The Importance of Being Earnest Scientist and Gnostic Thinker in Order to Ascend

Bryan Murphy and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, September 24, 2021

September 23, 2021

Timeline to the shift

Dear George

still here, patiently waiting, interminably waiting… holding the light and line as best I can considering the assault we and indeed I personally have been and are under from all angles now as the cabal lists into its final death throes and fully exposes itself and the evil it harbours across all institutions and levers of State everywhere at every level. It is like the very fabric of this reality is being exposed and ripped apart for the lie and corruption it is. I can’t wait for the conclusion and final separation for this toxic realm I can barely continue to inhabit!

I was just reading your report today and wanted to bring to your attention a video I watched the other day from Clif High where he talks about it being Woo time. This is his unique explanation and interpretation on our reality which I find both informative and accurate as a metaphor, he is quite humorous in his telling also so all in all a good watch from a good and very informed soul. Interestingly he talks about the same period of time, from now until the end of the year as being the transformative period where the information flooding into the public consciousness will become a tsunami which the corrupt MSM will no longer be able to hold back and indeed will force a casualty from among their ranks which will lead to their total collapse and as a result the collapse of the official cabal narrative everywhere. I think you would agree, this is exactly what we are seeing now with the almost hour-by-hour revelations which are coming out and swamping the official bullshit.

Worth the watch

This of course all ties into the energetic reports you have published also and shows the manifestations now beginning, finally to occur on a global scale as the masses awaken to the reality of their false perceptions of everything and the truth of the infinite all that is and their parts within it as sovereign beings with power beyond their previous comprehension comes into focus, Exciting times indeed. 

There are a lot of powerful souls who reside here in Scotland also just biding our time for when we are needed. I have made contact with some of them and more come to my acquaintance every day. The Warriors of the Light from this Ancient Land are finally stirring from their slumbers and woe betide the enemies who sought to enslave us. Our power comes from a deep connection with this Land that we love and are deeply rooted in. For some this connection goes back many generations and the knowledge within is coming in waves now that cannot be stopped… Finally, The Bravehearts are gathering. It’s about bloody time!!

All the best



Dear Bryan,

we are almost there and we only need to summon our last pieces of patience to go through this last stretch leading to the shift.

I am following Clif High for more than 10 years and I am not at all impressed by him, to put it mildly. But if you enjoy his videos, it is perfect with me,

With love and light


PS: Check also this discussion on Clif High from 2012:


Dear George,

thanks for the link, I did a quick scan and there seems to be a lot of good testimony here from back then which will take me a bit of time to go through fully and absorb.

As for Clif, I only came across him a few months ago and like everyone I find on the internet including yourself I might add, I try to keep an open mind. I find his views fairly pertinent to what is currently happening all around us and he has a funny and unusual way about him which I also find entertaining. He is also a Trekkie which makes him alright in my book.  if nothing else it kills an hour of an evening when I am too tired to do anything else but just relax in front of a video or 2 and try to gain some more understanding of current events and find some idea of what is going on in the wider consciousness.  I try and get as wide and varied of views as possible and will always give someone a fair crack of the whip until they prove to be either genuine or contradictory and full of pish as we say here. So I will continue in that vein as it has served me well so far.

It is all just points of view to me anyway and I don’t put any of them above what is most important, mine. The bottom line is that it is my own which matters above all else and if I can fulfill my own expectations of myself and not be a hypocrite or failure as to my own self then that’s good enough for me.

So far no one I have come across has proven to be completely accurate as far as I can see so only time will tell how events will transpire. Personally, I just want to be able to live my own life with my own resources and talents and enjoy the experience of being alive in a landscape I love instead of what has been a constant struggle growing up and living in relative poverty in a council estate(a ghetto for poor people) trying to make ends meet, pay the bills and put food on the table for my family so it’s hard to have energy for anything else most times when these practical matters are forefront in your thoughts every day.

Any relief from that and a message of hope is all good in my book and so far Clif has been doing a good job of that by taking on board his responsibility to be a conduit for just that purpose and try to help people get through this extremely challenging time and give them an idea of just what the hell is going on, a world where adults and especially children are being injected and suffering horrendous consequences and even dying with a death cocktail of Graphene Oxide and Nano Particles of hell knows what is not an easy one to get a grip on for most. The emotional consequences are real regardless and we have to witness it and feel it every day in our social circles and families as people are so gripped with manufactured fear they don’t know what they are doing.

Thanks again

Cheers, Bryan


Dear Bryan,

I will answer you one more time with brutal honesty because I like you and you are an honest searcher of the truth. But you are totally missing the point.

It is not about who is right in esoteric predictions and who is not, although I have argued on many occasions that only people like me who are conduits of the source energies and participate in every ascension portal and shift to the fullest extent can give correct and reliable predictions. This is also true for most PAT members and that is why we always have unanimity as to what we experience if you bother to read our energy reports in the past. We have stopped now discussing this topic as we are very tired and because everything about our ascension has already been said.

