Endtime Observations and Experiences

Fulya Kılınçarslan and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, August 20, 2021


In fact, I intended to write this essay earlier (after the wildfires in Turkey) but strangely enough, something always kept me from doing it. My own personal tragedies aside, the main purpose of this article is to highlight the interconnectedness of two or even three current key issues that seem to be different from each other at first sight. These are all things you know, but I wanted to share with you some of my recent observations and experiences with the thought that maybe I can bring about a different perspective into the current Endtime that is characterized by mass confusion.

I sent the essay as an email to George and he immediately decided to publish it as it addresses major gnostic and existential topics that, according to his opinion, will dominate the public discussion in the days ahead when the Shift happens. Therefore, he decided to add some of his ideas and experiences to this essay and we agreed to publish it as co-authors.

On Natural Laws Versus Human Revenge

In recent days, most people use the term “climate crisis” for natural calamities that seem to be more common in the last three years. Drought, wildfires, tornados, floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions… Well, what happened is that the earth decided to speed up the process of ascension by blowing past this crisis threshold that is determined by scientists to occur in a period of at least one hundred years. As a matter of fact, nothing happened (except ascension events pertaining to higher frequencies).

What we are facing is not a natural climate crisis caused by the subsequent effects of a natural process. Just as the current epidemic, these are fictive realities designed by overemphasizing the importance of external circumstances. External: meaning that something does not belong to itself – to its own nature or creation.

Climate crisis is quintessentially not a cycle of natural processes or part of this earth. The elite are trying to make us believe two consecutive arguments related to this point. The first one is: What leads to a climate crisis is individual choices and preferences. The second one is: the absolute culprit of natural disasters is humanity because of its very existence.

Is that so?

No, I think definitely not, because if one reflects sufficiently on these two arguments, it is easy to perceive that the former one is almost the same as Karma and the latter one is the same as Atonement (redemption for original sin).

Just as according to many people who believe in Karma but do not reflect even for a second on what Karma really is, their present life is a consequence of their past. For instance, a person who preferably uses plastic bottles instead of glass bottles believes that the suggested climate crisis is a consequence of his/her preferred consumption. This person cannot, or does not want to see all the facts, such as: In contrast to the millions of people who have no access to drinking water all over the world, there are hundreds of thousands of hectares of golf courses that are irrigated every day and waste more water for this irrelevant hobby than what all thirsty people need worldwide. Many of these golf courses exist in arid regions in the third world as tourist attractions and take the water away from the poor people there. Thus, the more comprehensive and important problems become invisible in the minds of modern men who are lost in their subjective individuality that limits their worldview.

For instance, a person who pretends to act environmentally conscientious in the supermarket and prefers to buy a glass bottle instead of a plastic bottle may end up at the golf club. In this way, he contributes more to the waste of drinking water and natural resources than he has allegedly saved through his pro-environmental consumption in the supermarket for which he is so proud of. This inconsequential behaviour is typical for all humans and that is why this race cannot really evolve under the current circumstances.

This behaviour is indistinguishable from the mentality of all the new age gurus and self-proclaimed healers, who think that they are so enlightened and have the right to claim that their only vocation in this life is to guide others as inferior beings and heal their emotional, mental and physical deficiencies.

While doing so, they only harm the people’s health and infringe upon their ascension aspirations in total ignorance of the complexity of the regulation of biological matter by the human souls; ultimately they only follow their greed and appease their pecuniary fears.

These are all expressions of the god-like-syndrome of the dark ruling cabal – the darkest ego manifestation of their utmost energetic separation from the soul and the Source – with which they justify the total enslavement of humanity as we see it in the current lockdown and which they also impose under false environmental considerations.

This dark mentality has been unconsciously adopted by all the new age gurus and healers since their original infestation in Atlantis where they, as deranged incarnated personalities of modest mediality, were responsible for the destruction of this civilisation. They are continuing with this despicable dark tendency to the present day. The current new age movement is the crucible for these compromised, however, medially somewhat gifted souls who represent the dark Atlantean heritage of betrayal and treason and find pride in channelling dark astral sources or faking such sources on many occasions.

