The Full Moon Eclipse Portal on July 4th Was a Giant Leap in Our Ascension – Part 2

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, July 6, 2020

In Part 1 of this energy report, I explained how this lockdown was installed by the big ugly reptilians that controlled the Unholy Six from the Orion /Reptilian Empire and fulfilled the function of the former evil Powers That Be, whose role was to enslave humanity and dumb down all humans for eons of time to the lowest level of consciousness in the entire multiverse.

As Gaia and humanity are now on the steady course of ascension  – actually on the verge of this event thanks to the heroic light work of the PAT – this evilest clique of dark entities in this galaxy had to be finally eliminated from the earth. Only after that, it will be possible to end the current unnatural lockdown that has fulfilled its pedagogical function, has helped awaken sufficient numbers of humans and has paved the way for the sweeping revelations that are scheduled to begin in July.

As I mentioned in Part 1, I was instrumental in luring the big, ugly, evilest reptilians into their final mortal battle which had to be waged before being eliminated on June 10th, 2020. The bait was my pivotal article “Why There are no Viruses” that will go into human history as probably the most important and consequential publication of all times. Judge for yourselves. This is what I entered in my diary for that day:

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The Full Moon Eclipse Portal on July 4th Was a Giant Leap in Our Ascension – Part 1

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, July 5, 2020

July began exactly as June ended – with a firework of downloads of source energies and codes, and a barrage of fateful events. Everything we shall experience this month is the result of the incredible lightwork we accomplished in the previous months.

Therefore, I shall begin my energy report with a retrospective overview of what happened in May and June. I have kept this information confidential sofar as the time was not ripe yet and any premature disclosure would have played into the hands of our enemies and would have jeopardized the Divine Plan.

After May was full of healing miracles, I promised you that June would bring surprises and further miracles, in particular around the Sommer solstice and we were not disappointed in that. First, on June 3rd we eliminated in a most dramatic purge most dark entities from the human fields that were sponging on human soul energies and preventing their evolution as incarnated personalities (here). This was a major operation.

Immediately after that, the earth and humanity began to be flooded with the yellow flame of illumination in order to install the divine mind on this planet and sharpen the focus of the human mind to see the truth and not be misled by the usual lies upon which this holographic model is based (here). I am both on the yellow flame of illumination and the blue flame of divine God’s will.

The yellow flame of illumination is now reaching a second peak with the beginning of July and we shall soon see the results of the new clarity of human thinking at the societal level.

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Speculations on the Date of Rapture, Harvest, Second Coming of Christ… Our Ascension

A Critical Reassessment of Human Approaches Predicting Fateful Future Events

Angelic Guidance and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, July 3, 2020

Humans are sentient beings and this includes the correct prediction of fateful future events that determine the destiny of mankind. Most religions thrive on such predictions and they use them as proof for the divinity of their prophets. Numerological calculations play a huge role in this respect. This is how the cabal have always operated in the past by employing their dark cabalistic.

In the current End Time, it is a question of naked physical survival for most light warriors to know how long they will carry out with their toil of cleansing human dross and ascending Gaia that is always accompanied by indescribable physical pain and mental, and emotional hardships. Not to speak of the daily physical challenges to survive on the fringes of a hostile society that has become even more hostile under the current lockdown, which has to end rather sooner than later.

And its ending – obviously through divine intervention and dispensation – will mark the end of the old age and the beginning of the blossoming of the Age of Aquarius that has already started a few years ago so that we are now in the transition period.

Insofar, such intellectual gimmicks do have a deeper psychological meaning and that is why I have decided to publish this discourse with a reader of my website, who prefers to stay anonymous but has done a lot of research on old sources to prove numerologically the end of the old age by the end of this month.

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Unification of Mankind Through the Holistic View of the Universal Law

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, July 1st, 2020

The unification of mankind can only be accomplished through the full acceptance of the holistic view of the new theory and gnosis of the Universal Law at the conscious level of the human mind. I am not excluding the human heart from this process as it is already fully opened in all ascended light warriors, such as the PAT, who have developed a unified chakra long time ago as I have first described it 2 decades ago.

But now is the time for the Divine Mind to also descend into the human bodies and skulls and establish clarity of thinking for the first time on this planet. The current discussions on politics, scamdemic and economy in the media display all the deficits all humans have in their thinking, first and foremost the utter lack of logical and congruent ideas as they have never learned to think axiomatically.

The golden-yellow illumination flame, coupled with the green flame of healing and the violet flame of alchemical transmutation, are now pouring over Gaia and humanity and develop precisely that – the clarity of human thinking. Anybody with medial abilities can, and should, see them with the third eye, especially after June 30th when a worldwide meditation took place to accelerate the manifestation of the Aquarius age.

