Full Steam Ahead Towards the Shift

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, July 13, 2021


The clear message of Pallas Athene on July 7th marked a watershed in the planetary Ascension that will begin with the Shift to the upper 4D/lower 5D levels for all ascension candidates this year. Prior to that, I shall ascend and appear as the new world spiritual leader as I clearly stated in my energy report on July 9, and explained why.

In the meantime, I have been given further information based on my pivotal experience in the astral plane on the night of July 12. Let me put the pieces together for you so that you know how to navigate in these troubled waters in the coming days. The writing is on the wall but I doubt that most of you have properly understood it. Hence one more time my interpretation of the current energetic events that is inspired by my soul and my guides who are coaching me now very closely on the eve of my ascension.

As stressed in my previous articles, the message of Pallas Athene on July 7th contained very valuable encrypted information that was supposed to be revealed to us step by step in the coming days. When I wrote that I did not know what I would experience on the night of July 12th that lasted the whole day and has only receded somewhat today:

On July 12, humanity experienced the Day of the Last Judgement

It felt very much like descending into the Purgatory as I described in my nightly experience in the astral plane. What exactly happened on that day?

We know that we are in the last phase of the preparation for the Shift of the ascending humankind to the new Earth which will, in the beginning, intercept with this crumbling 3D matrix but will contain all the higher dimensional advantages and attributes that will fully blossom on the new 5D Earth. In order for the Shift to happen it was necessary to make a final evaluation of all the incarnated soul fragments and to separate all dark entities from the ascending timelines. This is what the Karmic Board for the Earth did together with the karmic boards from all over the multiverse when they convened on June 17th as the Universal Karmic Council (UKC) as announced by Pallas Athene at that time:

I have also told you that I am a member of the Karmic Council. At the moment all the members of the Karmic Council have their hands full because they are sorting out the wheat from the chaff as it was foretold in the Bible. Not everyone will be able to go along with this ascension. But I also want to tell you that no soul is lost. It just may not have taken advantage of this opportunity that would have been available to it in this life. More opportunities will come for them, even though it will take many ages and many lifetimes. But the divine spark never goes out.

Pallas Athene – How to Navigate Through the Turbulences of the Current Shift

Pallas Athene stressed this fact one more time in her latest message on July 7th:

“I am Pallas Athena and I would like to take you by the hand today to tell you news as we have perceived it in the Karmic Council. I said in the last video that the Karmic Council is currently in session and it has been three weeks since then and there is still another week to go. May I bring greetings from all the members of the Karmic Council.”

The convening of the UKC was necessary as Earth is the melting pot of souls from all over this universe who came on this planet to experience the maximal separation from the Source under the greatest possible density and find unity consciousness within the greatest diversity and antagonism of incarnated soul essence by ascending to 5D within this lifetime. This coup of ascension has never been done before in the entire universe and this is the personal project of my soul Nathalie as Elohim and Prime Creator of the Earth. That is why the UKC had to be summoned at this auspicious time and convene for such a long period of time, again Pallas Athene on this topic:

“You are going back into unity consciousness. Everything is prepared for that and so we say to you today from the Karmic Council: look forward to what is coming for it takes away the illusions.”

The UKS not only made the final decision about the destiny of all incarnated souls on all timelines of the Earth prior to the Shift but is also closely cooperating with the Spiritual Hierarchies of this universe, such as the White Brotherhood and the Melchizedek Order. The latter determine the optimal moment for the Shift and Ascension of Gaia and humanity as I have been discussing it for a very long time.

I am in close telepathic contact with these Spiritual Hierarchies, in which my soul Nathalie is a revered member as also Pallas Athene has confirmed in her personal message to me on May 9th when she announced my imminent ascension:

“You came here to accomplish the greatest thing of all time and you were always aware of the challenges it would bring. We admire your perseverance, your stamina and your dedication to your soul plan, which you have by far surpassed. You are so much appreciated on our levels and our love and also gratitude flow to you as a stream of energy ceaselessly.”

Therefore, it is cogent that one is well advised to establish contact to these Spiritual Hierarchies at this crucial moment and declare officially his most favourable ascension scenario and destiny as I did with my energy report on July 9. This is what Pallas Athene advised us to do on June 17th, and that is why I followed her advice so strictly under her close guidance:

You can always ask for our support, especially now that the Karmic Council is meeting with these new members from the Spiritual Hierarchy. You can contact the Karmic Council in the form of requests, petitions. What petitions may the spirit world grant you? Write them down, give them to us and ask for them, as we have said again and again, and you will receive. Ask that your abilities be unlocked. Ask for your tasks to be revealed now so that you can work according to your plan that is in your heart.