Then we have the religiously tainted people; those who believe that Nature is taking revenge on humanity in the current “climate crisis”. Isn’t the suffering of humanity caused by original sins of which they were not even aware of, as Christian pastors preach to the masses for 2000 years? Now, according to the dark ruling cabal that also invented all mass religions, Nature embodies the atonement of Christian theology – the reconciliation of God and mankind through the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. This time by taking the lives of hundreds of thousands of living beings because of what was done to Nature as a revengeful substitute for God.

Thus modern environmentalism with its inhuman ideas and savage recommendations is the maximal exaggeration of the contempt of the ruling cabal for human life – for Life in all forms. Was humanity redeemed by the sacrifice of only one Son of Man in Christianity and now the entire humanity must be exterminated in a global genocide to redeem Nature? This is the ultimate perversion of the dark mentality of the Powers That Were (PTW) whose aim has always been the prevention of the Ascension of this planet and humanity – the revival of its beautiful, abundant and unlimited Nature as an integral part of All-That-Is and the recognition that humans are the true creators of this Nature at the soul level.

The PTW and their human stooges in politics and science are simplifying Nature, just as they have done with the concept of a humanized God in all mass religions. In this way, they are alienating their Selves from Nature, and by default, from their souls by attributing their own negative qualities to it.

It should be pointed out that the word “revenge”, which is constantly used by “environmental romanticists” especially in the new age, creates such an agitated mood in their mental fields that the aura one can see around such people who subscribe to these rotten ideas is almost as dark as that of Christian enthusiasts of Atonement who are lost in the false saga of Jesus being crucified for the redemption of all of humanity’s sins.

The Laws of Nature are not intended to punish anybody contrary to the social laws created and executed by man. The Laws of Nature – actually there is only one Law and it is called the Universal Law – do not command man to do this or that. They are neutral as they depart from the Primary Term of Human Consciousness or of any sentient Awareness in All-That-Is and thus build the foundation for all correct human ideas as U-sets of the Primary Term as Dr. Georgi Alexandrov  Stankov has proved unequivocally in the new Physical and Mathematical Axiomatics of the Universal Law.

U-sets are mental ideas, concepts that always contain themselves and the Whole = the Primary Term as an element.

Therefore, there can be no such thing as human obedience to ill-understood forces of Nature as the current fake environmental ideology of the failing ruling cabal try to impose on humanity. This is what humanity will realize very soon after the impending Shift will bring the new Earth in the course of this year.

Unfortunately, the human spirit can be easily broken by wrong ideas such as the current rabid agnostic environmentalism or the fake coronavirus epidemic and subsequent global lockdown based on false science. Fortunately, when humans are broken and mistreat Nature as an environment and subject their bodies (as organic Nature) to toxic vaccinations out of fear of a non-existent virus, Nature does not revenge itself as to be redeemed but contributes to the evolution of all human ideas by changing its face. The expected massive terra-forming events during the upcoming Shift will obliterate all false human ideas with the calculated power of natural catastrophes as Pallas Athene has recently heralded in her powerful message.

These natural catastrophes, which have nothing to do with environmental pollution but more so with the dark pollution in the collective thinking of this enslaved human race, will not affect the ascending portion of humanity. Because no entity existing at higher dimensional divine frequencies will ever self-destruct. In fact, all humans who are now vibrating with upper 4D frequencies will ascend at some point in time after the Shift and will acquire the immortality of their bodies. The human personality has always been immortal.

Human extermination, as currently attempted by the dark ruling cabal on the entire humanity, is an action that is typical for very dark beings who cannot generate their own energy of creation and feed off humanity’s energy for their own survival using the energy released during the annihilation of human lives. This explains all the wars the ruling cabal has unleashed throughout human history and which will now end once and for all after the Empire of Evil, the USA, lost in the most shameful manner the longest war in the modern history of mankind which started 20 years ago in Afghanistan, the graveyard of all vain empires.

