Ten-Year-Jubilee of the Website “Stankov’s Universal Law Press”

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, July 26, 2021


This month the website “Stankov’s Universal Law Press” celebrates its Ten-Year-Jubilee.

I must admit that I missed this pivotal date as I have now retreated in preparation for my imminent ascension which still has the probability potential of 50% to happen this month and almost 100% chance to occur in August. This is my personal estimation.

Fortunately, my webmaster Piotr who actualized my website yesterday made me aware of this fact in a very kind manner:

“Dear Georgi,

…In July your site turned 10 years old.

Congratulations “

It is surely no coincidence that “10” is my soul code number where my power lies. The fact that I will ascend after editing the website of the Universal Law and the PAT for 10 years is more than auspicious. The HR are perfect mathematicians and no matter how many delays we had to experience in the planetary ascension to reach the present culmination point, they always keep the immaculate numerology of all events.


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