Pallas Athena Heralds the Wave of Change

Gabriele Schmitz,  Juni 2, 2021

I am Pallas Athena and I greet you for the 6th time through this channel from the etheric realm above the island of Crete. Today is a very special day and my medium Gabriele has been feeling the excitement since yesterday when I told her that I would be doing another video with her today. It is always a special experience when the Spirit world speaks through you humans and so it has been my wish that we do this in the form of videos so that you can experience it live.

Our energies are powerful and also the words I am speaking now have a very special power. Some have felt it in the previous videos that my words have triggered something in them, that they have felt physical reactions, that they have felt that these words trigger something in them. And that is exactly the intention. My words are the trigger. And just as they trigger physical reactions in Gabriele, some of you will feel that when you watch this video. They carry my energy and they are meant to be triggers for each and every one of you who will watch this video.

My words are powerful and so do not be surprised if they trigger strong reactions. This is how it has always been at all times when we send our energies through people from the Spiritual Hierarchy. And so let these energies flow through you now. Follow my words and feel into yourselves. Feel the physical reactions, feel into your heart.

I have already said in the first video that I have a special task at this time and so my words will be triggers in small and large ways. And just as you can feel the energies that are being brought to you from the Central Sun, you can now feel the energies in my words. They are triggers. They can touch a person in such a way that they change their life.

That is exactly how it was with Michael (Schmitz). We have already said that Michael and Gabriele are ambassadors of the Great White Brotherhood and so the words of St. Germain 33 years ago triggered a complete change in his life. And I repeat it again: these words will trigger something. Feel into your heart, feel the wave of love that will flood through you. And this wave is not only felt by each individual in their heart, but this wave will go around the world and then you will know what I have been talking about.

You feel and see changes every day. You notice it in nature, you notice it in the birds, you notice it in the sunsets. The world is changing and you are changing with it. And so I advise you as I have done in every video: Look within. Where is change happening in you?

Every day is precious because it gives you opportunities. Opportunities to see the changes, to tune into them and to flow with them. Come into the energetic flow and I would like to remind you of that again today. Flow with the energies, don’t shut them out. Open your heart, open your crown chakra to receive these energies into your body. They change your bodies and this will make the ascension that is coming easier.

Observe your habits. What no longer suits you? What do you no longer want to eat? Change the rhythms of your body. Notice them and change them according to what you want.

Your bodies are very busy at the moment. They cannot follow the changes in your consciousness that are happening much faster. And so make it easy for your bodies.

Allow yourselves to rest, don’t let so much from the outside touch you. Go into nature. Have you noticed how green nature is at the moment? Green means healing and so seek out nature so that it can give you healing. Allow yourself to rest when your body demands it.

Give yourself time off from your media so that you can hear the quiet voice within you.

Nothing is more important to you than to listen to your inner voice now. It will guide you, lead you, take you further. For we have already announced it in the last video: You need inner guidance.

As a member of the Karmic Council, I know about the changes that are coming. And I would like to remind you once again through my words today to prepare yourselves. The changes are happening. And so these words can be the trigger for a wave that goes around the whole planet. You will feel it as a wave of love.

So as we have said repeatedly, align yourselves with your Threefold Flame. Anything is possible in the days ahead. And so be attentive observers. What do you perceive? What is trying to reach you? What is it telling you? And so flow with these things, feel into my words. They will be triggers, as I have said.

Anticipate this wave of change. Train yourselves to observe. And so this video shall once again be a reminder for you today. We have said it all before, yes! But the human being needs confirmation, needs repetition, needs practice. And that is exactly why I have spoken through Gabriele today.

Move in the flow, don’t hold on to anything. Embrace the changes that are coming your way with an open heart. Let your mind be your servant in the times to come, not your guide. Align with your heart, it will guide you through the coming time. And also, what I said in the last video, expect this time in great joy. Put a stop sign to fear. Your courage is needed now and so go forward courageously, go upwards. We of the Spiritual Hierarchy are by your side.

And so we offer you our hand today and we would like to lead you by our hand into the new dimension. Allow this guidance to be a blessing to you.

I have spoken, Pallas Athena, from the Temple of Truth above the island of Crete.


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