Nature, on the other hand, can generate incessantly its own energy and provide for its renewal because it is an integral part of All-That-Is and thus intelligent energy. Nature is definitely much more intelligent than the petty derailed minds of the dark political elite and their scientific stooges who promote the current dark ideas of false environmentalism that negates the ubiquitous Creation and re-Creation of Nature and All-That-Is as it needs an unripe puberty girl with a manipulated mind as the spokeswoman of their dark agenda.

On the Conception of Negative Entities and Energy Swindlers

It is true that according to its own natural laws the physical Earth we experience has become a planet that is very difficult to live on and endure day by day. Humanity, being an integral part of this material reality, does not seem to evolve expediently to the new reality of the ascended Earth we expect to come any time from now on. While dwelling in a physical body, our soul as an I AM Presence or higher consciousness, reflects the properties of the higher dimensions within the incarnated human personality.

Therefore, it is important to remember that there is no principle difference between the material reality of this Earth and the higher frequency multidimensional realities of our souls. They are only different forms of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Since the Earth exists on infinite timelines and not as a solitary physical planet, as current materialistic and deterministic science makes us believe, any gnostically awakened person should be aware of the fact that we as humans experience at every moment in the Now one holographic reality out of millions of such realities/timelines. We change with our thoughts and emotions these timelines/realities constantly in a fluid manner.

What we experience as human evolution in the historical time axis is the constant move to new timelines as snapshots, whose sequence creates the illusion of linear time. (Universal Law; There are so many articles which were written by George on these subjects that I believe that anyone who really wants to learn and think can devote their time to reading these valuable publications instead of chasing absurd channellings…)

Within this illusory reality, there are many environmental misconceptions that are all based on the false materialistic understanding of what a planet is from a phenomenological point of view. All of these false environmental doctrines are products of men’s gnostic ignorance regarding the scientific and spiritual aspects of what Nature, respectively All-That-Is truly is, and are vastly influenced by cultural traditions that vary from country to country.

The more agnostic the civilisation, the wronger the ideas. The Western civilisation in Europe, America and Australia as it has evolved after the Industrial revolution in the 19th century is entirely materialistic, empirical and deterministic as its science is. This has prevented the true understanding of Nature and the multidimensional reality of this Earth because modern science excludes the vital force of the soul and the higher realms as the creator of this holographic reality where the Earth and Nature are mere holographic backdrops.

Many Asian cultures have more realistic spiritual views on this topic but have been recently overwhelmed by the dominance of the western style of life and rigid thinking and cannot contribute to a more critical discussion to unveil the profound illusory ideas that build the edifice of rabid modern environmentalism.

The confusion around the postulated “climate crisis”  is thus as profound and almost impossible to unravel as in the current obsolete discussions on the fake coronavirus pandemic. The only way to solve these issues in an enlightened manner is to “Cut through the BS”  – i.e. to apply the CBS-method as Alexander the Great did when he simply cut the Gordian knot with his sword. In order to solve the current pandemic of fear and stop the toxic vaccinations, one should simply realize that there are no viruses in Nature. It is all made up by the ruling cabal to enslave humanity in the Endtime and prevent the Ascension.

In fact, the dark ruling cabal and their stooges in science and medicine cannot provide a single material proof for the existence of COVID as recent legal cases have convincingly revealed. This is the only way to radically eradicate the current collective madness.

The same is true for the current rabid environmentalism that paints the mortal dangers of a climate crisis on the wall, just as the elite and their paid specialists fabricate the alleged danger of a deadly and non-existent virus. They are simply exploiting the fears of humanity to create low-vibrating timelines of doom and gloom where their worst-case scenarios about the Earth may indeed happen if sufficient humans believe in them.

