Economics: Wirtschaftstheorie des Universalgesetzes

Die Neue Energologie des Universalgesetzes.
Die moderne Wirtschaftstheorie aus der Sicht des Universalgesetzes
– Vorlesungssammlung –

The New Energology of the Universal Law.
The Modern Theory of Economics From the Point of View of the Universal Law
– Lectures –

by Georgi Alexandrov Stankov

Copyright 1999, 100 pages. German Language

Short Summary

This collection of lectures on modern economics was written in 1998 and finalized in 1999. At the time of its writing, the world economy was ravaged by the Asian crisis and the fonds crisis in the USA. These crises terminated the bubble boom of the Clinton years.

The Theory of the Universal Law was, however, applied in the field of macro-economics much earlier, beginning in 1994, and its prognostic tools were prospectively developed and evaluated in the next several years. The initial intention was to write a comprehensive book on the applications of the new General Theory of Science in present-day macro-economic theory, as it has evolved after the Second World War.

In particular, the mathematical models, derived from the Theory of Keynes of anti-cyclic intervention in a period of crisis, and the monetaristic approach of the Chicago school were in the centre of his interest. However, as the observation of the author on the World Economic Order went on, he came 1998 to the conclusion that this order is doomed to disappear in the near future. Why write after all a book about it?

This insight was confirmed by the information, he was receiving from the Highest Realms of Cosmic Providence, which shapes the destiny of humanity and earth in the End Times prior to Ascension. This communication with the highest cosmic realms was instrumental in the discovery of the Universal Law and the elaboration of the General Theory of Science in the time between 1993 and 1999.

Although the author had accomplished many theoretical studies and preparations for his book on economics, he ultimately discerned that this type of economy has no future at all, so that any intellectual effort to mould his knowledge into a new theory, based on past experience, would be a futile effort.

Instead, he decided to arrange his notes into the present collection of lectures, which can be very easily given as an overhead-presentation. This presentation affords, however, a thorough knowledge of the major macro-economic theories nowadays from the participant or the reader, as well as his capacity to understand the historical perspective of the New World Order (NWO), as it has been in the making since WW2.

In addition, the reader must be well acquainted with the major characteristics of the current economic order of the Powers That Be, the Orion/Reptilian Empire of the Anunnaki and their helpers,  the small Greys (zeta reticuli), the original genetic creators of Homo Sapiens and the ultimate controllers of the current World Economic Order. To achieve this goal, they manipulate through various means of immediate gratification their human minions in the financial sector and in the governments of most Western countries, in particular, in the USA and Great Britain, by fostering their basic fears of survival.

Therefore, the new economic theory of the Universal Law, given in the present collection of economic lectures, can only be properly understood, if one has read the last book of the author “The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction. Why and How the World Economic Order will collapse in 2011“, In particular, the three chapters on the Orion monetary System expose the insidious character of the current economic order that is bound to collapse in the fall of this year (2011). These chapters are presented as separate essays in the section on economic collapse.

Hence the urgency and actuality of this website, which was created in August 2011, shortly before the scheduled individual Ascension of the author and its official appearance in front of humanity as an Ascended Master will take place.

This collection of economic lectures is a vademecum to the upcoming collapse of the old World Economic Order in the End Times. The collapse has already begun in August and will progress throughout the fall when the total crash of the financial system and the subsequent paralysis of worldwide industrial production are expected to occur.

This collapse will promote Disclosure and First Contact with the Galactic Federation, the Agarthans from the Inner Earth, and the Forces of Light, which help humanity ascend in the present End Times.

The author, being the discoverer of the Universal Law, is destined to have a key role in these dramatic events, which will shape humanity dramatically and prepare it for Ascension with Gaia in the 5th dimension. The new General Theory of Science of the Universal Law, presented in many books on this website, including this economic theory, is planned to be the new Science of Ascension of humanity after December 2012.

