhythmia episodes are absolutely harmless and disappear without any treatment as soon the opening of the 4th chakra is completed. However, one can make use of ß-blockers intermittently, when such symptoms occur. The advantage of a ß-blocker (preferably metoprolol) is that it, at the same time, has a sedating, calming effect and mitigates the acute fear experience that is associated with a LBP-induced heart arrhythmia.

This is a huge topic, and I have only scratched on the surface in this essay. But this information is extremely important for anybody, who enters this phase of the LBP.

According to my observation, the opening of the 4th heart chakra has reached many light workers (adult and old souls) in the autumn of 2009 and has been progressing at a rapid pace since then. In 2011, I expect a peak in the cardial symptoms, associated with the opening of this chakra in most light workers and in the broad population, as the influx of high frequency waves from the central sun of our galaxy will significantly increase in the process of Ascension.

Most of these energies can only enter the physical body through the heart chakra. This is a key event in the LBP in the End Times, which is, unfortunately, not really discussed by most channels, at least not in such a way as to promote the understanding of the light workers. It is a pity, as this problem is of great practical relevance and existential urgency for most light workers in the End Times, who need a good professional advice with respect to their clinical symptoms, which they cannot adequately interpret.


As soon as these two hurdles are overcome, the LBP can truly unfold. This is associated with the opening of the 6th and 7th body chakra, which are closed in most entities.

Just for your information: Before the soul incarnates, she makes a decision on the energetic characteristics of the incarnated entity. One very important decision is, which chakras should be the dominant ones.

As you may know, chakras are energetic rotational wave systems, which play an intermediary role and convey the higher frequency, life-supporting astral energies of the causal body, through the ethereal body, into the electromagnetic waves of the organic body. In this way, the incessant regulation of the biological organism is taking place at any point in time (see “Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction” and “Evolutionary Leap of Mankind“).

This is an extremely complex process of energy exchange, which is virtually unknown to present-day bio-science. I have made some major contributions to the understanding of this process in my book “The General Theory of Biological Regulation” (volume III). However, it is not necessary to know this theory in order to begin with the LBP – this book is for those scientists, who will not go through the LBP, but must have a theoretical idea of what is happening currently on earth, so that they may eventually qualify for Ascension after 2012.

And now comes an information, you may not have heard yet. Therefore, be attentive!

The soul decides, which two chakras should be dominant in the entity – this means that the astral energy flows predominantly through these two chakras at a ratio of 70% to 30% in the human body.

In most entities, only the lower three chakras are dominant: The 1st chakra (bottom chakra, instinctive centre) is associated with the suprarenal gland, where the adrenalin/ noradrenalin production is located. This chakra is responsible for the activation of the self-preservative instincts (survival patterns) of the entity.

The 2nd chakra (sexual centre, sexual organs); and the 3rd chakra (power chakra), which is associated with liver, pancreas, and stomach, are responsible for the expression of the vital forces of the entity in the three-dimensional, material reality on this planet. These chakras are well developed in most young souls, which represent the majority in the current population (for further information see “Evolutionary Leap of Mankind” and the article “Ascension 2012 – The Ongoing Scenario“.

The dominance of the lower chakras in the broad population can be observed in the irrational behaviour of most human entities, which will culminate in the next two years. It will be rather easy for any enlightened observer to discern, which entities in his surroundings are acting and reacting exclusively from their lower chakras, because their upper chakras are closed, and which entities are behaving from their opened unified chakra, as I shall explain below.

The 5th intellectual chakra (thyroid gland) is currently selected as dominant in a growing number of people – hence the huge number of scientists nowadays, who exceed the number of all scientists, who have ever lived in the past.

The 6th spiritual chakra (hypophysis, pituitary gland) and the 7th ecstatic chakra (epiphysis, pineal gland) are closed in most entities upon birth (with the exception of the crystalline children after 2000).

This is the actual blockade of the incarnated personality from the Higher Self and the reason for the lack of medial abilities and spirituality in most human beings on earth. It is the actual cause for the so called “veil of forgetfulness”.

The reason for this common energetic malfunction is the necessity for the incarnated entity to concentrate on 3d-life on earth and live in the illusion that he is a separated entity.