Therefore, all enlightened humans should simply discard these rogue versions of our reality and focus on the splendid future that awaits the ascended portion of humanity after the Shift and the Ascension of a few selected light warriors as the future spiritual teachers of the people. This most favourable ascension scenario has been extensively discussed by George in his articles and energy reports.

It is not difficult to understand that humanity swims in a cesspool of false, dark ideas about virtually anything and everything and why it is so easy to promote such dark concepts also in the tiny new age community which is considered to be the spiritual spearhead of mankind and its future leaders.

As an example I (Fulya) would like to mention a yoga retreat which I personally attended; on the last day of the retreat, the instructor recommended t0 about thirty people to do kundalini yoga but did not say that the practice was kundalini. It was my luck that I started yoga with kundalini twelve years ago and it takes years to digest the effects it causes, both physically, mentally and spiritually. And if you make the person practice kundalini yoga without informing him about it the result will be a disaster. Almost more than half of those who attended the retreat that night had nightmares, three or five people claimed to have been raped while others said they saw murderers walking around. Now, shall we call it a negative entity attack, or is it a mechanism set in motion by harvesting the energy of dozens of people?

Whatever name you give, the important thing here is the consent of the person. In this particular case, the consent was acquired by the instructor by concealing the truth while pretending that he was teaching Hatha yoga. Every deception which a human being accepts as truth is a blank check for dark entities to enter his/her life and usurp the will of the personality.

Why was I not affected? Because I knew what was going on, I knew the possible consequences and did not allow any negative results to occur. But the others didn’t. I have friends who have been on mental therapy for three years just because of what happened that night.

So when I talk about “negative entities” what is actually meant is not demons or strange-looking creatures or dark shadows, although they also existed in the Earth’s astral plane before they were removed recently in the course of the planetary ascension. The concept of “negative entities” completely separated from the incarnated human personality has become very popular in the new age “love and light illusion” that is entirely based on the unprocessed fears of virtually all lightworkers. It is no different from the primitive concept of “jinn” in the Islamic culture for hundreds of years.

The illusory idea that lightworkers are of the light and the dark ones are separate external entities is very convenient as it does not rock the boat. How about reflecting on the obvious truth that all alleged gurus and healers harbour so much darkness in form of false ideas, which they have never bothered to process, that all healings, meditations and other teachings they offer for a lot of money to the awakening newcomers are in fact subversive means of propagation and penetration of the very darkness they pretend to eliminate.

In reality, the darkness is within all humans – it is the darkness of their unprocessed ideas which they have adopted from the former masters – the PTW from the Orion/Reptilian empire and further propagated by their human stooges, the dark political and scientific elite, in all spheres of human thinking as this has been discussed above with respect to the false environmentalism and the current coronavirus scamdemic.

One cannot combat effectively dark entities and interventions unless one has cleared all his wrong ideas about all aspects of life because any wrong idea with respect to the true Nature of All-That-Is is automatically dark and attracts even more darkness. It is fair to say that when this criterion is applied to the tiny community of the new agers, there is virtually not a single person who qualifies as an entirely light-filled personality and is thus entitled to teach or heal other people.

This leads to the question of how to deal with the ubiquitous darkness on this planet. You cannot avoid the darkness and all the dark entities the earth harbours. All teachings that promise methods how to do that are thus fraudulent and only perpetuate this same darkness.

From this elaboration, we come to another aspect that is the least understood among lightworkers. The higher your vibrations are and the clearer your personal fields from darkness, the more you are attacked by dark entities who try to sponge on your vital energies or simply destroy you as their enemy. Essentially, this is the destiny of the PAT, and this group of light warriors, exclusively combatting dark entities, consists of the most evolved human beings on this planet. The good news is that the more fearless a light warrior you are and the more resolutely you use your lightsaber and powerful energies, the easier you can eliminate all dark entities from your fields that will constantly attack you throughout your lifetime.

