Pallas Athene and the White Brotherhood of All Ascended Masters Congratulate Me on My Last 70th Birthday on the Old Earth and Announce My Ascension and the Shift in November

Gabriele Schmitz and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, November 1, 2021


Yesterday, our beloved friends from Germany, Gabriele and Michael congratulated me on my upcoming birthday on All Saints Day, and we discussed in joyful anticipation of the Shift some of the ramifications of our mission as the future world spiritual teachers after our ascension.

But first and foremost we concentrated on the hard and crucial light work we still have to do until the very last minute prior to our ascension as to get rid of the ruling political parasites that have just met in Rome to celebrate their funeral at the G20 summit.

Here is our correspondence from yesterday in order to understand the energetic background of the very uplifting message of Pallas Athene who congratulates me on my 70th birthday in the name of the White Brotherhood and all Ascended Masters with whom I very closely cooperate and confirms one more time my ascension in November. What better present than this one, for which my gratitude goes in the first place to Gabriele who channeled this message.

31 October 2021

“Dear George.

Years ago we discovered the attached message from Kuthumi on the meaning of birthdays from the perspective of the spirit world in Michael’s Fundus. I personally read it every year around my birthday to be aware again of the blessings we receive from the higher planes. Perhaps this message speaks to you as well. Who knows what gifts await you on your 10×7 birthday? You already write that you can now fully unfold your energies!

For Your Birthday

Yesterday I read your Home Page again for a long time. What a legacy to humanity you have created! It is indeed the case that one does not need to read anything other than your publications to know EVERYTHING that leads to personal spiritual development. Therefore, my appreciation to you and a huge THANK YOU!

Even the mainstream seems to be dedicated to the terra-forming events. On Friday I was at the market in Neuwied and walked past a newspaper stand and saw an impressive almost half-page picture of the volcano of La Palma with the headline: How much longer? Lava shoots up 600m.

Yesterday, RTL talked about the fact that with clear skies last night northern lights can be seen over Germany and gave a short explanation. Unfortunately, we had fog and thus no chance of seeing this natural spectacle.

I understand better and better why the confirmations of the Shift and the Ascension through Pallas Athena’s messages are important. So an email like this, which I received yesterday, also gives me confirmation:

Dear Gabriele,

I have once again felt the latest message from Pallas Athene, because of this unique vibration that flows to me through this video. I actually already wanted to tell you that I had already had contact with Pallas Athena twice. After I called her, she was there immediately. Today, before listening again to the latest message, I called her and she was immediately there again. She has unmistakable vibrations, so clear and pure and at once so lovely, quite simply fantastic…

We wish you a very special WONDERFUL Sunday!

All love

Gabriele & Michael


Dear Gabriele and Michael,

Thank you very much, your appreciation means a lot to me. Let us hope that soon the whole of humanity will fully grasp the implications of the new theory and gnosis of the Universal Law and act accordingly. Then the collective ascension will come immediately.

I have read with the greatest inner sympathy Kuthumi’s message on the birthday of the incarnated personality and I very much hope that this time it will be the same for me. In the past, it was rather the other way round, around my birthday I was hit particularly hard by the energy waves and could not really feel this upswing. Yesterday was no exception. I will report to you in detail, as I have recorded it in my diary because yesterday we accomplished something very significant and I hope to find out soon. That’s where Pallas Athena can help us and perhaps give us a brief account of what happened yesterday. And here is my report:

“I am following the G20 summit in Rome and I was so pissed off at these clowns – clones and doubles – that yesterday morning I made an invocation and vowed to eradicate them from this earth with the help of the Source and all the spiritual hierarchies. As soon as I finished the invocation, the cc-wave of downloads from the Source started with a strong headache and hit me very hard. But I also felt the impact on the politicians in Rome, who looked as if they had been hit with a hammer and were completely confused. It was the most embarrassing spectacle ever.