The present collection of economic lectures begins with the fundamental questions of any economic theory: What is the teleological purpose of human activities, and what are the ultimate ends of any collective economic effort? What is the role of the new spiritual being in the economy and human civilisation, and how can they be organized as to serve the needs of the individual and not to subjugate him to the alleged needs of an oppressive society, as it has always been the case on this “prison-planet”?  It is obvious that this elaboration touches on the basics of the new enlightened human society after Ascension, as this has been announced in many channelled messages in the last several years.

This book shows further that the current methods of assessing the national and world economy are absolutely inadequate and present a highly distorted mirror-image of the actual conditions on earth and behind the veil. In particular, the coordinated manipulation of economic life from the 4th astral dimension by the Anunnaki and other dark forces, who pull the strings of most humans from behind the scene, is not at all considered. In fact, modern economic theories have, in the first place, the purpose to cover up this manipulation and to lull the people and the specialists in the uniqueness and frailty of human civilisation.

The author explains why the methodological approach of present-day micro- and macro-economics is entirely wrong and cannot assess the basic economic parameters and variables in an objective and proper manner. This holds true for GDP and for all other statistical, and mathematical models that are employed in econometrics today.

In addition, current economic theory neglects entirely the role of the national state in its models, which has become in the last one hundred years the major player in all economic and financial activities. Thus conventional economic theory presents a sterile version of human reality on Earth. This is a deliberate fraud, committed by the Elite and the Powers That Be, as the author has shown extensively in his other books, published on this website.

The role of money is elucidated from the point of view of the new Theory of the Universal Law. It can be proven that money is an artificial imitation of the properties of Energy = All-That-Is, which is also the Primary Term of human consciousness, as well as of any cosmic awareness.

In the case of the current Orion monetary system, money has been degraded to a canvas, upon which humanity can project all its vices and dark features, such as greed, manipulation, aggression, various sexual and other pathological aberrations.

All these human vices are manifestations of deep-seated fear-based patterns, which are part of the emotional and mental bodies of the incarnated human entities. These are massively cleansed in the current End Times, as to allow the entities to ascend in the 5th dimension, where such disharmonies and dark energetic patterns can no longer exist in the universal harmony of All-That-Is.

The theory of Keynes, recommending an anti-cyclic fiscal intervention of the national state during a recession is evaluated in this context. This theory was developed as a response to the disastrous financial policy of the US government and the banks during the Great Depression when monies were kept tight and the crisis aggravated.

This intervention policy became the trademark of all post-war governments and led to chronic inflation in all Western countries in the 60s and 70s. This theory was then counter-balanced by the theory of monetarism, which repudiates any governmental intervention and puts all the regulatory power in the hands of an independent central bank, such as the FED and ECB, which is allowed to manipulate the money supply through central interest rates.

Both teachings were designed to deepen the ongoing economic crisis of the Orion economic order as imposed by the Anunnaki on Earth for the current End Times. Their role was essentially to serve as an academic cover-up for this reckless policy and to lull most economists with respect to the real economic conditions on this rather toxic planet.

The current crisis is the last one in a chain of numerous crises, which have devastated the economy and impoverished humanity for centuries. Since this book was written, the world economy has suffered three major crises, which are distinct acts in the same drama: The Asian crisis and the fonds crisis in 1997-1998, through 1999, the recession in 2001-2003, which led to the two wars of the Western Christian Alliance (NATO) against the Muslim world in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the current prolonged Depression since 2007, which is of the same magnitude as the Great Depression. It will end up with a total collapse of the world economy in the course of this fall.

This outcome has been predicted by the author in 1998 and was presented as a forecast in the last part of this collection of lectures in 1999 (see also 1999-Forecast). The prophetic character of this book, which was inspired by the highest realms of Cosmic Providence, renders the most probable scenario of Ascension, planned for the End Times of this planet and its inhabitants.

As the author has been chosen to be a major protagonist in the current drama, which has already commenced, he has been given a lot of information in advance, which he then re-evaluated according to accepted scientific principles of economic assessment, while eliminating all pitfalls, which have rendered present-day macro-economics a completely fallacious system.