Unfortunately, many lightworkers when being suddenly confronted with dark entities and interferences are so much shocked because they believe that they have been divinely protected from such negative influences and do not need to do anything to protect themselves or stay alert all the time to such attacks. In this shocking experience, they forget that they are sovereign creator beings and even ascended masters in spe and instead run to other gurus, healers and experts-exorcists and ask them for help. Such behaviour only shows how far away most new agers are from a truthful understanding of the evil nature of all dark entities. Were it otherwise, humanity would not be in the current dire situation but would have ascended a long time ago.

And from here we move seamlessly to our next topic that is closely related to our previous discussion.

On Channelling and the Collective

The new age thrives almost entirely on channellings from higher dimensional sources under the unverified assumption that these sources represent the higher truth which a mortal human being cannot directly access. This is the fruitful soil for extreme vanity and unduly high esteem, which is the most common basic fear among lightworkers.

You cannot find anywhere a single attempt to be seen on how to develop clear scientific, gnostic and intellectual ideas. How to discern all dark ideas of humanity that have created this holographic matrix in the first place and how to replace these ideas with truthful ideas based on sound gnostic spiritual principles. The intellectual search for valid truths is virtually non-existent in this tiny community of “enlightened” but otherwise very poorly educated people that are meant to lead humanity to the new ascended Earth, so that one wonders how this would practically happen. George makes a notable exception in this respect and that is why his claim to be the new spiritual world teacher should be taken earnestly as there is nobody else in sight to fill in this mission.

A cursory search of the channelled literature on the Internet quickly reveals that the overwhelming majority of the channelling texts are entirely dark, their content is repetitive, redundant, irrelevant, and evidently false. There are many channellings that are being faked by the authors to make them seem important. While the number of people who pretend to channel has skyrocketed in the recent days of mass awakenings, their quality has reached rock bottom. The ignorance and pretentiousness of these channellers is breathtaking. Their information and enlightenment value has reached asymptotically the zero point.

And yet we still need a few credible channellings these days that give us some more information, but mostly confirmation of what we know with regard to the Shift and the Ascension. Pallas Athene channelled by Gabriele from Germany is one such source and they both cooperate closely with George who also observes the correctness and validity of these channellings, as he has done this for years with the Elohim channellings.

Below I (Fulya) will describe what I personally experienced recently.

About two weeks ago, more than a hundred fires started simultaneously in southern Turkey. Thousands of trees, thousands of animals were annihilated. The difference of these fires to those that started in America or Europe is that here the people were left alone to fight for their survival. You can’t prevent the spread of flames that are tens of meters high by throwing soil with your hands or with water you fill up in plastic bottles.

I think it was the third or fourth day of the fires; I tried to contact Andromeda or other beings, as I always do, to ask for help. All I saw was a dark void. It was as if there was an invisible wall between my mind and everything outside the reality I was in and I was bumping into it. For the first time in my life, I was truly afraid of being “alone”. Despair, worry, anxiety, the pain of thousands of souls. That’s when I realised that millions of people have been constantly feeling this helplessness, fear and loneliness throughout their lives. Because as long as I have known myself, I have always had contact with the universal consciousness in one way or another and I have always trusted. But what happened now and why couldn’t I get in touch with the higher realms this time?

Just then, Patrick (Amoroso) contacted me. I briefly told him what had happened, and with his help, I was able to contact Andromeda the very next day. And I realised that there is indeed an electromagnetic network over the country that prevents the people from reaching the universal mind. I didn’t stay in touch with Andromeda for long, but again with Patrick’s help, I got in touch with the GF for the first time. The first question I asked was: Don’t you hear the people’s call? No, they didn’t. Of course, I say “hear” because I can’t express it otherwise, but in fact, people’s intentions and desires did not reach the frequency level where they were, because no matter how pure and well-intentioned the person was, the electromagnetic network over the country was preventing this communication. With the help of Patrick, the GF and Andromeda, an energy channel was opened so that the intentions and desires of the people in the wildfire zones could reach them by overcoming the electromagnetic network I mentioned. In fact, all I did was to try keeping that energy channel open as much as I could.