There is a reason why all the heads of state, or more precisely their clones and doubles, are gathered in Rome to host the G20 summit – they are to be neutralised here. Actually, Putin has already cancelled because he doesn’t want to have anything to do with these clones, and Xi Jinping didn’t come either. So the real politicians are staying at home. Putin has been unusually calm and relieved in recent days, like the other day when he attended the Valdai Discussion Club. I met him 2 weeks ago in the dream state again after a long pause and he was very happy and told me that he no longer holds any political office and is enjoying his free time as a retired politician. The meeting took place on the new earth. He had a lot of time for me for the first time and we had a very friendly chat.

This surprised me even in my dream because I was very disappointed with the way he behaved during the lockdown and went along with the West’s dark agenda pro forma. I asked my HS for an explanation for this behaviour and was told that he knows about the Ascension, as by the way do most other politicians who are informed by their intelligence services, but he is the only one who is happy that his mission as a politician is over and that he will be allowed to enjoy and experience the new earth and perhaps one day ascend. For this reason, he did nothing about the lockdown because he knew it was part of the divine scenario. He is a walk-in of a very old soul and a soul mate of mine and considers his earthly job as a politician a burden.

I watched the events in Rome on RAI1, the Italian state television, and live on the internet, and it was a pathetic charade. I’ll spare you the details. And now a strange thing happened in Italy. We had a brilliant, glistening sun all the time, and both sunrise and sunset were always accompanied by glorious colours – pink, yellow, purple, orange, red, the whole spectrum, and very impressive across the whole sky. Since the day before yesterday, all the colours have disappeared, everything is grey, even the sun is grey. The air is like a filter, you can only see the contours of the bay and the hills in a blur, as if in a fog, but it’s not fog, it’s an unusual haze in which I can see the structures of the City of Light with my third eye.

I asked my Higher Self what this was all about and learned that we have sunk very low into the disaster timelines to experience this G20 summit there because these politicians cannot stay on our high ascension timelines.

I thought of the new spiritual paradigm that we anchored in Rome exactly 3 years ago and that has been expanding ever since, as I reported. It nearly killed me then – the worst cleansing episode in my entire career as the chief cleanser of earthly darkness. I suddenly became angry as to why these politicians are coming here to Rome to put on their cheap show just to show that they are not dead yet, while the Elohim already told us 3 years ago that Rome will be the world capital of the new spiritual paradigm.

Then suddenly I was channeled, I sensed Pallas Athena and the White Brotherhood, who are with me all the time now, but certainly the Source, that I must make an invocation and sweep away this wretched bunch of clones posing as heads of state. My attention was drawn by Pallas Athena to her last message in which she clearly said:

The time is here, and the Ascension can show itself at any time through an event or through several events.”

I had always expected that there would be some significant events before the Shift that would herald it and leave no doubt about it. The tsunami that may be triggered by the collapse of the island of La Palma could be one such mega-event leading up to the Shift. I suddenly fervently wished, but I believe I was guided in doing so, that a similarly significant event would also manifest in Rome, just in time for my birthday on All Saints’ Day, when I will be 70 years old, that is 10 x 7 years of life cycle. As my soul master code is also 10, where my soul energy fully unfolds, I expect something big to happen around that date and hope we will hear or see it too.

So I made an invocation asking all the spiritual hierarchies coordinating the ascension of humanity and Gaia and then the Source itself to give me satisfaction for my sacrifice 3 years ago and to manifest with a visible event the new spiritual paradigm in Rome so that these clowns see it and then go home so weakened that they just have to resign.

Merkel has already resigned and she is the devil’s daughter and the worst chieftain. The others will follow her, blow by blow, even before the change takes place. Well, that’s just my wish, but when I wish for something like that very strongly, always closely led by the Higher Realms (HR), it happens. After the invocation, there was a massive download of source energies and I had a cc-wave with an unbearable headache that lasted all day and night but was gone by morning.

