How Far is the Countdown to Ascension?

The Importance of Italy and Germany in the Ascension Process

Alex Eiberger and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, September 23, 2021

Dear Georg,

how are you?

The vibrations are so high right now, I think it’s a miracle every day how we get through it. When the sun is shining, I feel like I can sense the energies vibrating directly on my skin. On Sunday and Monday, I had the feeling that on these days the intensity was increased again, for me these energies had very liberating effects, especially in relation to my sixth chakra.

I would like to tell you that for a few days I have been visiting the cities of light in my dreams and I often have the feeling, when I look at the clouds at the moment, that these could be the cities of light and they are beginning to manifest.

Can that be? How do you see this?

All love



Dear Alex,

Everything you report is correct. On September 10, I woke up with a clear message in my head: “Germany will be the new giant in the future.” The sentence was given to me in German.

On that day we went to the mountains (the Maritime Alps in Liguria, Italy) and were given the occasion to solve the final massive separation of timelines, which also led to an ascension leap in the next 2 days. You sensed that too. Afterward, however, we descended again as if on a rollercoaster ride, as Pallas Athene told us so that we could take as many timelines as possible with us to Ascension.

The Shift can come any day, triggered by our Ascension. I received a private message from Pallas Athena the other day, which I am sending to you below, for I do not plan to publish it for now. We are in the countdown for ascension now. Therefore, we have to be patient for a little while, but it is actually a done deal and we are victorious.

All love



Dear Georg,

you wrote to me in your last message that Germany will be the new giant. I can hardly imagine that at the moment, but I’m very curious about it. Do you already know more about it? I have the feeling that if Germany is going to play such an important role in the future, that this week and the next one or two weeks can be very groundbreaking because the federal election is on Sunday. I can well imagine that it will be very chaotic after the election because my feeling is that many parties could get similar shares of the vote and therefore there could be chaotic coalition negotiations. How do you see it?

After you sent me the message in your last email in which Pallas Athena mentioned that the countdown has started, I always see a number when I connect to the “countdown”. Immediately after I read the message, I saw an “8”, then a “7” and since 2 days a “6”. Have you felt something similar?

I have to express my great gratitude to you, I have noticed that since we had contact for the first time in March and ever since I have made a great leap in my consciousness and spiritual development. I have the feeling that this also has to do with our direct contact.

For that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

All my love



Dear Alex,

I can also hardly imagine how Italy will be the Alpha and Omega of the Ascension, as the Elohim assured us when I see how the people behave here, and this also applies to Germany. But we should look at the future detached from the current very depressing situation. I don’t care about the German elections because firstly, they are rigged, they have always been rigged and there is no control, and secondly, because all parties are ultimately corrupt and compliant and only carry out the policies of the dark cabal. I, therefore, do not expect any impetus from German politics and believe that the entire state structure of Germany must be abolished.

My confidence about Germany and Italy comes from the fact that I have built two great cities of light in both countries which will manifest with the Shift, and from there the new earth will unfold. Both countries form a corridor from South to North and it will then radiate to the East and West of Europe. Both peoples are currently enslaved by the victorious powers (in WW2) and are not sovereign. They must first free themselves and then develop their creative potential.

But I also see a leading role for England recently, because the people there are waking up very quickly and fighting for their freedom. London will be the springboard for the dissemination of the Universal Law and there are good reasons for this which I do not want to discuss now.

When I published the latest message of Pallas Athena on the night of September 20, I went to bed and meditated. I suddenly had a clear vision of a hand/wrist with a wristwatch. The hour hand was almost at 12 and the minute hand was at 9. I was shown that this watch represented the countdown and that we were in the last quarter of the countdown to Ascension. The vision was very clear and lasted more than 10-15 seconds, so there was no ambiguity. Afterwards, I was enveloped by the most beautiful, gentle and caressing energies as if my body was in a spa and I was lulled into a soothing, healing dream. I slept until 7 am and woke up in good shape.

So your perception is on trend with what I’m witnessing too. The Equinox energies are very strong and they have to develop fully, so I am counting the whole month for it. Then we shall start preparing for the portal 10.10. (the 10th of October), which has always been very powerful in the last years. I expect the Shift to happen around this time, as we need at least 2 months for the people to assimilate this event and decide where to go.

Then in December, the karmic councils will gather once again, as Pallas Athena announced, and at the end of the year the final separation of the two worlds and populations – the ascending earth with the light cities and the collapsing 3D matrix with the dark portion of the world’s population – will take place. After the shift, they will exist together for a short time to give the people a chance to decide where they want to go in this incarnation and in the future. I have already written about this.

However, as the shift will be bigger and more transformative than initially expected because we (the PAT) are so successful, the transition period will be shortened and the months of October, November and December will be sufficient to fully implement most of the changes so that we can start with a clean slate in 2022.

I recommend you to read again carefully my article on the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain in order to fully internalise the dynamics in the historical time axis and, multiplied by a factor of 1000, to apply it to 2021.

The Fall of the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain in November 1989 – a Template For the Collapse of the Old 3D Reality

All love


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