All the other new agers do not participate directly in the ascension process, otherwise, they would be PAT members and hence they publish or talk only trash based on their esoteric figments. This is deplorable as many people like you also fall victims to this confusion as you are a true seeker but not a PAT member and thus have no direct access to the energies that drive the planetary ascension and cannot properly evaluate this process. This is a systemic failure of most wish-to-be gurus and new agers and explains why they have disqualified themselves as ascension reporters so that I do not need to do that extra here.

Secondly, I have explained in numerous articles and energy reports that we live in a multidimensional reality and that we constantly change timelines. I have proved conclusively that we performed successfully the first planetary ascension on May 28, 2014, and since then several more times. Therefore, all predictions that I made in the past as an artifact of illusory linear time were correct and happened on higher ascending timelines while we moved to lower timelines to save them too. This is what I am doing these days particularly intensively and that is why Pallas Athene spoke of a rollercoaster ride as you can also read in my latest post.

As you are an ardent seeker of the truth, I would recommend you to read all my retrospective energy reports from 2013 and 2014 as published last year from August till the end of October where I prove with help of many messages from the Elohim and other sources, as well as from my personal experience what we already created at that time and that the first and most important ascension of Gaia was achieved by me and the PAT already in 2014. We could have stopped there and ascended, just as I personally ascended already in 2000 and then transfigured my carbon-based body into a crystalline light body in August 2013. Since then I am on earth only as an avatar.

Now that I have tackled the gnostic and esoteric aspects of the ascension process, which seems to be at the core of your interests, and rightly so, let me tell you one more time unequivocally why you miss the point.

In my writings, it is not about my energetic predictions which are still the best and most reliable ones on this planet as I am the only one who truly understands the nature of energy. As everything is energy, especially the ascension process, all those new age gurus who have no clue about physics and energy can only produce esoteric crap in order to feed their vanity and be constantly present on the internet. That is why they extensively and fraudulently misuse such terms as “quantum field” “quantum healing”, “zero-point energy”, gamma radiation, magnetic waves, DNA code (although none of these new agers can spell the full word of DNA or explain what it means), etc, just to name a few of the weird terminology that is so popular among scientifically ignorant new age circles and causes so much damage to the clarity of the human mind which is badly needed these final days. This is now so obvious in the current obfuscation about the lockdown due to a non-existent virus, which is a brutal and blatant attempt of the ruling dark cabal to install the NWO based on fake bio-sciences in order to prevent our ascension. In vain!

It is about the truth of the new Theory of Science and Gnosis of the Universal Law and it is impeccable and eternally valid and that is why it is the only Theory of Ascension as I write again and again but you must have missed this point as many others. When you make the effort to grasp this theory, then you will know what I mean and then you will become so omniscient that you will immediately stop reading and listening to any other authors and preachers of false 3D dogmas, no matter how advanced they pretend to be.

I will illustrate this with Dr Andrew Kaufman, MD one of the few doctors who rightfully claims that there are no viruses in nature but apart from that has no clue as to how biological matter is being regulated and on what theoretical grounds one can safely claim that there are no viruses in nature as I have done profoundly in my articles. This does not hinder him to claim that he is the “bearer of a new paradigm shift”  (I will forward you his email to me separately) which is a term I first introduced in the esoteric literature more than a quarter of a century ago and, contrary to Andrew Kaufman, who seems to be a full-fledged agnostic, I linked it firmly to the current planetary and individual ascension.

Join the Paradigm Shift!

Greetings Georgi,

The True Healing Conference is blooming and will bear the fruit of the next generation of healers and educators in natural healing sciences. I am so excited for this event. Check out the website and join the livestream to be part of this incredible paradigm shift.


In peace,

– Andrew Kaufman, M.D.

The problem with all these pseudo-scientists is that when they find a small crumb of truth in science they immediately exaggerate its importance and then build a world philosophy around it. The reason for that is that these people are all very vain and want to be important. As they cannot acquire enough or any acknowledgment in the current fake Orion science, which they intuitively know, they resort to gross exaggeration of their petty achievements in science and “turn a mosquito into an elephant” to quote a Bulgarian saying in order to create their own scientific niche where they feel comfortable and great. This is what all the Kaufmans of this world always do, whereas “Kaufman” in German means a “businessman”; and they do it particularly blatantly especially if they are of Jewish origin. I have no explanation why as I do not believe in genetically inherited human traits, and leave it to my readers to find out why.

Here is what I wrote to Andrew Kaufman on July 16 after he sent me an invitation to a seminar discussing the fact that there are no viruses in nature:

“Dear Dr. Andrew Kaufman,

I am glad that you have the courage to represent scientific truths. I fully agree with you that there are no viruses in nature and thus they cannot be contagious pathogens. I have proved this in several articles, as in this review article:

These articles are based on the General Theory of Biological Regulation of the Universal Law, which I discovered, and which is the only coherent theory of medicine and bio-science in the world:

This theory is in turn based on the new physical and mathematical theory of  the Universal Law, which exposes current physics as fake science:

Furthermore, I clarify the gnostic, transcendental dimension of human existence, which goes far beyond the current scientific and daily worldview of most people.

I will be very happy to hear from you.

With best collegial regards

Dr. Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, MD”

As expected these people are so busy accumulating some sort of cheap fame that they have no time to respond to a peer colleague and engage in a serious scientific discussion. I did not receive an answer from him.