At the moment, there are demonstrations against the “green pass” in several Italian cities and the demonstrators are using exactly the same arguments I used when I confronted the Carabinieri in Sanremo at the end of May when they wanted to arrest me for not wearing a mask. They all keep shouting “Draghi vanfancullo, (fuck off), Draghi – nazista” and these were among my arguments against the Carabinieri, why they serve a criminal regime and are thus accomplices to a crime against the people… etc.

And now we even have severe flooding in Sicily, in Catania, which came out of the blue – or did it? For I dreamt 2 nights ago that I was Etna, the mountain, and began to energetically contain Etna from the sea north of Catania so that it would not erupt fully. I must have conjured up this Apollo storm out of nowhere to cool Etna down because it was not forecasted that way and was only announced at the last minute. Since then, Etna has been quieter, as Italy is supposed to be spared, but is still supposed to experience some tangible natural disasters, which are also very cleansing, like the floods on the Ahr in Germany. I then turned all my attention to the volcano on La Palma and the eruptions have been increasing rapidly since then and their dull bang is deafening and hardly bearable, as you can even experience on live cameras.

So I expect something significant to happen this weekend or next week because the Shift has to be announced with some precursor events so that the people know what is coming and cannot say afterwards that they did not know. This has always been the tactic of the Higher Realms and one only has to have eyes and ears to see and hear when the Ascension is coming, certainly not “like a thief in the night” as Jesus is wrongly quoted in the Bible.

So I wanted to share these last impressions with you so that you can focus your attention on what is happening now in Rome and I hope that we will soon see action from the Higher Realms in this regard. The maximum intensity of the downloads yesterday and the extreme reduction of anger and aggression in the collective tell me that we achieved something great yesterday…

The last few days will remain exciting, Pallas Athena warned us of this and I expected nothing less, but we are now at the threshold of our Ascension and Shift and this time there will be no delays. I expect the Shift to take place in the first half of November so that all will manifest when the Karmic Councils meet in December as Pallas Athena has clearly announced in her message to give us the exact time frame of when the Ascension will take place.

So, dear ones, can you, please, attune to these new energies that I received from the Source yesterday and relayed to Rome and the world, and find out what I created because yesterday was as significant as when we established the new spiritual paradigm in Rome on November 10, 2018.”

Max and Roswitha have published Pallas Athena’s message and also a popular Italian website:

Wishing you a peaceful weekend and much confidence in these last days.

All love


Pallas Athena’s Message


Dearest Georgi!

On this so special day we are so close to you! I say ‘we’ deliberately, for it is not I alone who am speaking to you in this way, to convey to you our appreciation, our love and especially our gratitude. With me is Hilarion, who has an intimate connection with you and who gave you a special initiation on Crete many years ago. But also your ‘compatriots’ Deunov and Aivanhov, who like you are of Bulgarian origin and who preceded you as Ascended Masters, would like to express their appreciation for your life’s work today. We are all so proud and happy that you followed your path in your last physical embodiment so consistently, straightforwardly and unwaveringly despite the great challenges and adversities! We knew that you are the mature and advanced soul who will fulfil the tasks brought into this life, even go beyond them, and who is a reliable and tirelessly fighting partner for the Higher Realms.

However, we have also ensured on the Higher Planes that you have had many delightful experiences and encounters. I have already assured you in the first personal message to you that you will receive the appropriate rewards and your victory celebration will instantly make you forget all your toil on the lower planes. You will be given the tasks for which you are more than qualified, we may all assure you today.

Now a few words about the events of the last few days.

Again you have done powerful energetic work that will have a great impact on the world political situation, for you have checkmated the puppets of the dark ones. They know this and so this farce (in Rome) was their visible defeat.

This month of November, so significant, will also bring earth changes that are inevitable and will shake humanity. But this is inevitable in the ascension process and must be experienced.

For you personally, the month will hold the fulfilment of the final step of your life plan on this plane of Mother Earth. You are so much awaited by us as who YOU ARE!

In great love and connection with your being in this day and coming time of fulfilment.

Pallas Athena



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