Then in her latest message, Pallas Athene confirmed one more time that the UKC will continue with its work for one more week ending tomorrow, July 14th. The actual separation of the “wheat from the chaff” actually happened on July 12th during the night as experienced first hand by myself and some more PAT members and is continuing today. This is the actual Judgement Day about which all religions, in particular Christianity, talk in utter ignorance with respect to the actual energetic situation during the current Shift for a very long time and thus only mire the minds of the people.

On the night of July 12, all soul fragments of incarnated dark entities, such as the ruling cabal and their stooges in the political hierarchy were removed from all ascending timelines.

I guess that about half of all the incarnated human souls were found to be dark and not able to ascend and were removed forever from the ascending timelines. Since yesterday, I do not feel much soul essence here in Italy and around the globe.

Yesterday, I went deliberately for a walk on the seaside and observed the many people on the crowded beach or walking along the sea promenade and I felt so lonely as the place was empty, just like during the winter months when I was the only stroller on the sea promenade.

It reminded me of the summer months in 2014 when we accomplished the first planetary ascension on May 28. After that I could not sense any soul essence throughout Canada and also in North America (the USA, I lived at that time only a few miles away from the US border) for a very long time. It was really scary and I had the same feeling yesterday when I was reminded by my soul Nathalie of my energetic experience 7 years ago. After all, the current Shift and the Ascension of the last batch of ascending timelines of Gaia, together with us as human beings, is a repetition of what we first experienced in 2014 and since then a few more times as the PAT.

Now I fully understood what Pallas Athene meant with her mentioning on July 7th that the UKC would convene for one more week until tomorrow, July 14th. She wanted to inform us in advance that the Last Judgement Day will happen around that time and that we should be prepared for it. Indeed, I received quite a few emails from PAT members that confirmed this very gruesome experience on the night of July 12th and were relieved to read on my blog what actually happened during that night.

Now we have entered the final phase prior to my ascension and the Shift that will follow in due time in the course of this year. All dark soul fragments have been removed from the Earth – from all ascending timelines on which we now dwell – so that we can now begin with the true revelations.

I expect the rapid influx of old souls as walk-ins on all ascending timelines and today I sense the arrival of the first ones. It will not take that long as in 2014 when we had a soulless landscape in North America until Christmas and St. Germain had to come to us at Christmas time and explained to us the arrival of new walk-ins in a sine-curve with constant ups and downs.

Humanity is now ready for the next step – my ascension together with my twin flame – and the beginning of the mission of our soul Nathalie as the new designated Logos God of Gaia and the new world spiritual teacher of humanity.

In the coming months, the new theory of the Universal Law will be globally introduced on this planet and will become the new scientific and gnostic foundation for the expanded, holistic world view of humanity within the unity field of the new ascended Earth after the Shift. Based on this new spiritual paradigm all revelations will unfold in an orderly manner, without any sensationalism and with a much deeper understanding of the true human nature as multidimensional beings. Humanity will begin with its eternal journey as an enlightened trans-galactic, trans-dimensional civilisation.

In the coming days, I will receive precise information when I shall ascend. This was already promised by Pallas Athene in her latest message:

Your path is now a very exciting path. That which is connected to Ascension as a whole can manifest at any time. Everything is prepared. So in these three weeks where we have been looking at these situations together in the Karmic Council, we have seen that it will not be long now. So we would like to say to you today: Prepare yourselves inwardly for it. And when that moment comes, it will be unmistakable to you. And then you will receive guidance. All parties are ready. Everything is prepared as we have said and it will manifest.

Essentially, this statement is a repetition of what she already told us in her previous message on June 17th, when the UKC began with its work on the Last Judgement of humanity:

It will continue with these powerful energies until the moment of shift manifests. Be prepared for it. We have said you will recognise this moment. Then it is important to come to the centre. We have already explained this to you. For you will perceive, see and feel things that will challenge you from one moment to the next. This moment is not far away, it can happen every day. And so align yourselves with it.”

As I said, the point in time of my ascension is here and now and it can happen any moment. My educated guess is that it will occur within the timeframe of Mid-July until Mid-August, during the Lion’s Gate, which is the most powerful annual portal.

However, the human ego guesses and the soul decides. My soul Nathalie is notorious for her absolute precision to make all fateful decisions one second after 12 when the situation has reached the trough value of utter desperation. In the current case, I am talking about humanity as I have never been emotionally more balanced and more detached and in inner peace than in the last several days, even though the energies are overwhelming and I do not feel human anymore. And rightly so!


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