However, yesterday I received another invitation from him inviting me again to an event that glorifies his “new paradigm shift”. I decided to release a shot across the bow:

“Dear Andrew,

there is only one real paradigm and this is the new Theory of Sciences of the Universal Law as presented one more time in my recent article.

Everything else is waste of time and I made you aware of that some time ago. The fact that you haven’t established contact with me and were not ready to enter a theoretical discussion with me disqualifies you as a true scientist and a thinker. 

Please cancel me from your emailing list.

Dr. med. Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, MD”

Surprisingly I received a response from his office clerk which shows that some secretaries of notorious people are more intelligent than their bosses, which is already a sign of hope.

“Hi Georgi,

How does the mathematical theory and the materialistic reality converge? What is the main principle of the Universal Law?

I am familiar with Natural Law, the spiritual, Law of the universe.  Have you heard of this?

I don’t think Andy gets to read every message sent here, this is the general mailbox.

There is an unsubscribe button on the newsletter if you wish to go.

Kind regards,


I was more than glad to answer Leiha’s questions:

“Dear Leiha,

I will answer your questions in the text below:

How does the mathematical theory and the materialistic reality converge? What is the main principle of the Universal Law?

When you read volume II on physics and mathematics and in particular when you study and understand the new Axiomatics of the Universal Law, then you will find all the answers to your very important question:

I am familiar with Natural Law, the spiritual, Law of the universe.  Have you heard of this?

All these laws reflect the current human confusion coming from the ubiquitous ignorance of humanity as to the existence of only one law of nature:

I don’t think Andy gets to read every message sent here, this is the general mailbox.

When scientists get lost in science, they also lose their time for meaningful activities. That is why they never progress or learn anything new. 

With love and light


This is a pending story but I hope you get the point.

There is no other scientist or thinker on this earth except me that will survive the upcoming shift which will be in the first place a paradigm shift in human awareness, however not the one the businessman Kaufman has usurped for himself but the paradigm shift of the Universal Law as it comes directly from the Source.

And why this is so important, I will illustrate with my response to another reader of my website whom I advised the other day, so that we can have simultaneously a new energy report of the PAT:

“Hello, Mr. Stankov,

Have you addressed (in English) the practice of communicating with one’s Higher Self? I’ve searched for the term “Higher Self” in your publications/writings but don’t see it.

Thank you,
Glenn Miller”


“Dear Glenn,

The term “Higher Self, HS” is for me another summary expression for the soul, the soul family, soul monad, and all the spiritual guides that reach the incarnated personality through the soul as there is no other way to communicate with higher dimensional beings as a limited human being. Another usual and correct term is “I AM Presence”. I have written a lot about it and you can use the search function and find out. 

Essentially, there are no binding rules and methods on how to have direct and open access to the HS and in this indefinite area, there are many new age charlatans who make you believe they can teach you that. While they themselves have no open and clear contact to their HS as one can easily conclude by reading the exclusive crap these people generate and publish, they contribute to the overall confusion of mankind, that peaks these final days with almost criminal energy.

For me, the only true approach to clear dialogue and communication with the HS is to clarify one’s own thinking – abstract and daily. And the only available method to do that is to understand and apply the new Axiomatics of the Universal Law in all areas of human thinking. When this intellectual achievement is accomplished, the soul which is pure Logic as an emanation of the Logos, can easily reach the human mind and transmit further valuable information. I stress the adjective “valuable’ as almost all channeled messages one can find and read on the internet are anything but valuable information, which one would easily access on its own to a much better extent and depth in personal knowledge without being explicitly channeled but simply reading and internalizing the 18 books and more than 3 500 articles which I have written on all major areas of human knowledge and thinking so far. 

In addition, one should be very attentive to the inner voice of the soul 24 hours a day and this can only happen if the person is free of fear. The latter process is part of the LBP, and about the LBP I have written a lot.

I hope that I have outlined here for you understandably the basic prerequisites one needs to fulfill to establish clear and rewarding communication with his HS = soul and then apply this true knowledge to daily life and more abstract areas of thinking, such as science and philosophy. Ultimately, this is what the LBP is all about and the final goal is ascension.

With love and light


Therefore, dear Bryan, begin immediately with the serious study of the new Axiomatics of the UL and then start applying it to this reality as well as to the ascending reality you will soon experience and forget about all the false prophets that had to appear in the current End Times as an esoteric manifestation of the ubiquitous human confusion about who we really are before the Shift will sweep them into Nirvana.

With light and love


PS; As a confirmation of my statement that the PAT makes similar experiences with their HS on major ascension events, please read what the PAT member Marie Housel from Hawaii has just written to me with regard to my latest post and energetic forecast, namely that I expect the countdown to ascension to strike zero around the 10.10 portal:

“I wanted to tell you that this morning when I was waking up I knew I was receiving messages and, ironically, I saw a clock with the hands at 10:10.  I, too, thought it might mean 10 October.  Later your post came in with the date 10 October as a possible time for the Shift, and it felt like a great synchronicity.  Fingers crossed.”

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