When the LBP really commences, these two chakras must be opened in the first place, so that the two glands begin to grow. In the esoteric literature, these two upper chakras are referred to as the “third eye”, by putting them together in one functional term. This is not wholly wrong, as they operate in a coordinated fassion.

At a later stage, the hypertrophy of the two brain glands can be detected by CT, and this is an irrefutable proof for the progress of the LBP, and the existence of Higher Realms of Creation (scientific Proof of God).

When the 4th chakra is fully opened, it encompasses the lower three chakras and brings them in alignment with the three upper chakras, which transmit intellectual (5th chakra), inspirative (6th chakra) and ecstatic (7th chakra) energies. In this way a unified chakra is built, which rotates with a much greater velocity and is able to transmit much more and higher frequency energies in the four bodies of the incarnated entity.

This leads automatically to the elimination of many local blockades and fear based patterns of low vibration according to the laws of constructive and destructive interference as explained in my last book “The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction“.

The building of a unified body chakra is a corner stone in the LBP. When this stage is reached, the entity has fully qualified for Cosmic Ascension (beyond the 5th dimension). This does not, however, mean that the LBP is finished, as there is no upper limit in this process. The entity may continue to ascend beyond the 5th dimension, while still dwelling in a physical vessel.

This aspect is not well understand in esoteric circles. An incarnated entity may have already ascended to the 5th dimension, according to current standards, but he may still stay in a physical vessel and continue augmenting his body frequencies beyond this level. In this case, the entity will reach, upon the final transformation of his physical body into light body, the 6th to 8th dimensions, and even beyond that.

If we quantify the levels of vibration in terms of octaves, then the light body of an ascended master on earth may vibrate beyond the 144-octave of universal creation, which is also the octave of the crystalline gridof the ascending earth. It vibrates with the frequencies of the highest 5th-dimensional levels.

The 144-grid of earth will be completed by about 93%, when the star portal 11.11.11 will open in the fall of this year. This vibrational level will be sufficient for the First Wave of Ascended Masters to take place.

At the final star portal 12.12.12, the crystalline 144-grid of the earth will be completed, and this will enable the Mass Ascension of the majority of the human incarnated entities on earth to the lower levels of the 5th dimension.

There will be, however, ascended human masters, who will automatically reach the 6th and higher dimensions and will communicate with the ascended humanity in the lower 5th dimension from these higher realms, where there will be no necessity to have an individual light body, as the ascended master will be of pure energy and can create immediately any conceivable light body at his discretion.

Now back to human chakras!  The opening of the two higher chakras and further chakras above the human body (8th to 14th) paves the path for the entrance of higher frequency energies from the 5th and higherdimensions, which are associated with various symptoms and specific somatic experiences. It does not make any sense to discuss them at present. When an entity enters this phase, they can be extensively elaborated, otherwise such a discussion will only put the entity unnecessarily under stress and will only stimulate his hypochondriacal inclinations.

This is essentially an initial synoptic introduction into the individual LBP.

Let me now make the following final observation once again at this place: The entity cannot make a decision on the initiation of the LBP, but only the soul – that is, the individual LBP must be in the soul contract.

But the entity may eventually hinder the planned individual LBP, if he has not developed the proper attitude and rejects or hinders it through its irrational behaviour and thinking. However, only the entity can know, what is in his personal soul contract. No external person can discern it.

Therefore, it is always of great advantage for any entity to be fully informed – at best, in scientifically correct, though popular terms – about the energetic mechanisms of LBP. After all, it is all about Energy and nothing else.

The internalizing of this simple fact eliminates most of the fears and emotional incompatibilities, which any entity inevitably encounters in the course of the LBP. In this case, relaxation, meditation and, above all, a good portion of Heavenly Humour to counterbalance the toxic madness of this planet is the best tactics to promote the LBP.


This essay was first written as an email on December 15, 2010 to the channeling group around “” (CAC – Cosmic Awareness Communications) and later on published in my last book “The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction..

At the beginning of 2011, I revised this email to a popular scientific essay on LBP, which is published for the first time in August 2011 on this new website.

Georgi Stankov

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