If the saying that “the proof of the pudding is in the eating” is true, then the coming days and few weeks will be the most brilliant confirmation of the prognostic power of the present collection of economic lectures, which no other book on economics has ever enjoyed in the past.

However, this is a Pyrrhic victory. The bets are much higher. It is about the salvation of billions of incarnated human souls from this prison planet, called Earth, and their transformation to spiritual 5-dimensional beings, united with their soul brothers from other civilisations in the solar universes in the infinity of All-That-Is.



Ursprünglich beabsichtigte ich, die vorliegende Vorlesungsreihe zur neuen Wirtschaftstheorie des Universalgesetzes, von mir auch Energologie genannt, mit Hilfe eines Dia-Projektors vorzutragen und sie erst später zu einem Lehrbuch auszubauen. Aus diesem Grund gestaltete ich den Stoff sehr knapp, teilweise stichwortartig, um die einzelnen Themen und Aspekte übersichtlich auf DIN-4-Folien präsentieren zu können. Diese Darstellung sollte lediglich als Ausgangspunkt für weitere Diskussionen und eine Ver-tiefung in die neue Energologie dienen. Während ich diese Vortragsreihe schrieb, wurde mir immer bewusster, dass die aktuelle Wirtschaftstheorie bereits der Vergangenheit gehört, so dass es sich nicht mehr lohnt, eine ähnlich aufwendige Darstellung anzustreben, wie ich sie für Physik, Mathematik und Biowissenschaft bereits vollbracht habe.

Mit dem Ausbruch der von mir vorhergesagten Weltwirtschaftskrise werden die Grundlagen der aktuellen kapitalistischen Wirtschaft vernichtet und durch fundamental neue ökonomische Formen der zwischenmenschlichen Beziehungen ersetzt. Da die aktuelle Wirtschaftstheorie, als Mikro- und Makroökonomie aufgefasst, von der universellen Gültigkeit des Nationalstaates ausgeht, ist sie, methodologisch betrachtet, ausschließlich „Nationalökonomie“. Auch wenn die Wirtschaftswissenschaftler neuerdings zaghafte Versuche unternehmen, das Phänomen der Globalisierung in ihre historisch bedingte, theoretisch extrem enge Disziplin aufzunehmen, so müssen sie zwangsläufig daran scheitern, denn diese Aufgabe setzt die Entwicklung einer neuen Weltanschauung und eines neuen theoretischen Instrumentariums voraus. Damit wird aber die Struktur der gegenwärtigen Ökonomie gesprengt, so wie ich es in meinen Schriften aufgezeigt habe. Eine neue, universelle Wirtschaftstheorie kann nur auf der mathematisch-physikalischen Axiomatik des Universalgesetzes aufbauen und muss die neuen gnostischen Kenntnisse, die sich daraus ergeben, in vollem Umfang übernehmen.

Die neue Energologie, die ich entwickelt habe und hier ansatzweise vorstelle, ist eine allumfassende Wissenschaft, die sich, unter Berücksichtigung der astral-energetischen Grundlagen der menschlichen Existenz, mit der Wirtschaftstätigkeit der ganzen Menschheit befasst. Sie sagt einen engen intellektuellen Informationsaustausch mit den Astral-welten voraus, der zu einem unvorstellbaren Technologietransfer auf die Erde führen und die heutigen Menschen zu einer transgalaktischen Spezies umwandeln wird. Im Zug dieser evolutiven Entwicklung des Menschengeschlechts, die unmittelbar bevorsteht, wird die alte kapitalistische Ordnung unwiderruflich zu Ende gehen. warum dann die Mühe, die konventionelle Wirtschaftstheorie, die diese insuffiziente Wirtschaftsordnung hervorgebracht hat, akribisch umzuschreiben? Es genügt, die Gründe aufzuzeigen, warum diese, im höchsten Maße ungerechte, un-“freie Marktwirtschaft“ in toto verworfen werden muss.
München, Dezember 1999


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