That’s when I saw the real miracle, and after a short while, strangely, whatever the people needed started to happen. Planes were sent one after the other from abroad, aid convoys departing from all over the country, thousands of personnel from hundreds of municipalities arrived in the fire areas in one day. Then the strangest thing happened, the military and security forces joined the fire fighting at the will of the people, despite all the obstacles coming from the state.

A massive fire broke out in Greece the next day. I was returning to Istanbul, and my intention was to try to open the same energy channel for Greece the next morning, but when I got home my cat got sick, we tried to heal it for days and then I got the flu. The story is just that. I had the flu for the first time in a long time and it took a long time to recover. The only reason for this was I had overused my own energy to keep that channel open. But everything that I call a miracle was made real by the people, by their collective intention and desire for the whole good. (The flu also does not exist, it is an acute episode of releasing density and raising the frequencies of the physical body that manifests as broncho-pneumonitis. N.B. George)

The important thing is, why was I blocked by that electromagnetic net this time? Because I probably wouldn’t have been able to get in touch with the HR for much longer if Patrick hadn’t sent a message and immediately relayed my situation to the interstellar beings to assist me. The answer to this question may also be the answer to why some people, despite their best intentions, are unable to contact interstellar beings.

The only reason I hit the electromagnetic net I was talking about is the negative information flow I exposed myself to during the fires. I’m not normally a social media person, but when the wildfires started, I constantly followed the news, watched videos and of course, I was agitated and allowed the collective consciousness to penetrate directly into my own consciousness. Therefore, can I call it a negative entity attack? Can I say that negative entities have hindered me? This was what I really thought about and I think I even shared this with Patrick. But when I thought about it later, I realised that I was the one who exposed myself to it. In fact, I can say that I have fallen, from a higher level of consciousness to a much lower level of despair, pain and fear caused by the social media.

As a result, I witnessed firsthand what the power of the collective can do if they can reach where their intentions and desires need to reach. Unfortunately, the same applies to negative events.

The world never changes because most of humanity don’t really believe that it can change. Even if they do, they don’t know that for this to happen, first of all, they need to get rid of the heavy electromagnetic networks in the regions they live in. These networks are so simple that if one learns to protect one’s own consciousness from the negativity of the collective consciousness these networks disappear, because what makes those networks possible is nothing else but the collective consciousness itself and its own energy-fed structures such as the state, authority, religion, war or the devil, demon, negative entity.

I guess that’s it for now…

(I have a somewhat different interpretation of the experiences which Fulya describes here, but with the same result. I do not believe that there are electromagnetic nets installed by the dark ones over certain countries that prevent the communication with the higher realms or that the GF does not know what is happening on the ground because of that. Rather, as soon as more people began to wish for a quick resolution of the fires in Turkey and act accordingly, humanity moved to higher timelines where also the communication with the higher realms became easier. Indeed, we made some massive ascension leaps during this month of August as we are now in the last phase of the Ascension process and the Shift can happen on any day from now on.

The desperation of the ego minds in a big crisis opens the people to their souls and they experience major breakthroughs. But first, the desperation and depression must reach peak levels. This is how the soul catharsis operates through opening the threefold flame of life, the seat of the soul in the human body. I think that Fulya has described very well how the hearts and the minds of the Turkish people and all those who helped them from abroad were opened in this fire crisis and how this opening and activation of the threefold flame changed the reality for the better.

This is the evolutionary pattern we now observe worldwide – the worse it gets for the people with the lockdown and the increase in natural catastrophes, the quicker the people open to the true realities of their souls and the quicker they raise their frequencies and move forward in the Ascension process. This is how Ascension has always happened as extensively reported on this website and we are now in the final phase. I am happy that Fulya has sent me this presentation as it touches upon vital issues and developments that will dominate the public discussion in the days ahead when the Shift will happen and I will ascend and begin with my true mission. – George)


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