The Will of God

Michael Schmitz, May 3, 2021

In the prayer “Our Father” handed down by Jesus, it literally says: “So now you shall pray: Our Father in heaven, hallowed be Thy name, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” (Mt 6:9/10)

In the Epistle to the Romans, the Apostle Paul, who is today the Ascended Master HILARION, writes: “Do not conform yourselves to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds, examining what is the will of God, what is good, what is pleasing, what is perfect. ” (Rom 12:2)

As daughters and sons of God, we naturally desire to know and do the will of our “Father” and to subordinate the selfish will of our earthly personality to His will. But how can the well-intentioned person clearly recognize the will of God and put it into action in a meaningful and beneficial way?

It is not a question here of whether we call our spiritual origin father or mother. What is essential is that we all recognize the common source of our spirit and become aware, or already are, that we all have an individual destiny and common task for which we have taken on a human form of flesh and blood on this planet at this time.

We should know for this that we are first and foremost pure spiritual consciousness, which is created in the image of God. That is why every human being carries the so-called Divine Spark within him or her, which must first sprout and flourish, so to speak, like a seed.

In this divine seed, the perfect divinity in a kind of a Threefold Cosmic Flame is created and born. In it is integrated the power, the wisdom and the love for all life.

Once the spirit has awakened in the heart of man, it begins to flourish and expand depending on his intention, perseverance, and determination.

Now Free Will comes into play, deciding whether man continues to follow his mortal, unconscious and limited ego-aligned personality with its conditionings, dogmas, habits, instincts, and illusions, or gives nourishment to his spiritual original nature through attention.

Through meditation, I AM affirmations, discipline, perseverance, and determination, the divine-spiritual flame in the heart can be manipulated and extended to infinity! The divine, unlike the human, knows no limits!

Jesus Christ teaches clearly, even if not understood until today, that every son of man and every daughter of God could also accomplish his works because all have the same spiritual origin as “the father”. By his spiritual alignment, every human being is able to overcome both space and time. Everything is a question of consciousness! By his thinking and his thoughts, the human being determines his limits and can also overcome them again.

God’s Divine Will is at first created like a tiny little blue flame in a heart chamber and is usually perceived as “conscience”. Of course, anyone can disregard this inconspicuous “inner voice” and suppress it by continuing to follow his destructive habits and pretending that there is no Divine Will at all. What does the earthly personality care about the consequences and implications of his “actions and habits”? It feeds on the illusion that it was born only to die and then after its death, it doesn’t care about anything anyway. Oops! What a gigantic self-deception!

Here I now assume that everyone who reads this has the intention to kindle the inward immortal life flame and to unfold it more and more. For this one must know that it is important to unfold the Theefold Blue, Golden and Pink Flame harmoniously, because otherwise there will be spiritual problems!

The Blue Flame of power, the Golden Flame of wisdom and knowledge and the Pink Flame of unconditional love must be balanced. Too much power leads to arrogance and oppression of “weaker ones”, too much wisdom without love can lead to cunning and arrogance, and unconditional love without wisdom and power would be quickly exploited. So please always stay in harmony!

If this harmony is established, already the next and the next but one step comes: From the spark a flame develops and from the kindled flames a fire or at first a still small sun develops! In every threefold heart flame is the plant to become later once a cosmic sun-being like Helios and Vesta… The ELOHIM or “WORLD-CREATORS” can sing a song about it! THEY have also once started “small” …

Let us please speak once again about the Blue Flame. Archangel Michael, the Ascended Master El Morya and Eloah Hercules are the masculine presenters and guardians of the power of God.

El Morya is the Chohan of the Blue Ray and thus in the Spiritual Hierarchy of our Solar System of Helios and Vesta the Representative of the Divine Will! He carries at present this powerful office in his spiritual hands. After the so-called Shift of our Earth and the ascension of our planet into the Fifth Dimension, the offices in the Hierarchy will also experience a change on a high level. His twin flame Lady Miriam will probably then, according to the present Divine Plan, take over his office as the Cosmic Director of this Ray.

Archangel Michael, as has long been handed down, is the Cosmic Guide and Leader of the Angelic Legions during this transformational time. Every soul that chooses to surrender to the Will of God and the laws of love, order, and respect for all life – including respect for all animal and plant life – will be protected and sheltered by his divine presence.

End Time is always also a time of decision! Most of the souls who are incarnated now have already made their decision or are still in a kind of spiritual lethargy. The fateful events will still awaken many and bring them to the light side of Archangel Michael in the last cosmic hour.

The will of God has been presented to mankind over and over again since time immemorial and expressed by the world teachers, avatars and also prophets. In the last four thousand years, most of the prophets and teachers of the Divine Will have been brutally persecuted and killed by the established institutions with ruthless violence.

Between the appearance of the Prophet Isaiah and his twin flame, who has been teaching the laws of life and the Divine Will for fifty years, lie these four thousand years. Even today on May 1, a special broadcast came over the worldwide channel “The New Era” or “The Wisdom of God” with the title: “The Curtain Falls”.

Never before in the history of mankind have there been so many clear signs and trumpets calling for the reversal of mankind’s behavior and habits. For the masses, these days should be the last opportunity to wake up and finally surrender unconditionally to the Divine Will and join the angelic legions of Archangel Michael.

This year 2021 will be the year of revelations according to Kryon. Kryon was already present when Moses heard the voice and the name of God I AM in the “Burning Bush that Burned but Did Not Burn” and later presented the Ten Commandments to the people of Israel. Perhaps the most important commandment is called “Thou shalt not kill !”… O my God, it seems that this very commandment still divides minds to this day. He who can hear, let him hear! But the masses have closed their eyes and ears or better, they were closed to them systematically!

Actually, all people are called to keep to the divine commandments and laws of life. But only a few take the responsibility and keep to the will of God which is “written” in every human being, every animal, every tree, every plant, every stone, and in all elements.

We are now living in the year 2021, which means that we as human beings have had around 2000 years to adhere not only to the spirit of the Ten Commandments from the time before Jesus of Nazareth but also to the Sermon on the Mount with the eight Beatitudes.

We have now come to the end of a long time in which much has been sown and is now experienced by many as harvest time.

There is still an opportunity to turn inward, to become aware of one’s inner divinity, and to follow one’s spiritual destiny with determination. Focus your attention on the omnipresent spirit of love, grace, forgiveness, truth, and also justice. Justice does not come from punishment, but from rightness and spiritual original order.

Feel all of you loved and highly respected by the Will of God, because you are all children of the one God I AM.



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