Pallas Athene: The Last Hot Phase of the Ascension

Gabriele Schmitz, October 28, 2021

Transcript of the Message 

How happy I am when you await my messages. I am Pallas Athena and I greet you from the etheric realm above the island of Crete. The moment you listen to my words or read my words, you are connected to me and you clearly feel this intense connection that arises between us. You recognise my energy of love that I give you. You also feel how uplifting the messages are for you and for all of you. It is a great joy for me to bring you these messages, for we have already told you in many messages that we are with you in this last hot phase of Ascension that is about to manifest.

We see your impatience, we feel with you, we feel how important it is for you that things manifest now. But those of you who are sensitive, know very well how much has already manifested. So look back at the last video that was recorded 4 weeks ago and notice all that has happened with you, in your environment and with yourself.

Massive energies are pouring out of the Primordial Sun via Helios and Vesta, your Sun Star in this Universe and it is doing so much to you, to each and every one of you and of course to Mother Earth, and so you hear in your news, in the videos that are being made, even on live cams you can experience it, how much Mother Earth is active.

This is all going to increase in the time to come. We have already told you that Mother Earth is going to change her appearance completely and the time is getting closer and closer and the obvious is apparent to you if you are sensitive.

Therefore, at this point we would like to admonish you to observe yourselves, to go within and listen to your inner voice and intuition. It will guide you. At the right moment, if you listen to it, you will be in the right place according to your soul plan as it shows itself to you. This is an important message for you, for the Earth changes will now take place. No one will stop them, as I have said before. And you are part of that change. Therefore, trust the guidance from within you.

You should take time in the time ahead to see what impulses you receive. Are you in the right place where you are? You will feel impulses within if you should change where you are. Listen carefully to what your inner being has to say to you! Connect, as we have said, through your Higher Self. It knows your divine plan and it will now be fulfilled. So pay attention to what you perceive in the form of the inner voice that may speak, in the form of dreams that show themselves to you or simply through an impulse that you receive. And then please check what you perceive. Ask for clarification if that is what you are meant to do and you will receive that guidance. You can align yourself in silent awareness, in your meditations or by being in nature. We have already told you all this. It is now more important than ever to do just that. You will receive the guidance. It is important for you to follow these impulses that will come. When you receive a clear impulse, follow that impulse. That is our advice today.

Everything is happening according to the divine plan and according to the divine timing. The time is there and at any time Ascension can show itself through one event or through several.

We are not the ones who give the starting signal for this event. That is in divine hands. So trust that everything will manifest divinely. And so again my advice to you is to seek connection to Source. Nothing is more important than seeking connection to the Source in this moment. It will not let you go astray. The divine Source is what holds the decision for this entire ascension process. This plan is there and it is happening. Be in trust that it is and if you trust my words, and you show that by listening to them, by reading the words. No matter in which language they reach you, no matter in which place on earth. I am always in touch with you, with each one of you, when you hear or read my words. Trust in that. And you may also ask for my help at any time. I am now fulfilling this task with great joy. I have an important task in this process, as I have already told you and as some have already recognised. So be guided by my words.

And so great is the joy in my heart when you find me, when you resonate with me. This is a wonderful task for me and so I feel full of joy, full of love for you that I may now accompany you on the last metres. And may I also remind you that I have said that when the Karmic Council meets again in December, that events will then have clearly manifested for all of you.

So, time is short and so irrevocably now will come the times that you have known about for a long, long time. Ascension is happening. Mother Earth is with you and you too are receiving these energies that will enable you to take part in the Ascension. You are not here at this time for nothing. You have made the prenatal decision to be here now. And so may I remind you that the time to come is the time that you have worked towards, not just in this lifetime. Many lifetimes you have been preparing to be here now and to experience it all, for it brings you into freedom. It brings you into a whole new dimension. It brings you into perfect love and into Oneness.

You will find guidance throughout this process and when things manifest in such a way that they are visible to everyone, you will receive the guidance that you need. All is prepared. You are not alone. You have the teachers, you have the guides. You can always ask for answers that will come to you. That is the good news for today! Look forward each day to what is coming your way.

The New Earth will show itself and that will make you happy in a way that you as a soul have never expected, never experienced before. And so rejoice in these few days that lie ahead of you until what I have announced to you shows itself, that we in the Karmic Council are assessing the state of Mother Earth and all the inhabitants and that also includes the cosmic situation.

I would like to encourage you today with this message to have confidence in what is coming. Observe what wants to show itself within you and follow after you have made an examination of it. Trust what is shown to you, trust your feelings and you will always be in the right place at the right time.

My medium was put to the test for a long time today. We had a foggy situation this morning that made it impossible to shoot a video in the garden. And this is exactly what you perceive often enough on the outside. You have foggy situations, you sometimes lack perspective. On the outside, everything is done to prevent you from seeing through. But suddenly, within minutes, everything changes. The fog disappears and you have clarity. You recognise what is important for you. I want to remind you of that today.

As always, I am happy that you are listening to me and my words or that you are reading them. I am so happy to be here for you and this existence fills me with great love for you. Thank you for following me this far and I will speak to you again as I say to you in every video. Thank you.

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