Lady Portia of the Karmic Council Speaks About Gaia’s Shift to 4D and the Ascension of a Few Selected Light Warriors

Michael Schmitz, 17 June, 2021

Sanat Kumara and Serapis Bey

Dear Georg,

I know from Gabriele that you are already waiting for a message from Lady PORTIA, the spokesperson from the KARMIC COUNCIL.

We are also THERE every night when our earthly vehicles sleep.

I woke up this morning and have already posted these words from my HS to several groups.

We all need to exercise a little PATIENCE! But THE SHIFT is already proceeding NOW at TOP SPEED for those who are “designated” and “open” to it!!!! There is no stopping the train! Those who are not already on it are in for some severe disappointments. WE ARE ALREADY in the “first row” and are allowed to show as “examples” for the others the WAY UP (or IN) in LOVE AND WISDOM.

Let us still enjoy each day “as a human being, as a man or a woman”, because our days in a human form are rapidly going towards their GOAL… But this YOU BOTH KNOW VERY WELL!

So here is today’s text:

Perhaps you have already felt it: today is a very powerful and meaningful day!!!!

This night I was allowed to participate spiritually in the Karmic Council. I was made CLEARLY AND DEEPLY aware of the importance of THANKING SANAT KUMARA, the “Cosmic CHRIST” and “Logos of Earth”, and His Cosmic Son SERAPIS BEY, the Keeper of the Ascension Temple and “Lord of the Seraphim” for your immeasurable service to this earth! Without the assistance of Sanat Kumara (Lord of Venus), Planet Earth would have long ceased to exist!

So, on behalf of all souls and Divine Sparks, I would like to thank Him and Serapis Bey with this photo from today. Out of gratitude and love, we should now also finally ignite our Threefold Heart Sparks to become CHRIST like JESUS!

According to the Divine Plan for this Earth, the veil that has separated this world and the beyond from each other for so long, almost insurmountably so to speak, is now gradually being removed more and more day by day!

Those who until today have TRUSTED IN GOD and have placed their whole life in the service of His Omnipresence, will see and experience the NEW HEAVEN AND THE NEW EARTH already in the foreseeable future.

YES, THE TIME HAS COME! The most beautiful prophetic announcements for the “end times” are becoming TRUE!

All longings and hopes in the hearts and souls of men will find their FULFILLMENT. Blessing upon blessing will be poured out upon you who have opened wide the doors of your hearts to the RECOVERY and can perceive THE LIGHT between the lines and words.

Even if there are only relatively “few”, the concentrated inner power, wisdom and love are sufficient to lift our EARTH safely through the SHIFT into the FOURTH and then quickly into the FIFTH DIMENSION.

For this, we receive unimaginable help and immeasurable assistance from the Universe.

So we need not worry! For in our trust lies our confidence, our gratitude, and our ascension.

With heavenly greetings

Gabriele and Michael


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