If the Aquarius age is the age of human freedom, as St. Germain recently proclaimed, then only humans who can think logically are able to free themselves from the shackles of the current human confusion that has encompassed the entire world population and be able to leave the 3D maze. Therefore, expect big changes this month and throughout this year – good for us and less so for the rest. Continue reading

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The Activation of the Knee Chakra of Levitation

Channeled by Rick Jewers, June 30, 2020

Here is a message channeled by our friend and PAT member Rick Jewers from Canada. I haven’t heard of Rick for a long time but I know that, as a true master, he is on his own pathway of ascension. I was made aware of his message by a Rumanian reader of our website.  Rick’s message confirms exactly what we experience and know about the current activation of the knee chakra of levitation and bilocation. I cannot exclude that he has read our latest publication with Arcturian and Elohim messages where I discussed the activation of the knee chakra but he brings forth some new valuable aspects of the LBP in its current final phase.


Currently, some are experiencing specifics in the KNEE areas, this is a commonality throughout the collective to varying degrees at this time and prior, and moving forward.

For some of you now, and more of you will follow, what was perhaps known as your Earth Chakra is no longer stationary about 3 feet below your feet into Gaia. This Earth Chakra was for grounding and other divine energetic work and was your main connection to the current reality. As Gaia ascends in frequency, the steady connection of each to Gaia directly will no longer be required as it was. You may wish to think of your Earth Chakra as an anchor, that was important for the Planetary Ascension, whereas the higher You Empowered Yourself and you lifted Gaia higher as well as in proportion to all of the Lightworkers’ efforts.

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Allowing the Release From the Old Matrix ~ Embracing the New Biome

Dreams and Messages From the Arcturians and Elohim on the Crumbling of the Old Matrix

Amora, June 27, 2020


Georgi Alexandrov Stankov

Yesterday and today (June 25th and 26th) we experience massive electromagnetic transformations of our bodies and reality. The intensity of the waves is off the scale, especially in the night. We are being repeatedly taken away during the day by sudden waves that sweep over our bodies like tornados. The coordination is impaired, we are suffering from nausea and the bodies are virtually dissolving under these cascades of source energies pouring from the Source into our bodies. Intermittent headaches and heat bouts are accompanying these waves. Obviously, the Schumann resonance, which nobody knows exactly what it measures except for some magnetic fluctuations in the earth’s field, has gone crazy these days. Yesterday evening we admired another gorgeous display of rainbow rays from the Source at sunset and everything seemed surreal.

This morning (June 26th), Amora told me about her dream where she witnessed how the entire material structure of this 3D holographic reality was crumbling in front of her eyes, rather dissipating without causing huge damage or catastrophes, while Nature around her was intact. Before that, she had a dream of flying at home holding her body in a vertical position a few feet above the floor.

While she was telling me about her dreams, the Arcturians and the Elohim came to us and she began to write down their messages.

I haven’t read the messages yet, deliberately so, as not to be influenced by them while writing this foreword. From my perspective, we are surfing on the crest of a massive tsunami wave that began a few days before the summer solstice, actually since the beginning of June, and is constantly ramping up in intensity. Energetically, the nights are a veritable rollercoaster and upon awakening, it feels as if we are falling into a bottomless abyss. The inner soul disappointment, being still in this reality, defies any verbal description.

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Perché non ci sono virus

Il solito errore della falsa scienza umana

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, 10 giugno 2020

Tradotto in italiano da Paolo Montanari

Ammettiamolo: tutta la scienza umana è falsa, da cima a fondo.

E ciò che è più atroce, è stata regolarmente usata in modo improprio per schiavizzare la razza umana dalle (ormai ex) Powers That Were (PTW) dell’impero Orione/Rettiliano e dai loro tirapiedi umani, l’oscura cabala che tira i fili dei politici e degli scienziati dietro il velo ((qui)).

Questo è stato ora rivelato, indipendentemente da noi, in una coraggiosa lettera aperta dell’arcivescovo Viganò a Donald Trump (qui), che è sotto massicci attacchi da parte degli oscuri della Chiesa e dello Stato profondo (qui); questi hanno sicuramente minacciato di morte lui e la sua famiglia, come rivelava l’espressione angosciata di Melania, quando hanno visitato la settimana scorsa il Santuario Nazionale di San Giovanni Paolo II (qui):

Le indagini già in corso riveleranno la vera responsabilità di chi ha gestito l’emergenza Covid non solo in ambito sanitario, ma anche politico, economico e mediatico. Troveremo probabilmente che in questa colossale operazione di ingegneria sociale ci sono persone che hanno deciso il destino dell’umanità, arrogandosi il diritto di agire contro la volontà dei cittadini e dei loro rappresentanti nei governi delle nazioni.

La falsa scienza è sempre stata usata su questo tossico pianeta come una scusa “scientifica” per schiavizzare l’umanità e sono sorpreso di quanto poco questo fattore chiave della storia umana sia stato riconosciuto da tutti i pensatori e gli scienziati nel corso dei secoli. Ora, per la prima volta, abbiamo l’isolamento globale dell’umanità a causa del coronavirus “truffademia” (gioco di parole in inglese “scamdemic = truffademia” – n.d.t.) e gli scienziati cominciano a svegliarsi lentamente solo per scoprire quanto sono deboli a livello sociale e quanto insufficienti siano la loro argomentazione scientifiche per rovesciare questa coacervo di menzogne – la scienza moderna – di cui hanno beneficiato acriticamente fino ad ora.

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