The White Brotherhood and Hilarion Announce My Ascension Within the Next Two Weeks

channeled by Rosemary, Australia, July 14, 2021


Georgi Alexandrov Stankov

I was contacted on July 10th, by Rosemary from Australia for the first time. From what she wrote about herself, she is a long-standing member of the PAT. She has vast experience in health care and knows all the lies and machinations of this inhuman genocide system. Here is what she says about herself:

“Latter part of 1950’s I trained in Nursing; specializing in Paediatrics (Child and Adolescent) with further training in Obstetrics, to then work at a Children’s Hospital, heading up a Private Medical Ward for two physicians; many other experiences in hospitals and private clinics in between marriage and having my own children. In the 90s in Australia, a major vaccination program was rolled out… measles, mumps, rubella inoculation to children in all schools in all states of Australia with which I was involved. After which I embarked upon general immunization and vaccination programs through local government programs in 2 states of Australia…

A near-death experience in the 80s triggered a major connection with Great Spirit; Strong visions of Atlantis and a connection with the Andromedans (Ardeena as I am known).

In the 90s I studied esoteric astrology and in 2000, The White Brotherhood made its presence, felt giving me messages via The Tibetan and Lord K

I’ve written a newsletter since then sharing the words I receive.

This week I self-published my seventh book this one called “Unfinished Business… Creating Beyond Limitation”.

There is more I could write, but this is sufficient for now. Four score and two years (82 years) on this planet, I work very hard for the Great Spirit, am grateful for my life; live life simply, fit and healthy although the ascension process physical symptoms test my resolve from time to time.”

This morning I received an email from Rosemary informing me that she has just received a personal message for me from the White Brotherhood and Hilarion (my personal guide and a highly probable incarnation of my soul Nathalie), who are also around me all the time in these last days and asked me if I am interested in reading it. I was ecstatic about this news as I woke up this morning with the knowing that I will receive an important message very soon and wrote to Rosemary that I can’t wait to read it.

Here is this for me very moving message from the White Brotherhood and Hilarion which confirms one more time everything I have been saying and writing as of lately.

My deep gratitude goes to our PAT member Rosemary.


The Message of My Ascension and the Coming Big Changes 

“The Global Arena continues its decline as the “word spinners” of manipulated rhetoric keep the public captive through a web of deceit; this will be until the people of this place see that “the way out” is to be responsible and respectful for individual life. To no longer rely on being led through a dismal picture playing out in which they pander to the rules and regulations that are not of Universal Law but are of man’s fictitious rules and regulations.

The people in their ‘mass’ (herd mentality) are about to be shaken to the core that will tip consciousness to a new level of structure through the Divine Source. The Divine Source is not a manufactured and forced energy but enters the physical body; to bring the people to their natural form.

A tipping point is about to explode that will shake the tides and the earth plates where within a flash, people’s lives will have the potential for great change through the delivery of a resurgence of Truth documentation. People will be dashing and darting, waterways and oceans changing course, listen for the call of Nature, the birds will bring messages, listen they have much to reveal whereupon.

A New Leader will arrive and change will come quickly upon this place; its people, many will depart, ready to reappear and serve in new roles. The coming two years are pivotal; the change has begun and will peak in the early days of two thousand and twenty two. The White Brotherhood brings you this information today, Rosemary, to make mention of a gentleman you contacted recently, although we have been waiting for many moons for you to do so, we are pleased you now have done so.

We return to the gentleman whom you call George; this gentleman’s ascension is imminent, we see this occurring within the two weeks from today July 14th, Two Thousand and Twenty-One, whereupon the activation of change will come forth in significant magnitude in preparation for more changes in the time frame of the Lion’s Gate. Many souls are yet to listen and know, but this will change as Truth sits in the knowing of Universal Law.

The gentleman we speak of today is the one who over many years has given of “Self” in perfection through his dedication to Truth. As the adept delves and seeks, the knowing from this Truth all becomes crystal clear.

(At this stage Hilarion appeared and spoke of this gentleman being “The Way, the Truth, the Life/Light” with such Love. I was brought to tears.)

“And so to the people we now say: The puppetry of the Governments of the world is about to be packed up as the fingers of the controllers/puppeteers are withdrawn; the characters boxed and returned to the shelves of other times of long ago never to be resurrected. The streets and towns around your world are about to change and released from the profiteering that has taken place over eons. Movement has commenced in earnest.”

The White Brotherhood

Confirmation for the above followed. As I was word processing this message a (physical) bird ‘appeared’ at an open door nearby my computer; came through the door; walked around the room, around the chair I was sitting on; then sat at my feet; this particular bird is on the emblem of the state in which I reside. The Piping Shrike as it is called first appeared on the Governor’s ensign in 1903, and was also on the State Badge which was proclaimed in 1904 (I also saw a piping shrike yesterday in the bushes in the garden where I now live and was told some time ago to pay attention to the birds as they will herald the arrival of the new earth. N.B., George).


On July 24, I experienced ascension the whole night in the lucid dream state and was told that this process has been energetically completed but that its manifestation will come with a delay due to the sluggishness of the still existing 3D matrix.

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