Pallas Athena Announces the Beginning of the New Era NOW

Gabriele Schmitz, November 25, 2021


I am Pallas Athena and I greet you once again from the etheric realm above the island of Crete. Yes, this is the beginning of a New Era with this video. So much will change for you in the time to come, but that time is NOW. We are taking the first steps now into this New Era. You will be surprised at what you will experience, what awaits you in this New Era. I can assure you as the Goddess of Truth that what is coming will fill you with love, peace and a whole new life.

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Pallas Athena annuncia l’inizio della nuova era ORA

Gabriele Schmitz, 25 novembre 2021


Io sono Pallas Athena e vi saluto ancora una volta dal regno eterico sopra l’isola di Creta. Sì, questo è l’inizio di una Nuova Era con questo video. Molte cose cambieranno per voi nel tempo a venire, ma quel tempo è ORA. Stiamo facendo i primi passi in questa Nuova Era. Sarete sorpresi di ciò che sperimenterete, di ciò che vi aspetta in questa Nuova Era. Posso assicurarvi come Dea della Verità che ciò che sta arrivando vi riempirà d’amore, di pace e di una vita completamente nuova. Continue reading

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Pallas Athene kündigt den Beginn der Neuen Ära JETZT an

Gabriele Schmitz, 25. November 2021


Ich bin Pallas Athene und ich grüße euch wieder einmal aus dem Ätherreich über den Insel Kreta. Ja, das ist der Beginn einer Neuen Ära mit diesem Video. Es wird sich so viel für euch ändern in der kommenden Zeit, doch diese Zeit ist JETZT. Wir machen die ersten Schritte nun in diese Neue Ära. Ihr werdet überrascht sein, was ihr alles erleben werdet, was euch erwartet in dieser Neuen Ära. Ich kann euch versichern als die Göttin der Wahrheit, dass das, was kommt, euch im besonderen Maße erfüllen wird mit Liebe, Frieden und einem völlig neuen Leben.

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Humanity’s Empty Insanity Has Reached the Saturation Point Leading to Total Transformation During the Shift

PAT’s Last Energy Report – November 17, 2021

Today I come out with a personal decree: We are children of the creator and as every child has an inheritance, our inheritance is Life, all existence.

November 16, 2021

Hi Georgi, how are you?

I’m translating on google because I can’t write everything in English today. I’m André from Brazil. Always communicating with you since 2011. Thank you very much for everything.

I hope you are, like me, at the height of divine and transformative energies. I can no longer live in a limited vibration, this human world no longer fits me. And so, today I wrote a decree and I wanted to send you to find out if you are resonating on that frequency, and of course, to receive an answer about what vibrates in you.

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Nová Gnóze – Evoluční Skok Lidstva

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, November 9, 2021

Czech Translation of the book:

New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind

I am immensely grateful to my friend and PAT member Pepé Fleischman for translating this foundational work on the New Gnosis of the Universal Law into the Czech language. This is what he wrote to me when he sent his translation today:

“Dear Georgi,

I’ve finished with the translation of the New Gnosis just in time before the Shift can come. It’s been a great joy and honor. Hopefully, many people will profit from it in the very near future. The high frequencies of undeniable truth will speak to each and everyone’s conscience and they will recognize it. 

Much love to you!


This is correct – the Central Sun began with its final blast leading to the Shift yesterday, on November 8, and will continue with massive downloads of source energies throughout the most powerful annual portal 11.11. I expect the manifestation of the Shift with global terraforming events and our ascension to happen shortly thereafter.

Download Ebook:

Nová Gnóze – Evoluční Skok Lidstva


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Pallas Athene and the White Brotherhood of All Ascended Masters Congratulate Me on My Last 70th Birthday on the Old Earth and Announce My Ascension and the Shift in November

Gabriele Schmitz and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, November 1, 2021


Yesterday, our beloved friends from Germany, Gabriele and Michael congratulated me on my upcoming birthday on All Saints Day, and we discussed in joyful anticipation of the Shift some of the ramifications of our mission as the future world spiritual teachers after our ascension.

But first and foremost we concentrated on the hard and crucial light work we still have to do until the very last minute prior to our ascension as to get rid of the ruling political parasites that have just met in Rome to celebrate their funeral at the G20 summit.

Here is our correspondence from yesterday in order to understand the energetic background of the very uplifting message of Pallas Athene who congratulates me on my 70th birthday in the name of the White Brotherhood and all Ascended Masters with whom I very closely cooperate and confirms one more time my ascension in November. What better present than this one, for which my gratitude goes in the first place to Gabriele who channeled this message.

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Pallas Athena e la Fratellanza Bianca dei Maestri Ascesi si congratulano con me per il mio ultimo 70° compleanno sulla Vecchia Terra e annunciano la mia Ascensione e il mio Spostamento in novembre

Gabriele Schmitz e Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, 1 novembre 2021


Ieri i nostri cari amici tedeschi, Gabriele e Michael, si sono congratulati con me per il mio imminente compleanno nel giorno di Ognissanti, e abbiamo discusso alcune delle implicazioni della nostra missione come futuri insegnanti del mondo spirituale dopo la nostra Ascensione in gioiosa attesa dello Shift.

Ma prima di tutto ci siamo concentrati sul duro e cruciale lavoro di luce che dobbiamo ancora fare fino all’ultimo minuto prima della nostra Ascensione per liberarci dei parassiti politici dominanti che si sono appena riuniti a Roma per piangere la loro sepoltura al vertice del G20.

Ecco la nostra corrispondenza di ieri per capire lo sfondo energetico del messaggio molto edificante di Pallas Athena che si congratula con me per il mio 70° compleanno a nome della Fratellanza Bianca e di tutti i Maestri Ascesi con cui lavoro molto strettamente e che conferma ancora una volta la mia ascensione in novembre. Non ci potrebbe essere regalo migliore di questo, per il quale i miei ringraziamenti vanno innanzitutto a Gabriele che ha canalizzato questo messaggio oggi.

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Pallas Athene und die Weiße Bruderschaft der Aufgestiegenen Meister gratulieren mir zu meinem letzten 70. Geburtstag auf der alten Erde und kündigen meinen Aufstieg und den Shift im November an

Gabriele Schmitz und Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, 1. November 2021


Gestern gratulierten mir unsere lieben Freunde aus Deutschland, Gabriele und Michael, zu meinem bevorstehenden Geburtstag an Allerheiligen, und wir besprachen in freudiger Erwartung des Shifts einige der Auswirkungen unserer Mission als die zukünftigen spirituellen Weltlehrer nach unserem Aufstieg.

Aber in erster Linie konzentrierten wir uns auf die harte und entscheidende Lichtarbeit, die wir bis zur allerletzten Minute vor unserem Aufstieg noch leisten müssen, um die herrschenden politischen Parasiten loszuwerden, die sich gerade in Rom getroffen haben, um ihre Beerdigung auf dem G20-Gipfel zu trauern.

Hier ist unsere Korrespondenz von gestern, um den energetischen Hintergrund der sehr erhebenden Botschaft von Pallas Athene zu verstehen, die mir im Namen der Weißen Bruderschaft und aller Aufgestiegenen Meister, mit denen ich sehr eng zusammenarbeite, zu meinem 70. Geburtstag gratuliert und noch einmal meinen Aufstieg im November bestätigt. Es könnte kein besseres Geschenk geben als dieses, wofür mein Dank in erster Linie an Gabriele geht, die diese Botschaft heute gechannelt hat.

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